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OKCupid Review: Tips for Success

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Boy, do I ever find it annoying when folks review social networks. OH! I'LL DO IT TOO! But seriously. OKCupid- I am le fan. And I think it is under-utilized as a source of lulz and amusement.
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errol mcinnes (1 month ago)
this is bullshit. POF as well as Match.com and OKCupid are all now prostitution sites. the only way you are going to get a response is to offer 400 dollars an hour. Anything less and you aren't going to get a response. People don't start relationships out of love any more, relationships are a commodity, and pussy sells. If you have a pussy, you charge for it. If you have a dick, you pay for it.
Yammo and Debo (1 month ago)
OKcupid got us married!!!
ProperSkill (2 months ago)
OKcupid is prejudice and sexist. Set up all for women they cant see mens messages but men can see theirs. Also if the woman don't like you as a man all she has to do is make a false report, true or not the man will be suspended or banned from the site. OKcupid is a perfect example of men cutting off their balls and handing to a woman on a platter saying please can I have some more.
Quero relacionar com gringos sou Evangélica, o melhor Site grátis.
Beatz (3 months ago)
Son Whats yo name on ok cupid. youre literally exactly the type of person i wanna date. Everytime i ask irl they always have a bf. and that shit so ag
Beatz (3 months ago)
I wanna take out a gurl like you. you seem very enthusiastic as well as smart and very cute 😍😍😍
Marvin Schenker (5 months ago)
3:20 most important tipps
JulianRoyale (1 year ago)
You look like the type of girlfriend who watches her bf when he sleeps.
Amit Barabi (1 year ago)
some girls eject me because they think I'm ugly, what's wrong with them? have you seen my picture?
Benjamin Norkus (2 years ago)
I´m the OkCupid hit in person!! 3 year old account zero dates no friends. I´m OkCupid rock´n´roll baby. If you´re looking for a date send me a message. I´ll check my empty mail box soon, see ya bye!!!!! :D <3
mrnewton86 (2 years ago)
I take comfort in the knowledge that the ones who ignore me for no reason will end up with some complete jerkoff who'll probably cheat on them, and I look forward to seeing them blaming the entire male population because they're fucking stupid.
mrnewton86 (2 years ago)
Meh, gave up with 'one-up stupid', I know I'll probably be destined to die alone with nobody anyway. Belittling seeing everyone living these supposedly 'perfect' lives and these 'perfect' jobs. I feel too unworthy approaching any of them incase of embarrassing myself and I kinda got fed up with analysing sent messages trying to establish what I'm actually doing wrong. If they live such amazing jobs, why couldn't they just buy themselves a partner? then they wouldn't be making themselves nigh-on impossible to reach.
Ana Montana (2 years ago)
Wow. You are so optimistic. I've deleted my profile about 6 months ago. No regrets.
Snappy Turtle (2 years ago)
"online people watchers" hell yes
Yj (2 years ago)
no one rplying to me....
kelson (2 years ago)
Jayant Yj first rule....dont be an indian or phillipino, are u??
BballSpiderMonkey (2 years ago)
I am on OKCupid and my name happens to be Greg I wonder what did that Greg write that made you cut off his message. Is this why I can't get any responses? Because my name happens to be Greg on my profile....
wyldeman0O7 (2 years ago)
Make sure your main picture is of you having fun. Have at least 4 other pictures of you having fun with other people. Make sure your description states that either you are an accomplished [career position] or [Going to school for ambitious career path] Talk about several activities that you enjoy and exciting places you've been (embellish if you have to). Then, "Like" everyone on quickmatch. When you get matches, look at the profile, find two good points of interest on that profile. Message the like match. Send message: "I like what I see in your profile pics, but the reason I wanted to stop by because of [point of interest #1], also I [point of interest #2] is something that I really find interesting, how did you get into that?.After 20 or so successful relays state "Hey, you seem like good company. Text me? 310-755-1215. (This will take them off the app and make them focus on you.) After a few days of texting, drop the question: "Hey, would you be down for dinner or drinks this weekend or next.. as in a date? I think you're nice =)". (She will probably accept at this point). Lock down a date and time as the week progresses. Be yourself (DO NOT try to appease her, just be friendly and agree with her if it feels natural, otherwise crack a joke. DO NOT BE APOLOGETIC, but maintain your viewpoint.), if she touches your arm/face/leg 3 or more times combined, go for the kiss later on (you have a 90% chance of success at this point, do it after you get up from where you were in the first place). If all these parameters are met you will have sex within 12 days (on average) of 1st contact. Be bold , refine your skills, don't be afraid to fail. You will never get better if you don't have some failures under your belt. Just view failures as steps toward success. If your match doesn't respond after 2 messages drop it, if they only give you one word responses drop it. Be patient and restrained. Do not add a follow up message if they don't respond within 24 hours. Do not respond to their message for at least 20-40 minutes. This is my method, practice safe sex please. I hope you like this method, it has gotten me 8 dates and 1 girlfriend since 2015 when I 1st tried it.
