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Pornstars Without Makeup! Updated - 2017

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Lol! i always thought that Pornstars are the most beautiful women in the world but after i saw them without makeup...
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3 things I realized watching this. 1. I don't watch enough porn cause I don't know half of them. 2. Don't do drugs. 3. If men are born ugly they are fucked cause they can't cover that shit up.
Chad McAfee (1 day ago)
people look different without makeup.....who would have guessed?
Mastifffriend (1 day ago)
I wonder how many of the girls did their own makeup? I read the makeup artist jobs aren't as good as they used to be (like performers too) since a lot of girls can do their own now. Probably growing up with online youtube makeup lessons helps.
MGTOWIUS (1 day ago)
Is the makeup itself making them age faster?
78nbenton (2 days ago)
Whoaaaaa Puma Swede eeessshhhhh....
Hậu Lê Trung (3 days ago)
Jynx Maze is still good
New Bou (5 days ago)
Omg puma Swede looks 60 and she in her mid 30s
Bob Wood (5 days ago)
Some of those pics are modified with Photoshop, it's so obvious.
Michael Lee (5 days ago)
Some looks Good without makeup!
What's the time of summer Braille,romi rain
allel malika (6 days ago)
The positive point is that people won't recognize them in their daily life looking so different without make up 😂😂
Sakshi Chauhan (7 days ago)
Fletcher Castoria (7 days ago)
Some look okay, but most look tired, hungover, drunk and/or stoned and mostly very plain.
Fletcher Castoria (7 days ago)
What is that person singing? Schwee Schwee schwee schwee fo fire?
Ahmad Tariq (9 days ago)
What did my eyes just saw! I want my internet data back
PipePeñazoo (9 days ago)
Magnificent!! Some of there are best without make_up
LeShae Toliver (10 days ago)
Aids is real people.
Ayoub Zabar (10 days ago)
I will get married to make up thanks to all the company that makes makeup u really did an amazing job
XX78J (12 days ago)
Satan really has a reason to celebrate! These godless fucking whores will all burn in hell!
Sharukh Khan (14 days ago)
Are they hellish ?
Jose Sanchez (15 days ago)
"Cruel" clickbait!
Lywi gr (16 days ago)
ava Adams my favorite
Skipace86 B (16 days ago)
Maryjane auryn
Stephen Tuthill (16 days ago)
Some of these women look sexy au naturel... I would very happily date the real version of them
Alessandro Baldi (17 days ago)
veronica avluv, aletta ocean e ava addams sono tre troione mica da poco.
M midou (17 days ago)
Name of that song ?????
FullBlown (17 days ago)
they look like crack whores
big mike (18 days ago)
shopie still looks good with out
Adrian (19 days ago)
Basically rape.
meeeee1968 (20 days ago)
as much as we jerk off to these whores, sadly they are just no better than nasty street hookers, they just believe they are better !!!!!
ghshadow (21 days ago)
Annikka doesn´t need make up with that ass! XD
William Tornquist (23 days ago)
You guys have seen some movie stars without their make up too, right?
Ricky Bloom (25 days ago)
Some look great and then one Madison Ivy is like step aside bitches. I am still way gorgeous without make-up lol.
Dante Diep (25 days ago)
Danielle Delaunay, Nicole Malice, looked basically the same with and without any makeup.
Odi Gates (29 days ago)
The song lyric: bitch make me so fun
PORN VIDEOS (29 days ago)
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Sam 1735 (29 days ago)
17 teen (30 days ago)
Wtf phoenix maeiw
17 teen (30 days ago)
Cassie laine don't need makeup my fav
sergey melnik (30 days ago)
ох ебаный жеж ты на хуй))
Orion Slaver (1 month ago)
This has obviously been done using one of those de-makeup apps. I'm not saying these women all look like angels without makeup, but those apps are kind of shit. They make EVERYONE look like a drug addict.
Hatem Star (1 month ago)
ronaldino 10 (1 month ago)
most of them look like the on drugs every day special the last one on the end.😱
MvRxRapidzZx (1 month ago)
Danielle Delaunay is the best naturally looking one
MENTAL ADVICE (1 month ago)
Reading all the comments tells me something !! PEOPLE !? Your all missing the point !! This shows you ! you can pick up a UGLY girl ! Plaster her in make up and then turn her into a PORN STAR !!! don't forget guys bleach her 🍩 for the full effect !!! 8==D ~
skeedledoo (1 month ago)
The reason why I always like women without make-ups. Yeah to see the real beauty and not the art of having a make-up.
