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Yotoden: Chronicle of the Warlord Period (1987). 01

328 ratings | 46946 views
+16(Gore, Nudity). -Japanese Mono, English Subtitles. In the year 1580, a man named Lord Nobunaga Oda sends hoards of unholy armies across Japan, slaying all who stand in their way. A young ninja escapes her villages' destruction with a short sword, one of the three mystical weapons that can end Oda's rule. During her quest, she is joined by two other ninjas who wield the other two weapons of legend, the sacred sword and spear.
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Text Comments (9)
Stanley Chaney (4 months ago)
Ah the year I was born
Danielle Ybarra (5 months ago)
At 29 years old I still cry like a baby watching this. One of my absolute favorites. <3 Ayame and Sakon forever!
YogthSothoth (5 months ago)
This shit is amazing but it drops frames so bad in the action sequences. Any chance of a 480p reup?
Non Linear (6 months ago)
searched for this series as it originally was for years! gratitude
FinalBaton (11 months ago)
Forgot to thank you for this one! a friend has recommended it to me and : lo and behold! It's on OldtakuTV :P Awesome!
John Holland (1 year ago)
way ahead ov its time this
John Holland (1 year ago)
so did fist ov the north star
John Holland (1 year ago)
Sekai Subete the original devil man came out in 92 in england
Sekai Subete (1 year ago)
Not really when there was the devilman manga in 1972.

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