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Fashion full movie with subtitles

78783 ratings | 10532005 views
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LyricsandStatus (2 months ago)
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Sufiya Qamar (1 day ago)
Zero 🎥
aaa aaa (1 day ago)
Priyanka Verma (51 minutes ago)
Can you plz upload Aitraaz movie
Shaista Parveen (1 hour ago)
I am in 2019
Dilruba Begum (1 hour ago)
Superb film
Gurpreet Kaur (2 hours ago)
dibas giri (4 hours ago)
Hit like for kangana yar
X Xshwa5i2 (5 hours ago)
Indian beach
Hammad Qureshi (9 hours ago)
Nice movie
koushik Mahinda (10 hours ago)
It is one of the best movi which I ever seen
legacy shak (13 hours ago)
samia rahman (23 hours ago)
Who's here in right now?🙄😓
Krishna Roy (1 day ago)
Kangna on ramp = fire 👌🌷🌷
Nilofar Rahm (1 day ago)
Kangana,'s acting is adorable always
Shivakeshav Battu (1 day ago)
Super movie
Vaishali Choudhary (1 day ago)
It's a very special movie..... Nycccc
SHAILESH MODI (1 day ago)
Both sides of fashion
Napoleon Luwang (1 day ago)
Subtitle is slow.
Shashikant Mane (1 day ago)
2019 mein kon kon dekh raha ye movie like this
Simue Sumue (1 day ago)
I love kangna
Ane Aniam (1 day ago)
Kangana is the best...
SHWETA PANDEY (2 days ago)
Kangna ramp walk👌👌i watch it again and again ..mind blowing....she is always rock
Bingo (2 days ago)
I really don't know,When this movie released but I m watching for the first time that is also after reading the comments below and I must say that they have lied...not at all infect its worth watching...Thanks a lot & May you guys always shine
Cathy Simmons (2 days ago)
Vishal Virmane (8 hours ago)
Lodhi Zubair (2 days ago)
One of the best movie
Lisna Sofyan (2 days ago)
Ara a to arbaaz Khan 36:59
#hIRA sHaH (2 days ago)
#amazing movie
Ina Aye (2 days ago)
I like dis movie
Pavithra Kamalakannan (2 days ago)
Who's here in 2020 😝
Honey khan (2 days ago)
I love this moovi my dream modling or acting😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
rocking star (2 days ago)
Kangana is far better than pc
shalu khan shalu khan (2 days ago)
Maha ghatiya film duniya me pehchan banane ke liye koi etna bhi gir skta es picture me dikha diya gya i hate this film
rocking star (2 days ago)
Who is here in jan 2019
aniosalman Anio (3 days ago)
Great movie❤❤❤
Bhat Mursleen (3 days ago)
Akash Deep (3 days ago)
Good bad
Subash Gajmer (3 days ago)
Kangana u r the great....
Shaima Afroz (3 days ago)
Nice movie
Pustkala Rangari (3 days ago)
2019? Anyone
yamuna Unni (3 days ago)
Awesome 🤘🤘🤘Kangana love you loooots
Sananda Banerjee (3 days ago)
Priyanka & Kangna.. We can truly call them ACTRESSES..
Rasangi Senaratne (3 days ago)
Best scene in the whole movie.. Rahul Arora's boyfriend's expressions on his wedding day 😛😛😂
Every Thing TutorialS (4 days ago)
great movie
Joyce Kikomeko (4 days ago)
Am watching because you priyaka i love you and your acting
Vivo 15 (4 days ago)
one of kangana s n priyanka s best works in the bollywood scene
Varsha Chauhan (4 days ago)
👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 Priyanka ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘 😘 love you so much 😍😘
Dream Viewer (4 days ago)
If I could guess what this movie means,I guess that it means that you should achieve your dreams no matter what or where you come from. Achieve your dreams no matter how difficult and believe you can do it. But never lose yourself in light of your success and never hurt those who supported you in the beginning. And no matter how far you fall that there are still people who care for you with no question and that you can make it no matter what happens in life. Trust yourself and others who believe in you.
Elaine Tam (4 days ago)
Ami Tan (4 days ago)
Very nice movie
hemraj gautam (4 days ago)
Kali Charan nanda
#Divya Bisht (4 days ago)
Great story
Muhammad Hazrat (4 days ago)
No girls can meet the top level without a strong man with him? Is it true? The society is very cruel , in this place man are use them, no one (man or woman) can tolerate to improve a girl in her career in this society so she needs a strong hand to reach her goal....money can not bring peace......but money is need in life, it is called nari sadinoto? Women independency? Is it modern civilization?
Divya Singh (4 days ago)
what I learned from the movie was that your bad days build better days
fabulous queen (4 days ago)
Kangana...you rock girl...
