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Kendall Jenner Shares Her Morning Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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“I learn a lot from being on set,” explains Kendall Jenner—who is perpetually on the job leading a new guard of supermodels—of her makeup prowess. Here, she takes us through her daily makeup routine, from her sun-kissed skin to power brows. Filmed at the Baccarat Hotel New York Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. Kendall Jenner Shares Her Morning Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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Text Comments (7742)
Riggie Mae candug (3 hours ago)
If i have that kind of skin, i'd never wear make up
Chloe Praha (6 hours ago)
Then why are you so angry about when your mom ask you if you want to eat cheese bruh girl cheese makes you fat
Dayanara Jimin (15 hours ago)
What mascara did she use?
What’s her bronzer and lipgloss
sanane snn (2 days ago)
vle vle vle gfugxgg
ascorp sirenie (2 days ago)
Love u❤️❤️❤️❤️
Your Pumpkin (2 days ago)
Kendall is naturally beautiful though
RV Jp (3 days ago)
She's so perfect... I don't know how'd I act if I was that pretty. I'd literally die in front of mirror
Benish Es (3 days ago)
Anyone know what mascara she used
Bakhtawar Kh (3 days ago)
Wow that was fast
WhoIsOG (3 days ago)
0:03 IM KENDALL 😂❤️
N jockoo (4 days ago)
What is it with all these kardashian/ jenner memebers blessed with long lashes !!!!!
Andrew Cabrera (4 days ago)
Freaking gold digger
Kati Rankin (4 days ago)
i really need to know what mascara she’s using 😍😍
A (4 days ago)
When you’ve a skin like that no one needs makeup
Danish B (5 days ago)
I dont know why everytime i meet kylie,i like kylie but everytime i meet kendall,i like kendall Actually i like kylie or Kendall??
Gabriel Grecco (5 days ago)
não entendo nada, porém assisto do mesmo jeito❤
Monika Tangová (6 days ago)
Nechápu, jak má normální řasy, a pak je náhle tak hustá a dlouho ji nechápu, jinak je krásná.
I mean Imagine being this pretty tho
Panda Squad (7 days ago)
Nothing beautiful about this I liked Kylie's better
c a t (7 days ago)
she says she has acne and makes money out of it ..... ok
えるちゃん (7 days ago)
what she use lipstick?
ebruerdogan (7 days ago)
I just want to know are These Here real eye lashes? Kylie had also beautiful eye lashes what. What is that or what did they have done. Because I just Know that its not possible to put mascara on Eyelash extensions...?
Eleanor Rigby (7 days ago)
“I don’t really like to put too much foundation on” puts on Estée Lauder Double Wear...
Makeup by Frida frida (7 days ago)
You are so beautiful and wonderful!!😇😍😘
liyahhh xxx (8 days ago)
She’s beautiful without makeup❤️❤️
Hey its Andreia (8 days ago)
Dayummn shes a natural beauty!
Aria Veena (8 days ago)
Her lashes are soooo longggg I want that 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Maddie (9 days ago)
She’s so cute
Amalia Syakirah (9 days ago)
She doesn’t need any!
Umaibo (9 days ago)
“GRILleD cHEesE OIL!!” .... so butter..?
Julia Kavetska (10 days ago)
Hey guys,who know which brown pencil she used for? Thanks
Beth black (10 days ago)
She looks so AVERAGE
Elif Özata (10 days ago)
Which mascara? Pls tell me this is sooo beautiful ❤️❤️
Asia F. (10 days ago)
she is very beautiful and natural woman, she is really awesome <3
Emi and Blyke (11 days ago)
This is why I love her 😍 Her attitude is not absurd compared to her sisters but I am aware she has some diva moments. She is so natural and her whole personality nor her body is not made up of plastic. (yes I’m aware she has some lip fillers and a nose job, but honestly compared to her sisters that’s not even that bad)
Lola Hobson (11 days ago)
Does she have lash extensions?
GNIEENG (11 days ago)
Her bare face is totally gorgeous , so she doesnt need make up , make up needs her
GHETTO NICKI (11 days ago)
She high key ugly y'all r plastic don't know why bitches be looking up to y'all
Mia Clare (11 days ago)
Is Anyone else realise that not only kendall and alissa violet look alike... but they voice is almost identical...
ChrisTV Channel (11 days ago)
she doesn't need make up she's really beautiful without it 😭💕💕
Kelly Eefsting (11 days ago)
She is so naturally beautiful. I'd look hideous if I tried that!
Baby DW (11 days ago)
What was she eating at 1:22 ??
Camila (12 days ago)
She should stay natural... but still beautiful
The Satan (12 days ago)
Holy milk of mother on my skin... her skin is sooooo friggin flawless
Yuli Mendoza (12 days ago)
What mascara ?
