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Taylor Hill's 10-Minute Guide to Her Fall Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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For Victoria’s Secret model Taylor Hill, looking like herself—her best self—is key. The 22-year-old is gearing up to walk in the iconic lingerie brand’s annual runway show for the fifth time next month and like many of her MVP catwalk counterparts, it’s her uniquely striking beauty and natural effervescence that has made her regular among the celebrated bombshell cast. Read more here: https://www.vogue.com/article/taylor-hill-victorias-secret-show-how-to-get-thicker-eyebrows-mascara Filmed at the Standard Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. Taylor Hill's 10-Minute Guide to Her Fall Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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Text Comments (3491)
Jen Janeiro (12 minutes ago)
Wowww , What concealer does she used?
Eeshwetha Maran (56 minutes ago)
i love how she looks normal just like every other woman and not like plastic faced
Riz Rosales (3 hours ago)
she has 1 earring on
nash snail (3 hours ago)
She sound so kind
Issa Franco (4 hours ago)
Hayy grabe ♥️♥️
MamaKermit (5 hours ago)
she’s got the brows, eyes, complexion, lips, and hair of a freakin goddess.
Hannah H (5 hours ago)
seeing her put on powder before concealer made me die a little inside
Malia Mills (10 hours ago)
people who use their fingers to put on makeup are truly the prettiest people who don't need brushes
Olive’s Skits (11 hours ago)
Who else is happy that they’ve been told they are beautiful and have thick eyebrows then look at Tay and scream “ IM LIKE HER”!
Nikol Nováková (11 hours ago)
She's prettier natural xd
Zoha Ahmad (12 hours ago)
My confidence has rose with how comfortable she is with herself x
Adhityas Rizka Andhini (12 hours ago)
Ok idk why seeing her reminds me of Noah Centineo 😂 the funny ways of her talking haha
Allyssa Rose (13 hours ago)
I've always wondered who filmed these videos... is there a person in the background orrr??
Grace Brown (15 hours ago)
when you use mascara to fill in ur your eyebrows but it still looks good lol
Quench Gamer TV (15 hours ago)
she's so pretty in the thumbnail i was shookt when i saw her without make up LOL
Henna by Sabin (15 hours ago)
She didn't make weird face while applying mascara 😱
Patricia Payumo (16 hours ago)
I just noticed that she only has one earring hehe
Lisa Evans (16 hours ago)
And I need to know how her skins so perfect
Lisa Evans (16 hours ago)
I think she just need concealer blush and mascara and she’s the prettiest person
LANA PIPKINS (19 hours ago)
Her personality makes her even more adorable. I just subscribed because of this video.
Piper Hill (20 hours ago)
her nose is perfect
leoleolei lei (22 hours ago)
Im shookt she used her mascara for her brows. Doesnt that makes ur brows look thicker than normal? But guess thick eyebrows is also her signature
Raspberry (1 day ago)
I'm glad she accepts her dark under eyes. well, I have a huge insecurity of my dark circles but bare face models actually make sense than cover girls
쥄 쥄 (1 day ago)
존나 이쁘다
Zoe D-F (1 day ago)
Her lips are chapped and her eyebrows r kinda bushy?
stream idol uglies (1 day ago)
She’s literally so pretty it’s unreal
Child of the yeet (1 day ago)
Um no hate but ur supposed to put concealer before powder, not after :)
Kurtney Garcia (1 day ago)
okay i’m gonna pretend that she didn’t put concealer over powder. still love her the most though
I Gede Cakra (1 day ago)
Oh how I love Taylor embrace everything on her face and not insecure about her eyebrows, so natural, just love it!! Cantik sekali 😍😆
Abigail Pama (1 day ago)
Her little laugh, i died
Samurai (1 day ago)
Why put a mask on such a naturally beautiful woman?
Siulannese Morales (1 day ago)
shes beautiful but am i the only person who doesn't want her brows? To me they just look bushy and messy....
Emma Mackintosh (1 day ago)
dark under eyes even though you slept for life
natvicarious (1 day ago)
someone tell her to stop pulling her undereye skin outwards, I'm cringing so hard
Haze Paden (1 day ago)
You’re so beautiful 😍 taytay 😘
Gaile Cruz (1 day ago)
she's freaking cute ya'll
Yancy Rex Alvarez (1 day ago)
i feel ugly
My_ID_ Miss_beauty (1 day ago)
Her eye's are beautiful..
Almod. 39 (1 day ago)
Angelica Bandal (1 day ago)
Is fall look supposed to look like a mess? It is... ✌️
Ivonne Lopez (2 days ago)
Tiene un fuego labial?
Ashley Miah (2 days ago)
she doesn’t even need make up ❤️
MarieleCastán (2 days ago)
She's sooooo gorgeous!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Rich Ch (2 days ago)
Her eye lens omg wowwwwww
Hriat Rengi (2 days ago)
The way she speaks 😍😂😂 she's so cute.I love her.❤
Morgan Fisher (2 days ago)
oh my goodness? how can someone possibly be so freaking adorable? she is a literal angel.