Dean (2 years ago)
well, be very good-looking. and have good pictures. the match percentage questions are all b.s. to keep the people who never get any messages busy on the site. most of the very good looking people don't bother to answer them, but they still get loads of messages.
JeevesReturns (3 years ago)
You'd make a great Disney cast member.
chilliconcarne1991 (3 years ago)
like the frami ng of the cam
Sam Styles (3 years ago)
Haha, that's the best Dr Who episode!
fireinacan (3 years ago)
Good stuff!
gotdirt66 (3 years ago)
she looks like amy from big bang.
Daisuke Yamaguchi (3 years ago)
Hi, I enjoyed your video. I am making an iOS app for dating called PICTHY. If you do not mind, could you please try Picthy? It is a kind of photo chatting app of dating.
LOL @ Youtubers complaining about the okcupid user base...
Doemon23 (4 years ago)
Robles Junior (4 years ago)
Your teeth wow
antiedman (4 years ago)
You Missed... "Find me on okcupid". This Women s hot!
Edward Johnson (4 years ago)
Must you be so darn cute Simone...
Chase Crawford (4 years ago)
Your teeth are disgustingly perfect
ltskullcrusha (4 years ago)
Wow, what a cutie-pie. But I'm afraid she's a freak hiding in sheep's clothing.
Bellerophon2200 (4 years ago)
I don't know why, but you seem like the type of girl who was abused as a child.
psychoticmortacarn (4 years ago)
+Bellerophon2200 Right, because God telling Abraham to tie down his son and stab him to death is in no way child abuse. >_>
Bellerophon2200 (4 years ago)
+Miguel Floriano I'm jewish.  My religion teaches me not to abuse children, you fucking goy shit!
Miguel Floriano (4 years ago)
Im sure you have experience.
Gra Piken (4 years ago)
Tip for success : be young, beautiful and skinny.
Ron SEVENTIESMUSIC (4 years ago)
The only way to get a reply is to send totally rediculas messeges.
Jerry Stillwell (4 years ago)
simone i bet you dont even respond to guys that arent a 10 or hot and cute.. i  bet normal men and 1 year over your fucking age preferace or list you dont reply...
TheMichael408 (4 years ago)
I found that you really got to mass-message people on there. Its better then not getting responses if you are male. 
Zach Farrell (4 years ago)
Seeing as I'm going to meet somebody next week from this site, this works. Also it is a numbers game too!
Freezike Swervo (4 years ago)
I usually write about three things in their profile. Two questions I would like to know. And end with a joke. It's been working for replies.
Matt Furtado (3 years ago)
+Freezike Swervo Man this worked, out of every video and relationship advice. I've gotten three replies in the last couple of mins xD
MaunsturKikkzz Katzz (4 years ago)
Every time when i message someone they never reply back, but they like me! Idk about this app
Wing Man (1 year ago)
Try WingMan OkCupid and WingMan Tinder. Two chrome extensions that improves your chances of getting a date dramatically. Youtube vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1yb45LXBEs#action=share WingMan Okcupid: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wingman-okcupid-unlimited/ajkkjbmdhihnfafigdppjcgfghcfelkg/related?hl=en WingMan Tinder: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wingman-tinder-unlimited/moalpleoocfmlnakbgaahoaldldlophe?hl=en
Dean (2 years ago)
they aren't the ones who are 'liking' you, lol. they're other members who may be browsing invisibly, or okcupid employees who want you to pay to become an upgrade member to find out who's 'liking' you. you're being scammed.