Саша А (1 month ago)
Музыка кул
Aayush Prakhar (1 month ago)
some of them are actually good looking but many of them are even mmore masculine than me🙁🙁
meshari saeed (1 month ago)
It’s mostly the area around the eyes that makes the difference
Tom Day (1 month ago)
They're all hot as hell with or without makeup. I just wish they would stop getting tattoos. It's a major turn off to see a 20 year old girl all inked up like she spent 20 years in the penitentiary or the merchant marine corps.
mark anthony (27 days ago)
Tom Day I really don't
Tom Day (27 days ago)
mark anthony You have no idea.
mark anthony (28 days ago)
Your standards are so fucking low if you think they're all hot minus the tattoos. Props to you
David Bolha (1 month ago)
Tom Day Agreed on tats. 🙄
Jess No Titit (1 month ago)
Wtf ava addam :v
Ian Excalibur (1 month ago)
Make up hides a multitude of sins......
shibani chowdhury (1 month ago)
Aletta ocean Ruined her face.... Even Madison ivy she ruined her lips
Yusuf Ibrahim (1 month ago)
makeup artists GOT fools falling in lust with buggaboos FRFR
P Dubs (1 month ago)
Better for their privacy ... so no one will recognize them on the street
mark anthony (28 days ago)
David Bolha (1 month ago)
P Dubs 😄
JAY PARMAR (1 month ago)
Steve Gr (1 month ago)
nasty af 👎
ramona14220 (1 month ago)
Just the fact that they will lick the s#it from another girls a## off your dic brings them from the 3 that most of them are to at least a 7.
Less make up is actually ok with me, but I still prefer for the women in my life to brush there teeth in the morning, after meals and before bed, mouth wash helps
Arto Lehtiö (1 month ago)
wow, I dint know that they were bag ladies
Howay Kahn (1 month ago)
A lot of them look like men coz they took too much male hormone
David Bolha (1 month ago)
Howay Kahn Or because of telegony/microchimerism. 😉
I thought that PS had natural blue green eyeshadow that's make up wtf
Nickolay (1 month ago)
A lot are still okay but the majority, especially the more pale-skinned and light-eyed ones are not remotely what they look like in front of the camera.
Sergej Kravchenko (1 month ago)
Fucking hell, some of them are scary as f...ck, but some of them still cute, to be honest normal day girls so much nicer.
I fucked Jynx Maze once.
Victor Magistralis (1 month ago)
Fakeup... AF
Alby damned (1 month ago)
Holy shit look at bree, looks like she fell out of the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down, just look at that frown. I'm a poet and didn't know it!
gas pumper (1 month ago)
When dreams turn into nightmares!
John W (1 month ago)
Some look better without it not slutty
Walter White (1 month ago)
Where's my queen ashley Anderson 😟
Walter White (1 month ago)
I still love dani tho
Geoff Griffiths (1 month ago)
It's not just makeup. As in Jim Carey's Mask the is a powerful psychic component, plus they get help. If you can see through the makeup, some of these women have their possessing reptilian features.
ANDRE SATOW (1 month ago)
I am Delete my video porn 😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭
Elle Alexandra - 2:42 : Is it just me, or do all gingers look PERFECT without makeup on?! It's something about their naturally pale skin and freckle-kissed faces that makes me weak at the knees. Could just be my biased preference for Redheads 🤔
joeresio (1 month ago)
Sara luvv looks bomb with and without
1 1 (1 month ago)
всё равно,хоть и бляди,будто и все бабы однако персик♤
good 1-one (1 month ago)
They are mostly white what do you all expect
zubair arshad (1 month ago)
What if their real faces also a makeup version specially made for these kind of videos, just saying :)
zubair arshad (1 month ago)
Respect for makeup artists
XxDeathrollxX (1 month ago)
why was I scared watching this
Himadry Barua (1 month ago)
thats a nice way,to overcome porn addiction,lol
Google User (1 month ago)
Jesus Christ I didn’t expect every single one of them to look like complete utter shit
Terrance Pettaway (1 month ago)
You notice all is white, black woman don't need makeup... Just saying...
rgbigdog (1 month ago)
This is why you should meet all your future girlfriends at the beach or the pool just after they had a dip in the water!
rgbigdog (1 month ago)
You should know that bondo covers up alot of flaws!
Nadia Meile (1 month ago)
Some of them look better without makeup
billy joe ness (1 month ago)
They look depressed as fuck man, damages goods
Leticia Lanzarotti (1 month ago)
Oh my god I compared myself sometimes now I know I’m a natural beauty and shouldn’t compare myself to those who don’t seem to be real at all at least when I find them beautiful while they totally changed thanks for the video now I’m happy the way I look and I don’t want to be someone else it’s an eye opener 😂
Alexandra Allister (1 month ago)
TheTARANISh (2 months ago)
Madison Ivy looks like Melanie Trump :)))
Ali Tarar (2 months ago)
the devil takes away everything.
rafael da silva (2 months ago)
most pornstars are ugly anyway wit out make up but that means their pussy can't be bad
Ahad Ansari (2 months ago)
Fucking all pron star
Roi Suitos (2 months ago)
All of them is pretty no one is ugly
RastaNuhFear (2 months ago)
i came here to add new collections to my wank bank.
dakitsu luna (2 months ago)
Not ugly, they just look like normal women without makeup
Tina Tyler (2 months ago)
I think alot look prettier with out all the makeup if there move agents where smart thayed do the makeup lite and give them a fresh girl next door sexy look
Holly Scott (2 months ago)
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Gerri Petress (2 months ago)
Some of these girls are scary and some are cute. Some of them actually look like teenagers. Alot of the makeup does make you look older than you are.
Pankaj Bhagat (2 months ago)
Alleta ocean is very sexy

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