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Starting A Streetwear Vs. Fitness Clothing Brand

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Text Comments (13)
Stevan Terzic (5 months ago)
Talk more about your apparel. What is you brand.
Alexander Poplawski (5 months ago)
A video showing how to make hype around a street wear brand would be cool
Mao Goredema (6 months ago)
Lol I’ve been focusing on that topic for months
Mark Hyde (6 months ago)
do you have a vid on how to build a relationship with a supplier?..n if not, can you please make one?
Nebras Kreny (6 months ago)
Do you consider adidas a streetwear or a fitness clothing brand? or is it kind of both?
Nebras Kreny (6 months ago)
Ryan Ab yeah I understood thanks man
Ryan Ab (6 months ago)
Both... Adidas is SPORT oriented, and Adidas Originals is streetwear. Both section have different logos, addias sport have 3 stripes while Adidas originals is more of a "flower" ( lol, I think you see what I mean)
Andrew Magrin (6 months ago)
hey Braden loving your content. Just a quick question i am looking to make a fitness line, i can't seem to find any print on demand apps in shopify for fitness apparel, what would u suggest?
A. K (6 months ago)
Braden videos on those topics needed☺😭
Braden Wuerch (6 months ago)
I can definitely do that!
Meek Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Hello braden
Braden Wuerch (6 months ago)
Hey Meek!
jeremiah johnson (6 months ago)
Great content as always brother...love your channel man
Braden Wuerch (6 months ago)
I really appreciate man!

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