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Tinder vs Bumble: THE BEST DATING APP IS ___________

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Tinder and Bumble are two of the most used dating social media sites. Tinder has been a dating site mostly everyone has used, while Bumble might still be new to some people. Click the links below to download both and try them out for yourselves! Also be sure to COMMENT below your Tinder and Bumble stories!!! ***REMEMBER TO KEEP IT PG LOL*** Tinder: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tinder/id547702041?mt=8 Bumble: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bumble-find-a-date-meet-friends-network/id930441707?mt=8 Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrqrXoVd-JzadDmE97-au6Q For Business Inquires Email me at: [email protected] Translate my videos in YOUR language: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UCrqrXoVd-JzadDmE97-au6Q Social Media: Instagram- http://instagram.com/mikesperando Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikesperando Snapchat: @mikesperando Equipment I Use: Elgato HD60 Playstation 4 Blue Yeti Microphone Canon 70D Canon G7x Mark ii Rode Videomic Pro Sennheiser EW-100 G3
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Text Comments (86)
chaim bilal (1 month ago)
I don’t get relationship never , so in tinder or bumble
Enggelin Tungadi (1 month ago)
anastasia051886 (1 month ago)
I have a feeling that a lot of guys are blindly swiping right on both Tinder and Bumble.Nothing is more frustrating than matching with a guy,messaging him and him never responding within 24 hours.I am very selective about a guy I choose and I wish they would do the same.I also noticed that with a lot of guys you will have an amazing conversation,even exchange the phone numbers but they never schedule a date.Dear men,please stop being so flaky😂
Chicha 17 (4 days ago)
No. Absolutely not. That might make your life easier but it doesn't make men's. As a woman you are far more likely to get a match. Men outnumber women greatly on these apps. Men quickly realized that there was no point in reading a woman's profile, being 'selective'..When then there was a fairly low chance it would be a match. It was just a complete waste of time. So we swipe right on everyone and then we choose if we like our matches or not, at least then we're choosing from women who are at least somewhat interested in us already and we don't waste time.
Stuck in the 90s (1 month ago)
They don't want to date. They only want to smash.
LOOMAR X (1 month ago)
Where I can find cheap prositute? Is there any site for that? Pls let me know.
Sperando (1 month ago)
Not sure. Hope you find what your looking for!
zabron innocent (1 month ago)
All app's are stupid waste of time
Sperando (1 month ago)
100% BUT small percentage does find their "love"
Guardian737 (1 month ago)
Someone unmatched me on bumble today
Guardian737 (18 days ago)
Thanks man 🙂
Tom DeVito (18 days ago)
Guardian 737 Don't let it bring you down man i promise you'll click with someone
Sperando (1 month ago)
Get em next time
JM Perez (2 months ago)
Good video 👍🏻 I check bumble and is nice...
Sperando (2 months ago)
Good im glad you like it! enjoy
Ashley Kline (2 months ago)
John King (2 months ago)
Dang got the wrong app
Sperando (2 months ago)
P. Johnson (3 months ago)
Is Bumble good in Northern California?
Sperando (3 months ago)
Idk let me know
Dimitri Rodriguez (3 months ago)
But both are shit tho😂😂😂😂😂
Sperando (3 months ago)
...Yeah. Haha
Anthony Belgium's (3 months ago)
Bumble Girls = Hot, Broke and Dodgy Tinder Girls = Lazy, Broke and Lame
Nice1 Bruva (5 months ago)
The girls I’ve met on tinder we just met for the night
Lbolting005 (5 months ago)
Tinder deleted my profile for no fucking reason, I didn’t say anything negative to anyone I message. I told one girl I’m not interested and the next day, my fucking profile got deleted!!!! I message them and they did not give me an exact reason!!!
Sperando (5 months ago)
It's okay make another, or switch to Bumble
Pedro Garibay (5 months ago)
Last year I used Tinder for the first time and I blindly swiped left like 20 times hoping to get a match and got none… #FeelsBadMan Now I'm going to try Bumble
Sperando (5 months ago)
Try them all out man. See which one you like best
Alex & Talia Jones (5 months ago)
Could you do a review on the dating app called Bopsee? It's like a new speed dating app.
Tammy Smith (21 hours ago)
Alex & Talia Jones b
Ruby Patterson (5 months ago)
yes i do like to date you
Mel McGinnis (6 months ago)
Tinder sucked..
Sperando (5 months ago)
Felix Bracero (6 months ago)
Tinder is wack!
Sperando (5 months ago)
erika colmenero (6 months ago)
This is going to be my first time trying online dating , so maybe I will try bumble , only thing I don't like is that the girls had to start the conversation from what you saying . will see what happens .. Thanks for the info .
Ashebir Goshu (19 days ago)
Don't waste your time. If you are interested in serious relationship, welcome to my life
- Knight - (3 months ago)
erika colmenero hey man you want to hang out or get to know each other
Marcus Schultz (5 months ago)
I haven't used bumble, but I like the idea that girls have to message first. Because I swear, everytime I shoot my shot first, it never goes offline. The gf's that I have had contacted me first.