Sandeep Patel (4 days ago)
Good emotional movie
Monu Thakur (4 days ago)
My favorite movie
Mai jb sa dekh rahi ho jb is ka viewers 1lakh bi nhe tha but ab 10m wow 😍aur subscribe 1lakh sa uper
Zah iirah (4 days ago)
Nice movie...Moral Lesson was given in it. That to succeed we should never take the wrong way
pinky ann (5 days ago)
Who's here in 2019.... 😁😁😁😁
Antra singh Rana (5 days ago)
can you please upload kabhi alvida na kehna movie please
zara durani (5 days ago)
Who is here in jan. 2k19
Suriya Raj (5 days ago)
kosliya kumari
shanif lokman (5 days ago)
This movie is about what? Anyone can tell me
aparna kanodia (5 days ago)
Nice movie 🎥
Nazanin Sadat (5 days ago)
Who’s here in 2019
Aurangzeb Ali (5 days ago)
this movie Priyanka was not good enough to win the film fare award kangana was definitely for winning the supporting actor award priyankas intensity was not there at all apart from the fact that music wAS adding to the act I think she became a finer actor later
Aurangzeb Ali (5 days ago)
at this point kangana was clearly the better looker Priyanka glows now .. kangana - in fact most himachali girls age badly and I can't understand why I think it is something about their complexions
Aurangzeb Ali (5 days ago)
until movie kangana was naturally stunning ! her skin was amazing ! now she has issues with her skin
Dipesh shrestha (5 days ago)
Kangana,the true queen of bollywood. hats off to you. And priyanka as well.love you.
Pal Shah (6 days ago)
Okay so in 1: 32: 52 before priyanka demanded for different earrings but she is wearing no earrings at the ramp and the lingerie which she was wearing in that photoshoot was different then the one in which her pictures we're published
Pal Shah (6 days ago)
Kangna ka boyfriend kese ko pakistani laga kya?
Benjamin Goala (6 days ago)
Pal Shah (6 days ago)
God arbaz is soooo bad
tanisha jain (6 days ago)
Such a great movie !!! The 2nd last walk of priyanka was so unexpected !! Was having a bad day you cleared all my thoughts.
abdullah shaikh (6 days ago)
priyanka is best actress
qais mohammadi (6 days ago)
GULAFSHA KHAN (6 days ago)
PIYALI MONDAL (6 days ago)
Fabulous muvi
Fashion today (6 days ago)
Waleed Khan (6 days ago)
Kbhi kisi se comparision nh karna chaheye na kisi ko neecha dikhna chaheye bkz wqt rokta tw nh kisi ky lieye magar badalta zaror he har kisi ky lieye
Shwetha R.D (6 days ago)
i saw this movie when i was 17 i hardly understood anything. but now i.e iam 22 when i saw it for second time i couldn't stop crying. girls life is always hard no mater whether your in show business or in any other. truly inspired.
Farid Amiri (6 days ago)
Daar movie of SRK please 🙏
Karmjeet Singh (6 days ago)
This is a good movie & this is a show to really life of modeals , parinka&kangana do have good works in movie
Anitha udupi (7 days ago)
Sab ki acting super
Waleed Khan (7 days ago)
My fvt movie .is movie se bht kch seekhny ko mila he .kesy logg gareeb se ameer hoty hain .garor me aty hain or arsh se kesy farsh per girty hain khudko bhool jaty hain or aik achanak se khudo sambhal kar wapis arsh per yaani kamyabi ki raah per jaty he i love this movie alot
suraj rnair (7 days ago)
It was a good movie👍👍👍👍
Rinte Bhuiyan (7 days ago)
Moral : you can never be happy if u do unfair to someone
maheshwari holy (7 days ago)
Omg I never really watched this type of movie everything was so real in life and all was so damn great music acting kagana was really fabulous
Khan Ekra (8 days ago)
Oh oh zabardas movie h
aishwwarya tadepalli (8 days ago)
Who is scrolling down before seeing this movie.
BLACK R (8 days ago)
That's the reason why we should have some good wishers like Meghna's parents and friends in our life who will also with us in every time... Sonali got a super bad luck which take her life
Savita Yadav (8 days ago)
Last Momment very emossional
Rachna tiwari (8 days ago)
LAKSHAY SHARMA (8 days ago)
amazing movie 👏 watched it so many times
wwe Choudhary (8 days ago)
My favorite movie
Amjad Ahmed (8 days ago)
Really amazing
Adve Advera (9 days ago)
ranjan vaghela (9 days ago)
Pc n kangana best, what an eyes expression, superb.. I watched this movie 10 yrs ago..now today ..superb😙😚👏👏👏👏 National awarded performance👏👏👏👏👏
Josephine Quarm (9 days ago)
Wooooooow infact this movie has made my day i mean soo ,so special ,still watching January 2019

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