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Women Behind Bars: Indiana State Prison | Part 2 (Female Prison Documentary) - Real Stories

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Sir Trevor McDonald meets more inmates inside two of Indiana's most dangerous women's prisons. Among them are Dawn Hopkins, who was sentenced to life for murdering her three-month-old son, and Sarah `Cindy' White, who was incarcerated as a teenager and will spend the rest of her life behind bars. The veteran broadcaster also hears the remarkable story of Linda Darby who, after escaping from jail in 1972, spent the next 35 years on the run - before the law finally caught up with her. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu Follow us on Twitter for more - https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Content licensed from ITV Global. Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Produced by ITV Studios
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Text Comments (2821)
Juliana andri (1 day ago)
There is so much P a i n in the world...................
Amanda Rose (2 days ago)
I hope someone gets that child killer out on the streets. Her face gets to me. She's a serpent.
althea bird (1 day ago)
get her on the streets?
althea bird (1 day ago)
Amanda Rose (2 days ago)
The lady who's been in there 35years, they prob keep here there because she keeps ppl tgtha in there, also I wouldn't be surprised the person who was abusing her are connected to some sort of ring of pedos & or have connected power in the system & they want her kept there. Dirty System.
Amanda Rose (2 days ago)
The 5 yr old daughter of the pregnant mother in the first 5mins will spend the rest of her life acting as a mother to her mother too I can tell you .
Firdaus Masoud (2 days ago)
This interviewer, had he talked to them before they committed the crimes, I bet they wouldn't have committed them. He is so kind, cool an calm. And approachable and understanding.
lisa Deav. (2 days ago)
I don't understand the one wearing glasses she obviously is in the right place and I pray to God they never let her out
Samuel Obeng Boamah (2 days ago)
Is it something with the women prisoners that they all have horrible teeth ?
althea bird (1 day ago)
its hard to get into the dentist with extreme overcrowding
Anne Pascoe (4 days ago)
Those dear precious babies
Pierson Ellis (7 days ago)
Sarah Cindy White is a sad life story and I can’t imagine what she has been through but even in her circumstances she could of gotten out of there without having to set the house on fire. Police would have to investigate if she came forward and told them what was happening to her in that home. She also could of left any night when they were asleep. If she was in the situation that she claims any place would of been better. Even the streets. She had options besides starting a fire. Any way you look at it she killed 6 people. intentional or not she’s guilty of the crime
M Watts (7 days ago)
Linda Darby, the third lady, never admitted to killing her husband, but she is guilty as sin. Watch other videos. She is very guilty. M, il.
Larry Jr. (7 days ago)
The baby killer seems to have mapped out her life after release
ICKON Beauty (8 days ago)
Post paturm depression is real, but when it meets a psychopath it becomes deadly.
the story of the oldest women with the fire is sad. life in prison undeserved imo
suzawilo (14 days ago)
So sad that not everyone gets a fair deal at this once in a lifetime thing called life😞
Kindly Jessica (15 days ago)
Wishing each and every one of those women love. It was brave to be shown in this documentary.
Kelley Taylor (17 days ago)
That DISGUSTING PROSECUTER! THe lady that started the fire deserves to be in jail...since the age of 16?? But you are letting a lady that killed her own BABY out????
Clara K. Mallah (17 days ago)
This baby killer isn't healed, she needs to stay in prison.
Clara K. Mallah (17 days ago)
She sets people's home on fire and thinks it's a joke?? I don't feel for her.
althea bird (1 day ago)
i didnt think she thought it was a joke..
Clara K. Mallah (17 days ago)
The most secretive people on earth are women! She kept this for 35 years!!
Clara K. Mallah (17 days ago)
I see why she's had spent all these years in prison. She murdered six people!
Clara K. Mallah (17 days ago)
Since 16, and she can't get free! Yet, a baby killer is leaving after 16 years. Bias!!
Clara K. Mallah (17 days ago)
A very good journalist, he ask the right questions.
Clara K. Mallah (17 days ago)
Sir, remember this place is a prison made of dangerous women! They're capable of committing any crimes that involving children. Inhumane!
