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Braided Bun Updo! Prom 2013 Hair Tutorial + VOTE in the Prom Style Stars Contest

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Vote for your favorite prom style or beauty tip to help someone's Prom Dream come true! Vote once per day through March 10th in the Prom Style Stars Contest! http://bit.ly/PromStyleStar Facebook! :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Diamondsandheels14/221566097874085?fref=ts Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/SincerelyCass11 Cassandra Bankson Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cassandra-Bankson/214919915187678 Tumblr http://diamondsandheels14.tumblr.com/ Pintrest http://pinterest.com/sincerelycass11/ Google Plus https://plus.google.com/u/0/113295008610783049759/posts Instagram: Diamondsandheels14 http://web.stagram.com/n/diamondsandheels14/ Subscribe - Personal Channel! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_848298&src_vid=ex33wtqnNz8&add_user=callhercass
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Text Comments (58)
Jayda Human (5 years ago)
where did u get it?!?!?! xhayleyann
Jayda Human (5 years ago)
I seriously LOVE that orange dress!
Hayley (6 years ago)
that orange dress right behind her is the prom dress i got for this year!!!
ANGEL (6 years ago)
Hi. I'm Ariel.. I'm not your average guru.. I do not have a $800 camera (tho I have HD).. I do not have a Mac Book .. I do not have a bunch a high-end makeup.. I do not have a lot of money and get to go shopping for designer clothes.. I do not get to go to starbucks everyday for coffee.. I do not get to be home schooled.. But that is because I'm just your average 14 year old girl that's easy for other teens to relate to.. I hate to spam, but I just want people to know I EXIST! Give me a chance?
Sandra S (6 years ago)
Cute bun :D Please Vote for my video!!:) Thank you
sara (6 years ago)
Omg you replied! I just wanted to say that I also struggle with a little bit of acne, and I see you as an inspiration, your videos are so helpful and honest, I love your personality, you are so beautiful, and my favourite here on Youtube :) Keep up the good work! <3 / Sara
Jessica Abdmessih (6 years ago)
U should wear your in hair in a side braid in one of your videos!! :) it would look gorgeous!
llamaman25 (6 years ago)
Great arms!!
555H333 (6 years ago)
Your makeup looks so much better;)
Amal Majid (6 years ago)
Cassandra, could you do an updated skin care, foundation routine? :) Thank you so much!
jadeoflite (6 years ago)
Man your hair is so well-behave :o Mine wouldn't do that even if I tried but it looks really nice! I'm hoping to see more tutorials and acne update!
London Lyle (6 years ago)
You. Are. Absolutely. Stunning. I love your videos so much! They're really helpful and I love your personality. If you would reply to this, it would literally mean the WORLD to me. You're my idol :) Thumbs up so she can see? Please? Even her just seeing it would be amazing. <3
Katya Canedo (6 years ago)
If there was a bun on the other side it would look like a modern princess leia look. (: From the side that's what it looked like to me. Very pretty (:
Ritika Gupta (6 years ago)
Any Day will be fine..;) we all would love an acne update..:D
Juliet Janklow (6 years ago)
Love your makeup in this vid!!!
Reanne Bouvier (6 years ago)
Very unique and creative! I love it and you! So so beautiful <3 you're always so happy and make me happy as well! Your happiness is contagious ;)
kaypluslee (6 years ago)
Can u do a video where u show us the dresses u have and style them almost like ootn but not an outfit ur actually wearing just to give us some ideas! Thanks I love You btw
Reevesy (6 years ago)
Well then don't wear it and keep your negativity to yourself
Reevesy (6 years ago)
Really lovely, simple tutorial :)
Reevesy (6 years ago)
Avianka16 (6 years ago)
Ur hair always looks so dirty :(
Claudia Dayana (6 years ago)
Can you pleeaasssseee make a video of you trying on the dresses? :)
Juliana B. (6 years ago)
She sure has a lot of dresses, kinda jealous ;)
adelightfuldilemma (6 years ago)
Absolutely LOVED the video! I recently made a video on a DIY matte top coat, so if you’re interested, it’d be amazing if you could check it out and subscribe if you enjoy watching :) xo, Delaram
dianadee143 (6 years ago)
Naked 2 :)
Crystal Snow's Joonbug (6 years ago)
Love you.. The look
lexie breeze (6 years ago)
Do a whats in your shower
lexie breeze (6 years ago)
Do a room tour please!!!
Mariam and Makeup (6 years ago)
cassie, can you please try on that yellow one on the right? please, i can just tell that it will look beautiful!
toniaaaaaaaaa (6 years ago)
I love this style. The makeup is beautiful too xx
sheenkay khan (6 years ago)
you talk a lot!
Giulia S (6 years ago)
i love your smile
Kelsey Reynolds (6 years ago)
did she make one cuz i went to the website and it said she didnt?!???
Kelsey Reynolds (6 years ago)
how old is she?
ili lamita (6 years ago)
it looks terrible am seriousssss
Eimear Reilly (6 years ago)
Love you cass but I hate this hairstyle
HealthAndLooks (6 years ago)
Oh yes please!
HealthAndLooks (6 years ago)
Oooo I entered! Wanna vote for me???? David's Bridal Prom Night: Info, Fashion, Safety ect. Crystal L. VOTE FOR ME PLEASE!!! lol =} Copy and past this to your browser taking the spaces out between the "." and "com" davidsbridal. com/promstylestars?promid=videoid52
Mirage507 (6 years ago)
Acne update!!
TheAnalisa07 (6 years ago)
15th bitchez :)
krystal (6 years ago)
Hey everyone please vote for krystal v. It would be amazing if you can do so3 it would mean the world to me,thanks lovely people.
sara caputo (6 years ago)
i love you cass! you're my sun in my cloudy days ;)
Purpl3Wish (6 years ago)
cass why don't you get a new hair cut? :)
Fatima Guled (6 years ago)
I think you should do a video on something a bit harder to do(a louder style) such as paloma faith her songs 'picking up the pieces' and 'never tear us apart'.
HeythatsSylvia (6 years ago)
Can you do a video on milia? I have it but know nothing about it and it´s really hard to het rid of! Please. I love this hairtutorial!
Kath (6 years ago)
Wednesday would be great :)
ccpr15 (6 years ago)
Love it
Madison Shedrawy (6 years ago)
Your amazing cass.❤
Marjolein v D (6 years ago)
I think it is pretty, but I think I prefer your hair with a few pieces framing your face instead of so slick back hair. But still, it is a very pretty hairdo!
ApplelbbA (6 years ago)
Do more videos please :D I love love love your videos :)
IWillBeBlessed (6 years ago)
wednesdaaayyyyyyy !!! <3 :D
Rose Houglet (6 years ago)
HEY!!! :) x
cookiegertyHQ97 (6 years ago)
do more skin vids like masks and your new skincare routine :) love you ,xoox
Cassandra Bankson (6 years ago)
Yes love! How about wed or Thursday? :)
sara (6 years ago)
Can you do an acne update? Love you Cass. <3
hellokittiesbow pink (6 years ago)
Please do an acne update! Your skin looks great!
Rebecca Wiebe (6 years ago)
pretty :)

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