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'Extreme Cougar Wives': Older Women Dating Young Men

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Inside the dating world of women in the 60s and 70s looking for love from men in their 20s.
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Roland Oliver (5 hours ago)
Ahhhhh No!!
Pat Thompson (2 days ago)
That shyt is just nasty. Everything is sagging. These old bag/hags are being taken for their money.
Joseph Patton (3 days ago)
Sugar daddy, Sugar mama, either wY it's nobodys business but thier own.
William Omar (5 days ago)
Cougars hit me upp....
Mervan B BRUTAL (5 days ago)
Simply put older women know how to talk to and attract men while younger women wait, wait and wait too long to learn what to do
sister snatched (6 days ago)
I mean it's kinda gross, but if they're both consenting adults then whatever
Sexy Red (6 days ago)
Sexy Red (6 days ago)
That's why they are going with older women we have plenty to offer and we are settled!!! I have always attracted younger men. I admit that these are huge age gaps...my scenario isn't that bad between me and my Hubby...
steve lawrence (8 days ago)
young guys too lazy to jerk off...banging fossils
vajleexi (9 days ago)
I don't believe those guys at all. Without the older woman in their life, they'd be homeless, so those young guys take advantage of the older woman.
Prince Slice (10 days ago)
Older Women Are Sexy😍
Gwen Stewart (10 days ago)
Alrighty 😎
harry goldman (12 days ago)
I need some help finding the right cougar Im a 86 year old male looking for an older woman...and it dont seem to be working out for me ...so any cougars out the looking ...I like em older
Elsie Martin (12 days ago)
That lady wth the green cape,she won't look like that when she's old..
Peter Kazavis (15 days ago)
Creepy as fuck
Mimon Barakacka (15 days ago)
Zohan wanted !
JAKE PHELPS (16 days ago)
Iru Muthie (17 days ago)
❤ Older women over 60 years old .Ben : 804-735-3557 Whatsapp
More sexy than younger ladies
Young bitches be so fucking stuck up lately Oh im tiffany dark brown hair curvy body double d cups light blue eyes nice round butt............bull there also so fucking demanding I'm looking for an older gentle man who is going to respect me treat me right who is loyal in his late 50's Fuck all young women everywhere all yaul be a bunch of stuck up hoe bags!Especially these blonde skanks.
zinos zinos (18 days ago)
Its not confidence she has...its lot of money.. genious..
William Nedbalek (20 days ago)
I'll say one thing for older women, just older people in general: They've been around long enough to know that if you can spend some time with someone & just have some simple fun without drama it's a good day. Lots of young women are conceited & a total pita.
Colette Sadeghi (21 days ago)
Younger woman need to get over themselves . Their are heaps of cute guys younger who prefer older woman .My bf of one year has always preferred older woman since high school ok get over it . Life is to short to not be in love . Age is just a number
Colette Sadeghi (21 days ago)
So when are woman especially going to get over themselves and stop being prejudice against older woman .is the younger guys who prefer is simple . Do fucking get over yourselves . Who wants a fat smelly old Man who can't deliver . Have been married to one boring one enough for yrs. I left him . I dated older men . I am young for my age . My guy found me on a dating app. We have been together a year already . His whole family like me mine likes him . We don't want kids. I had four is enough . We love each other. Just cause we are older woman we are not aloud to be happy . Is their a law against happiness . Some of us don't want to die unhappy and alone like woman did back in the day. Times have changed . People have changed . Get over it .
Annette Fawcett-Jones (22 days ago)
I always pull younger men it's not emotionally benefiting but it is just sex if that.Bit of a play around without the three people complex.
Annette Fawcett-Jones (22 days ago)
It is when they are not that attractive.
Annette Fawcett-Jones (22 days ago)
My ex Boss was a Cougar with a work colleague who was younger than me.
Carol Garber (25 days ago)
The dumb shit wants to know why younger men want older women, take a good hard look at yourself toots. I'm 72, any cubs out there??
Fucc Boi (27 days ago)
That real hairy guy is hot
freda jordan (30 days ago)
Old men dating young women are laughable.Old women with young men are disgusting.
