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Indiana's Women Behind Bars - Part 2 (Female Prison Documentary) - Real Stories

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Sir Trevor McDonald meets more inmates inside two of Indiana's most dangerous women's prisons. Among them are Dawn Hopkins, who was sentenced to life for murdering her three-month-old son, and Sarah `Cindy' White, who was incarcerated as a teenager and will spend the rest of her life behind bars. The veteran broadcaster also hears the remarkable story of Linda Darby who, after escaping from jail in 1972, spent the next 35 years on the run - before the law finally caught up with her. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu Follow us on Twitter for more - https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Content licensed from ITV Global. Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Produced by ITV Studios
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Text Comments (3125)
Judy Sanchez (6 minutes ago)
How can they keep fm prisioners 23 hrs in a loock out and then pregnant . Thus in humane. No air or sun .
marumie me (1 hour ago)
That baby killer should be sentenced to death instead of being released 🙄. Once she let out, she will do it again.
Texas Trucks 956 (9 hours ago)
Anyone who takes the life of a child should be put down like an animal
Kristin sofie Gundersen (12 hours ago)
Bless you cindy, my heart bleeds for that woman 😞
Mark Kinnard (1 day ago)
Those ping pong skills at 17:10 are criminal.
Gypsyraingoddess (2 days ago)
It's crazy how the child murder got 15 yrs, and Sara from the last episode, got 100 yrs, for purchasing a gun for her ex, that ended up killing 2 people. I bet she didn't take a plea, and took her chances going to trial. I would of just took a plea. I coulden't imagine how hard that would be. It makes me realize how blessed I am, after watching these shows.
Angelo Castilo (2 days ago)
Why people r like that they pay for there crime only god can judge her. O anybody else. Life brings surprises we here today an tomorrow we simply dont know
Jesse Bookout (2 days ago)
Dawn needs life... How can you take a kids life, your own kids at that.
Soul Maldonado (3 days ago)
She kills her baby and still gets released?! Wtf?!
Tee Khing Hua (3 days ago)
When the prisoners in USA are healthier than the citizens of North Korea.
ms rose (4 days ago)
A riveting documentary. Sad, remorseful, a hard truth about the human condition. It's easy to shun people after a judge and jury have, easy to forget there were lives before the dreadful moment. Ty for this!
Thomas Wilson (4 days ago)
Baby killer should have gotten death... surprised she lived.
Miami BONE (4 days ago)
Spirit Animal (4 days ago)
that mother is clearly insane. omg I cant process this
Heidi Timmons (5 days ago)
baby killer gets 16 years? I was watching another prison documentary where a women received 30 years for possession of drugs. but baby killer gets 16 years. so twisted and makes NO sense.
Bence Berszan (6 days ago)
1:43 Stewie would approve
Jenna S (7 days ago)
It’s a shame that the baby killer didn’t succeed when she tried to kill herself! The justice system makes me sick anymore! How are you going to let a killer back into society?!
Kyla Catunto (9 days ago)
When he began rooting 😭 and used his thumb 😭✌
Mark Camara (9 days ago)
The woman who spend 38 years already , set her free , free her , free her . God forgive her so america you can forgive her , bless
jpalm32 (9 days ago)
Why are they allow to get obese but not smoke. Same health risk
Kgaitsewe Mofolo (9 days ago)
Wow she is pregnant
TheJacksnipe (9 days ago)
25:50: The worst thing when you are in jail is you have to eat this unsubstantial american bread!
TheJacksnipe (9 days ago)
17:26: She really had so much time to improve her table tennis skills.
EvoXXX Bih (10 days ago)
Baby killer is sick she should never be released wtf
Let the old b**** out and keep that baby killer in prison what the f*** is going on
The one with the shortest DOC number
Also the baby killing b**** is way too happy she should be in prison for the rest of her life
king clone (12 days ago)
Daaaaammmmmm she killed 6 ppl..no wonder she's not going home
Carolyn Benjamin (12 days ago)
The most polite caring man very good doc
sharri (12 days ago)
Sir Trevor McDonald has always been such a gent, and fantastic journalist. I can see why he was knighted.
sharri (12 days ago)
I remember the story of the lady who set fire to the couples home. It was really sad. I watched her documentary and she was a troubled young girl trying to excape her circumstances and did a desperate thing that ended really badly.
