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Fighting The Taliban (Modern Military Documentary) - Real Stories

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Sean Langan witnesses the bloody battle to retake the strategically critical town of Garmser in Helmand province. Overstretched and outnumbered, are the British troops fighting an unwinnable war in Afghanistan? Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu Follow us on Twitter for more - https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Content licensed from Digital Rights Group (DRG). Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Produced by October Films
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Text Comments (2306)
Wali Sultani (3 hours ago)
Taliban and the British have a long relationship. Goes back prior to the Soviet afghan war where the Taliban were trained in Britain by mi6.
jakhar (1 day ago)
again British troops sent into battle with no back up no meds no ammo when our MPs and lords sit all day drunk on tax payers money or give money to our enemy and the UN send 8 troops starting to look like our government is backing the other side.they must go and be replaced by a government who values our fighting men and women and who are not traitors to Great Briton.
Aca Faca (2 days ago)
how comes just afgans die in this fights??? they fight together whit nato troops but only afgans die. nato use them maybe as cannon food or what???
abdul nasir (2 days ago)
Again? Are you dumb or stupid or both? Graveyard of Empires. 48 nations attack with 68% of world military might ... Hahahah. All False Flags come to be buried in the land of the Truthful, Meek, Defenceless people. Humiliation& Defeat - E er heard if ISI, Pakistan? WE KNOW the Great Game. Go Away or Perish. Pakistan Taliban ISI zindabad.
Chappers Gaming (3 days ago)
*bullet whine* "Bullets flying all around us!" Casual smoking a cigarette
Bhavya Kumawat (5 days ago)
remove pakistan from the world map and the terrorism problem is solved
Anaya Khan (3 days ago)
Hahaha look who is talking!! The extremist Hindu terrorist! LOL
Karim Oriakhel (5 days ago)
its's just shame lighting for noting
j (6 days ago)
They didn't want us to see this ??? So you do a media blackout on tommy r and show us this instead . Do fuckoff
News Network (8 days ago)
99% afghan soldiers casualities
Shak Akbar (9 days ago)
The hopeless coalition was humiliated by the freedom fighters of Afghanistan. British soldiers died in vein; fighting for some obscure fantasy of nation building.
Hot Wheels Addict 74 (9 days ago)
Thank you to all of the British men and women who served in Afghanistan. Coming from this American, our leadership learned absolutely nothing from the mistakes made in Vietnam. Losing soldiers to take ground, only to abandon that ground after. Trusting the Afghan people to do their part, is also a mistake.
Cee Jay (10 days ago)
How antiquated were their vehicles?
Farkque Matthews (10 days ago)
Western Governors only put in a half-hearted to fight the Taliban that's why it's a waste of time I see pull all troops out let the Taliban be if you're not going to fight to defeat them
Farkque Matthews (10 days ago)
This war is in vain
Tone Junky (10 days ago)
The Taliban are nothing more than right wing nationalist. Nazi's... One would think that we would have learned from our collective history? No worries. We'll teach you. Cheers! I can't belive the brits sent their boys with no support? WTAF?? Churchill is turning over in his grave!
Johny Johnson (10 days ago)
one question for you guys, why are you fighting to make the rich americans richer
Alm1r (11 days ago)
useless war!
Truth (11 days ago)
Russia did a better job in Afghanistan than USA! In 1979 the Soviet Union was able to take over Afghanistan with less than 700 Spetsnaz soldiers. Lets take a look at USA now! Lets not forget that USA provided billions of dollars of advanced weapons to those afghan fighters, that is why USSR event tough it won, but it could not contain and control them, but in the case of USA, no one was providing advanced weapons to the extremists, and considering the facts that NATO, and other countries were also helping USA, and they still can not even finish the job! Operation Storm-333 (Шторм-333, Shtorm-333) was the codename of an operation that was originally scheduled to happen on December 14th, 1979 but was postponed to the 27th of December, in which Soviet Special Forces stormed the Tajbeg Palace in Afghanistan and killed Afghan President Hafizullah Amin and his 100–150 personal guards.[3] His 11-year-old son died due to shrapnel wounds.[4] The Soviets installed Babrak Karmal as Amin's successor. Several other government buildings were seized during the operation, including the Ministry of Interior building, the Internal Security (KHAD) building, and the General Staff building (Darul Aman Palace). Alpha Group veterans call this operation one of the most successful in the group's history.
