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How to Draw a Cartoon Wolf (revised)

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J Drake (19 hours ago)
“First you start out with your basic circle”. “Oh f***”
Maria Loyola (1 day ago)
This video is hard to draw so byee
Paula Schmidt (4 days ago)
R Ξ D (5 days ago)
0o0 awsome
Queen of games PL (5 days ago)
Wow!!! Pięknie ja tak nie umiem 😢
Rimsha Khan (6 days ago)
Я российская!
Sierra Warren (7 days ago)
This is actually hella good
Tanya Banholzer (7 days ago)
You are going way to fast for me to catch up
Thanks ellie it really helped me
Edin Rugova (9 days ago)
Me:what how did u do that 🦊🐺🐾🐾🦄.
Spring trap (10 days ago)
Wait it looks kinda bad with the lines still in the face when it’s done
Wolfieforeversss AJ (11 days ago)
i tried might have to watch again
Thunder Wolf670 (11 days ago)
What the beach have I created
Ит се заебись!!! Translate: cool Made in Russia
Kikilinaa aa (12 days ago)
“Guys, can you please be quiet. Thank you” She sounded so annoyed. Honestly me.
Juan Serrano (13 days ago)
This is dumd because it dose not look like a wolf
Tipsy Onions (13 days ago)
TYSMMMMM!!! I just made my first fursona drawing using this tutorial and it came out PERFECT!!! Tyyy
Bonnie 379 (14 days ago)
Wow love that wolf drawing
Patches Thebunny (14 days ago)
2:48 Guys, can you please be quiet? Thank you..
Her: And your done! You drew a wolf! Me: “Wth did I just create?”
Martha Arts (15 days ago)
Aka furry
I can’t draw I srate line
sarah michelle (21 days ago)
this genuinely helped me alot thank you
Mettalica he'll hound (22 days ago)
I don't like bragging but I feel I was born to be a drawer but I eat nuttela and drink ginger bear and I'm ten 😂
TiannaGaming (22 days ago)
thx sooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! i litery typed this with no expression
Tenni Dinh (23 days ago)
That’s a really thick pencil line 😯 I like your drawing 🤗
the panda (23 days ago)
Thanks!) Спасибо!)
Peachy Gamer (23 days ago)
I looked up "How to draw a furry on paper" and got this :D im glad I diddidiiddidiiddidi
doglover apple cider (24 days ago)
dogsarethebest318 :3 (25 days ago)
okay, i got this..! *"first, you start out with your basic circle."* okay, should be simple. 𝙙𝙧𝙖𝙬𝙨 𝙖 𝙩𝙧𝙞𝙖𝙣𝙜𝙡𝙚
Dark Mist (26 days ago)
Me: "ok I'll try to draw this" * *draws it, thinking did well,* *takes a few steps back to get a good look* * * *suddenly pukes* *
Lps Dakota (27 days ago)
Thanks! This really helped! I didn't copy everything that you did, More like took things that I liked. Like how you drew the ears. Hope you don't mind of course! It was really cool how you could just sit there and draw a wolf like that in just a few minutes. It would take me like an hour to even TRY and make a perfect circle. ;-;
Edible Bleach (27 days ago)
*How to draw a furry*
Lunar Sounds (27 days ago)
I have the same colored pencils lol
LbbGamer 1899 (28 days ago)
You know how to draw a cartoony wolf but can you draw a realistic wolf I only know how to draw a crystal wolf like😉
LbbGamer 1899 (28 days ago)
I even go to art class after its time to get out of school I been to that school for 6years already I know how to draw circles
Harsha Konesh (28 days ago)
U didnt even use the kneaded eraser XD but nice wolf!
Ari Foxgirl1317 (28 days ago)
Who’s watching in 2018
Chantel Hornsby (28 days ago)
Stop covering your picture with your hand
In year 3 my friend asked me "UR SO GOOD AT DRAWING WOLVES!" and I was like. ..I can't even draw a circle 😂
WolfieShadowPlayz (29 days ago)
Thank you I can draw a wolf now
ArianaThe Alpha (1 month ago)
wow this is ACTUALLY good!
VICTORIA CRUZ (1 month ago)
i cant draw........but when i tried this it came out looking like a deformed giraffe
Nick Wilxe (1 month ago)
You sound like Mila Kunis for some reason.
veiw my life (1 month ago)
this helped so much thx
kawaii milkshakes (1 month ago)
Thank you now I can make great animations on flip clip
Lps BUNNY so FUNNY (1 month ago)
i search how to draw a anime wolf and this can up*NOT ANIME*
Other than that it looks good
Not to be rude but when you're drawing try not to do "bird pecks"
Jessicat (1 month ago)
I tried drawing it and now my friend think I'm a furry (not that yours is lol it's my bad drawing skills) (p.s. I'm not a furry)
Jaidyn Kawaiibear (1 month ago)
Dis is bad.
