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Blood Reign Curse of the Yoma English Dub Anime Movie

3964 ratings | 1443029 views
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Text Comments (327)
Anime shot (18 days ago)
Bloody af
jona vin (25 days ago)
I would say that these voice actors did a great job. Great classic anime movie as well.
Ugly Troll (1 month ago)
One of my all time favorites..
Mark H (1 month ago)
I love this movie so much... It was this that made me truly interested in anime when I was a kid. Blood Reign is the definition of a classic.
Ashitaka Dracula Howl (2 months ago)
In the past it was all clan names they had no names.
SANS (4 months ago)
SANS (4 months ago)
SANS (4 months ago)
SANS (4 months ago)
SANS (4 months ago)
SANS (4 months ago)
SANS (4 months ago)
SANS (4 months ago)
shree bharti (4 months ago)
Japanese girl is hot but cartoon is cool
Tou Lee (5 months ago)
At 56:02
Anthony & Bonni Caldeira (9 months ago)
Don't tell anybody, just leave this village!
Jay Jay (9 months ago)
This anime is so wierd and old fashioned i watched it a while ago i didn't like it the music is wierd and everything i rather watch more up to date anime like shiki and others anime's like that this one was like 1980s anime my mum would of been like in her twenties oh my fucking god why should people waste time posting up shit like this no offence 😂😩😡
Above Beyond (7 months ago)
Jay Jay because, the world doesn't revolve around your self entitlement, maybe? Or don't you see the comment section filled with fans of this anime? Or does your self entitlement blind you, as well?
Jeffry Tito Saenz (10 months ago)
Was this supposed to be a series? I swear the ending was so cliffhanger 😅
Apt215 Melissa Brown (10 months ago)
Does anyone do dystopian world better than J anime producers?
Jay John (10 months ago)
Why is this anime so like old fashioned and so wierd why would someone go to a huge waterfall to end their lifes as well as being surrounded buy forests?? 🤔🤔 x
Jacob L (11 months ago)
Some people might seem confused by the ending but you have to remember this manga wasn't very well received in Japan and only produced 1 volume before it was turned into an OVA. It's likely that the author Kei Kusunoki planned more volumes but couldn't get the green light for more production due to lack of interest - thus the cliff-hanger of an ending.
mustafa radwan (1 year ago)
واحط علامه صح/////////علشان شاهدة هذا الكرتون . الكرتون عباره عن ننجا . القصه بسيطه. التقيم جيد .الرسم جيد
Mucci Jones (1 year ago)
portour sullivan (1 year ago)
luv the movie
DarkZeroHero (1 year ago)
Old but golden. :)
Jairo Sambula (1 year ago)
true classic!
Shanel Draey (1 year ago)
Okay I lost it at 1:10 Like Holy Of The Almighty GooD Lord , washing your hand with blood/puke it sounded like mastrbating Like geez 😂 Good movie btw.
Dr Jordan (1 year ago)
WTF.. .........
blackyurizan (1 year ago)
I watched an hour of this movie, and I have no clue what the fuck is going on. Hikage is travelling around for two years to kill a guy named Marou because he attempted to kill him? Why waste all these years to kill someone that is hiding from you?
AtarashiNOhi (9 months ago)
blackyurizan He didn't travel to kill Marou for revenge. This story takes place in the Sengoku era and the main character is a ninja belonging to the Takeda clan. Recently the lord of the Takeda clan, Takeda Shingen, had died and his friend Marou ran away abandoning them. Ninjas who abandon their clans with no intention of returning are viewed as criminals by their clans and are hunted down in case they may want to defect to another group or sell valuable information to others. Hikage tried to stop his friend from leaving and was injured in the process. Hikage was ordered to follow and kill Marou because he might spill the secret of their clan leader's death to other warlords thus endangering them with the possibility of invasion. Turns out that his friend didn't leave the clan for betrayal, he was actually a demon born from the earth and going through the process of becoming a demon lord. He pretty much left the clan because he began craving for human blood.
Skyrim Bandit (1 year ago)
watched the whole thing ... dafuq
Musa I of Mali (1 year ago)
17:37 "Look at me DAAAB!"
Musa I of Mali (1 year ago)
::NarratorSpeaks:: ...."Morpheus"...."is that you?!?"
Black Samurai 76 (1 year ago)
What anime should be today.
Muhammad Uddin (1 year ago)
Ninja scroll was the best and will always be the best manga film forever.
Haywood2 (1 year ago)
Sharin We believe she is the traitor. How do we not know that he is not the traitor. Also I have seen and heard leaders betray in turn.