Martina 2008 (12 days ago)
So a woman had her kids taken away then murdered her baby only is getting out after 16 years and yet a woman who was only 16 that was trying to escape an abusive family set a fire and tried to get everyone out gets life? That makes no sense. At 16 I know I didn't always make good choices heck I was still making mistakes at 25. I don't feel bad for them but I think it's wrong to let out one who has a history of abuse and keep one who made a mistake as a child. Yes child as your not classed as an adult till 18. Something has got to change especially when a grown as woman kills her baby and gets to walk out that door.
Pablo Atenas (13 days ago)
If she had done it just a few months before it would have been legal. the same deed a few months later is the worst. How can abortion be legal? it is the worst lie of all that society has convinced women to kill there own babies, so they don´t have to deal with over population.
Chicanita Echeverria (13 days ago)
Baby Killer is pure EVIL
Pablo Atenas (13 days ago)
Abortion. Women do that free will. So yes, woman do it and legally, hurt and kill there babies. So sad, so true.
Sadie M (13 days ago)
I know from personal experience that segregation is literal, actual torture. Though I have not been to prison, I was once punished for opening up about suicidal thoughts at a psych hospital. This 48 hour punishment (which, of course, was not described as punishment) consisted of: No access to the outdoors (I would not have been able to run away so this universal rule is bs), confinement to only 1 part of the "ward", not being allowed to interact with other patients, not being allowed to interact with the staff unless it was deemed 100% necessary, not being allowed to attend THERAPY groups (which, of course, are considered the most effective type of therapy in that kind of psych hospital), having to wear truly boiling hot paper scrubs, access to only 1 book, and access to only 1 hour of TV. These 48 hours have left me with permanent scars. I shudder to think of having even MORE restrictions for an even LONGER amount of time. Solitary confinement should be illegal in any place that might use it (prison and psychiatric hospitals being examples).
Matthew McMillian (13 days ago)
A child is dead because of her action. A life for a life. No exceptions. Eye for an eye - if this was the way of life would be wasting tax payers dollars to house criminals.
B Mandel (13 days ago)
I've seen full-length documentaries on 3 of these women and their crimes. It was really interesting to hear what they had to say after all this time, see where they are held in custody, what's currently in their minds. Thanks for posting!
whatsup (14 days ago)
42:49 "wow...that's a.... terrible moment..." LOLOL
Matthew McMillian (14 days ago)
Whoever lets the baby killer out needs to be in jail or dead.
Shelby Register RN (14 days ago)
Love this guys voice.
Bruno Oliveira (14 days ago)
how is it possible that demon with glasses that killed her own child are going out? really indiana?
Jessica Taulbee (15 days ago)
They may inproved but before most of them dont care
Jessica Taulbee (15 days ago)
What about the women who have had children who had died because of their lake of care?
Jessica Taulbee (15 days ago)
jeff pallaro (15 days ago)
They don't have a night walk in prison for men
Melanie martinez (15 days ago)
I was hopping to find some sexy lesbian like ruby rose
Robert Ryan (15 days ago)
No dumb you take life for granted....how this monster is getting out is beyond me
Captain Crunch (15 days ago)
35 yrs without even a parking ticket. Just let O’l Linda stay with her family
Syeda Lamia (16 days ago)
If I ever go to jail I will never wear that uniform
Goddess Jen (16 days ago)
And another thing the girl who killed her kid she’s smiling when she’s telling her story. And she didn’t just snap, her two older kids were abused by her and taken away. Then she abused her 3 month old and killed him! She doesn’t deserve to get out. She doesn’t seem remorseful at all. She’s smiling through the entire story!
Noey Tindol (17 days ago)
Cindy's sentence should be reconsidered if she'll telling the truth.
Nora G (17 days ago)
That’s insane. My father was born in 1975. That woman has been locked up for as long as my dad has been alive. He is 44 years old.