JAMES Brown (11 days ago)
How can a person be a terrorist for defending their own land.
Kevin Bullard (12 days ago)
gb Flexo Equipment (13 days ago)
Thanks for the Effort but save your comments
Mixed Man (14 days ago)
This dude actually took a ride with the ANP... Does he have a deathwish oe something?
Emily Hutjes (16 days ago)
It is 2019 watching all US, German, Norwegian videos of Afghan war 2002-2014. They Always had enough of everything. It seems London doesn't know what is going on in Afghanistan--short on suplies--?! That should never ever happen. And yes I am a woman and know nothing about warfare. Oh yes--> the ANA boys are too skinny, feed them  !
Mandar Bhatkar (16 days ago)
3:35 imran khan is that you?
a scott (16 days ago)
there is no war on terror, the British troops are being killed because the corrupt and weak UK Gov't just want to be seen propping up the US imperial criminals and hoping a few crumbs may fall there way. You sons, brothers etc are dying for evil purposes
The war on terror and extremism is more important inside the UK ... than outside..
Stop killing others to benefit themselves.
We are pity’s Afghans’ so much,please stop killing and stop war now.
lairdriver (20 days ago)
This was was less successful than Lindsay Lohan's comeback. Americans and their stupid wars. They've been a country for 230 years and have been at war in one form or the other for 222 of those years. They always have to pull the Brits and Canadians into their bullshit.
Jurajj Tomko (20 days ago)
Private Video 18+ http://mdTnzx4oxi.mcdn.design/DfSzbtAK1g
Rehan Ahmed (24 days ago)
All forces including British ran away from Afghanistan one by one....Americans are the last ones to go.....like Mullah Omar said you have started this war ...we will end it. Remember it was not Taliban it was your stupid politicians who got your soilders killed...and wasted you tax money
Anthony Phung (24 days ago)
Kevin Katz (25 days ago)
You can either fight evil on it's own land or not... But if not, don't whine if they gather enough strength to pull a 9/11 on you...
Adrian Kingdon (25 days ago)
Poptarts?? More destructive than opium!
Jason Byrd (26 days ago)
After how many days of fighting to just be told “ give it back to the enemy “ I call BULOCKS !!-!!! 🇺🇸🔊🇺🇸🔊🇺🇸🔊be that as it may, thank you Comrades for your Service, Dedication and Sacrifices !!! Sorry that battle seemed to be a waste of time 😞😞😞😞😞😞✌️✌️👽
Robert Sickinger (27 days ago)
Ya know enof is enof with that queen!You think she could go into her piggy bank and by her brave troops some armored trucks and maybe some more choppers!Bullshit I bet Prince Harry had a new chopper.unacceptable wake up England.
majid ali (27 days ago)
Having no modern technology taliban near to deport America from afganistan
Manuel ORBlight (27 days ago)
The first documentation you can die from - because of boring
Zabihullah Mujahid (1 month ago)
Happy dayz🇬🇧
Jdor D (1 month ago)
May God restore peace to this world in the mighty name of Yeshua (Jesus Christ)!
honestlythatsbull (1 month ago)
I still cannot understand why we are trying to sort out this dust bowl.... Oh yer.. I forgot... Heroin
Viking Ninja-Kitty (1 month ago)
This is surreal after seeing all the American vids.? Seems so unprofessional.
shahid mehmood (1 month ago)
Few thousands of Taliban defeated NATO. How shamlessly the reporter says british were out numbered. Your deceptions lies shall not face save cowards defeat. Disgrace shame
Vincent Marsh (1 month ago)
Can't beat the British...shittier it gets the better the jokes!! ...battle on a budget 8 poxy Chinooks no armour.on transports...bless u boys and men of ours.
