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Taylor Hill's 10-Minute Guide to Her Fall Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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For Victoria’s Secret model Taylor Hill, looking like herself—her best self—is key. The 22-year-old is gearing up to walk in the iconic lingerie brand’s annual runway show for the fifth time next month and like many of her MVP catwalk counterparts, it’s her uniquely striking beauty and natural effervescence that has made her regular among the celebrated bombshell cast. Read more here: https://www.vogue.com/article/taylor-hill-victorias-secret-show-how-to-get-thicker-eyebrows-mascara Filmed at the Standard Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. Taylor Hill's 10-Minute Guide to Her Fall Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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Text Comments (4772)
Otaku multifandom (2 hours ago)
dark circles squad!!
Alexa Biebs (4 hours ago)
This is for people who say that dark circles, acne and literally problematic skin makes you ugly
Raging Warrior (6 hours ago)
She has guts to show the natural look she has. Respect.
Diana Moore (7 hours ago)
beautiful girl...love your eyebrows
Ana Sofia Espada (9 hours ago)
This made me feel bad for everything i've done to be "pretty" waxing, treatments for my face and hair also I got my eyebrows done, loosing weight and I was planning to beg my mom to get eyelash extensions ohhh GOD what have I done with my life.
Mahtab Hosseinzadeh (14 hours ago)
She looks so ugly without makeup I’m being honest it’s my opinion I don’t any hate over this I get it everyone says that omg your so pretty with or without makeup but just no she looks bad
arianna p (17 hours ago)
did anyone else notice she’s only wearing one earring lol and she’s so beautiful i’m shook
Califournia gorl (17 hours ago)
She’s so pretty
mfonobong essien (22 hours ago)
She has earrings on in only the right ear. 😘😘😂
han nie (1 day ago)
Step 1: be naturally beautiful
Berthzy (1 day ago)
Nice video tho. The only thing i have a problem with is that u use your palm and fingers when putting on foundation. Your palm is one of those places on the body with most oils. If you use your fingers when applying foundation, there is a big chance that the foundation will last shorter and become slippery and you will get oily skin. Just a tip.
Yeah no (1 day ago)
If you have bad under eyes like that you should def not be dragging your skin like that (you shouldn't anyway)
hogiily (1 day ago)
She is so beautiful..
Jacqueline Villegas (2 days ago)
I’m 18, I wear makeup but also have dark under eyes and haven’t done my brows. Seeing her with the exact same things that I have gives me confidence that everyone has their own ways of doing their makeup.
___. em.m (2 days ago)
she is a man?
Woman oh my. She is one of angels of victoria secret
Milli Consunji (2 days ago)
What's the contour blush highlight palette did she used?
Future Noir (3 days ago)
The greatest thing is watching those divas Sharon their secrets
Elinda Moran (3 days ago)
Qué ojeras.
Frances Alipusan (4 days ago)
Zendeya or Lauren Jauregui next please??
Rylee Storti (4 days ago)
too much makeup
Simply Baila (4 days ago)
Love this vid! would love if you guys checked out my vid <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbwzc0oWVpo
Samara Beauty (4 days ago)
*she looks like brooke sheilds* (young)
Samara Beauty (4 days ago)
*I've watched this a million times but I just realised she has 1 earring .*
mohdse u3fi (4 days ago)
Taylor, my love , u r sooooo cute and pretty😘😘😘
Le Lo (6 days ago)
Why does she speak like English isn't her first language?
Diane K (46 minutes ago)
Le Lo it’s her first language
Linda (6 days ago)
Whats the name of the lash curler?
stretch. ass (6 days ago)
no need make up she already perfecttt
Divya chakma (6 days ago)
Her eyebrows 😛😵😷
chi pi (7 days ago)
very cute♥️
Эллин Фокс (7 days ago)
She is so incredible! <3
Shivangi Chaturvedi (7 days ago)
omg I do the same trick with mascara.
Im Shook (7 days ago)
I need that mascara dude
pizza beyb (7 days ago)
Sydney P (8 days ago)
I use to get made fun of for my eyebrows too but now I let them grow out because of people like Taylor 🥰
Nur Aqmar Mohd Rafi (9 days ago)
She looks even more pretty without makeup on <3
Ana gabriela Freitas (9 days ago)
Que aflição ela passando corretivo/base com os dedos 😥😥😥😥
Ana gabriela Freitas (9 days ago)
Cade a esponjinha 😆
Jazmin Santana (9 days ago)
Es hermosa ♥️
shireen Ibdah (9 days ago)
Regardless of that dark circle undereye..she is beautiful and I love her eyes.
qissrzk muffin (9 days ago)
I did the same thing on my brows as she does
Miss L (10 days ago)
She's too rough with her skin. The way that she applied moisturiser and eye cream made me cringe a little bit.
Sabrina M (10 days ago)
Taylor your earring!
