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Pony's Nighttime Skin Care Routine 포니 스킨케어 루틴 | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

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The fascination with Korean skincare routines is only getting stronger: basically, we'll add 100 extra steps into our nightly ritual if it promises softer, smoother, clearer skin. To show us exactly how it's done, we enlisted the help of Pony, a top makeup artist and celebrity in South Korea with millions of loyal followers. Producer: Kathryn Rice Director of Photography: Rob Dumé Camera: Valerie Schenkman Editor: Chris Davies Graphic Designer: Perri Tomkiewicz Director of Graphics: Danny Ratcliff Motion Designer: Siqi Xu Colorist: Erica Dillman Subscribe to Harper's Bazaar: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoBAZAAR https://www.facebook.com/HarpersBazaar https://twitter.com/harpersbazaarus https://www.instagram.com/harpersbazaarus/ https://www.pinterest.com/harpersbazaar/?auto_follow=1
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Text Comments (1618)
erika bautista (7 hours ago)
Daebak, her mask really fits well to her face. Every time I use face mask it's much bigger to my face.
Alka Arora (19 hours ago)
Am I the only one who saw this video on instagram at dermowhite arabia's page?
Muhammad Qasim (1 day ago)
God has made u much beautiful.
Dalena Tran (1 day ago)
Doing a night skin care routine like that and still having contacts in is amazing skills
심지은 (1 day ago)
If you guys wanna clear up your skin you should try out curology!!! You get a customized skincare product to suit your personal preference and needs. Use this link and sign up for a free trial if you’re interested: https://share.curology.com/x/QWO0LY Full disclosure, you can get a free trial regardless of how you get to the site but I get $10 for every person who signs up for one using this link so please help a broke girl out LMAO But honestly I wouldn’t be out here trying to get more money to buy it if it didn’t actually work !!
Glow Riri (2 days ago)
Go to Instagram and find _glowriri for skincare reviews!
Gemma Leevosky (3 days ago)
Who made your subtitles? I think you were saying 무리 없이 which means “without much trouble” but it kept reading “without water”
bicomalo (4 days ago)
So you sleep with softlense??
Mora Missa (4 days ago)
Nice 🔥 but i do have a question in my country matcha powder is sooo expensive and hard to get it . So can i just use green tea bag ? Take the powder inside bag . Please answer me😁😁
Prasad agnihotri (4 days ago)
And your hair is gorgeous
Prasad agnihotri (4 days ago)
Wow you look really beautiful
UlasMT (4 days ago)
K-beauty is just too much. I don't want to spend hours on my face like that. But maybe that's because I'm not superficial?
Nusrat Jahan (8 days ago)
U r so beautiful
Annette D. (9 days ago)
Enough! It's called get unready with me! I heard Sephora call it that.stop trying to sexualize it.u nasty!fucking devils!
Honey (9 days ago)
*takes out notepad and a pencil* Alright, let’s do this.
KeySomniorum (9 days ago)
I've been using sheet masks AFTER my toner o.O
Imelline Azkarani (12 days ago)
Your nails are scary
Ells bells (12 days ago)
she’s so cute wiw
Aly (12 days ago)
*who is this pony*
Radamenti (9 days ago)
its a kind of female horse
cathythekimchi (12 days ago)
How the hell is she still pretty after make up. I’m done
Quynh Anh Tran Vu (13 days ago)
What's the name of her face cream?!
prince kookie (14 days ago)
Idk why but she kinda looks like jhope when she is cleansing her skin...
John T Cash (15 days ago)
Hello new sub here to check your channel out and to support you
Jackie Motion Pictures (15 days ago)
I took notes LOL: 1. Makeup remover 2. Cleansing oil (light) 3. Foam (w pH near skin) +brush 4. Green tea water 3x per week 5. Facial mist 6. Honey and banana mask 3x per week
Michelle 1 (17 days ago)
Her lips are so pink!!! Whyyyy?? I’m so jealous
yiwenwyw87 (18 days ago)
Hi, may I know where to buy the green tea powder?
Julius Neko (19 days ago)
Name of SONG in the background maybe?