Amor Omar (1 month ago)
USA used mother bomb in Afghanistan and mother of terrorism ( Pakistan) gave birth of more terrorism groups, and killing thousand inocent people of Afghanistan for looking as they called three wanted men (dogs) one of them is brought back from Pakistan to power in Afghanistan and the second one Osama bin Laden they claimed killed by USA army attack in capital of Pakistan and the third one killed in other city of terrorism center Pakistan all of them were in pakistan supporter of terrorism, here is raising many questions to ask the super power of the world; Who supported Pakistan to be safe haven for terrorism for many decades? and who supported to obtain a nuclear bomb? Where is UN? Who can bring to the justice terrorism that they killed thousands of inocente people in Afghanistan, European countries, USA 11/9, Russian and Middle East ,,,? why the USA 500 million population and world people are blind for what reasons USA army attacked country like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria with this democracy era of USA that the hub terrorism is Pakistan? Why the USA leaders in 1973 supported terrorists by weapons in Pakistan against democratic president of Afghanistan Mohammad Daud Khan? ,,, I am wondering for the leaders of the world did not know the installed hub of terrorism in Pakistan from the beginning of British colonist separated Pakistan in 1947 from India and officially recognized Pakistan as a country the hub of terrorism was installed at that time in Pakistan. at that time Afghanistan president made many complains in the UN assembly and to USA leaders to not support Pakistan because it will be safe haven of the world terrorisms but USA and UN ,,,?? Cave
Haya khan (1 month ago)
what they want to Afg... there is no taliban
Zainul Zainul (1 month ago)
No , the British weren't overstretched . They had armoured vehicles to hide in and fire at exposed enemy . And their aircraft could come to their aid to bomb the enemy from the safety of high altitute . They had things going their way . It was the Taliban who had nothing remotely similar who were overstretched !
I am Boss (1 month ago)
Афганцы ведут войну ,,, эти с зади стоят ! ахуенные войны
Greg Grisham (1 month ago)
Taliban n all terrorism caused by www666ville holding the earth hostage through murderers not heroes. England enslaved China Africa India n took tbe earth hostage. Must march until everyone shows up and drag all congressional traitors n the www666ville national guard n guns and badges holding us hostage out n separate All committing treason from their treasonous heads
Kyra Neville (1 month ago)
Bro😂 that picture of the car Kid:I’m a cute little kid sike ima kill you😾👿☠️
Isse Mohamed Amin (1 month ago)
Insha Allah these west pigs nd dogs will go back to their homes as losers....if they die direct to jahanam...i pray my afghan bro nd sist peace..nd those have died to jana.Ameen Ameen
mahr sheirazi (1 month ago)
After 19 year afgan won the war..shame on nato. Its war of Allah.Allah says ( Nasrullah e futhun qareeb.......
PROUD MARINE 176 (1 month ago)
hakim fahrul (1 month ago)
.......I vote for NATO to win the war... But they lost.
hakim fahrul (1 month ago)
this is an old documentary but published in youtube in 2017. 5th anniversary of 9/11 mean this documentary was filmed somewhere in 2006
Chin Feng (1 month ago)
Whare arms coming all Pakistan trained Taliban with arms ammunition Pakistan main supplying all this problem create by Pakistan devil's says moral support still Pakistanis interest in Afghanistan for illegal drugs trading
Abc Def (1 month ago)
bruce lee (1 month ago)
all this tech for goat hearders and still losing the war
Cowboy Careless (1 month ago)
It's all bullshit I hope they don't make away to home .
HeyGuysHave121 (1 month ago)
This is Fab 2019 now and America has asked for forgiveness from Afghan Taliban now, and have promised to leave Afghanistan with disgrace.
m khan (1 month ago)
british army have become US hired gun
Hakim Drammeh (1 month ago)
Britain have been use by America as dogs of wars this coward they making the Afghanistan soldiers human sheield almost all the casualties are Afghan soldier cowards get back to countries and stop invading nation's
Mohammed Ahmed (1 month ago)
Give those fire powers to Taliban, they will wipe out the entire world.
Sam Din (1 month ago)
??????? Not a mankind because the kind is not man.... The evil military from another country
Sunny Choudary (1 month ago)
USA, NATO Even All World Can't When The War Against Taliban Because Real Taliban Didn't Fight For Money. They Just Wasting Money Or Life's Of There Soldiers.
all such western documentaries about AFGHANISTAN are seems like what a waste to precious lives . , back to square one , taliban win the war and back in business. did western monarchy told there tyrant people what they gained in afghanistan , why the went there at first place?
