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Tamela Mann performs "God Provides" | Live at SiriusXM

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Tamela Mann performs her GRAMMY-winning song for a special group of SiriusXM subscribers on Kirk Franklin's Praise (Ch. 64). Subscribe now ▶ http://full.sc/1hriVOX Download the SiriusXM app now ▶ https://siriusxm.com/yt/freetrial Connect with SiriusXM Online Website: http://full.sc/1ibeANg Instagram: http://full.sc/1hrjwjt Facebook: http://full.sc/1ibeMfl Twitter: http://full.sc/1ibfeKP Google+: http://full.sc/1ibeVj6 You can hear entire episodes of SiriusXM programming on SiriusXM On Demand. For more information and a free trial go to http://www.siriusxm.com/ondemand END SCREENS Watch more Praise videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4DB37D4538566909
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Text Comments (361)
ADA REAPE (1 day ago)
I just love her and her voice.
Marcia Miguel (1 day ago)
God please deliver me from this hindrance lord please hear my cry and provide my deliverance in Jesus name
Tamara Battice (18 days ago)
HalleluYah!!! Thank You Holy ABBA EL-HIM!!!!! 🙌🏼
Donnie Reid (26 days ago)
Amazing performance! Im floored at how angelic your voice is Mrs. Mann!
lovlisparrow (1 month ago)
Its almost midnight, i have has a pretty emotional week and i asked God for his voice and comfort...this popped up in my suggestions....God Provides🙌💖
Devontae & Erica (1 month ago)
Thank you lord!
Eddie Johnson (1 month ago)
Thank you Jesus! Glory Hallelujah!
Lady Tigress (1 month ago)
On May 1, 2019, I escaped an Abusive Marriage with a plan to get imto a Domestic Violence Shelter 1 county dowm from where I'd lived. They were full so I spent 1 nigjt outdoors on a metal bench. God provided protection! The next 12 days I spent inside (sleeping on a concrete floor with a mat & sleeping bag) a Homeless Mission Shelter. God provided Room & Board. I kept calling the DV Shelter for about a week in the county I'd went to, but they kept saying, "We're full". And they referred me to some others in different counties, I didn't go. After 2nd at the Mission I wanted to go rent a motel room for.a few days or so. But, I remembered the scripture, 🀄 "In all thy ways acknowledge Him". I 🙏 God, what do You want me to do?🙏 He answered, "Go with the program". I replied, "Okay Lord Imma stay here". During the 12 days I had applied for an apartment & got approved. Received $800 towards $1,139 deposit from an agency, got my Section 8 transferred & waited for the Move-In Inspection to be done by Section 8. With the Manager telling me he would give me.the keys May 28, 2019, (actual Move-In date June 1, 2019), so I could be comfortable, because he knows what it's like to be in a shelter. God provided favor! On the evening of the 13th day a staff person from the DV Office called me & she said, "We're going to put you up in a hotel until time to move into your apartment". To God be the glory! DV folks also brought a little bit of groceries to fit in Mini Fridge, 4 Gift Cards ( 2 fast food, 1 Starbucks $20 each & 1 grocery store=$50). Plus, they're going to pay part of my Move-In Cost. The inspection passed on May 22, 2019. God provided MUCH more than I expected! I'm so overwhelmed by God's favor. ☺😢I THANK YOU LORD! YOU ARE WORTHY! HALLELUJAH!👏🙌❤ #GodProvides
strawberrymansion86 (2 months ago)
The man in the hallway was taken in....he knew he was supposed to be back at his desk but at that moment; he was right where he was supposed to be.  He needed God to provide.  Sand Ms. Tamela Mannnnn!!!!!!  SAAAAANNNNGGG!!!
Devontae & Erica (2 months ago)
Yes lord provide. Thank you jesus!
Q BlessednBeautiful (2 months ago)
Shelia Hutchison (2 months ago)
God Provides enough said.
Angie Johnson (2 months ago)
I love this song. Thank God for Tamela Mann and her powerful testimony for God Almighty. Gives me strength to carry on no matter what the circumstances. 😀
Robin Harris (2 months ago)
Still loving and listening to this video
Lisa Ford (2 months ago)
Food for the soul🤗🤗🤗Period!!!
Shirley Grey (2 months ago)
Dedicated To " My Girl, My ROD", I luv U huney Alwayz & Forever.!!!