Kate De Los Santos (12 days ago)
this is one of the fastest grwm vogue videos
Nicole Newman (12 days ago)
These girls (Kardashian) are beautiful!
Lyndsey N (13 days ago)
minimal makeup is so pretty.
Rayshon Morain (13 days ago)
She and kylie smile.the same
Blu Lagoon (14 days ago)
omg she definitly snatched her nose
Debanjana Mondal (14 days ago)
She's way better than her sister Kylie who has almost tuned herself into plastic
Bgety (14 days ago)
dont be mean lol, who taught u u guys tht?
Tahlia POLDERMANS (14 days ago)
the difference between kylie and kendall’s video 😂😂 kendall is so much more comfortable and herself whilst kylie’s video seemed a bit force, no hate ❤️❤️
Elizabeth Leyva (14 days ago)
Wow I love her so much!! Such a difference between her everyday makeup routine and Kylie’s. Keep it up girl!
Avril Lynn (14 days ago)
Haters why mad This video is her daily makeup routine. Not makeup tutorial videos. She is simply beautiful with her own makeup.
Jena Lynn (14 days ago)
MISS LADY (15 days ago)
She literally has the most normal voice out of them all
Sumiya Jarral (15 days ago)
What's the name of the oil she talked about on the video?
chio makeup (15 days ago)
Why all the kardashians speak like whispering? 😐😐
Jessy White (16 days ago)
She looks so beautiful without makeup and I’m soooooooop jealous
밍키배고파 (16 days ago)
마스카라 어디껀가용?
Fernanda Salazar (16 days ago)
Pongan subtítulos en español
Nataly Manrique (16 days ago)
Is so perfect 😍
Mervé C (16 days ago)
The shape of her eyes is beautiful 😍
aO aM (16 days ago)
Wow your skin is so perfect
Kisses -A (16 days ago)
*She don't need makeup smfhhh*
prostagma? Bulome (16 days ago)
Autumn Faith (17 days ago)
What we really need to know is her skincare routine
Marti Smarti (17 days ago)
Can I have your mascara please
Madina Yakhiyakhonova (17 days ago)
She doesn’t need makeup
Hannah Lui (17 days ago)
0:40 I got my first love 😂😂
Gracie Greene (18 days ago)
Kendall video more fun than Kylie
Valerie Castro (18 days ago)
Allisas twin
Andrea Col (19 days ago)
So cute, so much love Kendall❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Snakecharmer (19 days ago)
Kendall is the best out of all the sisters
Itana Gowrié (20 days ago)
We need a video with queen Shailene Woodley!!!
Kim Rose (20 days ago)
She doesn’t need a lot of makeup or Time because he is already booty-ful
Juana Naser (21 days ago)
I love how she skipped the mascara part first and when she showed us that she was putting the mascara it was already there.
Kabir Khanna (21 days ago)
y'all do know she gets $500 facials like every week right? stop hating on yourself, it's impossible to have skin like that and a normal job. her job is literally to be pretty. no shade.
Emily Sanchez (22 days ago)
Kendall Jenner is naturally beautiful
anonymous anonymous (22 days ago)
Shes literally stunning either way
Mari Sosa02 (24 days ago)
You're doing great sweetie!!❤️❤️
Additionally 21 (24 days ago)
I've never even seen my crush used makeup Maybe cuz we're still in school...
Daniele Ferreira (24 days ago)
Pra mim a Kendall é a mais bonita delas.
Tiffany Allen (25 days ago)
Way quicker and simpler than Kylie’s how to video!! Lol
Ayisha Alnajjar (25 days ago)
you are so pretty without makeup
Elinor Vlogs (26 days ago)
Where are the spots? The redness, they eye bags? 😩
Connie Cordero (26 days ago)
You don't need a lot of make up.
Bianca Ionescu (26 days ago)
what mascara
Leelyn05 (26 days ago)
I like them all but this one,the way she talks to her mother is unbelievable!!!!You just don't do that and I don't care who her mother is either,You just don't do that,Got it Miss Kendall!!!
LaQQ (27 days ago)
You are all hypocrites judging plastic surgery but then judging people for their natural looks. There's nothing wrong with plastic surgery.
That one girl xxx (27 days ago)
She’s so gorgeous wow
babyy Pinaa (27 days ago)
Out of all the Kardashian/Jenner tutorials I think Kendall’s video is my favorite😍
Jeanine Abbate (28 days ago)
I love this video soooo much more than Kylie’s
Zaid Irfan (28 days ago)
Oh theres a huge difference in her makeup den kims
Princess (28 days ago)
*she reminds me of Alissa violet* ✨😘💗

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