Legendary Pokemon (1 year ago)
Yoma? Is this set in the claymore universe, haven't watched it yet
AtarashiNOhi (1 year ago)
Legendary Pokemon No, it's set in the Sengoku era of Japan.
Temprel Storm (1 year ago)
Awful movie, awful quality.
Bendy The Ink Human (1 year ago)
fuck u bitch
Bendy The Ink Human (1 year ago)
Andrew (1 year ago)
The manga this is based on is impossible to find, even in Japanese. Dammit.
antoldschool (1 year ago)
Ten pointed shuriken, Are they nigahiga ninja?
Naughty Sticky Juices (1 year ago)
ظهلائيل خرواني قاصح
Vlorisz (1 year ago)
The 80's music is a bit out of character for the rest of the movie.
CancelParryAttack (1 year ago)
man these demons sure like getting stabbed in the mouth...
MDthornton83 (1 year ago)
An interesting anime I must say.
psychozombiedeadboy (1 year ago)
I'm sorry but why doesn't he wear some pants?!? Every one else in the film has pants on. its like a bad dream...
Olivet Russell (1 year ago)
reminds me of revenge of the ninja warrior
WOLF HAXX (1 year ago)
curse of yoma......curse of yomama XD
yoyoyo im here
JUSTIN BEIBER (1 year ago)
It was a little big scary
Master Shoka (1 year ago)
why too many videos are deleted? can i have their names? or any site that can provide? btw nice anime.
Bendy The Ink Human (1 year ago)
Master Shoka thx make sure you sub can i ask you something
Bendy The Ink Human (1 year ago)
like if you think think they should do a remake anime or comment for live action movie
Bendy The Ink Human (1 year ago)
Tessier Ashpool did you know they made a live axtion ghost in the shell
Tessier Ashpool (1 year ago)
I liked the 90's/ Ninja scroll, ghost in the shell, akira, basalisk, etc.
Bendy The Ink Human (1 year ago)
Bradley Allen me too
Bradley Allen (1 year ago)
Idk, definitely would be nice to see new animation, but I've always been partial to the 80's style. Vampire Hunter D, Blood Reign, Demon City Shinjuku, etc.
Daniel Simon (1 year ago)
Unknown masterpiece.. [email protected]#$ Disney. ^^
Stark Raven (1 year ago)
What's going on with the low frame rate and image tearing?
Bendy The Ink Human (1 year ago)
who wants to be admin on my YouTube channel. bc im looking for someone to upload anime movies n yaois without copyright notes on the video
Billy Gundum (1 year ago)
Ware centaur... ok
GarouLady (1 year ago)
Sorry to hear about the strikes against you. That's the problem with putting up any kinda movies that you don't make yourself. YT gets a hair up its bum about it. So people are shadowing the edges, changing the speeds just a tiny bit, making it their own just enough so they don't get a strike against them.
Lotario Vergamota (1 year ago)
Old anime, the best fucking anime
Colvin Beljic (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for uploading this movie. Could you please upload full Metal alchemist brotherhood full episodes in English.
shawnte Pitts (1 year ago)
That's right girl's
Bendy The Ink Human (1 year ago)
how was your Christmas guys
ThugNinja91 (1 year ago)
Good thanks 4 asking
James Gran (1 year ago)
"Hikage!!!" "Trick I got my own problem!!! "
purplekitty (1 year ago)
James Gran And isn't she a ninja as well? Ninja skill 101 save your freaking self!
Bradley Allen (1 year ago)
Yeah, facing a giant snake, a demon moth, and a possessed tree. But please, scream my name over and over.
Bendy The Ink Human (1 year ago)
happy holidays and merry Christmas
Apt215 Melissa Brown (10 months ago)
Well. It is October so the season is back upon us beginning with H.
Vincent Purple Guy Thank you so much and likewise. May yours, be filled with joy,happiness and laughter for you and your loved ones. This year I didn't need anything just like last year because all I really want is to make it another year of life(I have a fatal illness and brain tumor too) and to have my loved ones meaning my two boys (21 yrs old and a 2 yr old) plus my husband, my mom and his mom dad and siblings by by side healthy and happy. You have a new subbies and love your channel.
Bendy The Ink Human (1 year ago)
Vadim Yula your welcome
Vadim Yula (1 year ago)
thanks man
The Nomad (1 year ago)
he transcends into alka-seltzer...