FIGJAM (18 days ago)
I_Am - Punky (18 days ago)
Petition for Cindy White https://www.thepetitionsite.com/519/373/599/free-sarah-cindy-white/
JazzyGirl 2012 (18 days ago)
I watched my first prison documentary with Trevor on the men’s prison, and at first I thought he was a little awkward. But the more I watch him, the more I think he is the most respectful interviewer I have ever seen. He never talks over anyone. He waits for them to finish. He’s respectful. His voice could read a phone book and I’d listen intently. This guy is awesome. He needs to teach the interviewers we do have a few lessons on actually listening to people. And the fact that he doesn’t judge. I like that. He talks to them like normal people.
commenter (18 days ago)
bad documentary. let's have the victims' points of view. who trusts criminals and what they say? they are liars murderers thieves. corporal and capital punishment is absolutely needed to foster deterrence. Where's  sorrow for the victims?
Hajar Renate Midbrød (19 days ago)
That 22 year old who has a 7 year old daughter WTF ??? so she got pregnant at basically 14 .-(((( The more I watch of these documentaries the harder it becomes to actually view these creatures as Human ..... needing a police escort when walking your child because prisoners might sexually abuse or otherwise harm the child is just ... mind blowing .. these are not humans any more , but then again its hard to refer to them as animals as I actually see that as an insult to animals .... there is no soul in these criminals .. the lights are on but no one is home .... And the woman who killed her son .... "remorse for taking somebody`s Life " LADY THAT WAS YOUR OWN SON !!!! you killed your son .. not somebody FROM YOUR BODY !!!! seriously hope she does not get released , it says a lot when she does not acknowledge that the life she took was her own child and she just calls it a somebody ....and she has a PHILOSOPHY DEGREE ????? !!!!!!
Hajar Renate Midbrød (19 days ago)
I have never heard such a blatant disregard for the crime committed than that woman describing shooting someone in the face as " the bullet came in close contact with the eye " I mean WTF .... the bullet blew out his eye !!!! jeeez she has ZERO remorse or understanding of what she has done at all .... and the other one " ooops mommy made a big mistake " honey you made a series of huge freakin mistakes and as a consequence probably ruined your child ....
Lieke Moes (19 days ago)
Here's a petition I found online for the people who want to see Cindy out of prison: https://www.thepetitionsite.com/nl-nl/519/373/599/free-sarah-cindy-white/
sıla şahin (19 days ago)
how old was she when she had kids?? 14.30
dennis kirimi (19 days ago)
dang, 38 years.... 6 people dead...
Gun Smoke (20 days ago)
Damn this guy is good at this
james99953 (20 days ago)
Was the kid called satan
TheWoollis (21 days ago)
The prison looks a lot better than a lot of schools in the USA , somebody is making a lot of money out of these prisons
Loe Siff (21 days ago)
Online it says Cindy was 18 when she committed her crimes. Does she say 16 to sound more innocent and young? Also it says they found love letters between her and the man she killed along with pornograpic photos of Cindy. And her real name is Sarah Isabelle White.
Loe Siff (21 days ago)
Also she was the family’s babysitter but claimed they were her guardians. I feel like she twisted this story in her favor in more ways than one.
JaieWall (21 days ago)
We just gonna act like the baby killer doesn’t need to be beat to death. I would like to give get shaken adult syndrome. Wolf in sheeps clothing.
kira sussane (22 days ago)
I don't believe the woman that say she killed her baby cuz of postpartum depression cuz she had already abused and lost his first two kids.
WARNING (22 days ago)
But that was it! Indiana Prison locatorinmate.com/indiana-prison-inmate-search
Heavenly Thoughts (22 days ago)
16 minutes ....I hope she doesn't get to see her kids
Patty’s Daughter (22 days ago)
Wow the young lady talking about her shooting a man in the face is actually smiling. Maybe as time goes on, she will be able to talk about without smiling.
Ally S. (23 days ago)
That woman who killed her son, smh. How could she only get 16 years!? She also abused her 2 other children. I do not feel sorry for her, she is a monster!
T.M. Will (23 days ago)
I roll my eyes at post partum depression. The only ones I have sympathy for are the kids who are stuck with those mothers. When you make the choice to have a child, life is not about you anymore. Deal with it or don't have them.