Raz Gharbi (19 days ago)
*After hOuRsE of searching for the best Korean Skincare Routine,* I finally found it! Sometimes you've got to go to the sauce! Also is she wearing Contact lenses to bed? is that safe?
Raz Gharbi (19 days ago)
p.s really was a great video tho!
Kimberly Ann Marie Rio (19 days ago)
im in love with her so badly... luv u pony💗
바다:다해: (19 days ago)
No offense she looks like lil tay in the thumbnail
You caN (21 days ago)
Which Face Cream is she using?
Glenda Souza (21 days ago)
Christina Coigney (21 days ago)
I wish they told us what products she used 😥
RACHANA VIJAYAN (21 days ago)
She has the most gorgeous and glowing skin.
Adi Treven (22 days ago)
Quieres saber más sobre los productos Goodal? Lee mis reseñas aquí: @t o bien, visíta mi sitio: @t te encantará, es de Asia para Latinos. <3
Divya Gayathri (22 days ago)
Obsessed with this video!!!
baby doll (24 days ago)
how to pink lips
Lady Mermalade23 (24 days ago)
Why she use hotel sink even the houses one isnt clean this is soo disgusting 😵
Soraya Sutrizeno (25 days ago)
It's nice but I'm too poor to buy this product 😂😂😂
Kamisha Gordon (25 days ago)
anyone know what pore brush and green tea powder shes using?!
CoffeeCouch (25 days ago)
I'd love to get to bed with her doe
jimin park (26 days ago)
No wonder why she is very pretty glowing and flawless 😍
im indonesian ❤🇮🇩
めい (26 days ago)
GoldComet7 (27 days ago)
It’s all great except for putting water from your sink on your face... you was your hands after using the toilet and spit in that sink, use a clean bowl.
구양현 (27 days ago)
포니님 메이크업 영상 예전에도 종종 봤는데, 아는 사람이랑 참 닮았다..........생각만 하고 별 생각 없었는데..........저도 결혼생각하고 아이키울 나이가 되어보니, 제가 알던 언니도, 예전에 여유만 있었더라도 이렇게 이쁘고 멋지게 20대 30대를 보냈을 텐데 싶어서 맘이 아푸네요.
Michelle Al Baba (27 days ago)
Wonderful video. I usually emulsify my oil on my face after rubbing the oil into my face I continue massaging my face after soaking my hands in warm water to remove more dirt off after wearing makeup.
Ameena Kamali (27 days ago)
Did she wear contact lenses when going to bed , or is it just me.
Je No (28 days ago)
The only thing i do before i sleep is putting lipbalm
seo-yeon kyung (28 days ago)
KOREANS DO SO MUCH that is why their skin is so crystal clear and glass-like
seo-yeon kyung (28 days ago)
sorry to say but you look better in makeup but not that good in reality. BUT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL
flower (29 days ago)
wait,,, i always used tone before applying anything else like as soon as i finish cleansing i apply toner,, and she did after the sheetmask, it was like it was taking all the goods away idk :/
Anne Bax (30 days ago)
Wow i didnt know green tea powder can be used as skin care. Is it any green tea powder?
Anne Bax (18 days ago)
미은 thank you for the reply! Will try it soon
any green tea powder would be fine
Elsa Khansa (30 days ago)
SHEndromeVictim08 (30 days ago)
Is it okay to use the cleansing brush every night? Won't it be harsh for the skin?
ᄋᄋᄋ (30 days ago)
The subs here have mistakes...
ジンKPOP (1 month ago)
Shàxxy Kim (1 month ago)
ok cool.. now i need money
Lucy 29 (1 month ago)
hi ! can you recommend skin care product for dry skin
Park Jimin (1 month ago)
Can she like.... Adopt me?? Please?😂
اول وحدة كورية تحلع المكياج وماتخرع👼💃😂
Damn it. So many things to do before going to sleep ahahahaa
Sunita manikpuri (1 month ago)
Hey so pretty girl
Fiona Khan (1 month ago)
Pony I love your ponytail
Penelope Ortega (1 month ago)
where could I get the powder at?
