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PSY - GANGNAM STYLE @ Summer Stand Live Concert

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Text Comments (66388)
Косоглазый разорвал всю планетку , одной песней сделал себя милиардером.
oh this is from south korea not from north korea😃😂🤣 kim jong will kill all of them lol
live moment k. channel (21 hours ago)
Rip despacito
Rony Singh (22 hours ago)
Omg amazing
ANJALI DEVI (1 day ago)
I’m from India I love the song
Su Bori (1 day ago)
Korea is definitely the best audience for any artist. Ull know what i mean after watching this 👉 video: https://youtu.be/kbyznfi6d-o
Gnaveen Reddy (1 day ago)
Iavicoli Marco (1 day ago)
Where is make this concert ..Sapporo stadium ??
Vijay Thangraj (1 day ago)
This is the best organised stage show ever .. it was like all the auidence were dancing to one man's tune
Amanda Guimarães (2 days ago)
Esse povo é mais animado do que os daqui do Brasil em um show!👏👏👏👏👌
Amanda Guimarães (2 days ago)
Cadê esse cara..sumiu???😂😂😂😂só fez sucesso com essa música
BI Còi (2 days ago)
Sasidhar Rathnam (2 days ago)
Best Live Performance I have ever watched.
Dicky Pratama (3 days ago)
Not even a single phone..
Michael Castillo (4 days ago)
Michael Castillo (4 days ago)
sirlene divina (4 days ago)
Fantástica emocionante !!!
sirlene divina (4 days ago)
Adoro essa música parabéns !!
This is an ordinary entry. But a great viewing. +134M omg
Curiosity News (4 days ago)
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Aziz Kara (5 days ago)
Amk karilara bak hepsini bana vermeseler gozum doymaz
Ujjwal Kundu (5 days ago)
Omg! What a crowd 🎤🔥
اكو عرب بطائر
كسر المسرح،،،. Broke the stage
T. K. (6 days ago)
Jaja recuerdo cuando fue la fiebre de esta música..
Sai. M. Nahesh Nahesh (6 days ago)
Grajdanin Mira KG (6 days ago)
Охренеть вот это аудитория сколько народу охренеть !!!!!конечно зажег Псай
Chris Ngwa (7 days ago)
The crowd is lit.
Dana Falcone (7 days ago)
Ravannah Selan (7 days ago)
Bro what I ain’t Eva been to a concert but god damn I hope it’s like this
Nick Mionie (7 days ago)
Holy shit... lol
ipmanric0 (8 days ago)
That's gotta be the most hype concert I've ever seen. Can't even imagine how loud it was when they all sing along screaming the song with him. Totally amazing. Those women are beautiful and the fact it's raining making it that much more epic
ATM VIAJES & TOURS (8 days ago)
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Total Ninja (8 days ago)
Playback is bad
Mate Orem (8 days ago)
Im blind and deaf but I can still see the crow and hear the song.
shivam singh (9 days ago)
Gangman style🔥
ajo k Abraham (9 days ago)
I didnt understand a single word....but i have heard it for 1000 times..dont no y i listen..
Alex Johansson (9 days ago)
Вот здесь не скажешь что публика мертвая!!! Во колбасятся на всю!)))
kadar mohamud (9 days ago)
Who is watching 2019 Am from somalia🇸🇴
Teh Dizzeh (10 days ago)
2018 and its still the best crowd ever!!
Bhaskar Singh (10 days ago)
North korea destroyed by the shockwave of these people... 😂😂
Ебаааа******ть их плющит!!
Skytelecom Skytelecom (11 days ago)
I always smile when i watch this song
Força Tatica (11 days ago)
Jkkkkk eu viajava nos meus 10 anos com esse tiozão dançando, além disso dançava junto KKKK infância boa
2018 y no sé cómo llegue aquí espero ver este comentario el año que viene.