TheGman316 (4 years ago)
I've been trying for like 3 yrs on that site and never got any dates, I used to get replies but not anymore. I always mention something there into that they said on their profile and if its something we both like I'll go into a little detail but leave it open for her to respond. I don't get it lots of people say they found their soul mate and just all around meet up with people all the time cuz for me it never becomes a meet up and now I get 0 messages.
Divided Line (4 years ago)
Yeah, guys can't just "answer questions" because nobody sends you messages.  Ever,
Elizabeth Schiada (4 years ago)
I've tried OKCupid. But kind of got tired of it after a while.
caveman861 (3 years ago)
+diss_kuss_121 Twats, interesting choice of word.
Karma Chick (3 years ago)
+caveman861 Too many twats on dating sites these days.
caveman861 (4 years ago)
Never worked for me either. People get/are weary on dating networks.
a random frog (5 years ago)
why are you dressed like that?
Hot Dog Storm (5 years ago)
Too many psycho bitches on okcupid..never had any luck
JulianRoyale (1 year ago)
You mean like the one in this video? She looks like an outgrown school girl that will kill you in your sleep.
reddawn5297 (3 years ago)
That's what I'm terrified of. You go to a dating a site. Find a woman. She ends up not being the one and she turns out to be psycho who will not let you go.
Miguel Floriano (4 years ago)
So many ....
CeriGotGame (5 years ago)
Good advice. I would add the suggestion that specific messages are good, but maybe try to find something that not everyone else and their dog has already asked about. I included some of my favorite video games on my profile, yet 90% of the messages I get (not counting the crappypasta "hi hows ur weknend" ask me "whats ur favorite video game?" Like they didn't even read the profile, they just latched onto that one thing and won't let go of it like a dog with a gnarled bone x.x
Jolie Kitten (5 years ago)
I love okcupid!!!! That's where me and my boyfriend met. The first time I saw him in person I was nervous, so I ask my friend and her boyfriend to come. We all ate pizza together and had a good time. Then later that week he took me on a date. I am so happy I joined okcupid.
mrnewton86 (11 months ago)
Hahahaha wow, he was a lucky one, I bet his opening message was flawless...or has a 'perfect' job/life like you. Why you make it so difficult? I fell into depression and got black listed because of tightwads like you who find it too exhausting just to say 'I'm not interested anymore because X,Y and Z'
Mark Paycer (2 years ago)
of course your pretty
kelson (2 years ago)
Jolie Kitten i hav'nt had any luck yet
carlsbadtuber (5 years ago)
Hi There (5 years ago)
Bread for Kropotkin (5 years ago)
You're cuter with the mouse voice
Steve w (5 years ago)
I met a guy on okcupid and all i got was mouth herpes. Thanks okcupid 
kelson (2 years ago)
Steve w hahahaha,u are very funny....that was'nt akcupid's fault...it was just a badluck,but we can hoookup if u want...my facebook name is kelsonhardkey
ItsAmazingHowIAm (5 years ago)
She looks and sounds like Fred.
Karl Slaggerfeld (5 years ago)
Online dating is the worst if you're A. male B. Black C. A person with low tolerance for bullshit. If you're all 3 I suggest you stay completely far away from online dating no matter if it's OKCockblock, Plenty of Fucktards, or whatever site you sign up for.  Matter of fact only go there if you want to see some crazy ass people or troll the forms like everybody else. Otherwise it's a complete Waste of time.
RogueSpade (5 years ago)
you look so much like rooney mara, just your eyebrows are different.
jimmybahn (5 years ago)
You look Amish. Are you supposed to be using computers?
Annie Morrison (4 years ago)
Hell naaaawww lol
Fadecountier (5 years ago)
omg im dyeing LMAO  
essay708 (5 years ago)
I've come to the conclusion that, even though your match % can be crazy high it comes down to one thing in addition to that...do they find you attractive.  Guys, just stay persistent.  You'll find someone eventually.