愛莎 (1 month ago)
this is like.................... wayy too many steps for a daily routine... maybe its good for a weekly routine lol
Blue Subliminals (29 days ago)
愛莎 Too much? HAHAHA this isn't even half of the usual Korean Skin Care routine xD
ken won (1 month ago)
too much effort to get beautiful skin
Priya roy (1 month ago)
Plastic surgery
Fuck off
DD AA (1 month ago)
هاي مفتهمه الحياه صح مو مثلنه 😒😒😒
Hanka Gerretsen (1 month ago)
Love it! Thank you!
حور إحسان (1 month ago)
I'm from Algeria ,you're so beautiful ,I wish you all the best
AKASH SINGH (1 month ago)
Your lips are so pink naturally
Sarah Stewart (1 month ago)
Where can I buy these items she used?
yukhate (1 month ago)
me * *washes face once a week* * Also me: "ugh why isn't my skin perfect like that!?!"
kanna yoshi (1 month ago)
Im shookt when she used toner after sheetmask— is this doable with all sorts of toner or?
Iris2nd (1 month ago)
what kind of ear piercing does she have? is that a daith?
Jan Osch (1 month ago)
She kinda looks like Jhope
Nhược Tâm (1 month ago)
Use toner after mask ???
Miscia Aishi D. Tarlit (1 month ago)
She has glowing and clear skin. 😱
Finding Niemo (1 month ago)
Did she just washed her face using water straight from that blocked sink? Does she have any idea how many people spat saliva on that sink?! There’s actually millions of bacteria found in saliva! She can literally acquire some communicable diseases like Hepatitis or Tuberculosis if she’s not careful enough! I don’t care if it was already cleaned by the hotel. It’s still gross & I don’t think it’s hygienic 🤢 She doesn’t have to go through all that shizz just to demonstrate kOrEaN sKiN CaRe. She could have just used a bowl instead! 😒
Bush Online (1 month ago)
She has a wonderful skin ma sha Allah....
Maria Quan (1 month ago)
I could understand exactly what she was saying without the English subtitles cause I’m Korean!🇰🇷
Sheila Tran (1 month ago)
Maria Quan Okay cool
Maria Quan (1 month ago)
I love Korean skin care❤️ I have a lot of Korean skin care products because I am Korean🇰🇷 and my mom always tell me the really good tips and tricks from Korea:) You can always rely on Korean products, they are amazing! (U can also rely on Korean people for skincare tips they have the best!) lol
Nabanita Deori (1 month ago)
So much hard work n patience needed..😉
Kim Hyesun (1 month ago)
왜가 있는 것 같다 😂💖❤️😍💕😘
cami g (1 month ago)
she’s so nice!!
Pony looks amazing!! 💖💋😍
Ferdousi Shikdar (1 month ago)
If i had skin like her I wouldn't even think about makeup😂
Chloe The Scrappy (1 month ago)
마닷닮았다! 유명하신분인가
She's beautiful!
Gangamma Km (1 month ago)
pony is best
황규 (1 month ago)
생얼에 마스크팩 붙였는데 이쁜사람 첨봐..
CupcakeSwirl10 (1 month ago)
What do you use with the pore brush?
MAIBAM RICKY DEVI (1 month ago)
Finally a video from an expert who is doing it for ages
Jenn Ruiz (1 month ago)
Toner after a facemask???? I do cleanser, toner, facemask, moisturizer >_< is this wrong
Mint Lover (1 month ago)
She reminds me of Jhope from bts
MoneyManyManie 04 (1 month ago)
Korean skincare regimen is so complicated! Haha! I only use facial foam cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. *P. S. HOW COME HER LIPS SO PINK EVEN WITHOUT LIPSTICK* ?
Mayte Resendez (25 days ago)
she use lip tint.. it stains on the skin for hourss
jenny rose (1 month ago)
Patrick Moreira (1 month ago)
ew when she put the green tea powder in the sink. bruh that's so unsanitary. you brush your teeth there. snot from your nose drips into the sink when you wash your face...............................
MidnightCanvas (1 month ago)
Erase your eyebrows hahaha

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