Clara K. Mallah (17 days ago)
Social workers, families and the government in the USA need to work hard to stop people from committing! This is too serious and unfortunate!
Clara K. Mallah (17 days ago)
Looking at these innocent babies, I'm so emotional. Pathetic!
Clara K. Mallah (17 days ago)
Pregnant and in prison! Hmm!
Dean Jackson (16 days ago)
Ill fart on yo back meat as u sneeze on your gut as it droops down on my crack as i whisper Yankee doodles in your ear backwards in spanish
Christian Roby (19 days ago)
The woman at 24:00 does not deserve to be in prison. Period. She did what she had to do to attempt to obtain a better life. But instead the authorities victimized the abusers, which happens far too often in the justice system.
byMxqa (21 days ago)
It's impressive how, by these people losing everything they have, they have incredible perspective on life and have discerned what's valuable. I suppose that being locked up forces you, mentally, to accept reality and see through the bullshit in life.
norm carpet (22 days ago)
they all come across as victims of hardship but without a thought for the victims of their crimes who have life sentences of consequences without bars. ps - prob why they get refused parole so often - their personalities are so self centred without regard for others they will always be a risk of re offending.
Carol Harvey (22 days ago)
How the f....k do you smile when you talk about shooting a person ??????
donjon bro (23 days ago)
Morgan Freeman I see you
KeepingupwithBawi (23 days ago)
i would really like to know the background music to this, the relaxing guitar one😂
Cheryl C. (24 days ago)
The baby killer should have a life sentence, not the woman who got into jail at 16.
behzad .j.bastam (24 days ago)
Who's watching this in year 2029???
enk989 (24 days ago)
Have to have a bit of respect for the woman who shook her baby to death for her honesty. Post partum depression is exceptionally serious. There's a woman in another part of the country who forgot her baby in her car while she went to work the whole day and it died from heat exhaustion. She walks free. No charges.
Endeavour (25 days ago)
It's not right to call Dawn R Hopkins a babykiller because I feel that she was suffering from a mental illness and that she should be seeking treatment
Lynda Pierson (25 days ago)
what's with these people havin' babies!!!! don't they get it? downright stupid!!!
Carol Harvey (22 days ago)
Agreed - not only one baby - some of them on number four already ! OMG !
Silvia Ramos (25 days ago)
Everyone is forgiven by God as long they are sincere of there repentance. Who are you to judge?? No one in life is perfect !!! We all have done something wrong in our life.. just haven't been caught.. or something disrespectful to one another right!! So who give's you the right to judge another human being.. only God can judge!!!! So stay in your'e lane.... how about that...
Leslie Sneed (25 days ago)
I have contempt for the woman that killed her 3-month-old baby boy, but I think to myself how would my Lord look at her? I know deep in my heart he would love her regardless. So I must do the same. That is something I must work to change in myself.
Sandie Natasja (25 days ago)
Okay a 16 year old girl who was abused all her life by the adults who should protect her she didn’t meant to hurt anyone is sentenced to life in prison Then there’s a woman who has harmed two of her children and killed the third is out after 16 years 🤔
Carlos Murphy (25 days ago)
I love Sir Trevor Mcdonald. But also the background music theme. Gives you the feels.
Michelle Bergh (25 days ago)
Tragic, nothing excuses their crimes however the trauma and violence that many of these women experienced as children clearly has had an impact on their mental health
Lynn M. (26 days ago)
How crazy however that this young woman had her baby, but under pressure killed him and was punished, yet millions of babies are killed in the womb and now out of the womb and it is cause for Celebration.
Lynn M. (14 days ago)
+suzawilo That my friend is a Lie. Study some biology, or go and see the New Movie just out called "Unplanned" and see how you think then.
suzawilo (14 days ago)
Those are not yet babies though.