Sperando (6 months ago)
Just think though, you can match with hundreds of guys but YOU get to decide who you interact with. its better overall looking from a womans view.
fadi azzam (6 months ago)
Bumble girls are soo hot which make me question ❔ why they there, I think there is alot of fake shit 💩 going on .
TopFlightSecurity415 (1 month ago)
most of them are fake profiles
Sperando (6 months ago)
the possibility is factual
nothingmuch44 (6 months ago)
so because women are the ones that kicks off convo on Bumble makes it better??.. pff.. same shit, Bumble I have had 3 matches in 2 months I opened the app and those 3 disappeared. I dont know maybe more people are active on tinder than there is on bumble.. but it all depends on who you meet in any of the apps,.. you can find people that may potentially be a significant other in any, all depends on who you meet and how the chemistry between yall go.
Insertchannelname (5 months ago)
nothingmuch44 women on tinder get 100s of messages a day which is overwhelming to respond to. A lot of good guys get passed up and think there's something wrong with them when that's not the case. Requiring the woman to respond first ensures fewer people get passed up as women are generally more selective and less thirsty than guys.
Sperando (6 months ago)
Thats not what I am saying. I am saying Bumble is better because the women have the power to message the guy. They dont have to worry about the guy being a creep trying to slide into their DM on the app. Thats why Bumble is better. It allows women to have control over who they talk to.
O. F. T. R. (6 months ago)
SoRestless (7 months ago)
Mr White flying a Kite (7 months ago)
To use the Bumble app is you a cost a lot of money and this guy is gonna make you broke no joke so you will end up with no money in your bank account and you will still be wanking at the end of it. (SUCK MY BELL END PRICK) you wont be ripping me today!
The Wedge (8 months ago)
I met up with 2 10s on Tinder, but couldn't close. I live in a very superficial city where $$$$$ and status plays a huge role. deleted tinder last week, gonna try bumbler
Jeff Robins (3 months ago)
You must be in L.A. to.
myloveisonbottle whoo (6 months ago)
The Wedge o
Deici L (9 months ago)
Will FB display in your feed who you like in Bumble?
Jonathan Vivanco (7 months ago)
Were you from Deici?
TryhardPlayer YT (9 months ago)
Deici Lopez Who am I your Nicest person
TryhardPlayer YT (9 months ago)
Deici Lopez Who am I your Nicest person
Deici L (9 months ago)
TryhardPlayer YT who are you lol?
TryhardPlayer YT (9 months ago)
Deici Lopez you're welcome do you have Facebook if you do we can chat on messenger on private
bryci Geneanet (9 months ago)
im here in http://jo8.org/i/e/BqvhieFgyyGxdisc/go.html wanna join me here ? ^_^
Will-i-am Golden (9 months ago)
Success rate for both is 0 😢😭
Your Master Nalah (9 months ago)
Tinder is for perverts lol
Sperando (9 months ago)
Melissa Mc (11 months ago)
Tinder sucks
mjmoney05 mjmoney5 (11 months ago)
Melissa Mcp right
Sperando (11 months ago)
Yes it does
Dave (11 months ago)
I found my fiancé on tinder
Brian Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Ive been cheated on twice on tinder.... I don’t use it anymore for dating because bitches play to much,... now i just hook up with females on it. But good luck dude
loucity2 (3 months ago)
P. Johnson - ease up turbo
P. Johnson (3 months ago)
loucity2 fuck you you stupid ass pessimistic bitch!
loucity2 (4 months ago)
Dave - it won’t last
YoYo Lova (1 year ago)
I hate tinder cause of the location thing
Sperando (1 year ago)
But wouldent you rather find someone near you?!
Women BeTalking (1 year ago)
OMG!!!!  This is crazy. I've gone on both and it's sort of the same guys, but the Bumble guys ARE more relationship minded and the Tinder guys are hookup minded. ! smh!  I blame you!  lol!
NATAS 23 (3 months ago)
MikeThaMGTOW Monk ..
Insertchannelname (5 months ago)
Women BeTalking all the guys who get no results on tinder go to bumble. The fuckbois and thots get more results on tinder.
Kimberly Ely (7 months ago)
Women BeTalking I cannot use bumble
MikeThaMGTOW Monk (8 months ago)
Women BeTalking of course blame some random man for your problems how original Oh wait CNN has told women that they have the right to do that anytime they feel like
Smells manata (1 year ago)
I use tinder an have went on a few dates but nothing went anywhere. I think I'm convinced on trying bumble.
Sperando (6 months ago)
go for it let me know if anything happens
Colin Field (1 year ago)
Please review Grindr
D Pagne (5 months ago)
Dhars (6 months ago)
Sperando (1 year ago)
+Colin Field I think you should come on my channel and I'll have you review it

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