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The Amazing Eddy Current

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Text Comments (3057)
Corpsie Corpsie (5 hours ago)
So sky scrapers should have aluminum escape tubes where people ride down on strong magnets?
عبدالله حاتم (16 hours ago)
Are you arabian ????
John Obmar (1 day ago)
Who is Eddy Current?
it is not primarily about resistance ,the area has a huge affect on the eddy currents produced and by using a thicker foil you just increased the area in which the magnetic fields of the magnet were in-contact with the foil ,hence higher eddy currents were produced .
Justin Time (1 day ago)
4:09 bruh this is wizardry
霊Radoncombe (2 days ago)
Text electroboom? With what
Dan Mart (3 days ago)
Pure genius.
SoraWisdom (3 days ago)
Could an elevator be designed around this concept?
Alessandro Celoria (2 days ago)
+SoraWisdom Thanks for the compliment, but I really learnt all of this by watching an episode of extreme engineering on discovery Channel 😂😅 EDIT: Here's a National Geographic video on the subject: https://youtu.be/F66pBxgFNBI
SoraWisdom (2 days ago)
+Alessandro Celoria you are really smart
Alessandro Celoria (2 days ago)
+SoraWisdom If all the multiple backup generators and emergency brakes (they have traditional friction brakes as a backup) fail, you would be unable to stop the car at command but the rollercoaster is designed to not let you die - you would just go back and forth on the track until you would eventually stop somewhere.
SoraWisdom (2 days ago)
+Alessandro Celoria wow i never knew that. so a power failure could mean death?
Alessandro Celoria (2 days ago)
No unfortunately - you would need way too much power. However this technology is already used to do the opposite - rollercoaster brakes function using eddy currents! (There are electromagnets on the car and aluminium plates on the rails)
Brayan Mayorga (3 days ago)
i’m in 5th grade and in 2:10 is .....well 1first it looks like a kid drew that bendy lines 2second i looks like my handwriting............ “-“
ryan.m (3 days ago)
his insurance rates must be thru the roof
刘宇龙 (4 days ago)
嗯,是研貞空加压机,就是电罩内放各种物質,然後电流使贞空,欲物質浮而加纯气无流失使各种物質有浮空,即贞空饱荷状,即气球满气体的相反,後匣瞬発高功率电流,空中各高度不同,会不同作用,,,即测量弹,像灯管和灯炮内容量不同而,,,。 是美男狐和祸客像太空期逼博士探研的嗎??,他们不贞而伴军警,,,??,S0??。
aaron estrada (4 days ago)
I love this channel, i get to learn new stuff while laughing my ass off
Origami Master (5 days ago)
Why did you that shiz mehdi why why
zUltra (6 days ago)
7:41 7:44 When you get a day off school.
Millar (7 days ago)
Why does increasing the amount of aluminium used *decrease* the resistance? That seems a little counter-intuitive to me. Someone help me out?
Delta B (6 days ago)
The aluminum layers DO add together to make one thick current path, but the thicker a conductor, the easier it is for it to pass current, so the resistance goes down. In the same way, a meter of 1.5mm^2 16 awg wire has higher resistance than a meter of 4mm^2. 12awg wire. The thicker the conductor, the less the resistance.
Millar (7 days ago)
+Delta B That's still confusing me a little. I would assume that because they're not insulated from eachother they would all stack to produce one thick path for the current, increasing the resistance. That then leads me to think that the thicker the path, the higher the resistance (which is true but isn't demonstrated by this example, of which I'm clearly missing something from!)
Delta B (7 days ago)
Because the aluminum foil layers aren't insulated from each other. Each new layer that gets added gets connected in parallel to the other layers, making more paths for the current, and lower resistance.
