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Childish Gambino - Bonfire (Official Music Video)

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Best of Childish Gambino: https://goo.gl/iYGsVs Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/HkY2Sh Music video by Childish Gambino performing Bonfire. (C) 2011 Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC under exclusive license from mc DJ Recording #ChildishGambino #Bonfire #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Text Comments (24730)
Patrick Blake (16 minutes ago)
Could someone explain to me what's going on in the music video?
German Krassilnikov (34 minutes ago)
This deserves more views tbh
Dirty Sprite (1 hour ago)
this dropped 7 years ago... whatttttt
Nelva Quirino (11 hours ago)
Is he in dustydivot what to heck
gael garcia (15 hours ago)
Here before the 2019 comments
ProRaptor //Stuff (16 hours ago)
Anyone watching No rly anyone just watching?
PacificSimon (17 hours ago)
MFA_Tornado (18 hours ago)
Tigo_ (18 hours ago)
It's 2019 and I still love it 😁
Santeri Autio (19 hours ago)
7 years fo real
Sxar (23 hours ago)
Giga Matron (23 hours ago)
Ayy who listening during the wall Street crash
German (1 day ago)
vengo por los videos sdlg rpt y scr xd
German (23 hours ago)
+David G T jajaja xD
David G T (1 day ago)
Pense q era el unico
patrykxoxo (1 day ago)
2k19 and its profire actually
Yoga Pangestu (1 day ago)
Who still listen this on 2019..?
Martin Gameplay (1 day ago)
No te entendi ni verga no se ingles
Dashiell Haggerty (1 day ago)
The meme was better
Mia Monster (15 hours ago)
Meme was good This song way better
*S H I M P S A R E P R E T T Y R I C H*
Mr. Fluffles (1 day ago)
This slaps harder than my mom when I came out the closet
Bikelife jer (1 day ago)
2019 🤧😡👌🏽
mr. mcgee (1 day ago)
1.25 speed
HUBERT Bugno (1 day ago)
Reto to gówno
HaV0K Hades (1 day ago)
*COUGHS UP 300 GALLONS OF BLOOD* it’s childish gambino
Cake Gut (1 day ago)
This sonnnng. ♥
Chronic jose (1 day ago)
Akmal Macho (2 days ago)
Anyone from Flamingo?
He used to be a camp guard then he killed himself and a legend say his soul walk on the park and then the rapping black guy was telling the girls the story and then the white guy was walking to the girls then the camp gaurd ghost (childish gambino) started to run so he can warn the and then it turns out to be a prank so the ghost was in shock
Mia Monster (15 hours ago)
Nah. That's not what happened. He was one of the campers and there was a murderer running around the campgrounds and killed him. And everytime there's a bonfire and thr camp counselor is telling the story, he tries to say them but they can't hear him because has dead. Duh.
RandomInterwebzGuy (2 days ago)
2019? XD
Emelia Lancaster (2 days ago)
Who else is listening in 2010?
Gustavo Maldonado (2 days ago)
this video is genious man
Hanale Kauhaahaa (2 days ago)
The cursed image version is better
Mia Monster (15 hours ago)
You meme obsessed kid
Who's watching in 2025?
Emil K. (2 days ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Noah Griffiths (2 days ago)
anyone listening in 3005
El Yeguor :v (2 days ago)
*2019* ?
Sw (2 days ago)
Gabriel Pacheco (2 days ago)
Shrimps are pretty rich
eugene (2 days ago)
the ending when he finds himself back in the rope is trippy asf, like was he dead the whole time? is he reliving insanity?
Craig Lees (3 days ago)
Patryk Idzikowski (3 days ago)
2019 but you don’t care about that. What’s really important is that the song is really good.
Nathan Shoppell (3 days ago)
1.25x is the true way to listen
Kenziko Uzumaki (3 days ago)
Jaylen the Meowstic (3 days ago)
He sounds so different now...
Sour Bunni (3 days ago)
Why does Donald Clover steal all of childish Gambinons music
Where's Logan Paul👌
the potassyum man (3 days ago)
Ok this version is cool but like the fan made one
Bite This Onions (3 days ago)
what’s this music video even about lol
Tigo_ (3 days ago)
1080p in 2011 of course??? mk
Bow (3 days ago)
*Anyone listening in 1941? I’m at Hawaii It’s Beautiful...*
hate noobs
fat boop
JodieIsX Xx (3 days ago)
I love the meanings to all the videos x
Dark Nepoznati (3 days ago)
This is America
PK CS (3 days ago)
okay but the Elijah Who prod.
CaR_ B0I (4 days ago)
i kinda don't get the message of this song
National BDay (4 days ago)
I’m jamming pretty hard rn
Erica Kea (4 days ago)
2019? This has always been fire this and freaks and geeks along with everything else.
Aiden Thomas (4 days ago)
Onewayblaze (4 days ago)
Who watching in the present year even tho it doesn’t matter what year you watching this in?
Justin Solidum (4 days ago)
21 savage (4 days ago)
So I blasted this in school I got chased by a black guy
omgyesnou aa (4 days ago)
Deli R6 (4 days ago)
Don’t get me wrong, this song fucking slaps, but sometimes I only come back for the video itself.
HaremLoLi 4you (4 days ago)
Cole Irving (12 hours ago)
BigDaddyBlueFish (4 days ago)
The best doesn’t match the song after I listen to the remix
The McZilla (4 days ago)
Underrated Music Video
Sprzedam Opla (4 days ago)
2019 somebody
Some Wont (5 days ago)
This beat could've been used way better tbh, not hating on Childish Gambino, but this beat is not Childish Gambino's.
Its Daddy (4 days ago)
Childish Gambino is the beat 😂
Noah/Nolan Perfex (5 days ago)
Comment section: **2019?????**
Yo me iría corriendo y les diría "ja suerte craks"
Nationalist Canda (5 days ago)
INFINTY.GaMeR (5 days ago)
CoolBlue Gatorade (5 days ago)
This song smells like ketchup
SquaGaming (5 days ago)
3:36 this line hit me so hard bro...
SCP 1741 wolf (5 days ago)
Oh my gosh is made by guy dat madr This Is America!!!
SCP 1741 wolf (5 days ago)
This tussen make Any Sense
SCP 1741 wolf (5 days ago)
Peter Rum (6 days ago)
the slowstack (6 days ago)
A Toejam and Earl reference!? I never thought anyone would say something about that classic!
Yumei Channel (6 days ago)
Why childish gambino *Is always Make some new meme*
The Ninjassasin (6 days ago)
Shrimps are pretty rich
NUKA MAGE (6 days ago)
1941 anyone
SKKRRAA (6 days ago)
Can anybody explain why this is a meme
Weeb Lord (6 days ago)
what 158 minus 89?????
El wey 1882 (6 days ago)
Que we??? :V
ZombieIndeed (6 days ago)
1.25 speed 🔥
Undyne (6 days ago)
Where are the cursed images
Courtney Blake (6 days ago)
maxi furry (6 days ago)
oie zy
H-Disconnected Error (6 days ago)
I'm just glad there aren't a shit ton of deep comments. We get it you like the song. No need to make shit up.
Enrique Delfin-Barron (6 days ago)
its a bonfire
Bear just Bear (6 days ago)
shout out to my filipino homies who is at there local jollibee.
DROP ZONE (7 days ago)
Kapsukki (7 days ago)
How many shrimps do you have to eat
nos 12 (7 days ago)
Orange Pootis (7 days ago)
It's Childish Gambino im in smash bros xd
Sal. D (7 days ago)
I prefer the remix

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