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♡ GIRL TALK: The Truth About Losing Your Virginity

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♡ I N S T A G R A M: @Luhhsetty ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty In today's GIRL TALK, we are going to talk about sex and losing your virginity. Please make sure to leave your girl talk ideas in the comments down below. :) -------------------------------------------------------- SAVE SOME MONEY! *Smile Brilliant http://www.smilebrilliant.com#luhhset... Coupon Code: "luhhsettyxo" * Vanity Planet Spin Brush (Spin for Perfect Skin): http://goo.gl/1PqnKG 70% discount off $99.99. Final cost - $30 * Fave Makeup Brushes: http://goo.gl/zUFuS3 * Use coupon code "luhhsettyxo" for 15% off Fashion Nova! http://www.fashionnova.com -------------------------------------------------------- F A Q: Name- Lisette (Luh-set) Race- Black & White Height- 5'3 Location- Florida Age- 21 -------------------------------------------------------- Not sponsored. -------------------------------------------------------- -xo
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Marian Daniels (8 hours ago)
So I have a question I'm 19 years old and I'm a virgin rite but I have kiss a few guys but I don't let anything go farther than just kissing . Soo I have a cousin that is 15 yes n she isn't a virgin and she set me up with this guy but he wanted to do it and I didn't Soo the guy was in my room n we were talking n then we kissed and my cousin thought I had sex with him, so everytime I say something to her she always say ohk virgin Mary or yh rite u virgin jz grow bk.and now none believe me when ask if I'ma virgin they say things like yea rite I'm one too😥.how can I prove to them that I still have it
Hailey Pushis (8 hours ago)
*notices curly hair and cute personality* *subscribes*
Kloves Dolantwins (9 hours ago)
I love ur hair, and thanks for the tips
Nadia Lightner (11 hours ago)
Ha im a lesbein so my virginity will not really be lost
Claudia Phoenix (22 hours ago)
BLOOD holy shit wtf I don’t know much about sex but I had know clue blood was involved
Hendamiel km (1 day ago)
U talking about losing it I feel ready but not like ready ready because like "what ppl will say about me what will they think about me if anyone knows" so I won't
Katie Wind (1 day ago)
Hair care!!!! My hair is horrible and I don't know how to fix it!!
Hannah Jonkers (1 day ago)
Whats the song in the intro?
Melisa Rucogoza (1 day ago)
I totally agree with you. Thanks for the advice
Michelle Smith (1 day ago)
Have you ever had sex
K. .r (2 days ago)
Dat hair doh
LauraXD_Queen (2 days ago)
Pause and go to 1:15 lol
LauraXD_Queen (2 days ago)
Pause and go to 1:15
Aaliyah Rogers (2 days ago)
Is it bad or will it hurt more if u havent even started ur period yet
sunrisekyh (2 days ago)
this is totally unrelated but she looks so much like hilary from fresh prince wow, so pretty
nessrine difallah (2 days ago)
In my culture virginity is a pride and i'm so proud to be a virgin
sacha (3 days ago)
Im 13 and not open over sex, is that weird?
AnimeXMaster (3 days ago)
Don't give him the cookie until day 90, but he only gets the cookie if he has earned it and make you feel like a queen, as you should make him feel like a king And same for girlXgirl & guyXguy
Bughead Shipper (3 days ago)
Me, that asexual who accidentally clicks on this but continues to watch it
Milan Aleong (3 days ago)
I’m 14 and can you describe the pain ??
Rala Wh (3 days ago)
I’m 25 and I’m still virgin .. I’m engaged right now and soon we’ll get married I’m really curious at the same time stressed out 😬😬 any advice girls !!
