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SOS: Korean Guys Talk About Their Ideal Girl 한국 남자의 이상형은? | MEEJMUSE

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Episode 2: Korean Girls Talk About Their Ideal Guy! http://youtu.be/bH5uGivECoc What kind of girls do Korean guys really like? Plastic or natural, skinny or chubby? Let's find out together! 여자는 무조건 날씬하고 눈이 커야되나요? 제 새로운 시리즈 '서울의 거리'를 통해 한국 남자의 이상형을 같이 한번 조사를 해봅시다! ◇◇ SUBSCRIBE | 구독 👉 http://j.mp/mjms1o7i ◇ FOLLOW | 팔로우 http://www.facebook.com/meejmuse ◇ INSTAGRAM | 인스타 http://www.instagram.com/meejmuse ◇ TWITTER | 트위터 http://www.twitter.com/meejmuse Hey guys and welcome to our exciting new series, Streets of Seoul! #StreetsofSeoul aims to bring Korea to your doorsteps, as Jen goes out onto the streets of Seoul to find the answers to YOUR questions about Korea - together with you! If you enjoyed this first episode (and if you appreciate the freezing cold my team and I endured whilst filming this, and the many, many hours spent editing;;;) please thumbs up, like, comment and share this video! What do you want me to find out for you from the Streets of Seoul in our next episode? Leave your requests in the comments. Love Jen xoxo For those wondering on my stance on all this, and why I've interviewed these guys despite their views being different from mine :) https://www.facebook.com/meejmuse/posts/878275572213781 Y O U R T U R N : ◇ Did you agree with these guys? ◇ What's the first thing you notice in the opposite gender? ◇ What are the 3 most important things you look for in a gf? ◇ If you had to choose between looks or personality, which would you choose? ◇ Sexy or cute? ◇ Short or tall? ◇ Double eyelids or monolids? ◇ Short hair or long hair? ◇ Skinny or curvy? ◇ Do you mind if they've had plastic surgery? ◇ Are you in a relationship with a person from another nationality? T H A N K S T O ◇ My hubby: Oppa for trying to co-host this with me at first (and failing), standing in the -7 degrees temperature for 3 hours holding my light, helping me with some subtitles, and of course, organising everything else. Love you. IG: http://www.instagram.com/grumpyoppa ◇ Beckii: Awesome logo design and helping me film in the freezing cold! FB: http://www.facebook.com/beckiiness WEBSITE: http://www.beqii.com IG: http://www.instagram.com/beckiiness C O N N E C T W I T H M E ◇ Main Channel http://www.youtube.com/meejmuse ◇ Vlog Channel http://www.youtube.com/meejmusekoreatv ◇ Blog http://www.meejmuse.com ◇ Instagram http://www.meejmuse.com ◇ Facebook http://www.facebook.com/meejmuse ◇ Twitter http://www.twitter.com/meejmuse ◇ Email [email protected] M U S I C Provided by audionetwork.com D I S C L A I M E R Video not sponsored. Opinions and views expressed in this video are not my own. Interviewees were chosen at random and not based on any particular feature or attribute. When asking the questions, I remained neutral and did not engage in any indirect leading for answers. Any conclusions taken from this video should not be stereotyped to represent all South Korean men as those interviewed were but a small handful. Thanks for your educated viewership!
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Text Comments (4973)
meejmuse (2 years ago)
Do you think it's time we made an updated version of this, fellow musers? (Also, if so, what other questions to add?) 😘🙌
Livy Wash (4 days ago)
Are you going to update it? That would be awesome.
Natalie Chukwueke (22 days ago)
Please make an updated version!!!
Mina (1 month ago)
Please do. And ask about age.
Skjdi Zijsi (2 months ago)
meejmuse cheap asian greencard wh0re
gnice e (7 days ago)
Do you like girls w/ monolids or double lids? That question though😂sweet😂
Janine Solomon (9 days ago)
that guy with a mask im going to sokor ill find you wait me hahahaha
BEU Jngin (9 days ago)
How they pronounced SEXY is SESHY AHAH cute lol
BEU Jngin (9 days ago)
" I " left the CHAT
Khyrie Kim TV (10 days ago)
minchimchim (11 days ago)
“innocent eyes?” I for sure don’t have those. Bangtan sonyeondan showed me a lot of um, 🤤😍!