Sleepy Darkie (1 month ago)
You can't even spell so stfu
хината чан (1 month ago)
Not circle
хината чан (1 month ago)
To easy
Liam Croft (1 month ago)
chubby Puppy (1 month ago)
I like your artstyle
Man C (1 month ago)
The snout is incorrect
Sleepy Darkie (1 month ago)
It's called a art style
basia bd (1 month ago)
Mabel the wolf (1 month ago)
Wow! This helped alot thanks
Foxy And Mangle 12 (1 month ago)
I Think Your Nice And I Think Your Drawing Is Cute
Giovanni Maraboli (1 month ago)
How old is this kid? And she draws way better than I do at age 19.
Wolfy Seal (1 month ago)
Well I just wasted a peice of paper. When I drew the circle I’m like, is that shaped right?
lovely_life Aarmau (1 month ago)
I cant draw one either *thinks of WHAT COULD HAPPEN *trys to draw one *my house caches on fire oh so that might happen
lovely_life Aarmau (1 month ago)
I meant a circle
lovely_life Aarmau (1 month ago)
Get the f*** out of my room im playing minecraft
Sophia Camara (1 month ago)
I luv dis this is way promising than other vids
GreyFox (1 month ago)
1:00 at first it looks like a duck
SMØL CHØLD (2 months ago)
This is helpful and easy that I got practice thank you
Zombie Master34 (2 months ago)
Thank u sooo much but it’s 2018 lol
FloppyFluff X (2 months ago)
So...Why are you yelling again? XD I have headphones on and I can Hear I MEAN CAN'T YOU SEE THAT?! Oh you can't well... My family thinks I'm deaf .-.
Little Productions (2 months ago)
Circles are my OTP
Rocky (2 months ago)
666 dislikes
Wolfygirl Lol (2 months ago)
That’s MUCH better compared to mine
Althea /Neven (2 months ago)
This video really triggered me :\
Wow! Thats Very helpfully! Thank u!
Foxyplier The pirate Fox (2 months ago)
I drew that in the 5th grade btw nice drawing
CurvyDemon therian (2 months ago)
I have the same hb pencils
Furry Fox Friend (2 months ago)
its good but make the sketch lines lighter so it can be easy to erase
thank you so much! this helped me by so much!!! I really enjoyed your video!!!
Ana Lucia Solano (2 months ago)
Wo ho ho hoooo you draw amazing! ❤0❤
• Lumine Fan • (2 months ago)
People who say I CANT DRAW A CIRCLE well you can draw something close to it. Like any one can draw even a baby’s scribble is a drawing lololol (no hate intended ^^) BTW I LOVE THIS
A_Winky Dink (2 months ago)
Now draw a circle (remember, no word try here) Me: **Draw perfect circle.** YES IN YO FACE SUCKA Now draw a line Me: Ok...? Now you start the muzzle Me: Oh shit Edit: I give up. Screw this **flips table and breaks pc screen and pencil** Ellie, it's not your fault, it's just that im a rlly trash artist.
Lexi Meeks (2 months ago)
i can draw a perfect circle :P
wolfy doge (2 months ago)
this is really helpful for me because I've been trying to draw cartoon wolfs so thanks =3
Jklaboo (2 months ago)
Omg not gonna lie 10/10 😂😂
Mano Teu (2 months ago)
I can't make the fur look fluffy it just look like little spikes help ;_;
aquagirllovesyou rose (2 months ago)
Cool welldone i can not draw as good as you but i will be doing a video on drawing sometime.
Randy Coppernoll (2 months ago)
I DID A AWESOME JOB WOOT WOOT ;} whoops sorry ppl who couldn't do it nevermind ;{
TayTays Universe (2 months ago)
Me through the video I can't sharpen a mechanical pencil She said circle? I'm screwed HOLD ON IM SLO I love Minecraft! Her mussle looks like a nice hot croissant and mine looks like a burnt potato chip Wolf's don't smile I can't draw for crap I broke my pencil making the ears Frickin..... The face looks like a butthole *on mine But how do you draw the body I dropped my pencil My wolf looks constipated
lpsrayne productions (2 months ago)
I thought this was easy Bye
Razjazz The Floofy sheep (2 months ago)
This helped so much
U just earned ur self s new sub! Thank u!
David Armstrong (2 months ago)
Kitty Little (2 months ago)
So Synoun (3 months ago)
Can u draw a scary wolf
Ty! 💜 ♥️
dyk7744 ROBLOX (3 months ago)
Me after seeing this video :ayyy...thats gonna be easy. Me after drawing a line : *OH SH&#* This is hard ;-;
Oof my art style is inspierd by these kind of art styles. (ik none cares but my Sketch is Fu*king Jesus or Da_God_Of_Cheese
oEik0_plays (3 months ago)
U deserve more subs
ItzXyBug (3 months ago)
Me when I’m horrible at drawing...
金星 venus (3 months ago)
Cartoon wolf *furry
Who is a furry

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