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105 Year Old Lady Shares The Secret To Happiness

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Produced By: Denise Lodde 105 Year Old Jessie Jordan talks about life on the other side of 100 and what is important in life. Her friends and family and even a hockey legend come to her home to help celebrate her big day. FEATURED IN REPORT: Jessie Jordan-Celebrating 105th Birthday Christine Hopwood-Recreation Manager, Shepherd Village Paul Henderson-Hockey Legend Janet Sherman-Jordan's Daughter Jacqueline McPhee-Jordan's Daughter Gail White-Jordan's Daughter http://www.crossroads.ca
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Text Comments (285)
Brenda Yearwood (4 months ago)
God bless u are awesome.
Christian Jimenez (4 months ago)
She is a great inspiration to everyby.
Drizzy (4 months ago)
Amen 🙏🏾
Cheryl Kemp (4 months ago)
Peace..... forgive that you/we/I will be forgiven.....Wow.... don't hold grudges, resentments or hatered towards anyone forgive all.....the very best advice...Oh Mrs. Jordan...Thank You...Thank You....God Bless You....🤗🤗🤗🤗😊😘💕💕💕
Michael Macluskie (4 months ago)
Irish woman...marries an Englishman...and dwells in Canada good choices throughout.
Diane Regan (4 months ago)
Just a LOVE. A JEWEL. Enjoyed this so much. She's a GIFT to ME. A TREASURE. GOD BLESS.
Hilary Smith (4 months ago)
She is a source of inspiration.
Linda Lai (4 months ago)
How touching.
Linda Ortado (4 months ago)
God bless
Grace Clermont (4 months ago)
Amazing lady may Good Bless her.
Aaron Molasky (4 months ago)
We all show up and saw this in 8 yrs later
Bella Flor (4 months ago)
She went to be with the lord on February 12, 2011 at the age of 105. Hope there are endless pools in heaven .❤️
Shofargirl1 (4 months ago)
What a lovely lady!!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU!
joshy joseph (4 months ago)
Jesus forgave His enemies and lives eternally. Let us also forgive and live with Him for ever.
Maxine A.G. Guess (4 months ago)
Mad Hatter (4 months ago)
Love her! She is the kind of people I like. Such a wonderful woman!
Allan Guma (4 months ago)
One word; beautiful
amal salad (4 months ago)
She doesn’t look like her age.
Gabriela Karl (4 months ago)
forgiveness is key...so true
LV Teach Me (4 months ago)
Great story!
riya jit (4 months ago)
So true ., if u don’t forgive u won’t be forgiven
Linda Depeine (4 months ago)
Happy birthday God bless you!!!!
Rose Didi (4 months ago)
Blessed one❤
Adriana Ciku (4 months ago)
Now she is 106 God im only 26 prayin to see my children children...she is cute...what an inspiration story ...
Alemtefera Tefera (4 months ago)
God bless you mom more and more
FIRE SIGN (4 months ago)
Looks like a lovely place to live😊
Pamela Cossey (5 months ago)
California (5 months ago)
WOw! She's still alert and very active. May the Lord always bless you.
Elvira Donaghy (5 months ago)
This was great. Thank you for showing us this lovely woman
rachel lopez (5 months ago)
heather watts (5 months ago)
People who believe in God live a lot longer- Fact”...
Robert Dowler (5 months ago)
She's a legend in her own right.I have Scottish blood,too.
religion doctor (5 months ago)
Im 2000 yeas old
Righteous1 (5 months ago)
Peace and activity, got to remember that
Ann Fitzgerald (5 months ago)
God bless u ..what a wonderful woman
A. Oreal (5 months ago)
I would be really lucky to reach 50. Bless her!
iolanis Journey (5 months ago)
Love her, she is awesome! 😊 great sound advice. ❤
Haddy Nough (5 months ago)
Big John Stud (5 months ago)
praise da lord!!
Maryanne Knox (5 months ago)
Bless her Soul
Maryanne Knox (5 months ago)
Peace is so important
Maryanne Knox (5 months ago)
Etienne Sugihara (5 months ago)
She is so bless !
Patti Raithel (5 months ago)
Such a precious lady, God Bless her.
Romana Strasheim (5 months ago)
I love her!! 😃
Indria Happy (5 months ago)
She is right love is the key. God= Love=Forgiveness= Happyness.
Pat Byrne (5 months ago)
She’s an inspiration!
Donna Woodford (5 months ago)
Some of these centenarians look and act no older than 75 years.
sweety me (5 months ago)
Peace is one of the keys of a good life
Gloria Walker (5 months ago)
Happy Birthday may God continue to bless you
Yami Le (5 months ago)
Debbie Villalta (5 months ago)
She’s an inspiration! 🎈🎉❤️ Happy Birthday!
TheBooty28 (5 months ago)
Damn..she looks younger than her kids.
Raychal Plus3DZ (5 months ago)
God bless you sweet lady
Betty Kilfoy (5 months ago)
Boy WHAT a woman Beautiful I too am a Christian God bless lots of love you all😘😘😘
Kathleen Turner (5 months ago)
She says peace comes from knowing God!