Tomorrowtxt Together (12 days ago)
Your accent where are you from sounds Australian? Oh I’m right my bad 😂😂😂
Dindinmoshi Yu (12 days ago)
Those who chose looks never dated before for sure. A beautiful face can never mask a rotten personality.
Crazy Psycho (12 days ago)
Is it okay if a Latina hopped on that Asian train? ❤️ 👀
Rewa priti Bara (16 days ago)
Ples asked if they want to date indea girlfriend 😋
Belle Mendez (18 days ago)
Dude now i know why most of them are STILL SINGLES THAT SUCKS
Albert Pak (19 days ago)
In Korea, it is expected and normal for a man to look at a woman and break her down from head to toe what he finds attractive and unattractive about her physically. It is also normal for the guy to expect the woman to put in the time and effort to fix those perceived flaws for him.
Olivia Murphy (19 days ago)
He said looks is all that matters like then I might not want to date me a cute Korean???
justinX camXmatt (21 days ago)
Wow better responses that guys from the US.... most here say something like “uh uh uh I don’t know, uh, her face I guess” His friend will make a joking comment like, “THAT ASS.” The guy will laugh and agree, “ Yeah that and uh uh I don’t know a good sense of humor and yeah.” Some will say “SLIME THICK AND GIVES GOOD HEAD” I hate the way American guys are.
vespa2223 (25 days ago)
That was very fun and interesting, and you kept it short and simple. Now, how about asking where they would like to travel outside of Korea, and beyond just a few dates, would they consider being with a person from another country...even marriage?
STAN LEE FELIX (25 days ago)
For yall bashing them for choosing girls based on their looks needs to hush tbh. Ofc personality is most important but atleast theyre honest, they grew up in a country specializing on their appearance so looks is literally the main priority so u cant really blame them “too” much.
Jessica Reagan (1 month ago)
The guy with the mask Me me here I'm short skinny pretty and foriegn
annie wang (1 month ago)
Everyone out here fawning over that guy in the black mask, can I join?
Erica hightower (1 month ago)
That moment when you realize you a good 170cm
Eun Sei (1 month ago)
I have monolids and I was so surprised when some answered that monolids are attractive. I thought almost everyone in Korea literally disliked monolids on women..
Hiyori World Butterfly (1 month ago)
I love the tall guy with the white jumper from the group of five, he is so cute XD
Jungsh00k is lyfe (1 month ago)
Nwa B (1 month ago)
the guy with the black mask is totally my type
Mina a (1 month ago)
anyone know what street she did these interviews on ?
Cornelia Comisie (1 month ago)
Ugly kids are going to school bc if they can't have a gf/bf at least they can have a future and some money to buy a pet
Chocolates Xu (1 month ago)
that guy in brown coat looks like daesung from bigbang
Pop Life (1 month ago)
on god I need the snap of whoever that qt in the mask that wanted to keep his status a sEcRET
jÜnkYú's SLAVE (1 month ago)
They're not even that 'hAnDsoME' lolz why finding pretty girls lolz
nayab butt (1 month ago)
I am looking different because I am muslim girl
nayab butt (1 month ago)
Oppas can u be my friend not boyfriend just Friend
Suga and Rm (1 month ago)
Sad i am tall😭😭
Jay steven (1 month ago)
Omg they look like women
Sonia J (1 month ago)
so shallow and superficial no wonder yall single (theyre not that good looking either)
Floweseok (1 month ago)
Guy: 160cm *converts* Me: 5’2 ?!!!?? I’m already 5’5 and I’m only 11!!
I bet when someone ask them about foreigner girls they’ll only imagine a white girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and high nose, excuse me sir, white ppls is not the only foreigner 🙄
— rulxx (1 month ago)
i think i just fell for the boy with the black mask
Kisu _ (1 month ago)
I'm 162cm and I felt like I was very tall, until I heard that It's very short and I was like .__. Anyway, I'm currently learnung korean for It's culture and kpop, wish me luck! :')
Amani ibrahim (1 month ago)
1:45 I don’t know why I laugh so danmmm hard😂😂😂😂😂😂 there hands he was so shy when he said that 😂😭😩 it was cute
ᄋ ᄋ (1 month ago)
ㅈㄴ 댓글 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ한국남자한테 환상 존나 가졌네 ㅎㅎ 좋은 한국인 만나세요 좆같은 애들 만나지말고 도대체 어떤 한국 남자가 Koreaboo를 만나줘 ㅎㅎ
Samantha Rae (1 month ago)
If they were in America and said this they would get beat with a shoe 😂😕
zpyang (2 months ago)
The guy in the white sweater looks like he's broken many hearts lol
sammiechuu (2 months ago)
At the end of the day, most if these kids will choose whomever their parents, their mom especially, choose/s. You girls who wanna marry a Korean guy, your biggest challenge will be the guy's mom
BTS Fangirl Kim (2 months ago)
The boy with the black mask is a boyfriend material 💜
Your Wife (2 months ago)
Koreans are well known for their high standard of beauty -_- that's why I only got a 5% chance to have a korean boyfriend lol.
