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Which style? - vote in desc. ( What about a mixture of them? )

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Text Comments (30)
Kadir Demir (1 year ago)
2nd or 5th
Thamori (1 year ago)
FadeArtz - Tayfun M. (1 year ago)
DobbeFX (1 year ago)
emir stiline dön :)
kubex. (1 year ago)
DobbeFX - Emirhan T. ayn
Wand'a or Wöndö (1 year ago)
1st and 2nd stil pls
r e d l i n e (1 year ago)
en iyi stil plow ama emir veya flyboy a da dönebilirsin
kubex. (1 year ago)
Redline - Eren K. aynnnnnn
難 f e a s y (1 year ago)
flyboya yaptıgın stili çok özlüyorum :')
Cannx. (1 year ago)
Knk foto çekmeli style yap
h o u r g o n (1 year ago)
2nd is the best style 😍
HydroTV (1 year ago)
_Remy (1 year ago)
All of them are cool but i prefer "bday16" so i voted that way :P
Toothless / Samsauce (1 year ago)
i want to vote for bday and emir bc i like both but i cant
p r a c e . (1 year ago)
I did that on purpose bcuz I know that some people vote all of the options. I wanted an accurate result that's why you can vote once
LixerFX (1 year ago)
i like weed...
scale (1 year ago)
vote vermiyorum kanka çünkü kendini bir stile şartlamak doğru değil bence hangi zamanda hangi stili yapmak istiyorsan onu yap :)
kubex. (1 year ago)
emir or flyboys intro sttle
DogeStain シ (1 year ago)
honestly none make a new style.
DogeStain シ (1 year ago)
p r a c e . (1 year ago)
I'm thinking to quit so making a new style doesnt makes sense at all
Kadir Demir (1 year ago)
Flyboy style best❤️
the first one.
p r a c e . (1 year ago)
that was what i thought
Eren (1 year ago)
and i luv u so much
Eren (1 year ago)
Exos Imperial bad choose i think xd
anh (1 year ago)
do what style you want
p r a c e . (1 year ago)
i did that all the time so before i quit i wanna do something that audience wants
Cannx. (1 year ago)
HardFX Unutamıyorum Nedense Hep Aklıma Full Song SYNC geliyo XD
Crxzy' (1 year ago)
ilki ve son iki dışındakilerim hepsi güzel

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