Cedrick Juatan (7 days ago)
Thanks sir.. From Philippines more power
N1k0 (8 days ago)
Well, if the voltage in the spool wire is 120 volts and you run 36.5 amps through it, it theoretically generates 4 380 watts of heat (some of the energy turns into vibrations as can be seen in the video), no wonder the spool gave up :D
Petar Jukić (9 days ago)
I don't care if the fuck ups are scripted, they're so funny
Nigel cockburn (9 days ago)
I designed, “A voltmeter drawing 10A”, absolutely classic. Your humour is rare and fantastic and I am sure very well appreciated by possibly as many as half a dozen of your viewers. Most of the others of course just laugh, not understanding that the joke is on them. The more I watch the more I appreciate the considerable talented and dedicated effort you make to plan & produce these videos. Your foil covered paper tube was highly significant. I saw that and could hardly believe it, why didn’t it work. It didn’t take long and I wanted to see you use a proper aluminium tube, I was considering the impedance change from the single layer to the overlap and wondering how the interface was acting. Then you sort of answered it. But, does a single layer not work due to its layer thickness being too high an impedance or is it because of the much higher interface impedance of the joined edges of the foil relative to the Foil z? Perhaps you can bend an edge at 90 degrees out and wrap the foil around the paper tube and fold the opposite end 90 degrees out where they meet and then fold the 2sticking out edges together overlapping them several times to make the best (lowest resistance possible) termination and try dropping another magnet through it to see if it’s the wall thickness that matters or the uniformity of the current around the circumference in the foil. I have seen many transformers with welded laminations but almost always they have effectively had a slot cut along them and the slot in-filled with weld (obviously it’s just the press that has a notch in the die for each lamination).The thought that this is something electrically clever is exciting but I have never found any such evidence and if there was then everybody (almost) would be doing it so I believe it’s just to simplify mass production. You have already talked about diagonal wires apparently shorting laminations in induction motors and I remember old gramophone record players that had copper wires / copper bar at about an 1/8 inch dia across the laminations - 2 bars , of copper on opposite sides and non-symmetrically positioned but both transverse to the laminations.
Kyle Hickey (9 days ago)
I feel like this could be used to make a next generation of elevators.
Andrew Quick (10 days ago)
i need a GIF of you putting the magnet back and forth through that loop so i can send it to my wife on sex night
XboxLethalX (11 days ago)
2:04 When he says Netflix and Chill
Theawesomebomb2 Xbox (11 days ago)
2:04 that just looks wrong
Not Helios (11 days ago)
Death is prob scared of touching his body if he's electrocuted
Clay Sullivan (12 days ago)
my computer hates displaying confetti
jim halcom (12 days ago)
I found more free enrgy for you to try Transformers where output power exceeds input power https://youtu.be/Z_-3Nz1ZuSI
The lowest of YouTube (13 days ago)
Paper Boy (13 days ago)
Ok so you vape? I'm pretty sure this was a coil Master tool when you moved the iron plate from the induction plate.
CUBETechie (14 days ago)
Could you make a coppercoil and throw a magnet down? But the tube should be 1,5m long
HPD1171 (14 days ago)
the welds on that transformer would not really contribute to losses because the loop they enclose is perpendicular the path that the eddy currents would take just like how the individual plates are also placed perpendicular to the eddy current path
Wdowa94 (15 days ago)
I have found some welded transformers, but only in audio devices. Maybe it's welded because of the ground noise?
Rodger Samsonite (4 hours ago)
Jm56Z (15 days ago)
"Now I get it !" I was like: "Me too !"
Ivan Bukac (16 days ago)
Yea but how does he move the superconductor if it is meant to be in place? like he does it with his hands.
ANONYMOUS 1 (16 days ago)
Good canadian content 👍🏼
hadi F. (16 days ago)
at 0:59 when you watch closely you can see the cut. its all fake. i like electroboom but once you see the fake you cant go back.. unsubbed
nelmo blackelmo (16 days ago)
What if someone uses that knowledge to build a safe elevator because in Alaska Anchorage whare I live we had a recent earthquake and if the elevator broke that can safely lower the elevator so no one gets hurt
Just use a long copper coil instead of a copper pipe
Brodie Kilfoyle (17 days ago)
How come I learn so much from this
Procker Dark (17 days ago)
you are not just a great electrician, you are a great physician and a great teacher
John Obmar (18 days ago)
Who is Eddy Current?