Marcia Miguel (2 months ago)
God please provide my deliverance
S G (2 months ago)
"So Tonight",,getz me every time.!!💧💧🎵🎵❤
S G (3 months ago)
Tears. I'm going thru some rough times in my Life rite now ,my friend of 30 yrs, suggested I listen 2 this Song. Thanks my Girl..!!💧 Now shez going thru some tough times ," this is dedicated to U Huney, Hold on" .!!💧💧🙏🙏💋
Mauvy D (3 months ago)
Johnny Buckner (3 months ago)
BEAUTIFUL Beautiful voice
Jeremy Cornwell (3 months ago)
Looks like it...
Jeremy Cornwell (3 months ago)
Where the provisions at?
Edward Deveaux (3 months ago)
Whont to hear moer
Gloria Jackson (3 months ago)
Thank You for this posting so timely and so true. Lovely production ❤ Blessings to all. Shalom 🌿
Kane Bess (4 months ago)
That note at 3:25 hit me like lightning. Shot up thru my bones.
Elaine Sterling (4 months ago)
This Sing has Been a Blessing to me in my Business I listen to it Daily. Yes he'll do it
Thank you father God🙌
Cathy Rogers (4 months ago)
She is one of God's Angels she has a message in all her music it just get you right in the heart and you will get the message and it will have you on your knees praying to the Lord🙏🙏🙏🙏thank you Jesus God bless her
Janet Fountain (4 months ago)
I thank the Lord for the Dr. told me I have a toumor on my Brain and I told the Doctor My Lord and savior Jesus Christ told me everything is going to be alright give it to him and that's what I did the Doctor is keeping check on it but I prayed and ask God to heal me in the name of Jesus Christ I been save and deliver from what the Devil thought he had for me is all gone in the name of Jesus and I know for myself he will Provide and I thank Tamala Mann for the gift of song and she sings from the heart and I would like to thank my pastor Bishop Kelvin Adams of Chattanooga TN at my house of worship Oliver Baptist Church AMEN ✝️🐑 ✝️
apureterror (4 months ago)
Tamela, thank you.
Jessica Vieira (5 months ago)
Whoa 😯 amazing! God has always been my best provider for sure. Amen Tammy!
gidalti lopes (5 months ago)
The Gift (5 months ago)
Glory Be To God Almighty! Amen!
Connie Mcmillian (5 months ago)
Every song comes from a real, deep, sincere faith. It's not a performance. She believes every word she sings.
Ralph Garrett (5 months ago)
Wowww this a blessed video! God bless you!
Dani Brasil (5 months ago)
3:23 :O <3
Peach Kereemang (5 months ago)
Does anyone else see the dude in the background, outside the studio looking like he NEEDED to hear this message
Willow Kato (5 months ago)
Kay Stack (6 months ago)
An awesome song … Thank you, Dear Father. Bless Tamela and David - and their family.
love janvier (6 months ago)
This really touched my soul I love listening to her she is sooo anointed 🥰♥️
Ralph Garrett (6 months ago)
Wowww this a blessed video! God bless you!
Q Corine (6 months ago)
I love the way he supports her. It's so sweet. She has a voice that can't even be explained in words.
Q Corine (6 months ago)
I SO love them!
Stephanie Thomas-Andrews (6 months ago)
Terrence Martin (6 months ago)
Iamjustinray (6 months ago)
i think my favorite part other than her OUTSTANDING performance is the man in the suit thats just drawn in by the light shes sharing. Divine.
Pauluvette Brown (6 months ago)
I honestly love the Manis I love their honesty I love them is a couple and how real they are and I love her songs but what I really love is a song they sang together when they were getting married that was so beautiful an amazing they're like they're like the Obamas of Christianity amazing couple to follow after
Jerry S (6 months ago)
Never thought I'd be moved to tears. T. M's voice is simply angelic and the lyrics are celestial!
Denise Abrams (6 months ago)
This song is soo true
Latonia Means (6 months ago)
Love it
Terrie Barton (7 months ago)
Tamala Mann maddie brown David Mann so good
Jeremy Bates (7 months ago)
Jeremy Bates (7 months ago)
God provides God has provided all our need
Kelly Sawyer (7 months ago)
Mrs. Mann is a beast! Clean, strong and smooth delivery and the "frontRow" singers Jesus those women SANGGIN'!!!
heavenlydove1920 (7 months ago)
Amen and amen! Love to hear her sing! God will provide.
ALTHEA HENDERSON (7 months ago)
What a blessing this song has been for me and my family. Lord I thank you for those who operate out of obedience and share the good news. "God Provides"
Natasha Shrieves (7 months ago)
Brenda Wilkins (7 months ago)
She is a blessing!!