Gelila Eyasu (23 days ago)
Suleman Joosab (25 days ago)
Is trevor related to McDonald's?
Perkins S (25 days ago)
I'm in awe with Mr McDonald,there's no interviewers like him anymore,he's so respectful and professional that they're willing to answer even the toughest questions...😳
Justin Gibson (26 days ago)
Not fare they get to keep their kid but I'm free an doing good but dcfs took my kid
Justin Gibson (23 days ago)
@R. Coffman my child mother is the reason our daughter was taken I was sober not a danger did everything the court said the system is crooked money talks end of story
R. Coffman (23 days ago)
If they took them, it had to be pretty bad... I never had to deal with DCFS, my daughter is 17. Stay drug free, Clean your house, feed your children, and do not mentally or physically abuse them..then you will never have the courts managing your life.
FonchCakes (26 days ago)
Free Cindy bro
Tracy Willoughby (26 days ago)
Dawn Hopkins son would be the same age as my son whose 18 and will graduate high school tomorrow. He will go to college in the fall. She took whatever he could have been away. If she had 2 taken away for abuse how was she able to keep him
Maria Matsumura (26 days ago)
Wait....baby killer ... will go out But abused 16 years old still in prison .... She hurt her children and killed the third one ..she if crazy she doesn’t deserve any second chances.... I am sorry but ,,,so insane ...it is just insane
Tsega Berhane (26 days ago)
Jesus Loves you
Tsega Berhane (26 days ago)
Praying for all
Tierra Scott (27 days ago)
Wow women prison is much cleaner and calmer and they get better privileges
Blkchevy98 (27 days ago)
The woman who was in since 16: Does this sound wrong to anyone else? Her intent was not to kill. Also, back then victims were not really helped; they were looked upon as guilty regardless. Why hasn't another lawyer/s reopen this & get this woman back home where she belongs?
Blkchevy98 (27 days ago)
How much crack did Ms. Boyd do while pregnant? Damn girls
Rudy Valdez (27 days ago)
Cindy you need to try it one more time plz #getcindyout
Seeret Jafri Peerzadi (27 days ago)
Is it me or does the first woman in the video resemble Sally Field?
Silence Roovland (28 days ago)
In Scandinavia, prisons are mostly about rebuilding people into actually becoming something better than they were before they got caught. In the United States, prisons are all about destroying and bringing out the worst from everyone. Even the most innocent man or woman would be a criminal after living a year in an American prison.
ed4 all (28 days ago)
Just 16 yrs for a baby abuser and killer.....whats wrong with the system. She should have been sent to death row at the least
Harlan Harvey (29 days ago)
3:55 it really sounds like she actually has a very stable mood.... mad and angry.
Harlan Harvey (29 days ago)
You can only stab someone to death once..🤔... just saying
Ted James (29 days ago)
Why do the women in Sir Trevor McDonalds interviews laugh??!!🤔
Taffy Kins (29 days ago)
Ted James It's a coping mechanism. 🙂
The Man Who Laugh (29 days ago)
Abused,killed the abuser and family, gets prisoned for life. Oh, America...
Katerina Fondi (29 days ago)
Let the women whos been there 38 years out....
linda swift (29 days ago)
How can they release that child abuser/ child killer, when the lady who was there from age 16 just made a terrible mistake. I really don't understand that American sense of justice.
Randi Evans (1 month ago)
I dont believe the cindy lady
It's Very Phatic Scenario... Better To Watch /Show This Type Programme To Every Community. How The Inmate/ Offender's Are Thinking / hoping About Their Past/ Present & Future...... And What they Correction Now Than before!
Anthony Kernich (1 month ago)
Trevor Mac should go visit San Quentin
TemperChain X (1 month ago)
The woman who as been in there for 38 years get her out of there I bet she can make a mean batch or church cookies she is a great woman has a great heart and I hope she can be freed god bless her
G VB (1 month ago)
heads up to Sir Trevor McDonald who's reveling a lot of real thruth
TableSalt Studio (1 month ago)
Can Someone Please Tell Me The Name Of The Ending Tune
TableSalt Studio (1 month ago)
The Way This Video Ended....

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