Owen Digity (18 days ago)
Why did I have to search for this channel, when I'm already subscribed to codys lab and Mark robers? I think you are getting screwed.
abdurrahman mohamed (18 days ago)
Pls answer electroboom🙏
abdurrahman mohamed (18 days ago)
I still don't get it what is the difference between eddy currunt and a common current ?
stefan ion (18 days ago)
Is this possible? https://www.facebook.com/groups/785607581568416/permalink/2008394059289756/?sfnsn=mo
Šega (18 days ago)
Thanks for recording that video for 12h straight, look at the watch @ start of the video and @ the end :)
sem peralta (19 days ago)
your breaker didn't trip probably because you may have inverse time breakers in your home. Inverse time tripping is a characteristic of circuit breakers in which the breaker trips in more time with lower overcurrent, and less time with higher overcurrent.
Adam Miller (19 days ago)
so can you super chill the aluminium tube to hold a magnetic object or will that not reach the needed values?
giorgietto zardi (19 days ago)
ehi @ElectroBOOM i've worked in an industry making electric motors,the metal layers are not attacched together with glue,when they make and cut it with big machines they make some like holes named buttons that hold all together,and some old ones is still with soldering
Addis Williams (19 days ago)
8:46 My brain exploded. There’s gray matter everywhere!
MSF gaming and tech (20 days ago)
I fall asleep while studying physics but not at his videos
Being HIFI (21 days ago)
People who have physics phobia or hatred should try watching your video. It will give them interest in subject for sure. Your content is mind blowing.
bloody Scarlet-Uchiha (9 days ago)
No its outlet blowing
Benjamin Wang (21 days ago)
omg 10:26 that wicked/ wizard of Oz reference
Ayush Saxena (21 days ago)
You are doing great work sir...huge fan of you..you made electrical engineering such a fun🙏
My Secret Account (21 days ago)
0:36 Shit, do you not like your crotch, or are you a David Bowie fan?
Coby Lowe (22 days ago)
Aluminum is not attracted to a magnet and that is why NOTHING HAPPENS
Kai Duquet (22 days ago)
Have you watched the entire video? Plus that has nothing to do with the magnetization of aluminum.
Lucas Negrete Negrete (22 days ago)
2:02 ಠ_ಠ
Chris Duston (23 days ago)
I'd love to see the ElectroBOOM version of demonstrations in superconductor magnetic fields / quantum locking!
WYOGarage (23 days ago)
I like how everytime hes about to explain something, he starts with " as you know" even though most of us dont even have the slightest clue what he is talking about.
TBNRFRAGS 3 (24 days ago)
I haven't laughed so hard in years
Jayden Yang (24 days ago)
At 4:37, did anyone notice the coil was used in one of ElectroCUTE's video when she was making an electronic magnet?
Tamojit Midya (25 days ago)
You can be hell of a Teacher. Please keep enlightening us..
MK73DS (26 days ago)
Who's that Eddy ? In France it's called "Courant de Foucault" because it was discovered by him (Léon Foucault) !
jrtroglodita (2 days ago)
Same in Spain.
Alessandro Celoria (3 days ago)
Same in Italy - also known as parasite currents (correnti parassite)
Same in Russia
Steven Hernandez (26 days ago)
I probably would have had better grades if every teacher was as interesting as electroboom
brurhh (6 days ago)
YoU wOuLd HaVe bEtTer GrAdEs iF yOu uSed aUdiBLe.cOm/eLeCTrobOoM
Kanshel Myles-Lopez (27 days ago)
😂😂🤣🤣🤣🌷⚘🌻🍁..learn learned
Sneaky Brony Wolf (27 days ago)
That is fantastic lol
Sneaky Brony Wolf (27 days ago)
Sneaky Brony Wolf (27 days ago)
Aluminum is non magnet
十一 (28 days ago)
Why would iron which has higher resistance generate more heat? Wouldn't it be lower as there would be less current flowing?? I know nichrome wire generates lots of heat but why?
Cameron Simison (28 days ago)
1:00 you dunce lol
Benjamin Rojo (29 days ago)
And thats why 0/0 = infinite ;-)
Luigi Vercotti (29 days ago)
nope, sorry
GoldenFox (29 days ago)
Id think copper foil would work with your copper pipe
Kyth Dashian (1 month ago)
Val Peter (1 month ago)
you are awesome.