Hailey Nichols (5 months ago)
Seeking your peace. Peace and happiness is priceless. I'm almost there. Your such a strong beautiful woman. Much love.
Yahwehs Girl (5 months ago)
Amen .Shes beautiful and she loves the Lord . Oh lord i love her message of peace and forgiveness. Thank you beloved i pray you get your 120 years
maria phiri (5 months ago)
Happy birthday Jessie Jordan .May The bless you even more.lm happy for your life be strong and be courageous
Wise, God fearing lady.
Ben Calibri (5 months ago)
Wow. God bless her.
Revealanation 777 (5 months ago)
Wow, what a testimony. Any idea what her story is today?
nova pahlavan (5 months ago)
I would loved to have known her! So cute and ladylike! 😊
cm cmancuso717 (6 months ago)
Love this God bless
Cheffee Love (6 months ago)
Put a smile on my face. God Bless
Aditi Kapoor (6 months ago)
nice still energetic
Reincarnation (6 months ago)
what a grand human being....just lovely and beautiful!
With goddess (6 months ago)
Wonderful story!!!:
Ally (6 months ago)
This made me cry 😍 🙏
Makhalareal100 (7 months ago)
That is amazing! What a beautiful soul she is ❤️
OneWithGreyHair (7 months ago)
She. Looks.Wonderful !!! God bless you Jessie. Look at that beautiful white hair !
MaryAnn Obed (1 year ago)
i love this grandma and respect her alot.
P.Y.T (1 year ago)
Teresa Hope Miller (1 year ago)
What a lovely lady.a inspiration.
Jacqueline Lewis (1 year ago)
Wow! Praise The LORD!
DVI Inc. (1 year ago)
needed this video! she is living!!
Inger Williams (1 year ago)
Dar (1 year ago)
God Bless you thanks for sharing your 105th birthday with us, and your words of encouragement <3 ><>
Melissa Nash (1 year ago)
Cait Mc Conville (1 year ago)
go go go Jessie 💓👟😊😋
Fono Faumuina (1 year ago)
awwwww your so cute Praise God for your life dear...she's an inspiration and pretty lady from inside out
Supriti Phani (1 year ago)
So Faith in God and Peace in Heart are the Secrets.... Thank you
pamela hackett (1 year ago)
Wow she is Irish.....lovely lady..
D A (1 year ago)
Wow! What a beautiful person...God help me be more like her.
cheryl taylor (1 year ago)
This women is truly beautiful.
brightbite (1 year ago)
Those who are not ashamed of their Faith will never be a shame to God.
dayna bartley (1 year ago)
Now That's A True Lady Of God 🌹🙏🏽👍🏻
SpiritBear12 (1 year ago)
She sure dresses nice, and she taught her daughters to dress nice too.
Linda SmilesRFree (2 years ago)
Beautiful, and she's right; forgive and you shall be forgiven. Forgive not, and you shall not be forgiven. Keep peace in your heart. Wow! Quoting poetry and the Bible at 105. God Bless her.
Lil._. Curlsss (2 years ago)
Shes so pretty and I'm crying watching this and commenting this i love elderly people its so interesting what they survived through
Sophia Kong (2 years ago)
How beautiful she is
pre pre (2 years ago)
whao she so amazing
rainy month (2 years ago)
She like wants to die.
Valerie Cummings (2 years ago)
well this was in 2010 so wonder when she went to the lord
getupkid86 (2 years ago)
There is no such thing as "aging gracefully" or "healthy aging". Aging is NOT an extension of development but a decay in overall biological functioning (think of a car with five hundred thousand miles on it that hasn't been well maintained). Industrialized societies have done a wonderful job of increasing human lifespan with biomedical intervention, sanitary water, vaccines, and viral/bacterial cures. However, medical science has done nothing to maintain our optimal HEALTH-span (the state of a human body in its 20's). There needs to be a massive paradigm shift away from incremental age related research that focuses on one area (alzheimers, parkinsons, bone/muscle/joint deterioration and so on). For example, what quality of life does a 90 year old have even if they were cured of alzheimers? A more robust zeitgeist needs to take place whereby a holistic approach is used. The human body needs comprehensive bio-rejuvenation and damage removal therapies that restore the body (at a molecular and cellular level) to a state of optimal youthful health. Our government needs to invest in scientific R and D NOW or baby boomers are going to bankrupt our healthcare system and (more aggregately) all of society. As a tax paying millennial I much rather have the "older" generation maintain there health and be functioning members of society. Rather than see them on a path towards decrepity, severe ill-health, and eventually death.
William Benjamin (2 years ago)
you are blessed to be that age keep going
Dereck Dintz (2 years ago)
She made me cry
lickitty22 (2 years ago)
Henning Andersen (2 years ago)
"at 105 not many people can do that"
heyitshorse (3 years ago)
She looks like shes 80!!!

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