Sonia Handley (7 months ago)
I am so lost my faith almost gone it's 3 AM looking for a sign from God and this is what I found just listening to her the weight on my shoulder has been lifted Thank you God you have not left me
S G (3 months ago)
💧💧, Woww itz 3:42 am , saw Ur comment . U have me in tears rite now. I feel ur pain . God bless U Huney. Kant help but cry every Time.!!😭😥
Helen Jackson (7 months ago)
God Provides. God You Always On Time. Praise Your Holy Name.
Edwine Raymond Fils (7 months ago)
I say glory to God because you are great in my life I bless your name for ever more
Tandria Westmoreland (7 months ago)
I love this women so much she deserve the very best life has To offer she deserve all the fame and riches her voice is timeless I love the Hi women so much
Joshua Michael (8 months ago)
Andrea Reeves (8 months ago)
back ground SINGERS sitting down SANGING under the ANOINTING
Aidran Seravat (8 months ago)
Lord we look to you for strenght and guidance. I leave it to You.
Terrell murphy (8 months ago)
If yall only knew i been thru some dark times this year but i can say with tears rolling dowm my face that god has turnt it around for my good 🙌🙌🙌 YES GOD PROVIDES 😥
thato gideon mashego (8 months ago)
Ka'La Shepard (8 months ago)
When u can't do nothing but drop your head and cry.. yes God❤️❤️❤️
S G (3 months ago)
SMMFH, Woww Very well Said. Thstz wat I do every Time.!!!💧💧😭😭💖
Lasaro Momoka (8 months ago)
I got this song from stellar awards2018
Taneeka Henley (8 months ago)
Cute Clickz (8 months ago)
Laquintha Henderson (8 months ago)
She is so gifted and anointed!
Kris Nicole (8 months ago)
What a beautiful vessel God chose to spread his love and word through music. Glory be to God.
La Toya Matthews (8 months ago)
I really needed this tonight...thank you.
Davielle P (8 months ago)
Her pitch ranch is tremendous ❤️❤️ I felt the spirit in every word she spoke
Fayan Gordon (8 months ago)
God is blessing me unconditionally
Ashlyn Ferreira (9 months ago)
All Glory to God for this vessel uses its gift for the celestial and not the terrestrial
Stanifa Dotson (9 months ago)
you stole from us lady
Stanifa Dotson (9 months ago)
Tamara Thompson (9 months ago)
This is so true♥️♥️♥️♥️ I love this song
Andrew Morales (9 months ago)
Home-Boy (piano player) loving his gum!
Jarsa V. Okai (9 months ago)
Thank you woman of God ,he is a great provider at the time of your needs,been out of job for four months now but can't feel the difference,case he provide every day
Al Simmons (9 months ago)
We ALL hlow when she sings....She is singing For GOD!
Markela Blackmon (9 months ago)
I love this song
Randy Bermudez (10 months ago)
He does provide...Amen...More so when we do not expect it
Ebryzha W (10 months ago)
consuello young (10 months ago)
Mrs sing that song.god provides.i have beutifu furniture n my house payed off couch n kitchen table in our name consuello n michael young had three year from Aaron s n freedom of consuello n michael young.i had rented tv buddy on beach blvd.got good deals.they are tge best buddy home furnituring in our name consuello n michael young.god living well clean house of # 707 loving god two people in household.big apt.two bdrm nice pest control.loving god wonderful! Consuello young n michael young
Nicole Powell (10 months ago)
The Man in the back round was Bless by this!
Janet Daniel (10 months ago)
Tamela Mann is truly blessed and anointed in more ways than one I listen to her testimony of songs/music and it touches me to the core her gift is highly favored Mrs.Mann keep on blessing your audience of fans and church folks we are standing in your your Glory Praise God Amen
Tamara Thompson (10 months ago)
Amen 🙏🏻
Stella Briones (10 months ago)
Amen! God provides!
katrina nicole (10 months ago)
Amen, so relavent in my situation God showed up, and showed out! God provides🙌🙌
Georgia Gerald (10 months ago)
Shelia Pea (9 months ago)
He has never let my children and I down, not once. Faithful, caring, mindful and gracious is my God. Thank you Jesus, for loving us and taking care of us then and now and in all the days to come. I love you.
Lenchelle Pruitt (10 months ago)
Terrie Greer (10 months ago)
Love her and I love this song What A Blessing
Rachel Williams (10 months ago)
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
Lashonda Williams (10 months ago)
Rachel Williams (10 months ago)
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
TheBlessingchild (10 months ago)
I came here from watching this same video on FB right after I broke down crying from from doing a little review of my life. Confirmation, God provides.

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