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French Supermodel Cindy Bruna's Guide to the Parisian Smoky Eye | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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For Victoria’s Secret model Cindy Bruna, a night out in Paris is all about glossy eyes, shimmering cheeks, and “anything that photographs well,” she says. Filmed at the Standard Filmed by Rebecca Fourteau Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. French Supermodel Cindy Bruna's Guide to the Parisian Smoky Eye | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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Text Comments (549)
hopefully good (3 days ago)
She's absolutely pretty love that eye makeup
KTorz (5 days ago)
Cindy est hypnotique
shane esquillo (10 days ago)
Naomi next!
gabriela agmassini (10 days ago)
ok, after watching the jeanne damas video and cindy video, i conclude that french women loves their imperfections, they do not like to wear foundation and put the blush, eyebrows, and contour as natural as possible
Bin enfin je dirais qu'il était temps...
Mrs. Seextee (15 days ago)
She still looks natural!!
Ozlem Soylu (17 days ago)
Which concelear she used? any noticed? :)
Ozlem Soylu (17 days ago)
Also which mascara?
Anna M (21 days ago)
I can’t stop staring at her how is she so beautiful
Jasmine 007 (27 days ago)
the makeup doesn't derserve her..
Aliyah Hollister (27 days ago)
why do these models have like perfect skin ?
J'adore BTS (29 days ago)
RachaelNeverUploads (1 month ago)
Her accent 😍😍😍😍
Maria Pia (1 month ago)
So incredibly gorgeous!
Lilith Amethystius (1 month ago)
Magnifique, an Egyptian Goddess 🌠🌙.
Álef Luan (1 month ago)
Omg, she is perfect
Ashley Joramo (1 month ago)
Oh my gosh!!! She's so pretty!!!!😍❤👍
WakeupGrandOwl (1 month ago)
This is how I've always done my eyes, a fast and loose smokey eye. I didn't know it was Parisian in style. Well, minus the gloss anyway.
bryan rojas (1 month ago)
sweet princess
Lia Haram (1 month ago)
This is one of the most stunningly beautiful person I think I've ever seen. Everything about her is filled to the brim with elegance and grace. Wow.
00 Xx (1 month ago)
How come she speaks french and both korean and chinese models have to speak English.. Guess I’m the only asian girl to find it quite awkward
SSroxy454 (1 month ago)
trop belle j'adore
Yunita Satrianti (1 month ago)
My favorite of all the celeb make up tutorials in Vogue
Laura Bryce (1 month ago)
OH YEAH ! finally an french model !!! she's GORGROUS!
masha vasileva (2 months ago)
soundtrack please???
Ashley Cortez (2 months ago)
Omg her accent is WOW 😍
jasmine williams (2 months ago)
Sidneysolove (2 months ago)
Wow she has to be one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen
emeeeych (2 months ago)
She used like 2 brushes? And they were both for her eyes. I'm tossing all my stuff out! lol. She's beautiful.
Madeline Benko (2 months ago)
My favorite video on YouTube
manar grayaa (2 months ago)
tu es une trés belle fille
electra heart (2 months ago)
shes stunning 😍
Asalah chemaissem (3 months ago)
Her voice is sooooooo nice and the language makes it better I really want to learn French
Hattie Thoner (3 months ago)
Does anyone know the highlighter she uses?
penelope (1 month ago)
Hattie Thoner she uses egyptian magic cream o
georgina87 (3 months ago)
She is smoking hot. I have a girl crush
Bijan Love (3 months ago)
she is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
ananas 62 (3 months ago)
Jolie, calme, j’adore
kevin smith (3 months ago)
Elle est très belle !!! 😆😆😆
Lovely Diceee (3 months ago)
Beautiful! She actually looks like she could be Ciara’s sister lol
Ga Blt (3 months ago)
Vive la France ❤️🇫🇷
SHeinsh (3 months ago)
she's not supermodel
charro028 (3 months ago)
I love this Vogue! This is how makeup should be. Not mask like!!!!
P (4 months ago)
Tellement jolie et class
mizpah1993 (4 months ago)
Simply stunning.
Ana Chocolate (4 months ago)
She´s gorgeous.
Mish mash (4 months ago)
How does she greet people with a hug, kiss, etc with that Vaseline on her face? That would drive me nuts having a tacky, greasy product just sitting on my face all day.
Kat Victoria (4 months ago)
Tu es belle💕
Montreal Babe (4 months ago)
I wish there was a “love” button.. great energy and mind and of course, beauty!
Dilara Yılmaz (4 months ago)
well french is so pretty!! wanna go back to Paris so bad!!:) also Cindy is stunning!♡
Cherisse Fernandes (4 months ago)
Wheres Amal Clooney?