I’m asexual wich as an asexual person I’m not a fan of sex but this really help me
Apple Grace Caliao (4 days ago)
I’m 28 next month and still virgin.. and I can wait...for the right man that Gods gift to me🙂
Eva Nazario (4 days ago)
Dang i cant spell
Eva Nazario (4 days ago)
Loosing my virginity like well....I want my first sex wants to be perfect so I would rather do it myself so if thats soulds weird
Taylor Pace (4 days ago)
OMG WHAT LIPSTICK ARE YOU WEARING!?!? 😍 loved this video. very helpful thank you💖
suthawan beer (4 days ago)
You look amazing
Ashley Soulikas (4 days ago)
If u have a daughter you'll be wonderful
Leighah Bracken (4 days ago)
My mom said u should have sex after u are married bc God made it that way for there to be a bond between ur partner
itz annu (5 days ago)
U look like cardi B
Bruce Zhou (5 days ago)
Should have followed the teachings of Confucius
Hannah Shook (5 days ago)
Omg blood😶never new that haha
Steve Mang'ana (5 days ago)
I love it
Carmen Lopez (5 days ago)
I love luhhsetty
Clarissa Stevens (5 days ago)
I appreciate this so much ❤️❤️❤️
Please make a video about masturbation! ⚠️If you do make one then please answer this question. Is it ok to masturbate at a really young age? (12-14)⚠️
Erika Montes (5 days ago)
she looks like hilary banks from the fresh prince of bel-air she cute 😍🤗
Andria Charalambous (5 days ago)
You are so beautiful 😍
Hannah Abdi (5 days ago)
I think pussies and dicks are disgusting
Hibz xo (6 days ago)
She’s SO gorgeous it’s insane💖💖
thanh hang nguyen (7 days ago)
Watch your video make me feel released
gamers beast (7 days ago)
Why does she remind me of angvish aka trippie redd gf
gamers beast (7 days ago)
Or kendall woods
SuGshineVK (7 days ago)
For a really long time I wanted to get it out so I feel like this is a good place to share it anonymously. I'm 23 and still virgin and basically nobody knows it. I always feel like I'm the only virgin one among my friends and I never felt comfortable enough to tell them even though I trust them 100 percent and know they will be totally cool about it. I can say proudly that I know I'm a beautiful and attractive girl and confidant with the way I look. It's just simply the fact that I still haven't met the right person to do it with. Also my problem is that I'm always busy and under a lot of pressure as a university student and rarely go out and meet new people, and the fact that my standards are just too high and that limits me a lot. I do really want to find a person who I can be comfortable enough to be with and I do feel very lonely. I'm soon beginning a new chapter in my life and gonna try putting an effort meeting new people. I just really wanted to say it somehow so thanks to anybody how read it <3
Your hair😍😍💯💯❤❤
CARMEN LOZANO (7 days ago)
i lost my virginity at 8 or 9 and i am 12 now
Andy Ziemer (5 days ago)
CARMEN LOZANO woa you must have been raped?
Amelia Daniels (7 days ago)
Ewelina Cisek (8 days ago)
I waited for my first sex with my husband and this is the best thing the virgin can do, really girls. You're are too special and important too give such a precious thing like a virginity to any guy, I gave it to my husband and it's was his first sex too and I felt SAFE and felt loved and dear during the wedding night and after I woke next morning and in my whole marriage life.
Loving Laura (8 days ago)
I highkey want to be besties with her and FaceTime with her all the time
Henry Emejuru (8 days ago)
This girl is just stunning
Capronic2 Dethroned (7 days ago)
No one dies a virgin cause in the end life fucks us all
D'Andre Clyburn (8 days ago)
Girl Talk. What about Guy Talk LMAOOO?
Emma Nichole (8 days ago)
There’s blood involved????
yagalpallisa de kok (8 days ago)
This is something no one wants to talk with there parents about so this is great that u tell us about it 😂
Ivy M (8 days ago)
Seeing this made me put all these negative things about loosing my virginity out of my head. I’m still young (14) which means that seeing this really made me rethink about the whole perspective about oh losing ur virginity is going to be reallly bad but I think other wise. This vidoes realllly helped (:
Bethany Finlay (8 days ago)
I lost mine when I was 14
Bethany Finlay (4 days ago)
He was 15 but it’s a long story
Andy Ziemer (5 days ago)
Bethany Finlay so how old was the boy?
Aida Cucak (8 days ago)
You are like a sister❤
Alyssa Boyd (9 days ago)
let’s just say birth control is not only for sex reasons but also for helping your period as well🙃
Emma Seale (9 days ago)
I love these video you have helped me so much. I don’t live with my mom and I don’t really know much about this kind of stuff
Ma mom is right next to me O.O
Pastellia v (9 days ago)
I wish you were my mum 😂😂
Samantha Hale (9 days ago)
Thank you☺️😅
Cheyenne Wells (9 days ago)
I love her girl talk videos they are very professional and informative love you so much girl your doing awesome
Sasha Mikusincova (9 days ago)
I am with my boyfriend about 3years and we want to wait. My friends are making fun of us that we didint had sex, yet. I was really confused but after watching this video I feel much better ❤ thank you
sofa sofa (9 days ago)
You are really amazing And I love it so much 😍😍💛💛💛😭
박디디 (9 days ago)
blood...lmao nope, now I'm scared...
George Fuller (9 days ago)
Fuck outa here youtube recommending me shit like this like tf man
Brook Deann (10 days ago)
Honestly, this helped a lot. How my mom put this subject it scared me where I had fear of it. But i like the word discomfort a lot more than i like the word hurt or pain. Thx sm.
darika aitimbetova (10 days ago)
and then theres elle and noah
aubrey baker (10 days ago)
Your hair and makeup is rediculus oml your gourg
Nadia hendsbee (10 days ago)
You are so pretty
Engy Mahmoud (10 days ago)
thanks God that I'm Muslim our religion keeps our body we are still virgins (mans and women)until we marry and no one only your husband can touch your body my religion (Islam)makes me like aqueen I'm proud of being a Muslim girl
Eridunsly (10 days ago)
I’m terrified. I’m terrified of opening up to people with emotion, so giving my body sounds insane. I just hope there’s somebody out there who could break down these walls. Thank you, Luhhsetty. I’ll do what I need to do, this is my body.❣️
bittersweet_ _meg (10 days ago)
I'll wait until marriage
Jake Pauler #1 (11 days ago)
I’m 13 and I’ve had sex. Should I be ashamed. I’m in love with my boyfriend and we both agreed ❤️
E. K (11 days ago)
You are sooo beautiful
Amelia boyd (12 days ago)
thanks Luhhsetty
Cyber Chicken Nugget (12 days ago)
Her: “ When ur younger I think ur a lot more pure...” Me: *Uuhhh i think the hell not u trick ass b*
فوز هنا (12 days ago)
I love u girl you are so soft
Group 2 (12 days ago)
I really try to make people smile and I am usually pretty happy. physically...hmm idk go comment something for me on my instagram please! @technicallytiffanyz tysm!