Techno DJexpo (10 days ago)
She looks pretty without makeup and with makeup but don't put eyeliner cuz it mess ups the makeup look u just did
Ece Boskurt (11 days ago)
She looks NOTHING but ew without make up
Flavia Murillo (12 days ago)
Is it just me the only one that love her teeth? She always reminds me of what a real werewolf would look like.
Flavia Murillo (12 days ago)
Well she has dark circles but she looks fine! Thats why can't relate i look like i am trying to kill somebody or i just hate my life.
Khushboo Jain (13 days ago)
Ur dark circles are visible after concealing..
nalu ؘ (13 days ago)
she’s so human
Veronica Rotin (13 days ago)
Her dark circles are actually beautifully, it adds more dimension to the eyes and acts as a natural bronzy eyeshadow ahhaha
Anta Manta (9 days ago)
Veronica Rotin It's because they are pretty light and brown. Mine are darker and violet so I look like a cold case.
ユン (13 days ago)
Sandra Sing (14 days ago)
When she used the word GENETIC, I could feel her. My eyes are really like hers except a lot darker. And it's not even my fault.
Karlie Lynds (14 days ago)
I'm so obsessed with her eyebrows
scenario (14 days ago)
She looks so young and innocent in the beginning!!!
esrX moh (14 days ago)
المفروض الحلوين مايورونا طريقه ميكبهم الي اساسا مو ميكب درينا انهم حلوين
れもん (15 days ago)
She doesn’t even need makeup. She’s beautiful even without the makeup.
Cath Jumilla (15 days ago)
suying lsy (15 days ago)
you are already blessed with goddess look naturally sweetheart. hugs :)
Elina Roselina (15 days ago)
What pallet dose she use
lalala lalala (16 days ago)
Taylor is perfect
Dasha Sorokina (16 days ago)
i like you more without make up
Proud Tiger (16 days ago)
she's the definition of "the bags under my eyes are designer"
Jess jms (16 days ago)
Omg I just love her
Olivia McKnight (16 days ago)
Dont tell me she just did powder then concealer ahhhhhhhh😫😫😫
Mia (16 days ago)
She looks like every other “normal” girl, which means every girl is gorgeous
gellethecat (16 days ago)
waw i love you
theSilentCartographer (17 days ago)
Its surprising how similar all of the Hill sisters body movements are. I watch Logan Rae Hill Religiously, whereas Mackinley Hill I just follow on Insta.
bri cox (17 days ago)
I’m pretty confident in my skin, but because of how pale I am, I look dead without something on my face :/
you gay (17 days ago)
She got darker than lighter I’m confused
garden rose (17 days ago)
and zeen what? zhe what
Rachael Berry (17 days ago)
Why do they all have the same background?
Aaa (17 days ago)
She needs to get those brows done
Sophie Starr (17 days ago)
I love how real she is! 💛💛💛🌈
Isaac Richard Teo (18 days ago)
I like her face without make up its so tight looking
Kuhoo Not Kuhu (19 days ago)
All these VS models are in the exact same bathroom.
Lar Chayada (20 days ago)
u look tired
Kamilla Iqbal (20 days ago)
Thanks for sharing your tips. I wore covergirl lipstick until i found maybelline superstay.
Lina La (20 days ago)
la mer verte (20 days ago)
The secret is: be beautiful
her eyes are literally so stunning
Ruby Quinn (20 days ago)
Her eye colour is beautiful
Sima 001 (21 days ago)
Which skin tint did she use
Peppa Pigg (21 days ago)
Taylor hill is so relatable
brent fisher (21 days ago)
down by the river
lori (22 days ago)
im sorry she's beautiful but her eyebrows
Beauty Queen❤️❤️❤️
Emilia Huerta (24 days ago)
She’s soo pretty❤️🥰
Pablo Gomez (24 days ago)
Makes a asmr video !
Banana Iam (25 days ago)
She legit just woke up like that Me when i attempt the same thing “I juSt WokE uP LikE THiS!” Other ppl: Oh, we KNOW Me: ...
Virgie Bravo (25 days ago)
Where is her earring
Cecilie Malene (25 days ago)
Stunning girl and I love her personality! Huge inspiration to me as a model myself <3
exzo OFC (25 days ago)
Diksha (25 days ago)
Who else noticed that she is wearing an earring only on one ear
Rishika lil:one (25 days ago)
Such beautiful eyes....God.. And yes I am totally into the not doing much for the eyebrows thing cause I have eyebrows kinda like yours, not that dark but a lil wild and I don't pluck them like ever because I am scared I will mess it up.😂
Austen Foreman (26 days ago)
She’s literally the cutest human
ǝɹǝɥʇ Hello (26 days ago)
It's so annoying anytime a pretty girl does a makeup tutorial and all the comments are like "step one: be pretty" like stfu
petit mignon (26 days ago)
her personality is so cute?? like she seems super down to earth aw
Jihane (26 days ago)
christie (26 days ago)
Monica Bellucci pleaseee!!!
Mira Cole (26 days ago)
Even the dark circles suit her...
strawberryshortcake (27 days ago)
shes rly classy and humble
ms glorr (27 days ago)

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