Son Nefes (30 days ago)
If the guys was no america citizens even the article name will be different
Son Nefes (30 days ago)
Oldet women is different from old please
Kavita Suppiah (1 month ago)
This not true love...bull shit
Kavita Suppiah (1 month ago)
Hello this old woman have money.. this your guy's looking for older pussy..
Jules LaFern (1 month ago)
Sad really...,...no young man wants a wrinkled old woman hey it’s true and I’m older but reality is reality
Samuel Byron (1 month ago)
Nasty, yuck!
Truthfears Guilty (1 month ago)
title should be: CAVE-AGED CHEESE LOVERS!
Kenneth Holland (1 month ago)
Gee you would need a large tube of KY jelly to get her rockin and a bag for the head and lights off so you can't see the body flowing over the bed. Yuk!
Matthew Fabian (1 month ago)
These guys gotta be banned from nursing homes
Rem Nik (1 month ago)
When I was sing 37 yrs old my boyfriend is 25 yrs old. because of his religion. When I wad
Corrie Scrivener (1 month ago)
age is just a number after 18
caribbean living (1 month ago)
She's has money
sally smith (1 month ago)
Those boys got themselves some sugar mama's. Why else would they want to bang one of those used up Granny Goose vaginas???
sally smith (1 month ago)
2:19 Chest hair is one thing but SHOULDER and BACK hair???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......😖😖😖
Leighton Lundstrom (1 month ago)
lively e09 (1 month ago)
Samson Obi (1 month ago)
D’meach da peach (1 month ago)
Okay Hattie👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾
Sam Brown (1 month ago)
I'm Sam cd london07752977098x
Star LailaCash (1 month ago)
Lol how did I end up here today lol this video was too funny!!!!!!
Sharyn Whitmire (1 month ago)
I think these older women have money and there is something at the end of the rainbow for these young guys. When these ladies die these young men will still be young and have a fat bank account to boot.The cougar pays for everything,it's her money and her business.This is a business for these young men.Alot safer than the stockmarket.
So pathetic.
Bronek Arkadiusz (1 month ago)
It's funny men have been perverts wanting younger women and their dicks cant stand up anymore. So this sexually makes more sense . Women are more sexual then men and we can have sex without viagra all our lives. Men cant . Of you have to take a pill to be with a woman your time is done. That's why younger men are for older women. The other way around is about power control and most likely abuse
Bronek Arkadiusz (1 month ago)
Men with mommy issues . I just hope these women are not as stupid as men and dont give those guys any money. It's a womans world girls make it go round.
Omedchazak613 (1 month ago)
As long as none of them are doing anything predetorial I don't think there is anything wrong with this!
Rick Sanchez (1 month ago)
Am I the only one that is pretty sure these dudes are just gay broke dudes trying to get life insurance money
SuperVaughan3 (1 month ago)
The parlance needs to be subtly corrected, no it needs to be clearly corrected. A woman over 70 years old is beyond cougar status, a more accurate identifier would sabbertooth.
gatorayde2005 (1 month ago)
get to the truth buddy you like freedom to do as you wish you know where and the old thing needs to be needed . ... hahahaha... grow up boys...been there done that and it is so easy....
gatorayde2005 (1 month ago)
naaaaaa...no issue...the old things likew to be toys...the young things like toys...the old things understand the young things need for a toy....and away we go...
gatorayde2005 (1 month ago)
1:15 women llike us who are beautiful?? hahaha LOL! you 3 together haven't reached huggly! don't make me laugh... you really don't get it...hahahahaaaa.... hoooooooomely...doesn't begin to discribe you situation....starty with that [email protected]#$%^&*NG attidude...
NUggET ShiStAr (1 month ago)
Of course she had to be 69
Lee Orsay (1 month ago)
I'm a single man looking for a good relationship in life I love older woman my [email protected]
Dean Manson (1 month ago)
Lol .i don't get it says the young girl . Well sweetie I get it ! You young chicks are all entitled and want things from a guy that your not prepared to work for yourself . You want a provider not a partner and you want him to stress his arse off setting up a life for you to show off to your friends !! These old cougars are set and they got their house with a picket fence long long ago and just happy for their man to breeze trough life enjoying himself . Lol
Max love (1 month ago)
Old whores
FRANK GETSUM (1 month ago)
Carl Sagan (1 month ago)
I'm pretty sure that "Octavio" guy is gay, and "Ricky" - his "friend" - is his boyfriend. Why the fuck am I even looking at this? How did I even come to this part of youtube.. I was watching WW2 documentaries 10 minutes ago...