CultureThings (2 months ago)
When I was younger I choose looks but as I got older those things suddenly didn't matter anymore. Personality is what really matters.
Jennie Yang (2 months ago)
I’m Japanese my type is Australian and korean Guys
hye jin (2 months ago)
Gabi D (2 months ago)
*"The guy in the black mask"* I agree too, he's freaking hot xD
Novi Rv (2 months ago)
The one who wear mask looks cute
Sunshine Hobi (2 months ago)
They only care about looks.
Lucy .a.c (2 months ago)
Most comments are kpop fans HAHAHAHA. Hey, that guy with the black mask is mine HAHAHAHAHHA
Nia Norton (2 months ago)
They mostly said they would date a foreigner, omfg, when I watched a japanese edition every man there was like "nooo"
Nia Norton (2 months ago)
That Light-Brown haired guy with orange shirt is my match "personality, cute, short" 🤣 You give me hope, I woun't die alone, LMAO 💜
Rama Mohamed (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who didn't like the guy with the black mask at all? I felt very distrustful of him. He screams player to me
Chelsea B (2 months ago)
i'm interested to find out how "curvy" is defined to them...because for me, as an American (from the south nonetheless), i'm sure my definition of curvy is different from their definition. there's nothing wrong with that. when you are surrounded by people who, naturally, have a smaller build it's easy to just have a different standard - it's what normal for them. it becomes an issue when they project their standards onto people, it's an issue when it goes from "that's just not my type" to "that person isn't worthy because i don't find them attractive" there's no such thing as ugly, someone somewhere will find them attractive. that's the beauty of humanity, we are all so different.
Salina Libohovana (2 months ago)
They want to try us foreigners and then marry a Korean. I wonder if Koreans thinks every foreigner is a sex freak
Gabi M (2 months ago)
Lee Woosun is truly a boyfriend material omg
elliartsiii (2 months ago)
Oh don't mind me I'm being s lonely otaku wishing I wasn't single trash. Im sure we're all the same .-.
gguktae x (2 months ago)
the guy with black mask uff so bf material
Mallory’s Vlogs (2 months ago)
i wish she would let them put the insta up after interveiwing
prachie 98 (2 months ago)
So this guy with the brown coat is gonna end up dating a horrible person.
Carolina Cortes (2 months ago)
I was waiting for that last question😅
Coleen (2 months ago)
the guy in stripes omg i like yo taste but--- k hahaha
laura 로라 (2 months ago)
The guy named Lee Woo-Sun is just wgulicduf
Ayaulym Pak (2 months ago)
SHINee PINee (2 months ago)
Taemin 😂😂
Etsube Fassil (2 months ago)
Can someone give me the guy that has a masks instagram?
Yusradini Yusnoor (3 months ago)
below 160cm?wow im 169 :'))
heyitsajna (3 months ago)
why im too tall too that boys ;( im 170cm
natsu dragneel (3 months ago)
So specific... lollllllll 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Keeks F (3 months ago)
I'd rather the boy in blue. He seems sweet.
Fluffy Taehyungieee (3 months ago)
Army's are you watching this because you want a korean guy or youre wondsring if you syill have a chance on 방탄소년단
Wrinklyanimegod1988 (3 months ago)
노태민 생겼네요
Meng Tan (3 months ago)
lmaoo the comments about the boy in the black mask, you rarely have seen him but already know that he is boyfriend material :^) I see what ya all are looking for. Nevertheless all of them where e bunch of cuties even if there were a few things which makes me go like "okey well--". Thank you for that video.
