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Ninja Scroll Animation Movies For Kids

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Animation Movies
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Inspector Opus (4 months ago)
Not for kids! Good movie but NOT for kids! This is for Adult!
Amadeuz Tarantino (4 months ago)
Hay que lindo hijo de puta
BIGPoJo (4 months ago)
Rented this on DirecTV when I was 13 or so. This movie has zero chill.
asdhgfdie2 (4 months ago)
I'm not satisfied!!! In time someone will visit you and say THX for such dishonorable presentation YOU SCUM! The same is to pray a Xenos in church for a life with no problems ! AND NOT TO USE YOUR BRAIN TO PROTECT THIS PLANET! SCUMM!!!!! Good for us that VATICAN is A CHILD FCKKKERS Community!!! Sooon VERY Soon the Cercel will make another ROUND. ;)
Philp Yung (4 months ago)
I had to turn it off when the ninja girl pulled her headband off and gave it to him. I am rewriting the story in my head and SHE LIVES. I can finish the script myself. I don't want to see her die.
Kevin Smith (5 months ago)
You could at least move the camera closer to the TV, but thanks so much for the upload.
yo Nismo (5 months ago)
lmao that title tho...no chill
TheGothprincess2 (5 months ago)
How is this a kids movies ?
Palidor19 (5 months ago)
“For kids”? Not a chance. BUT Ninja Scroll is a Fucking ANIME MASTERPIECE. Worthy of standing next to Akira and ghost in the shell.
David Murphy (6 months ago)
lol nice. For the morons with the trolling comments. 1. This is one of the most well known Anime in history. The title is a joke. 2. You really should know what you're showing your kids. If you watch the first five minutes and it's all rainbows, flowers, and sunshine then leave that does nothing to prevent your kid from seeing the buttfucking scenes they are bombarded with for the next 2 hours of a dirty movie. It's your responsibility to raise your child, not technology's. It's your fault they are fucked up if you plop your kid down in front of a tv without knowing what will be seeping into their head. People start dying in this movie within the first 5 minutes. There is no excuse.
Tony Linh (6 months ago)
click bait..!
GokuInfintysaiyan (6 months ago)
Tony Linh How? It's the movie
Guillaume Galienne (6 months ago)
"for kids"
Google user (6 months ago)
That moment u hurt ur sibling nd u say u just touched him This is the reason y I don't watch anime
Nicholas Richard (6 months ago)
Many blessings for the invite into ur home......cozy watching jubei get down here
youngtone93230 (6 months ago)
Not even. Please moms & dads this in no way is a dam kids anime! Rated r and x jesus christ. Ninja Scroll!
Jolly Sanket (6 months ago)
Fuck this
Obi Ade (6 months ago)
Lol thiiiiiis is not for kids dude 😂😂😂😂 That's like calling the exorcist a child's comedy...
CynicallyObnoxious (4 months ago)
Let Jesus fuck you. Was legit hilarious
FeedTheTeethMachine (4 months ago)
No shit you fucking idiot
kennith young (6 months ago)
Static electricity . looplabs online.
kennith young (6 months ago)
Ping pong remix.looplabs online.
Megazero 61 (6 months ago)
Troll Imao
Alan CE (7 months ago)
CUZ LIGHTYEAR (7 months ago)
Best kids movie ever. Right next to Cannibal holocaust.
John Paul (7 months ago)
I feel like i should flag thins because of that title xD But im not going to
Rick Miles (7 months ago)
So not for kids... Rtfol
NEVEN MATIC (5 months ago)
Naruto itd beterr butt this is ordinary
NEVEN MATIC (5 months ago)
Werry good butt i be beterr. I LOVE ANOTHER NINJA anime.
human bean (7 months ago)
The title is adorable
dylan nelson (7 months ago)
sorry but the movie is old asf just have it normal ur fucks
Rosco P. Coltrane (9 months ago)
Either the uploader is trolling or they're stuck deep with the "animation age ghetto".
asdhgfdie2 (1 year ago)
Takua (1 year ago)
what sick basrard would pretend ninja scroll is a kids movie
Joe Popo (5 months ago)
I'll watch it if I was still a kid over 8
Megatron_ _2000 (5 months ago)
Takua an ignorant twat who didn't bother to know what he's uploaded
Mute Sasafras (5 months ago)
I think he want to troll some parents
Charlie Blackout (7 months ago)
Copyright reasons
Richard HART (7 months ago)
Takua right

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