Group 2 (12 days ago)
I really try to make people smile and I am usually pretty happy. physically...hmm idk go comment something for me on my instagram please! @technicallytiffanyz tysm!
Group 2 (12 days ago)
I really try to make people smile and I am usually pretty happy. physically...hmm idk go comment something for me on my instagram please! @technicallytiffanyz tysm!
Lazuli Matics (13 days ago)
I wanna loose my virginity whenever I feel like I’m read or whenever my future boyfriend is ready
Xjj Queen (13 days ago)
I'm scared to take birth control
Lazuli Matics (12 days ago)
Xjj Queen that’s a myth
Xjj Queen (13 days ago)
Lazuli Matics no. Its because i kept hearing nad stuff like it gives you tumors and it messes with your body a lot. I'd like to take it. But i don't wanna get tumors.
Lazuli Matics (13 days ago)
Xjj Queen so you basically want to have kids?
Simply Reese (13 days ago)
I wish you could be my older sister.💗 you have the best advice :))
Kimberly Taylor :DD (13 days ago)
I'm 11 but I look like a 15 year old. Where I live 6 year olds look like a normal 11 year old and an 11 year old looks like a normal 15 year old. ITS SO WEIRD AND IM NOT EVEN JOKING 12 YEAR OLDS Atleast I do (I'm almost 12, December baby ;D) HAVE FRICKEN C CUPS AND ITS HONESTLY CONCERNING. I started developing when I was 9 in third grade and my mom thought I had that word cancer. You know.. That part of your chest cancer.. Which didn't make sense to me but anyways I didn't and now I'm a c 33 cup. I'm not okay am i
Xjj Queen (14 days ago)
Is it wierd that i plan to lose my virginity in high school? I'm gonna be a freshman this year. Does it hurt? I am never fingering myself becuz I'm saving ALL MY VIRGINITY
chako yamba (14 days ago)
Is anybody else here planning to be a vtm
Kyna Forbes (14 days ago)
This is random and nothing to do with sex but I love your hair
Aileen Moreno (16 days ago)
Am i the only one who is scared of doing it cause of the way my body looks cause like sometimes theres bumps down there and i dont have a flat stomach....anyone else? Sorry for all the info..
Leslie 04 (9 days ago)
Same. Same. Same. But u just gotta like embrace urself right, and then find a guy/girl who is like chill about all of that and is gonna be on your side, not against you.
Charlie Utting (16 days ago)
there’s a girl at my school who is having sex with so many boys and my friend and I haven’t lost our vaginitis. She teases us about that and we are only 17!!!
Lazuli Matics (13 days ago)
Charlie Utting she a thoy
Gertie Lockern (17 days ago)
Do u think that 13 is too soon to lose your virginity ? I feel like it is but I wanna get it over with!☹️
Andy Ziemer (16 days ago)
Gertie Lockern yes that is kinda young I think, why are you I such a hurry
Camille Abrea (18 days ago)
girl you're so fiiiiine!
Kira Horse (19 days ago)
I love her hair 🤩
emerald3331 (19 days ago)
Did you even notice if he was circumcised or not?
Marge Simpson (19 days ago)
I lost my virginity at the age of fourteen to a random guy that I met online it was a one time hook up and I didn’t want to see him again , I did it impulsively and I definitely regret it . Make sure that you’re ready and you’re completely comfortable with your body because It’s so important or else it will haunt you
Marge Simpson (5 days ago)
He was 17
Andy Ziemer (16 days ago)
Marge Simpson so how old was the guy you hooked up with online?
Wellllllllll no one should be having premarital sex but okayyyyyyyyyyyy 🙄
Abc Abc (20 days ago)
I agree hehe <3
Miss Alycia (21 days ago)
Great girl talk!
savanna ortega (22 days ago)
Ok this is my first time watching this an i like it ❤ when u talk it makes me understand what i should do or not do it because i did bad things in my life that i want to go back so i can change my life but we all make mistakes and hearing u talk make me happy and makes my life more easy and i didn't know anything about this because i don't have a mom but when i listen to u i feel like i have a mom 😀 thank u so much and i hope u get things because u truly the nice person to make other girls understand how life work for the people that don't have there mom or dad so thank u for making this❤ it means alot to me and everyone esle
Jenna Marmalade (22 days ago)
LOL i think my internet is slow because i only clicked on this for the thumbnail.. which was a video saying "why you probably don't have OCD" and i thought "oh thats interesting" so i clicked on it but it was this!
katya valenzuela (22 days ago)
Good video😍

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