Mark Twain (1 month ago)
Moodi di Maa nu Lun
waaazup D (1 month ago)
To each his own, they're not doing anything illegal but its not for me
Seacrest Racer (1 month ago)
Oh this is amazing I love it
Amal B (1 month ago)
So funny, because I just watched a video about a sugardaddy and sugarbaby, and everyone was calling her a thot and shit. But now nobody is calling these dudes names. Seems like people just love to bash on females. Double standards at its finest
AMIRA la AHMAD REZA (1 month ago)
Me54 years old-my boyfriend 28years old.
Michael vW (1 month ago)
Who cares, she's happy!?
Medibird (1 month ago)
"She's now... 69...?" Me : ...
Amina Gibson (1 month ago)
doodle gaming (2 months ago)
Old woman dating 🎼young men🎼
ECHO FOX (2 months ago)
1:12 after that foolish girls narcissistic rant...I get it!
Romain Gonzales (2 months ago)
stan dangew (2 months ago)
Konghulio (2 months ago)
People need to mind their own damn business and stop shaming people, beyond this as well, for having a grasp with their sexuality.
Katame (2 months ago)
When I was 19 I slept with a 45 yr old lady it was ok
She destroyed Ricky
Katame (2 months ago)
Ricky seems like a homosexual who's mad his crush is sleeping with an old lady and not him lmao 😂
Tom Morrissey (2 months ago)
If these young women don't get it maybe it's just because they are miserable bitches.
Jennifer E (2 months ago)
That older lady with the white hair is a savage lol “could be grandma issues idc” 👵🏻
Tomi Janet (1 month ago)
Jennifer E (2 months ago)
Lol they weren’t even “beautiful” that old lady had a pretty face
Stewart Ellis (2 months ago)
That dude is queer as a 3$ bill
Rahulium (2 months ago)
wtf happening in this world, sugar daddys, cougars, polygamists, polyamorists,... God save us 😌
Love Home (2 months ago)
old hen 😆😆
hank thetank (2 months ago)
That one 50 yo chick was definitely doable especially if she's paying for ur shit
ya Daddy (2 months ago)
That ain't no fucking cougar, thats a mother fucking panther!!!
Corey Gil (2 months ago)
Lol the young girls trying to justify why they are hot. I like older women too, I cant stand little bat shit crazy girls. Mature and legit fun to be around over hot and young any day
granny private (2 months ago)
Young opportunists..and old despert wrinkled women..who "think" they look good....disgusting
HAVANA SCP (2 months ago)
Women say8ng that ain’t normal. But as soon as they can get their hands on an old fart millionaire. They go all in 😝
ernie montego (2 months ago)
It’s obvious the young men are not attracted to young women....uhg
nunya bidness (2 months ago)
I think Jude and Kevin are adorable, you can tell that they are happy together. The other guys, they date a lot of older women. As for Hattie, she's a little spitfire!
Micaela (2 months ago)
I guess love don't have an age limit. But life experience wise I don't understand how it ads up. Or maybe that's the thing. The older ladies feel young and fresh again and the young guys feel mature and confident.
Lovie Brown (2 months ago)
Donntavius Graves (2 months ago)
Imagine sliding that sexy diaper off them dead skin granny legsss.... yeaaa yeaaaah 😎
Giant Killer (2 months ago)
Same as sugar daddies and little gurls
Ishmael Rivas (2 months ago)
Yeah hes not str8 too
Gabi Fuerst (2 months ago)
Hahaha. Young women are always jealous about relations young men older women..we dance better and have that experience which no have the young chicks. We know to treat our man for a gd life. We love intensively our beloved man. Not like young chicks. Always nagging rude bad words. We are the pool for every pain trouble sadness. We rise our man up and give him a lot love.

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