MONTENEGRINA (4 months ago)
She is something most beautiful i have ever seen in my life....
Sarah Burkitt (4 months ago)
theoneandonly2503 (4 months ago)
Supermodel? She's not even mainstream in France. Stop using the word supermodel to any model. Also, why can't she speak English like the rest of all models? So French
Inès Ould yaou (4 months ago)
theoneandonly2503 right i agree with you, I'm French and I never heard talking about her before 😂plus the way she speaks is horrible, it's a big cliché of a little frenchie, nobody talks this way in france
whateverforever (4 months ago)
I wanna learn French now.
izt91 ؘ (4 months ago)
me, crying: how you do that with your mouth
Marianna Soto (5 months ago)
Real natural beauty
Eduardo Inagaki (5 months ago)
True beauty
Χρύσα A (5 months ago)
French people, she speaks French and English together, doesn't she?????????????? Why???
Melissa Ngai (5 months ago)
She is so effortlessly beautiful
Ana Stasya (5 months ago)
She's so soothing and pretty and freeenchhhh omg
year1999 (5 months ago)
quelle femme
Emma Mtp (5 months ago)
french power !!
Yasmine Khan (5 months ago)
Her voice is absolutely ASMR
RO Zy (5 months ago)
(Egyptian magic) so of course imma say that I'm Egyptian , it's irrelevant but I'm still commenting it , it doesn't happen very often lol
Alex Dong (5 months ago)
A true beauty
Ri ri (5 months ago)
Finally a french woman that doesnt act like all she ever wears out is lipstick
Charlene Carmon (5 months ago)
Great vid...she’s a beauty..I listened for the music though lol
Edna Carlströmer (5 months ago)
French is such a beautiful language!!! I LOOOOOVE FRENCH
Χρύσα A (5 months ago)
Half French half English 😂😂😂💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Claudia Okyere-Fosu (5 months ago)
She xx (5 months ago)
Omg 😍😍. Kendall who?
Alana Rae (5 months ago)
LOL even though I don't know what she is saying I can watch this with no captions... French is such a beautiful language! She is gorg!!!
Jaynee Zahra (5 months ago)
what eyeshadow palette is it?
Alyssa (5 months ago)
wow im just ugly
TJM Matthews29 (5 months ago)
beautiful french super model , pretty with or without makeup , cute accent too, beautiful natural hair
Carla Nuit (5 months ago)
her voice <3 <3 I wish I had a voice like that :c I sound like a penguin
Ashley Blanchard (5 months ago)
This girl needs to be on more covers! She is stunning!!!
Hayhay Vu (5 months ago)
j'ai aussie un cadeau de ma sister lol
P B (6 months ago)
Cindy is great and needs to do more of these as that look is stunning . Vogue needs more melanin on their channel and Cindy is a must see more
sara Kareem (6 months ago)
Iisa (6 months ago)
I'm in love
Toni Idowu (6 months ago)
Kezia Pemerena (6 months ago)
So beautiful ❤
Silverrain84fly (6 months ago)
Dose anyone know the lash primer she's using? I'd really like to know
HyuugaC0bicat (6 months ago)
her voice is so nice this is like ASMR
Aimi Khan (6 months ago)
i could actually watch her talking everyday 😂😂😂😂
hesperides78 (6 months ago)
Alexis Jean Lao (6 months ago)
I'm so in love 😍
actual trash (6 months ago)
Does somebody know how this 'brush' is called she separates her eyelashes with after she applied mascara? :)
CaeldoriCross (6 months ago)
That moment you are french and you understand what she is saying
Louisse Zapanta (6 months ago)
This is really the most soothing grwm i've ever watched
Shay Geyer (6 months ago)
She is gorgeous. I do my everyday makeup just like this!
Louise D-F (6 months ago)
Elle est beaucoup trop jolie, et tellement mignonne! ☻
Natalia Obuchøwicz (6 months ago)
wow i love french
andreea valdrost (6 months ago)
GORGEOUS *__* <3
Essa sou eu atrasada de manha kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
K (6 months ago)
Paint me like one of your French girls
Zaquanna Williams (6 months ago)
Im so American im like dam she dont speak English😂😂😂
Melissa House (6 months ago)
Sooooo wonderful & refreshing to see a young beautiful woman not cover her face with a so called 'flawless' mask!! Seriously i am so disheartened watching so many young beauties on yt sporting instagram (?) drag looks.. full coverage, slug eyebrows, overdone highlighter & the rest= no character life or personality left in their faces. I hope they see this *sigh*.
SunDღll (6 months ago)
I love how she has dark circles but still manages to look stunning without makeup

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