Yammo and Debo (1 month ago)
essay708 agreed. I’ve always ignored the matches. My hubby who I met on there, wasn’t even a match at all 😂🤣
Dean (2 years ago)
the match numbers are a scam to keep people busy and their hopes up on the site. the published response rate for 'average' guys on okcupid is only around 3%
ANTHONY CADETTE (5 years ago)
i'm on it to 
Sumkrazyguy55 (5 years ago)
I got laid on OKCupid in less than a week. Suck it
Karma Chick (3 years ago)
+Sumkrazyguy55 Shame it was a dirty, ugly, ladyboy with herpes no-one wanted to pimp out.
arandomcrackerguy (5 years ago)
Here's an idea for success; get off the internet and go outside!
21EC (5 years ago)
yea..i came to a conclusion..true love can only be found in real life somewhere outside probably and dating sites have no desired effect whatsoever, chances to get a girlfriend there are very slim to none.
touofthehighplains (5 years ago)
okcupid is dumb. How many of us have messaged a girl and read we had the same interests. Sent her a witty message in response to one of her interests that we share. See she visited my profile. And she didn't even send a message back. Not to mention the interest we share is plastered all over my profile. Now my interest is hating okcupid. Maybe that'll be a better start to getting a date.
ltlblugrl (2 years ago)
I've had the same thing happen with me when I message guys I'm interested in who have a lot in common with me. My response rate right now is like 1%. I can't complain though. I'm a girl so I get lots of hits from guys who I have zero in common with, can barely type 5 words, and they've only looked at my photos.
MrTuckerTown (5 years ago)
People that complain that dating sites suck and that you're unsuccessful: Maybe it's not the sites fault. The women I see on this site are just as normal/abnormal as the women I meet in real life. For me, OKC and Match are just convenient ways for people like myself (introverted) to encounter interesting/strange/nice/terrible people that I wouldn't normally encounter in my day-to-day life. It also saves me the embarrassment of going out on a limb, only to find out the girl has a boyfriend.
One Man On Fire (5 years ago)
We only went on 2 dates and that's it. I'm back to square one.
21EC (5 years ago)
true i completely agree, unless ur looking like brad pit or something you dont have even a decent chance to get a gf in these sites.
ANEWLow Scam (5 years ago)
Because women have it caked up and easy women can go out on a date like nothing men have to try and try and try and work very hard. Women just have no IDEA!
ANEWLow Scam (5 years ago)
8 months WOW was it even worth it?
Ddarke11 (5 years ago)
Oh, okcupid...what fun times we had. My best conversation was with someone who I'm pretty sure was a schizophrenic and off their meds. No, that's not an exaggeration. The sad thing and, imo, a problem with a lot of dating sites like these are that they put you in a box, and from there you start choosing people who would match up with that. Not bad right? The problem is that you're shooting down a lot of people who you would have otherwise engaged and gotten to know offline.
One Man On Fire (5 years ago)
We went out on 2 dates and she was cool. The issue why we stop dating 1 She stop answering my text messages 2 We dated around the time she was finishing up summer school with a hard class and papers. 3 I think she was concern over the fact that I just graduated and didn't have a job yet. She was 32 I'm 28. 4 I didn't want to be a creep so i just gave up after 1 week of no response to my text messages.
Lorenzo Benito (5 years ago)
How did it go?
Lorenzo Benito (5 years ago)
1:00 - the female equivalent is the exact same thing.
James Murr (5 years ago)
Man I thought I was alone in that
Derren Brown (5 years ago)
That's something.
Derren Brown (5 years ago)
Everyone's luck is different.
Mephistin (5 years ago)
First thing we look for on Okcupid: Sexy photos and "Job". If you don't have either then all your doing is feeding the ego's of the women on that particular dating site. Successfully getting an average girl on a coffee date is like winning the lottery if you don't have either of those traits. I watched a video of a guy getting turned down 0/100 times from asking for sex straight out. When the women did this, she got 7/14 yes's. I wish women of average appearance where just as depressed as me...
LifeInspector (5 years ago)
Wow, I am really disappointed at the misogyny in these comments. Good video, brush them haters off.
TSBilliards86 (5 years ago)
the girl in this video was pretty cute... yea I went there
IGBO ukwu (5 years ago)
okcupid is the stupidest site but all dating sites are full of evil women trust that!
ltlblugrl (2 years ago)
So is the real world. Watch out!