Slammer 215 (1 month ago)
W. T. F. Why do these idiots serve if they are gonna thumb the nose.
Jol _29 (1 month ago)
Does the Afghan army not have body armour or helmets?
spider guard (1 month ago)
Only if there was American troops there.
Jason Hunter (1 month ago)
why are we using no technology on the ground? this seems like ancient firefighting, useless and dated and inefficient
Paletty Berger (2 months ago)
I wonder if one of those poor devils (soldiers) realizes that he is contributing through his struggles, bringing his own children home closer to the abyss and enslavement? I do not believe it !!
Joseph Clark (2 months ago)
They don't want you to win, more propaganda bullshit peddling!
Ronny Sterling (2 months ago)
Imagine all the money used in that outhouse used for border security in Britain and The USA, mosque eradication, and de-islamification of NATO, ultimate winning
Zaid Shaikh (2 months ago)
#truly respect to all soldiers
Jason Kim (2 months ago)
Doesn't the Brits have APC s?
Sunrise & Sunset (2 months ago)
So after all that fighting, the place fell back to the Taliban? coz they pulled out?And what’s all that about the B troops were never expected to fire bullets, not enough men, unarmored vehicle, but look what they encountered! Running out of med supplies, food, even bullets!!! WTF!!! This is how they r sent out to fight in the 21st century? Sounds like they were being sent out to play in the sand box!!
Unseen Football (2 months ago)
So much class in one video. A league above the Americans.
John Ramirez (2 months ago)
A-10 rules. Nothing stops the warthog. Love the sound of them guns!
Amjad Jaura (2 months ago)
Long live Taliban
RANDOMNESS ! (22 days ago)
Amjad Jaura (2 months ago)
Long live Taliban
Greg Cavarra (2 months ago)
Long hair cuts, beards, several different regiments mentioned (their prior regiments) in one small unit - they look SAS.
saima nadeem (2 months ago)
saima nadeem (2 months ago)
Leander Barreto (2 months ago)
This guy had balls
sj singh (2 months ago)
Why british army don't have armed vehicle , open Landover defender with blastic sheets , not seems perfect In This type of situation
Top5 Ranking (2 months ago)
NATO vs Taliban AFter seventeen years of fight Taliban win Shame on NATO....
Mikhail Kalshnikov (2 months ago)
Dirk Nowitski spotted
zafar saeed (2 months ago)
Anti muslam war
jaji_ kh (2 months ago)
This war has no side effects
Electrophorus Electricus (2 months ago)
There are more Taliban, Isis and al Qaeda in England than in afghanistan. Talk about fighting a losing battle! Welcome home boys!😂😂👍👍 Welcome to Englandistan!
lloyd Christmas (2 months ago)
Those al Qaeda terrorists could drop their guns and march right into any country in the EU and get welfare.
Yana Indrayana (2 months ago)
Vuk Uros (2 months ago)
Murty Rabbit (2 months ago)
Brubeck Desmond (2 months ago)
Have not begun to watch, but UK war on terrorism in Afghanistan? But in turn has invited Muslims to UK. The British troops seem very professional and a higher quality individual compared to what I've seen of American troops.
BlakeSTI93 (2 months ago)
Armed with nothing but a camera and cigarrettes this reporter was able to stop the enemy with his balls of steel
HOWARD B. (2 months ago)
Noone has EVER beaten the Afgan on home ground. Goatfuckers
peter atighi (2 months ago)
Wie dumm diese Araber sind , lernen nichts aus Geschichte , sie wurden ja schon öfter von ihren Englischen Waffenbrüdern verkauft und verraten , eben ein Ungebildetes Volk das nur bete kann und sich vermehren !! Vollkommen verdummt durch ihre beterei und Merkel u. ihre Wähler holen sich dieses Gesindel ins land !!
expats united (2 months ago)
Give that reporter some kind of medal. Takes balls of steel to jump in a vehicle with people who are famous for turning on friendly forces lol.
Fuvva Mukka (2 months ago)
Chhhooooot em all,have done wi it the knows.
Basim Malik (2 months ago)
American and British son of batches u can't won in Afghanistan taliban brave Muslims

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