Pinkbarbie (26 days ago)
Many of these same women's story is on female killers .they have full episodes on what exactly happened
SinaiZamora (26 days ago)
https://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/938/521/011/ Petition for Sarah “Cindy” White
Joanne Vorpagel (27 days ago)
It’s SO Sad that she wants to be Loved but she really has no one
suzawilo (14 days ago)
Not everyone in this world gets to experience love at all. Incarcerated or not.
JustFloating (27 days ago)
If I had the means, I would love to hire a ghost writer for the woman who set the fire to tell her story and additionally record the impact she has had on other inmates so that her name and life is memorialized outside of her prison number.
suzawilo (14 days ago)
It breaks my heart that you'd want to do that.👍🏽 So many people have stories worth told but never will.
BeanBean Squad (27 days ago)
That woman, Cindy, says she has been in there since she was 16 but in the news articles, it says she was 18 when she committed the crime. It happened in ‘75 and she was 18. She was abused by those people? Why could she not just leave though. She was just a live in babysitter, as news article says. Maybe it’s all wrong but that’s what I read.
suzawilo (14 days ago)
She might have been so tormented and mentally broken that she couldn't. People stay in abusive relationship all the time. Some people haven't been loved and cared for and due to psychological reasons they "crave" any sort of contact with people. Sadly even abuse can feel like affection in a way😞
kevin texter (28 days ago)
Love love love how he is both direct, kind and so so professional. Man worth taking notes from.
hope hillson (28 days ago)
I’m sorry but hurting children deserves more time then that
Toxic Haze (27 days ago)
Abuses her 2 first kids, kids get taken away. Gets third kid, kills it. Obviously she should of not been near children after the first child abuse incident and im pretty sure she has major mental and anger issues so best place for her should be mental health facility. I know someone ljust like her, she stabbed her BF in the chest when he was sleeping and is now in prison. These people should not be running around freely they go 0 /100 with seconds. Danger to themselves and others.
Joy Jackson (28 days ago)
This is exactly how it is. Always crowded and always surrounded around other females. Wouldnt wish it on no one. Though it saved me.
Jeanine Petty (29 days ago)
Sad thing is this is the safest and healthiest place for babies of pregnant moms. "She's like the mom and I'm like the child."
Jeanine Petty (29 days ago)
I have nightmares about going to jail and prison although I haven't commited a crime. I can't imagine. So scary.
Toxic Haze (27 days ago)
eat your veggies too
Jeanine Petty (27 days ago)
+Toxic Haze I'm 49. I graduated college in 1987, my mother passed several years ago and my father is 79. Thanks for the advice though. I'll stay away from your toxic haze so I don't test positive.😁
Toxic Haze (27 days ago)
Listen to your parents, go to school and you will be fine.
Lou Waldon (29 days ago)
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Di M (30 days ago)
"I had taken another person's life." That other person was your son, his name was Noah. You had also previously battered your other two children before they were taken from you. I think your main goal should be to save your soul. There is no hope for you unless you fully repent. Rest in peace baby Noah.
Ren Choinere (1 month ago)
they should force the baby killer to get surgery that prevents her from getting pregnant anymore.
Katrina McIntyre (1 month ago)
March 20, 2019: Women are vulnerable so if you grow up in an unloving environment, you often look to babies or other substitutes. People may never love you, but you are each unique and valuable in God's eyes. I wish you and your babies the best in 2019.
isabel2016 (1 month ago)
Guys! Somebody actually created a petition to free Cindy. It can be found here: https://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/938/521/011/
Tik Tajam (1 month ago)
You people are crazy and should be in prison with lady fire starter .. she took life of 4 little kids
Kate Quinn (1 month ago)
Wondering if Cindy's 'pretend daughters' have sibling rivalry, wanting to be 'Mom's' favorite, etc., I could see that happening in women hungry for emotional closeness
Ally Acthermann (1 month ago)
They shouldn’t let that baby killer out she most likely gonna get pregnant again she don’t even care bout that poor baby she keeps saying taking someone life she such a monster I hope her other kids have no contact with her and her family I feel so bad Cindy but yet there a baby killer out
Toxic Haze (27 days ago)
Thats why Uncle Hitler talked about selected breeding. Some people are too unworthy and unfit to be parents. The psycho who battered her kid to death or the hoodrat who goes and shoots people in the face while she has 2 little kids at home. These 2 should get fixed ASAP. Imagine the world where people have to prove that they are ready and responsible citizens before they can create and raise their offspring... The world would have so much less problems.
