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Top 10 Most Brutal Methods of Execution in History

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Throughout history, people have been punished for the crimes they've committed by horrific methods of torture and executions. Today, these punishments seem so cruel it's hard to believe they were used for centuries. Check out 10 of the most brutal methods of execution in history.
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George (27 minutes ago)
The iron maiden was never used as a torture device - it was made up by a German antiquarian who wanted to show off his unique ‘medieval’ artefact. Makes me wonder about the truth of the other examples (even the opening credits talk about killing a Scotsman in York, a law that hasn’t been in force for centuries
Pfeffi Langstrumpf (56 minutes ago)
is it strange that i already knew all of these?
Deus Ex (1 hour ago)
It's a fucked up world when we can show an impaled human, no problem, just as long as we censor the tits. I mean, what the actual fuck?
TheTruGamer732 (1 hour ago)
Wow, not even my worst Nemises deserves this, because I sometimes feel the people pain that I look infront of my eyes
Deus Ex (2 hours ago)
I'm taking torture 101 and this is truly inspirational! Thank you so much, blessings and love upon all of you.
Patriot for God (2 hours ago)
F****** Turks deserved it
Patriot for God (2 hours ago)
Well I guess being German makes those things seem tame you want to have nightmares? I have a story or two for you. When the Germans went to Dixieland we left degenerates to die above red ant hills. They eat You alive
Daniel Scheff (2 hours ago)
L S (2 hours ago)
Came here after tonsillectomy video. 🤪
GodsBiggest Mistake (3 hours ago)
These are creative, I'll give em that. Especially the bamboo one. Humans are teribble
Ronald is love (4 hours ago)
The way this guy talk creeeeeepy .
god is love (5 hours ago)
Humans is the only devil in this planet
Rat torture, this is from Game of Thrones
Nephicool (6 hours ago)
Sean Peters (7 hours ago)
I only support the death penalty for the sake of protecting other citizens, not for the sake of torturing criminals. Lethal injection is the best form of the death penalty.
NoahC319 (8 hours ago)
How did I get to this video 🤦🏻‍♂️
喵子喵 (9 hours ago)
ok shouldn't watch this late in night
Oscar Garcia Jr (10 hours ago)
Columbia, 😂- this person is an idiot
iam skycookie (11 hours ago)
To all those black kids out their Executioner: talk magout Prisoner: Never Executioner: Bring his mom Prisoner: Hold up aye let settle this let's not go insane Mom: now what the hell did I tell you Belt: pow pow Prisoner: ok ok I'll talk
Sarah Michelle (11 hours ago)
They left out forced binge watching of “Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s.”
Humans are very creative.
Kenneth Pratt (12 hours ago)
Did I know? Yep, I did. Did I know there was a channel transmitting such ridiculous historically inaccurate rubbish? No, I didn't. But I guess now I do. Never mind. In these days of "fake news", I guess it doesn't make a difference. It appears to me that the only thing you're really interested in is attracting traffic to your masturbatory, sadistic mythologies entirely lacking in historic evidence to support the claims you make. Good luck guys. In case you hadn't noticed, graphic sadistic pornography is readily available on the Internet....
ItzDen (12 hours ago)
And they say killing people was bad
S NUELA Official (13 hours ago)
All this hard work for shit. Smh . Being alive is torture enough
Fazdolanguy Flores (13 hours ago)
I would love if my grandma and grandpa, ex gf, everyone I hate from my old school, members of Rachel's club, my cousins, and all fortnite players suffered all of these executions in one brief moment
Karkat Vantas (14 hours ago)
I’m uh... pretty fuckin glad I live in modern times...
Marguerite Dillworth (14 hours ago)
Wan: Wanna see mi balls¿ Shatta: [put]
Andrew Hobbs (15 hours ago)
Please cite your sources. Iron maidens did not exist as you described.
Krzysztof Puchala (15 hours ago)
Iron Maiden is a myth as a torture device.
Justine Mendoza (15 hours ago)
The most terrifying thing about this is that this video is not age restricted
R Yeckley (16 hours ago)
That’s fucked up.
Sparkie 713 (16 hours ago)
U can kill a thot with a crossbow like me 0:05
Jimmy Rags (16 hours ago)
Learn our facts before putting them out their brah. The iron Madain was a made up, it was never a midevil torture device. The world is full of click bait fact finders don't be one... but sub's are all that matter right...
Princess Donkey (16 hours ago)
You have to choose one of these ways to die, which one
The iron maiden wasn't real but ok
DopeMaster (16 hours ago)
It’s Colombian not Columbian.
Marietta Ljiljić (17 hours ago)
Why be afraid of the Satan, when there is a Human? :(
Angel Angel (17 hours ago)
*Vlad Țepeș is from f u c k y n g România, not from Turkey i know what because i m from Romania*
IsabellaTheCrazyCatLady (17 hours ago)
Guess who’s having nightmares tonight! 🙋🏽‍♀️
Jaw Ehkueyou (17 hours ago)
We need aliena
MiKO (17 hours ago)
I... I...m from... Turkey....
Zorch Fire (18 hours ago)
Shit, i can feel all the pain from here
Sam Eden (18 hours ago)
Sam Eden (18 hours ago)
Sam Eden (18 hours ago)
Sam Eden (18 hours ago)
Sam Eden (18 hours ago)
Xyan Nail (18 hours ago)
Thumbnail at 8:16
Sophie Louis (18 hours ago)
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Felix Nordling (18 hours ago)
Sophie Louis (18 hours ago)
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dancechica (19 hours ago)
I heard the Iron Maiden was a myth
Kevynn de Freitas (20 hours ago)
Com certeza a maior tortura inventada pelo homem foi Pablo Vittar.