Anaeli Gutierrez (2 days ago)
I like this girl, she is so funny and honest 😊
Juliana Paola (2 days ago)
She’s applying everything with her fingers without any fineness and I’m worrying because I don’t have a set of brushes PFFF
Camii Playss (2 days ago)
nice eyebrows
Love your brows mama! Gorgeous
J G (2 days ago)
Anyones who knows the products she used?
Layan _15 (2 days ago)
شق 💔💔
Nurkan Demir (2 days ago)
allasen kaşlarını al yaa
Fatma Alnomas (2 days ago)
she is beautiful even she got cute dark circles, i also have them! girls like us dont need shado hahahaa 😂😂😂💜
kabayan (2 days ago)
i feel like i can get lost in that beautiful green eyes
lifeof munarr (2 days ago)
pretty, please don't bite me☺❤
Chan Vaiphei (2 days ago)
She is sooo naturally beautiful. Love you taylor. I wish I had your brows 😭😭
juliannamonte 24 (2 days ago)
She could be the next Audrey Hepburn😍
marichu nacor (2 days ago)
I have dark circle too
王喆 (2 days ago)
Was she wearing any face mask on at the very beginning?
vartika gaur (2 days ago)
you opened the show really well this year!!
Astherielle Malic (2 days ago)
I love you taylor😭😭😭😭
Bae Wae Wae (2 days ago)
Product list please!!!
faith (2 days ago)
She's the cutest person ever 🥰
michelle frank (2 days ago)
I love Taylor but I personally think she should wax her eyebrows they look messy
faith (2 days ago)
Ahhh 😍😍😍😍
Claudia Siefer (3 days ago)
She is very attractive. She reminds me of Nastassia Kinski
loveprincess (3 days ago)
Whatever Goes (3 days ago)
I always assumed she always looks perfect this is so eye opening yet she's still beautiful but a little closer to how I look sometimes
Divine Crimson (3 days ago)
Gorgeous!!! So simple too
Breezyburrito (3 days ago)
I love when her face gets RIGHT up on the camera while she is doing her eyeliner 7:19
Wendy Lol (3 days ago)
She is pretty. But the make up is not good
Deborah L (3 days ago)
I am so addicted why did I just watch this whole video and I don’t even wear makeup. Beautiful with, beautiful without 👏🏾❤️😍😍
Mariella Nina (3 days ago)
She is a goddess and her personality is😭❤️❤️
Paulomi Chakraborty (3 days ago)
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Khulan Ganbaatar (3 days ago)
She is very beautiful.. but come on girls you are beautiful in your own way... i believe in myself even im not perfect as VS angels i love myself .... dont have to compare with someone else... so girls lets be confident....
chaeni baby (3 days ago)
she is so lovely and she’s voice so nice 👍🏻
Deeti Shah (3 days ago)
Vogue is quaking
lexi bolster (3 days ago)
i want her eyebrows so much wowowwowo
Irene Leos (3 days ago)
Date me ?😩❤😋 your so cute
Αννέτα Αεκ (3 days ago)
Lili Ann (3 days ago)
is actually pretty easy to do a perfect makeup look when you have a perfect face 😂
Cara Joson (3 days ago)
What lip pencil and lipstick did she use??
Tina (3 days ago)
wow she is an expert!!
才恩 (3 days ago)
her mom sounds amazing 😍
Jehad Landajol (3 days ago)
i think she's funny, i love her
just a person (3 days ago)
I feel like she did nothing. Still gorgeous tho
Un Identified (3 days ago)
What brand or brush did she use for contour that has the double ended brushes?
ambigoush (3 days ago)
I feel like we’d be good friends
Doeyun Kim (4 days ago)
Dark circles because of low weight
goprothat M (4 days ago)
I looooove her natural personality 😍
nanakyu96 (4 days ago)
anyone feel like the way she talks remind me of kathleen lights?
hazra gizem (4 days ago)
İt is nice to see a woman using mascara on her eyebrowns, i am using tooo, it is really good trick to make them seems more naturel ❤️❤️
Amalie Moreno (4 days ago)
Can someone tell me what oil and moisturizer she’s using
India Archer (4 days ago)
I wonder if the one earring is on purpose
Cora Halverson (4 days ago)
is it just me or did she turn up the brightness half way thru to make her skin look clearer and more even?
Naomi V_d_V (4 days ago)
omg i love nude lips
mischiefmanaged * (4 days ago)
Dear God ive really been mislead by what she looks like. Without makeup she's not that radiant and good looking.
You're gorgeous, love you.
Kasey Nolan (4 days ago)
Am I the only one that noticed her earrings?

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