Badger at Toad Hall (5 years ago)
yeah, damn you evolution!!!!! LOL
One Man On Fire (5 years ago)
After 8 months of sending messages (lost count) i went on a date yesterday
Mellissa Leach (5 years ago)
I met my fiance on okcupid, we now have a beautiful family and bought a house together :)
I love Okcupid. I got on it a month ago, already had a date (after a week chatting online), it didn't pan out but that's okay. And, I have a second girl I'm now talking to. Yes, I texted a few and either got nothing or a no thanks. I think a lot has to do with what area you're in and also I've found changing my profile does help.
TSBilliards86 (5 years ago)
Ms. Swan at three minutes?
Kelthire (5 years ago)
But it helps
matrixdevonshire (6 years ago)
Yes baby! Subscribe to me and I'll lick your crusty toes!
Jason Lee (6 years ago)
Can I lick your eyeballs. lol
Angelina Alcantara (6 years ago)
If one is as charming, smart, in great shape, educated, cultured as the next guy, or even more so, all of which are attractive traits and the only difference is race, and the next guy was still chosen. It is race that sealed the deal.
Quantum_Kontrast (6 years ago)
Just reached the 100 mark. That many people messaged over 2 months (and it's never those lame "you're-cool-wanna-meet" things), and so far only 4 replies. I'm not horribly ugly. I've traveled across the world. I was a kinesiologist switched to business admin. In great shape. I don't know.
State of Aporia (6 years ago)
your success isn't based off looks....
matrixdevonshire (6 years ago)
Will you go out with me?
Angelina Alcantara (6 years ago)
Please see Okcupid Trend about race. Okcupid is a site that utilizes algorithm.
Angelina Alcantara (6 years ago)
Suppose competitors A and W both have the same traits attributes a,b, c, d, e, f, g, h, .......s,t,u, v....., except for r. W wins to the detriment of A, any reasonable person who knows his set theory and logic will infer that it is r that did it. If he denies this, he is being illogical or unreasonable. This is the same thing with any other type of discrimination. Dating discrimination is legal; there is nothing immoral about it. It is just disconcerting to be judged on traits you never chose.
Angelina Alcantara (6 years ago)
Mostly, it is a number's game. But it can be very frustrating being judged on traits, which by definition were not chosen.
Angelina Alcantara (6 years ago)
'Bitterness' can be summed up in three dependent clauses: it is the feeling that one is not getting one's due or that one is getting what is not due, and being alienated by such a feeling, but is without the ability to accept such undue circumstances or the willingness to let them go. Only the last clause is within one's control. But because 'bitterness' is defined in conjunctive sense, if one is able to negate the last clause, then, one gets rid of 'bitterness.'
Angelina Alcantara (6 years ago)
Not that it is racist; it just happened that women, most likely like tall white guys.
JAH1R (6 years ago)
omg i landed here by accident, and ive noticed that you have some similarity with James Grime from numberphile. it's kinda weird o_O
T Robinson (6 years ago)
The people on there are so stuck up the females any way
21EC (6 years ago)
no your wrong,im actually pretty much polite when msging girls and im not sending them back a message calling them snobs or fakes or anything like that...and yet they almost all ignore my msgs and you know why? its bcs they think they must date only brad pits and the like...if ur look is average then ur chances to date a nice women on these sites are slim very slim, and they wont give you a bloody chance to even get to know them
anilizer100 (6 years ago)
They don't respond because you probably come off as a huge jerk who calls people who don't message him back "snobs or fakes." Treat people like their your friends, not someone you're trying to date and your replies will stack up.
guitarman0365 (6 years ago)
same here man. The truth is to have the most success on websites you have to be amazingly hot, also women get tons of messages a day supposedly so even if you put a lot of effort into the first message and are creative and don't say shit like "hey" or "ur hot", it is most likely still going to go unnoticed and not even opened. Decent people get lost in the shuffle of douches that girls are trying to ignore. Thus is takes an amazing body and face to stand out to even get your message read.
guitarman0365 (6 years ago)
I am white and get nothing. Don't be a douche and play the race card. You get messages if you are attractive plain and simple not because you are white.
john doe (6 years ago)
you're doing it wrong man, it's all about lying your ass off, then apologize and hope she's desperate enough to stick around once she finds out the truth...she will stick around.

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