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Ninja Cheerleaders

8490 ratings | 2263942 views
Three college cheerleaders (and after-school go-go dancers) use their martial arts skills to save their Sensei from mafia kidnappers, but must keep their extracurricular activities a secret to realize their Ivy League dreams at Brown. Director : David Presley Writer :David Presley Stars : Trishelle Cannatella, Ginny Weirick and Maitland McConnell
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Text Comments (409)
Lola Miles (4 days ago)
why does april remind me of kensi out of NCIS LA
Gerda medjina Desir (12 days ago)
Quelqu'un peut me dire où je peux le regardé en français svp je l'adore ce film
Maria Riza Bacus (13 days ago)
Super nice nice movie
Salim Mia (18 days ago)
2019 watch it
Reymon Garcia (22 days ago)
Its not a ninja cheerleader it's actually a ninja stripper.. But nice movie
Liam's Lenz (23 days ago)
I'm trying hard to stay awake (I intend to get up at 5:30 in the morning), watching this is not helping.
The There Man (27 days ago)
Only at 1:21:35 I realised this wasn't the trailer.
Anthony samy (1 month ago)
Simple and Nice.I always liked the Black hair Lady...
Rosalie Oquias (1 month ago)
Dios qo ang pangit mkipag away kla qo ninja tlaga ang kilos hlos nd mkataas s paa pgtadyak at ang spada hlos nd mkaangat
ericka chan (1 month ago)
nice movie
Satsuki TheAnimeLover (1 month ago)
That was awesome!
Utlwang Molefe (1 month ago)
Why as this recommended to me
Rachel Dannheisser (1 month ago)
Being Cliché but 2019 anyone?
1:09:43...he said am old..it killed me
T Cat (1 month ago)
This movie is awesome!
Marina Mastrangelo (1 month ago)
talk about dirty dancing cause that's the kind of dancing that all strippers dance like in a strip club
Gloria Godwin (2 months ago)
So many discouraging comments, I eater watch it myself than reading comments
John Shelnutt (2 months ago)
tthey foregot about the guy in the trunk
Konrad Siemon (2 months ago)
It's pretty amusing, not to be taken seriously. 💁‍♀️🤕
Lindsay Stoney (2 months ago)
I like when women are aggressive not too aggressive. And I like seeing women kick ass.
Samenta Gracia (2 months ago)
Best movie ever enjoy😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
Kuziva Juliana (2 months ago)
Hbuko g
Kuziva Juliana (2 months ago)
MyuNeptune (2 months ago)
That movie was absolutely horrible haha! I adore watching trash. But that ending song is very good.
TRENDING VV (2 months ago)
I am inside
Hermosa Melissa (2 months ago)
I love this movie
Hilda Kizaka (2 months ago)
I thought cheerleaders were all bout pom poms this movie proves me wrong
o bichao da cocada peta (2 months ago)
Her0n Sangputra (2 months ago)
Good movie
Jose Jr. Canillas (2 months ago)
Very nice action movie. I enjoy watching, I love it.
Ricardo Ito (2 months ago)
Where's Adam Sandler?
Waabou Zerbo (2 months ago)
KoKo Mark (2 months ago)
Hi seen right video an
Fatima Mghari (3 months ago)
روعه 2018 شهر11/16😻😻💪👍👏
Moto G2 (3 months ago)
Vai toma nu papero porra ninguém fala em português não é
Kananelo Posholi (3 months ago)
this movie is so good
Sincia Octavius (3 months ago)
Nice movir
A S (3 months ago)
2018 ??????
Joslin Joslin (4 months ago)
Great..girls...Good movie
NiKzzz tError Girlyy (4 months ago)
I hve heard lot about ninjas..but someone plz tell me..actually wats that
dragon slayer316 (5 months ago)
Thanks tomi great flick
Christine Sarong (5 months ago)
I like this movie .. nd also the actor's girls is so cool 😏👏
Djoulie Keyicha Leger (5 months ago)
En français svp
Edmon Angeles (5 months ago)
I like the blonde girl
Queen Ai (6 months ago)
Ninja is beautiful lady.. Wow so great 😉
De Fowl (6 months ago)
I thought these gurls were like 30 not 19 with small melons
Leah Paje (6 months ago)
I love this girl ninja
Raihan Rahman (6 months ago)
"90, s" , Generation's , before , " FUCKINGGGG " i " , PHONE' S !!!" The " BEST !!! " , Generation " N'UFF SAAAAD !!! " 😎😎😎 ....
malk malouka (6 months ago)
I almost like actions movie but in that case, I prefere women's actions because they are talented spesialy the girl who hasard black hair I fondof aller of them,🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿😱😱😱😱🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆
Dala Raman (6 months ago)
Great movie
Davina Marston (6 months ago)
love this movie but I don't like the part where they should the girls breasts it's inappropriate
Davina Marston (6 months ago)
omg these girls are wicked hot I love the one that loves nut crushing
Ato Chang (6 months ago)
It's just westing time. It's not good enough model ninja
SamGuthrie1977 (6 months ago)
Feminist garbage.