Elsa Muriithi (1 month ago)
Watching this makes me feel like am watching a more realistic Orange Is The New Black
Maymaycuba Cuban (1 month ago)
I love Trevor, he does amazing stories.
Charles Beck (1 month ago)
It seems that these women don't pick very good men to start a relationship with!
Charles Beck (1 month ago)
These poor children, These people should not be able to reproduce!!! The state ends up paying the price.
ronda allen (1 month ago)
Why does Dawn get to go home? she has only been there a few years. her baby was 3 months old! and talking like she is the victim!
ronda allen (1 month ago)
I am sorry for Sarah. this is why you don't charge kids as adults and then throw them away.
Grace Draper (1 month ago)
Cindy is Sarah White. She was horribly abused and I truly hope she can find happiness. Check out her story, heartbreaking.
Agnes R. (1 month ago)
How can you watch these women talk about their crime and watch the hurt in their eyes and hear their voice almost break from regret - how can you do that and not feel pity for them. Evil is like a terminal, very nasty disease and this documentary is proof to me that mankind needs salvation. Thank you Sir Trevor McDonald for being such and outstanding interviewer.
Mighty Ysam (1 month ago)
The woman took the child’s life... damn! Horrible person need more and more time in prison. She’s so evil.
Dillon Schakleford (1 month ago)
The lady who got away for 35 years and let the older chick who tried to escape from sexual molestation let her out keep the babykiller this is whats wrong with America trump needs to help these ladies lol
MKay OKay (1 month ago)
People! She BURNED 6 people ALIVE! Four of them were children. Good grief. Get a grip. She’s not getting out.
The Bride (1 month ago)
incredible interviewer!
Brittany Wharton (1 month ago)
The justice system in our society is so skewed it’s absolutely insane, Cindy was 16 when she made the mistake of setting that house on fire, she’s paid her dues and she needs to be set free. The baby killer should have done life, she way she talks to Trevor it’s obvious she doesn’t care about the crime she committed shes completely sick in the head.
Blondesense (1 month ago)
Poor Cindy. That is exactly the kind of thing an abused 16 year old would do. She was a child 😔
fridaytieday (1 month ago)
I wonder whether her 3 month old baby died from vaccine injury....sometimes it makes the brain bleed so bad it looks like the baby has head injuries...only there are not any bruises. There are a few people falsely in prison for this....which is actually a big cover up by Big Pharma. She said the baby had a temp...probably from the vaccine and it was destroying the baby's brain. I reckon she's innocent.
beth 9891 (1 month ago)
The sentencing is so messed up on these cases. I honestly think child killers should never get out. Her interview waits so disturbing, she can barely contain her smile while talking about murdering her 3 month year old child. She said it; monster. I feel sorry for the woman who was sentenced for the fire/deaths. Her actions led to a horrible tragedy but they were done by a juvenile in a horrible situation.
eneri008 (1 month ago)
Candy needs to be paroled
Jamie Gearheart (1 month ago)
So mother who kills her child can leave but women spent 38 years can not? This makes no sense at all.
Jamie Gearheart (1 month ago)
I believe women that's been there since 16. Back then they didn't believe in child abuse as much as now. She should be able to go home.
Harry PAnnU ! (1 month ago)
and here I'm again part 2 bitches ..
Cassidy Green (1 month ago)
Still trying to understand how a baby killer is getting out of prison but an abused woman who needed help is in for life.
Anjelia Rakic (1 month ago)
Sarah white should be released.
Dustin Miller (1 month ago)
The woman incarcerated at 16 (longest resident there) I don't feel she deserved here punishment she was abused trying to escape it sounds to me she killed the real monsters but 6 deaths I can kinda see why she got that sentence
Erica Danger (1 month ago)
The woman who abused her children then killed that poor precious 3 month old should stay in prison for life!! She doesn't even cry or show remorse! I cried watching her tell the story and she didn't shed one tear!