Pounakum Chawang (12 days ago)
0:59 that red bra girl 🤣🤣
Darshan Darshan (12 days ago)
8??? 1 0 2
Rishi Raj Kewa (12 days ago)
That's my favorite singer
Mostaf Mimo (12 days ago)
الحمدوالله علا نعمة السلام😍😍😉
ابن بغداد (12 days ago)
انا من العراق لكن احب هذا الفنان😘😘😘😘
Martin Khoe (13 days ago)
Psy at concerts always say "wa da bo" (or however you pronounce it).. what does it mean? he also said it at 1:18
김병수 (13 days ago)
Bəıng Human (13 days ago)
Omg look at the crowd I have never seen anywhere for anyone
Linh Nguyen (13 days ago)
Khán giả cuồng nhiệt
William Ewalt (13 days ago)
This song and dance never gets old Gangam style baby
sunil nagpure (13 days ago)
Croud is sooo lucky to enjoy the live consert like tha Love from india friends ❤❤❤
g s rajee (14 days ago)
This song won't get old
g s rajee (14 days ago)
Any body noticed maximum people are wearing blue colour clothes
Zohayer Noor (14 days ago)
This song was a world wide phenomoen
Boba Cirkovic (14 days ago)
I love this song and dance from Bosnia😀
Christiane smith (15 days ago)
Such Happiness!!😘❤🧡💖
Jasmine jade Asuncion (15 days ago)
Better than Hollywood singer out there
IMPERATOR 9047 (15 days ago)
Моя ностальгия...
Jorge Cruz (15 days ago)
We r Royal (15 days ago)
Ek esko dekho kitna mehnat se gaa rha hai💖💖💖 , or ek justin ko dekho saala lipsing krke chutiya bana diya 😡😡
Ziishu Vines (15 days ago)
ds funtv (15 days ago)
Nilzelia Moraes (16 days ago)
até japonês sabe fazer música boa enquanto brasileiro não sabe, só grava lixo de fank e sertanejo.
RIAKKLI WILLIAMS (16 days ago)
Jubayer Hossain (16 days ago)
Junaid Mustafa (16 days ago)
I have heard this song for the first time but hear what you have heard the heart and it is very fun listening
WiCke D (16 days ago)
the energy you feel
Malena Santoa (16 days ago)
Mohamed Azim (16 days ago)
Nov 2018??
kash thakor (16 days ago)
Why dislikes????
We r Royal (16 days ago)
Crowd bata rha hai ki es bande me kitni dum hai💞💞
Junaid Mustafa (16 days ago)
We r Royal absolutely right
군고구메 (17 days ago)
와 진짜 다시봐도 전율이네.
ぬべすこ饅頭* (17 days ago)
Rocio Maciel (17 days ago)
BADO BEST (17 days ago)
sooz lecter (17 days ago)
I'd faint if I had this crowd
David Palomino (18 days ago)
I don't really care for this song, but man was this audience having a blast!!! Now that's how you put on a show and get the audience involved, great performance!!!
Mayra Miño (18 days ago)
Lo mejor ,me encanta
Jeevan K Ranjith (18 days ago)
1:23 That Dance and expression 😙😙
kaung myat (18 days ago)
Арсений A7X (18 days ago)
Бешенный концерт 😎
Wolf/Wolfie The Furry (19 days ago)
Korea: 1 USA: 0
rex rex (19 days ago)
Spectacular !
ZIMI SHAH THUG LIFE (19 days ago)
Sachin Sinha (20 days ago)
So hits song
Sachin Sinha (20 days ago)
Nice song
manumohan1986 (20 days ago)
OMG. That was one hell of a live show.
川添剛 (21 days ago)
Connor Cherry (21 days ago)
me: lemme guess, he is in nor.. my mum: south me: no mum Kim Jong Un says its just Korea and he is leader mum: ugh he is a bad person me: SHUT UP MUM! right where were we?? um. oh yeah, lemme guess, he is in North Korea
Adam Olejarz (21 days ago)
I watch TV 2018?. I Love WAKA WAKA,Gangnam Style.
Neha Mishra (21 days ago)
Love you Korea
Junaed Ahmed (21 days ago)
From Bangladesh😍😎

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