Awa Muhammad (6 months ago)
2018 anyone
Chaloe Vibes (3 months ago)
Awa Muhammad me
Manosmita Mishra (7 months ago)
Anna Fagnidi (7 months ago)
I wish I could delete this video from YouTube 😱
Mhon UGD (7 months ago)
Just watch guys 😂
rowa mohamed (7 months ago)
Bad movie don't waist your time
Amliw Otyed (7 months ago)
Edgar C (7 months ago)
This is one of the worst and retarded movies. Two dumb blonds and a brunette.
WTV channel (7 months ago)
Zen Jen Chen (7 months ago)
Blockbuster! 5 stars!
Dhaqane Mohamed (7 months ago)
emperor Bagheera (7 months ago)
Funniest movie I've seen in a long time
Jim Charnoske (7 months ago)
When I Saw George Takei Getting Ready To Fight Kinji, I Thought ---Oh, My! :D
Jim Charnoske (7 months ago)
Cute Movie, Reminds Me Of The Powerpuff Girls All Grown Up :D lol. The Girls Can Meet The 3 Ninjas Brothers In College And All Hook Up :).
Jocelyn Antonio (7 months ago)
Nice movie
Aiza Morta (7 months ago)
I enjoy watching... thanks alot...
Jessica Judae (8 months ago)
it's cool .....
Christina Klements (8 months ago)
That's the best movie I've seen all year. Thanks for the upload. Ninja Cheerleaders. It's got everything. Cheerleaders-Ninjas-Strippers. What more could one ask for? Bravo to whomever thought this up. It was Great!!! Chrissie TBC
Christina Klements (8 months ago)
Training Time Out. They break into the Base PX in the first two minutes and the PX has and armed Soldier guarding the place? WTF are they selling, Plutonium? Ok on with the show. Sheesh Chrissie TBC
Kalo Kah (8 months ago)
These cheerleader can't even cheer to save their lives😂😂😂
Rage Reaver (8 months ago)
This is what i would expect the live action version of Totally Spies to look like.
Nora Mo (8 months ago)
What the hell, the song after the interactions part WTF I had to take of my earphones because I was so annoying and the part with the jackass please kill me now that's as far as I got before stopped watching this bullshit
Nikki Adams (9 months ago)
love it very cool and bravo.
Morteza Zartei (9 months ago)
basisa herbert (9 months ago)
this is a thriller
manar maiz (9 months ago)
Name the film
Micky Hekte (9 months ago)
alexandr timochenko (10 months ago)
Monkey steals the peach))
m imran baba (10 months ago)
Imran Baba
Tsawm Shingni (10 months ago)
AllNamesAreTaken (11 months ago)
Apparently, this isn't a comedy... Good movie either way.
Aline PereiraDaCosta (11 months ago)
Os filmes chineses são ótimos pena que não é todos que são dublado 😏
Ilanit Dorani (11 months ago)
Louise Alconaba (11 months ago)
Nice movie
Drexel Joseph (1 year ago)
Tusty coach
Abby Bieber (1 year ago)
What did you
Jovelyn Montelin (1 year ago)
Kaway kaway sa mga taong nagbabasa habang nanonood 😂😂😋😂
moneca segundo (1 year ago)
i love it.. there's have a little funny action....
Neiker Seinsi (1 year ago)
So funny
tyson (1 year ago)
Wow, a movie women will love to watch!!
john noble (1 year ago)
I do not want to sound chauvenistic but I think men make better Ninjas.  They are not as sexy just more violent
sunset. (1 year ago)
JOCKATEO (1 year ago)
come on those 10lb anorexic chicks ha ha
JOCKATEO (1 year ago)
this film is about as bad as a fat fucker taking a shit on your face
Chidera Joy (1 year ago)
is this movie interesting
Porcena Monica (1 year ago)
on pourrait l'avoir en français svp?

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