Dale Smart (20 hours ago)
The Turkish Ottomans took Vlad as a boy to Turkey n bummed him...that was his reasons...
Crazytoad 44 (20 hours ago)
Fun fact, Vlad inspired Dracula
Mrs.Nickadeemus (21 hours ago)
Youtube really wants me to see this for some reason.
rassenlof (21 hours ago)
bullshit video, the iron maiden was a joke, never been used in real life, and the bull is directly a myth (thank God)
Juju M (21 hours ago)
Why am I torturing myself?
Ketchup Packets (21 hours ago)
I heard that the iron maiden was made up by some traveler who found some box and put some spikes in it.
Ketchup Packets (22 hours ago)
It's COLOMBIA, how is this so hard?
Kymanilion (22 hours ago)
Executioner: SPEAK UP! Prisoner: Hell no, you think I would? Wrong. Executioner: *gets pool of piranhas* Prisoner: Huh? WAIT WHAT We'll be right back.
Juana Vargas (22 hours ago)
Well okay.... these scared me. Why did I watch this. Now I won't be able to stop thinking about these. *I already knew of some of these, but some of these I didn't know of, and it scared me. And seriously made me cringe.* Now I can't finish eating my pancakes.
Zane LePage (23 hours ago)
The boats? Boats aren't scary though.......... 😓 😱 😰 😲 I stand corrected
Lucas Pelle (23 hours ago)
this is why no extraterrestrial life will contact with us. we're a bunch of fucking idiots. worse than animals.
Aroura B (1 day ago)
Rondo Cat (1 day ago)
The electric chair should be high on this list... Anyone who have felt how painful electric shock is will understand why specially when I tell you what actually kills you is not electricity trough the heart but lack of oxygen after minutes of worse then the worst imaginable pain. This is because all mussels in your body contract and you are unable to breath or even scream of the pain. For the electric chair to stop your heart they would have had to wire it differently. Those who made he electric chair do know very well that it is a barbaric method, specially since first execution took a very long time and the victim even caught fire before he eventually died...
Hamster Munchies (1 day ago)
I don't enjoy the thought of people suffering but I watch these when I'm having a bad day with chronic pain. Makes me feel better
George S (1 day ago)
iCallOfDutyDog (1 day ago)
The guillotine doesn't even look that bad now
marquell parry (1 day ago)
is no one else gonna realise that the rat torture was used in one of sinisters murders in sinister 2
James Jeffery (1 day ago)
I am rarely disturbed by videos.
Claes McDaniel (1 day ago)
The iron maiden was actually made as a myth. It was never actually a part of official execution
Ratchet League (1 day ago)
Can, like, all the people in the world die? Please?
Robin K (1 day ago)
I just have to dislike that, not because you talk bullshit, but because humanity makes me throw up
Tai Hung (1 day ago)
This so strange to think that modern excution is still scary but Everytime you compare it to the past it just make you think MAN At least I'm better off being kill normally than being fucked to death.
VAN ZAVIER (1 day ago)
Fuck, glad to be in a time frame far from this, just shoot me quick and im good.
Super Destruction (1 day ago)
Yeeaaaaaaaah I would rather just get shot
anir sanders (1 day ago)
The impaler looks pretty gay and his anal style of torture really shows. His lil nasty ass was probably getting hard just watching the victims lol
D Herrin (1 day ago)
Those are good ways to deal with pedophiles and rapists.
Lady Sneakles (1 day ago)
Stop giving Monokuma ideas!
Fernando Chavez (1 day ago)
We are all gods children, some say.
Khiro The Pyro (1 day ago)
Man getting stabbed in the heart doesn't sound bad at all anymore
toshi amiyumi (1 day ago)
the last one seems like a method to create a vengeful monster like from a mummy
Old Kid (1 day ago)
not a cell phone in sight. just ppl living in the moment.
Only Yuri (16 hours ago)
Its time to test them all 😊 0:54 is first 😍
John Crawford (1 day ago)
It's exam week and I should be studying but I'm watching this...
* T E A * (1 day ago)
7 minutes in and just found out I can turn my captions off 🤦🏾‍♂️
Z Cools (1 day ago)
This just sad
Hibiscus Angel (1 day ago)
HumAns are evil 👿
Hibiscus Angel (1 day ago)
Nick H (1 day ago)
They forgot Tik Tok ads.
They also forgot me
Only Yuri (16 hours ago)
Mainly dread (1 day ago)
Number 10. School.
Manuel Jimenez (1 day ago)
I am shocked that Colombia came in first
alphaLoup (1 day ago)
I will be honest. All of these, gruesome as fuck. I winced hard at Vlad's.
my name jet 111 (1 day ago)
I can't find the perfect words to discribe humans..its just horrible
eggpeach (1 day ago)
i felt these.
yuval158 (1 day ago)
This is the most horrifying thing I've ever seen. and i've watched different execution videos online where they didn't just tell me about them. The bull one makes me want to end humanity.
Vanessa Limon (1 day ago)
These olden day devices are no match for a lego
Barret Norcross (1 day ago)
Andros Forever (1 day ago)
Secret #1: Forced stepping on Lego

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