Cody Rush (1 month ago)
It's a damn shame for the kids bc there moms are selfish worthless worthless ppl.
Janelle Silbernagel (1 month ago)
The poor kids of all these women...just becomes an ugly cycle...what a damn shame! 15 yrs. For murdering her 3 yr. Old son...sickening!!! She should no longer be allowed to have kids!!!
Yihun Yessufekad (1 month ago)
How the woman killed the baby? She never said the cause of the death. She shakes him or what? idk where I missed
Yihun Yessufekad (1 month ago)
+Alesha Dawn oh thanks for explaining. I didn't know that shaking a baby would damage them this bad
Alesha Dawn (1 month ago)
Yihun Yessufekad she shook the baby out of frustration. He died from shaken baby syndrome. Basically, she shook him so hard that his brain cells were destroyed, preventing him from receiving oxygen and resulting in severe brain damage which led to his death.
Olga_L (1 month ago)
I feel sorry for this girl who killed her child. First, she suffered from depresdion, second she did everything to save chiled's life and she still feels horrible of wha she's done. No she doesn't not deserve to be there for 15 years, she desrve better psychologyst, and more family support next time
lucy girl (1 month ago)
I love Sir Trevor's documentaries -- he has such a calm, respectful approach with these women. But prison is nothing but routine, more routine, and more of the same. (I know, I spent 3 years @ MCIW...) So the stories never differ much from prison to prison, only the faces.
Lior May (1 month ago)
The baby killer keeps referring to her daughter as “ a persons life” it seems like she has no remorse 🤷🏾‍♀️
skylar mccready (1 month ago)
Read about Dawn's charges https://www.nwitimes.com/uncategorized/mom-accused-of-killing-her-baby/article_ed07831a-e6e7-5651-a06e-104e93fafb7f.html
Mahmoud Suhail (1 month ago)
Educated mother excited to get pregnant + postpartum depression supervised by a psychiatrist + 3 months old infant baby shake syndrome + violent explosion + seek help immediately to resuscitate the child + fully admit it = failure of the medico-social system that did nothing but convincing the poor mother she is evil by instinct and put her in jail! Well, that can happen to 1,000-3,000 more children in the USA every year, quarter shall die and 80% of survivors shall face permanent damage. Are you still willing to ignore it?!
Thats Personal (1 month ago)
Disgusting, shackling a woman in labour to a bed. I'm repulsed by the way this country treats female prisoners, and male prisoners as well. Wasn't there some law about cruel and unusual punishment? hmmmm....
Anthony Monaghan (1 month ago)
Don't break the law in the USA! Baby is adorable...but shackled to a bed while waiting to give birth? Really! What is this, the dark ages. What woman, in the early stages of labour is serious a flight risk? What a hideous way to treat other human beings. the US 'justice' system has to be one fo the most wilfully punitive and vengeful on the planet. Locked up at 16...still in prison, no hope of release, I am speechless.
Our travelingzoo (1 month ago)
16 yrs isn’t enough for killing an innocent child. Monster. Should have ended your own life instead
Richelle Campbell (1 month ago)
i need more videos asap
Zaynobia B (1 month ago)
Baby killer should be in there for life ! She abused the other two. The one who got abused needs a chance to go home. Smh. They probably don’t believe her. The damn baby killer is going to go have another smfh. Feel like the baby killer really didn’t care about killing her child. She kept said “ I killed a person “ you killed your baby !!! You shouldn’t even be getting out.
Emily Toole (1 month ago)
What is the point of getting that Lynda woman in prison again after so many years without committing any more crimes!. Isn’t prison about rehabilitation anyway???? She has proved she’s a new woman now. America you want cheap labour more than justice. Revenge is not justice. Btw release Cindy white ASAP!!!!!!!
Bella B (1 month ago)
"I try to find somebody worse off than me." Yeah what about those 6 people you killed...

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