ᄋᄋ (3 months ago)
Korean girls many feminist 😡😢😭😥😅😌😂
ᄋᄋ (2 months ago)
+Terry Buba ty i love all countries all peoples all color... racism so hate haha me bad english sry but many girls hate small and short guy... 156~158cm.. 20 korean single men life very hard haha... Male life hell 😭😂😅😥😌😢
Terry Buba (2 months ago)
ᄋ ᄋ You will find your beautiful foreign girlfriend ☺️💕
ᄋᄋ (2 months ago)
+Terry Buba yeah
Terry Buba (2 months ago)
ᄋ ᄋ You’re korean?
ᄋᄋ (3 months ago)
Foreigners girls better than korean girls i love foreigners girls♥♥ ☺😃❤😄😊
Alyssa Lawson (3 months ago)
1: 00 why does that sound like jimin
Meenakshi Kannan (3 months ago)
Daeng you're right! (Hehe see what I did there?)
Sandy Iligan (3 months ago)
Lol but they still men nani the logic haha love it
Amrapali R (3 months ago)
2:23 Such a cutieee
LeHaFu (3 months ago)
Ooh I am glad with this! Those guys are great! Just one brainless who think looks is more important but the rest are sweet people <3 Nice to know image and beauty is not everything in korea. And nice to see they not discriminate foreigners people as well, we all girls, we all human.
Stella Bella-Bello (3 months ago)
Is funny as to why they all want pretty, they arent pretty themself. Just a few.
Mrs Tuan (3 months ago)
Looks win over personalities? Okay 😐
Chiharu nightcore's (3 months ago)
Aria_Qween (4 months ago)
im not korean but i would prefer to date korean boys lol
Arti Chaudhary (4 months ago)
Black mask guy just snatched my heart 💜❤
Soso R (4 months ago)
so is it ok if she got a sweet heart but a resting bitch face (me) cuz like I'm a lil too kind but meh face looks like ima bout to bitch slap u to fuckin mars XD
Tae Tae (4 months ago)
The guy in the mask is so hot or is it just me 🤣😂😂
Blake Ineich (4 months ago)
ji-oon....hit me up
LJS (4 months ago)
5:22 finally someone who is realistic !
Precious Gracie (4 months ago)
A very stereotypes of guys,😂😂😂for it doesn't matter who is he as long as he will gonna respect me with so much love,affectionate trust then loyalty I wouldn't matter if his not handsome or whatever..I care so much is his attitude and have a good heart...
Judith Ortiz (4 months ago)
I think they were all good looking. But the guy with the red striped shirt w/ his hair up is who stood out the most to me. I'm all over the place when it comes to my taste. Except for extremely buff guys. I don't like extremely buff guys.
The Last Unicorn (4 months ago)
Ooooo Coolio ^-^
Sumi ByHeart (4 months ago)
Why is it always the height TT I'm from Europe and I'm just a little bigger than 1.70 and I like Koreans... What should I do then?! Also you look skinnier when you wear something like high heels but what to do if your just... taller. I know many women that are also European and are smaller than me. This is so sad :( does anyone has the same problem here??
Jiminies_Holy Booty (4 months ago)
not all guys are straight -^-
Audrey Chin (4 months ago)
Gosh, those men who care too much for a girl's appearance, well good luck finding dem
jen (4 months ago)
kendi tiplerine bakmadan şahane kız arayışlarına bitiyorum koreli erkeklerin hepsi böyle sanırım ughh
Niing Niing (4 months ago)
Yessss please Jane, please make the korean guys interview like this again...and it would be great if you ask elder age of them (ie. 25-40 yrs) about their opinion to marriage with non-korean and what are their concern if their want to marriage with non-korean...please do it Jane. I am waiting to see it ^^
Queen Wolfy22 (4 months ago)
Do Korean guys like black girls?
ᄋᄋ (3 months ago)
All foreigners girls better than korean girls it true i love foreigners❤
Ice Cream (4 months ago)
Queen Wolfy22 yes
Neli Chairi (4 months ago)
Why you all in this coment sooo angry if it korean guys don't really like foreign women?? Meanwhile korean girl/ women not complaint if it foreign guys not like them? What's wrong with you all people?? Don't to obsesion?! You not always married with your idol, korean guys have own "taste" maybe 'cause culture or anything ??!!
mayookha shankar (1 month ago)
I think it's the attitude most of them are concerned about...Whatever culture it is, saying that you will like a girl only for looks is extremely offensive and shallow.

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