Bendy The Ink Human (1 year ago)
i wish i could upload more movies i cant due to copyrights
Bendy The Ink Human (1 year ago)
DJDeezy ThaTruth i know i got one copyright strike
DJDeezy ThaTruth (1 year ago)
-- Yeah :] they be hatin'
dani chamoun (1 year ago)
i was 8 when i watch this movie omg i still love it
Aristo LED (1 year ago)
Steven Burrus (1 year ago)
this ones scary good. ty V
veronica leon (1 year ago)
Oh my gosh I remember this. Thank you for the cool memory. ❤️
PonPonKittyKat (1 year ago)
I was 5 when I watched this movie back in 2006. For some reason this movie didn't scare me. It made me cry at the end a lot though XD I feel old even though im 15. Parents who love anime, bless them! XD
limit360 (6 months ago)
You feel old? You're younger than my younger brother!
juan guzman (1 year ago)
LUCKY  had to did cover anime by myself, im glad parents have passed on their anime culture. have you ever watched wicked city or elfin lied
Jay Richardson (1 year ago)
buzz in
LanderL9 (1 year ago)
old anime kicks ass
Shadows Finger (1 year ago)
back when anime didnt waste time prettying up real ninja by explaining how the kill and waiting on the enemy to think
Vern J (1 year ago)
Crunchyroll has some decent stuff but why can't they get stuff like this?!
DEE J (1 year ago)
Denise Kelley WORD
Denise Kelley (1 year ago)
That's why I watch KissAnime. They got all the new and old anime. And you don't have to pay for it.
Bendy The Ink Human (1 year ago)
Vern J dont know maybe there dumb
John Tramp (1 year ago)
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Amber Aletend (1 year ago)
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Dead Purple (1 year ago)
This takes me back. I have this on VHS, recorded off of Stars I think, back when they had anime for a while. I loved this OVA
TheLU83 (1 year ago)
Dead Purple yeah i remember recording Ninja Scroll there too lol
NWA362 (1 year ago)
it's now some these fucking kids find this when i watched this like years ago when i was a kid,its not me on the damn picture...
Spiros Koufos (1 year ago)
Wisper Me (1 year ago)
I have been looking for this movie for over 10 years! I forgot the name of it! Thanks!
William Reignz (1 month ago)
Wisper Me same here, this was my shit
Bendy The Ink Human (1 year ago)
Wisper Me your welcome
Jerrell jerrell holmes (2 years ago)
this is for the ole school glad to see some of it
amQu8y (1 year ago)
Jerrell jerrell Holmes lol that would make the two of us.. Classic anime was perfect the story line, the drawing of the characters, even the dubbing and music, all perfect. Unlike the shitty stuff out there full of silly childish stuff.
odan killer (2 years ago)
Love this anime
Chris Razack (2 years ago)
This story follows two dudes who secretly love each other and have tricked naive girls into liking them. The little girl was only introduced as a love interest for the main character. Fight sequences and just the atmosphere of this movie are great though.
F.D.anime lego man (2 years ago)
Cartoon movies
Buck Wilder (2 years ago)
wow thx this is the style of anime i enjoy the most :) badassery at its best :)
Joe Jr Johnston (2 years ago)
I wonder how Takada Shingin really died
AtarashiNOhi (9 months ago)
Joe Jr Johnston It is unsure how Takeda Shingen died. Some say he died from succumbing to an old battle wound, others say a sniper wounded him earlier or that he died from pneumonia.
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Sandy Hall (2 years ago)
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Neiji A. (2 years ago)
awesome manga. I have always tought that there will not be a huge number of person who could see it.
Elijah Matthews (2 years ago)
A werewolf centaur.....enough said 😎
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Cromlech616 (2 years ago)
I used to watch this Ninja Scroll and Akira CONSTANTLY back in the 90s! Thanx so much for the up bro, this is bringing back memories
Hja Ridge (2 years ago)
shut up stupid birds
jerome dado (2 years ago)
Yummyclinton Yumyum (2 years ago)
guys can you recommend 1 of your best wathced anime
stormking14687 (1 year ago)
the guyver genesis
Strange 7s (1 year ago)
+Vincent Purple Guy yeah its pretty intense
Bendy The Ink Human (1 year ago)
El capitane is bible black good
Bella Chan (1 year ago)
vampire hunter d blood lust
Strange 7s (2 years ago)
Bible black! And boku no pico
Manga (2 years ago)
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andrew owen (2 years ago)
thank you so much. you didnt just post manga you posted hard to fnd ones :)
Bendy The Ink Human (2 years ago)
your welcome
OMNISLASHER1000 (2 years ago)
28:00 (mumra's sister) lol!He must be a thundercat , hehe.
Food Learner (2 years ago)
Thank you for posting this, I love this movie.
Jonathan Comly (2 years ago)
Were scenes cut out? If so why?
The Invincible Bull (2 years ago)
Brooklyn Palmer (2 years ago)
Knew it Hikage and Maru are in a bromance.

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