Javier Leon Enriquez (1 month ago)
maybe aluminium is too thin
Javier Leon Enriquez (1 month ago)
i knew it hahahahaha
XyZed1000 (1 month ago)
The only youtuber I've seen who's sponsored bits are entertaining.
jim halcom (1 month ago)
there are others but not many
Omar Sabra (1 month ago)
I've been studying eddy current, transformers, Faraday's and Lenz's laws, AC and DC currents and there were always missed parts now I get it completely clear really thanx for such awesome linking video!!!!!
jim halcom (1 month ago)
he does a very thourough job of explaining
Phoenix Marzrover (1 month ago)
Welding the core plates together only to prevent unwanted noise from core plates becoming unlaminated and vibrating.. more likely in kitchen appliances to keep them from making noise ..old high intensity discharge lamps like in a warehouse have a distinct buzzing sound from this very thing..
Sanjivan Pal (1 month ago)
But how does an aluminium foil around paper roll pipe create copper roll pipe ??? 😁😁
Sanjivan Pal (1 month ago)
+jim halcom i got that bro.. was just messing around..
jim halcom (1 month ago)
I think he means in comparison, it reacts LIKE a copper pipe
LittleLion (1 month ago)
0:12 "...but I don't care about fluid dynamics" I call bullshit.
Hayden Birch (1 month ago)
Anyone notice the lighter on the table when the coil caught fire?
jim halcom (1 month ago)
no... but good point
NoZone _ (1 month ago)
What is the thing called that is a solar panel powering a led that is connected to the solar panel? Was it some sort of force or energy?
jim halcom (28 days ago)
I believe it is called a rectalfire
Chuckiele (1 month ago)
I guess your breaker didnt break because the transformer took huge amounts of current but barely any power because of the horrific power factor? Would be a bad breaker though, if it worked like that.
Chuckiele (1 month ago)
+jim halcom Well yeah, but that slow at that huge current?
jim halcom (1 month ago)
breakers are designed to delay so that the high torque and starting current of most power saws and heavy tools can start up without tripping the breakers. so that is completely normal Because of the delay of breakers it is nessesary to put fast blo fuses close to the electronic equipment
Joshua Walker (1 month ago)
I download all of my Audible books using ExpressVPN ;)
Joshua Walker (28 days ago)
+jim halcom I was making a joke using his two main sponsors
jim halcom (28 days ago)
I quit Audible when they ran out of books I was interested in
PewDiepie jw (1 month ago)
Always exposes Diamond scare me no more because they are scared me out of my mind
Hafize Yavuz (1 month ago)
This Man Is A Electronic Creator
jim halcom (1 month ago)
and entertaining as well
Bernard C.G (1 month ago)
Awesome video. But I'm not sure why that i have some tough times understanding you😅
Team Dank Memes (1 month ago)
1:00 look at the clock carefully. Omg every time he gets shocked time goes 10 to 15 secs forward. He is an engineer and a magician!
jim halcom (1 month ago)
I think that is his recovery time from the electrocusion and medical treatment
Malc Tulloch (1 month ago)
I fell off of my chair laughing, you are a very clever lad, thank you for posting.
sds123faf (1 month ago)
“Weeeeeeeeee” -Sir Magnet
Jakecaz (1 month ago)
Mr Brown Jack (1 month ago)
Try to put lots of foil on the tube like 5 pack's and might take a long time to go down
Eduardo Sosa (1 month ago)
5:50, 6:01 36 Amps HOLLY SH**
Mohsen Kazemi (1 month ago)
Beautiful, useful and funny video. Thank you Hamdaneshkadeh ee!
Galactic llama (1 month ago)
WowWee xD
Ce3nt307 (1 month ago)
You can’t divide by zero, people.
jim halcom (1 month ago)
that must be why he got zero volts?
7:06 the magnet never came out?
Verboss Sounds (1 month ago)
If you use an roll of foil it will slow down
SACIK 35 (1 month ago)
its fake..
타요Tayo (1 month ago)
I keep telling my science teacher to play your videos in class
jim halcom (1 month ago)
he wont cause it would keep the class laughing for days
Raska The Slaanesh (1 month ago)
am i the only one watching the clock change ?

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