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List of Top 5 Dating Sites for 2018

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We review the 5 best online dating sites for 2018. These are the top places on the internet to meet singles and start new relationships. From apps to desktop, from free to premium our annual list of the finest date destinations is here. http://www.datingwebsitereview.net/rankings/
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Text Comments (308)
Whitey Mamasan (5 days ago)
If your not 6'2 have a six pack and a BMW your out of luck these days
"Top 3 inclusive International Dating Websites" Match.com rated 3.5/5 ....Has the most members but mostly located inside the U.S. is the most expensive of the 3 -$29.99 a month prominentsingles.com rated 4.5/5 Has the lease amount of members but is more affordable and has members both inside the U.S. & International, offers the most affordable options - $11.99 a month also offers Non-Membership Credits for as low as $2 for 5 credits. eharmony.com rated 4/5 Is less affordable than Prominentsingles.com but more affordable than Match.com has More members than Prominentsingles but less International members than Prominentsingles. - $21.99 a month
Adam Nesbitt (7 days ago)
Mercy Katebe (7 days ago)
Am looking for my partner
Robert Lamb (9 days ago)
It's tough owning a house, being college educated and employed only to be lonely on weekends.
Briannah Hassan (9 days ago)
I hate dating sites because men there are not serious only interested in nudes and phone s*x that's all so I decided to stay alone than joining a bunch of time wasters
Simul 03 (10 days ago)
hello friend How are you. please give me your personal gmail id or call number
Starboy Tv (11 days ago)
Am 21 yrs old looking for a girl for a relationship
GABRIEL IGWE (12 days ago)
Am a guy of 30 am looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage+2347014887449
Eminem k (12 days ago)
If you'll need to date a Kenyan, I'm available, I'm single
leks 55 (13 days ago)
Is it me or finding a partner on youtube is easier than it looks like..
Sophia Bennett (14 days ago)
I wanna meet someone, send me message on sophiabennett. club/chat-me (remove space :* )
Eminem k (12 days ago)
Sophia Bennett @ can I have your ur number please
badr chikhi (15 days ago)
im looking for relationship with beautiful girl if you intrested left your email or number
Google Poop (16 days ago)
Lmao I’ve been using tinder for a week now... and I have 0 matches!! RIP “me”
Mohamad Farhat (17 days ago)
I am looking for a wife
Timmye Wilkinson (20 days ago)
Never will i date again, i've been hurt so much in my life.
Ryan Ostonal (5 days ago)
Timmye Wilkinson don't date, make friends 😊
Ashebir Goshu (19 days ago)
Don't worry. Who knows? The better one is prepared for you
Cayetano Rodriguez (20 days ago)
im 23 and searching for a girl and a serious relationship.
Single Date (20 days ago)
Random Guy (21 days ago)
Im giving all your numbers to telemarketers.
Doc Vega (21 days ago)
Warning do not use Asian Date, Asia Charm, China Love, Asian Dating, or any of the other clone subsidiaries who claim they're not owned by the same lying bastards. Asian Date will dazzle you with a great website design and a bunch of false invitations and ass kissing comments that your bruised ego needs to hear but in return you will get nothing but heartache, your intelligence insulted, and your wallet pick pocketed by an overseas criminal operation that will suck you dry! Do not use these Asian dating or overseas bride services!
Keith Hanisek (22 days ago)
"I love to be outdoors, motorcycles and hiking..."
BosNiaModdinTeam BMT (22 days ago)
Well im 20 yo guy good looking and trying to find a good looking girl n hmu girls if interested
Trevor Phillips (22 days ago)
Yea free to Sign up but not free to message people
R054 D5 (24 days ago)
I have tried several dating site, it did not work well😭
Ashebir Goshu (19 days ago)
+R054 D5 i said, i share your idea that using dating site is westing time and boring. But I have prepared another short way for some one who need real marriage. If you need it ,i will send you the address which is gifted only for best of bests like you
R054 D5 (19 days ago)
+Ashebir Goshu share my idea? What idea sir? Thank u anyway👍👍👍😁
Ashebir Goshu (19 days ago)
I share your idea but we can use another option by exchanging our address in this message. Do you agree.? If you accept send me your email address.
yeh yeh (25 days ago)
I'm Indian girl I want marry Europeans pls informed me
Zeeshan Khan (27 days ago)
I am Zeeshan from pakistan and looking for a sincere life partner from any country. if any one interested can Contact on [email protected] Many people look for a rich people, but for those i want to say i am a lower middle class person. Thanks..
Vikas Ghule (27 days ago)
6 Steps to Attract And Keep The Man You Love, so click on the below link for the amazing solution. *https://bit.ly/2BmghJp*
Nosibusiso Dingaan (27 days ago)
wish i can find white guy
Analisa Quino (28 days ago)
hmmm how to get white guy here lm 37 years old from Philippines any one sirouse here..
Kaveal Rowe (28 days ago)
ÇŔŮŻ FÀMĔ (28 days ago)
I need a white lady +971589574616 call
amrat singh (29 days ago)
I am looking for serious relationship with girl
Robbie McCoy (29 days ago)
Amanda Page (1 month ago)
Hi I’m single mom I’m 32 just contact me
ÇŔŮŻ FÀMĔ (28 days ago)
+971589574616 call me Amanda
mustapha chikhe (29 days ago)
hi dear if you want to know each other please connect me ,[email protected]
Ram Rajya (29 days ago)
Hicham elidrissi (29 days ago)
Zain ul Amin (1 month ago)
I am alone that's why I need girl who support me mentally
Zeus Zeus (1 month ago)
You are a fucking dumbass if you are looking for love in dating sites and apps. Nothing but attention seeking hoes on there. Good for when you want to get your dick dipped in some pussy juice though.
gloria nabasumba (1 month ago)
Am gloria I use Gloria nabs on facebook inbox me secrious white man ready for long term relationship
joddie binns (1 month ago)
mail me > [email protected]'m horny girl
Erose barniii (1 month ago)
im 21 and searching for a serious relationship..
abimbola chabi (1 day ago)
Where do you live ?
Mohammed Ob Sanyang (16 days ago)
Can I give you my email address
Random Guy (21 days ago)
jk I would never give away my rubles
nora sigala (1 month ago)
I just need a good friend to have fun with male/female..
A A Malik (25 days ago)
hi add me https://youtu.be/addme/312VyXNmu5Mb51yusUZOYVycRExIHg
nora sigala (1 month ago)
I just need a good friend to have fun with male/female..
Winfred Kizza (1 month ago)
I need same one serious
Vegas Douglas (1 month ago)
Vegas Douglas (1 month ago)
I hv tried all my best ..dating online..buh all is not turning out good for me ...not happy
R054 D5 (24 days ago)
Me too😢
Abigayle Lebron (1 month ago)
im 18 looking for long term man!!! Female
Sohail Khan (1 month ago)
[email protected] is my email . Massage me
ds web (1 month ago)
momo omms (1 month ago)
Me I always regret becoz they only want nude pics
Ailtyn Gumaling (1 month ago)
Hello dating site im searching aguy ihope ifound a Christian men here
Sari The Gamegirl (1 month ago)
Can i go on a tating site? Becouse i'm still 16 so yea.. i want a serious relationship. With a GIRL. and not just for fucking sex. That sucks. I have a boyfriend right now, but i don't really trust him. I don't know why, but it just doesn't feel right.
Rogelio Guerra (1 month ago)
Young guy looking for fun lmao
dream boy (1 month ago)
Murielle Danh (1 month ago)
I'm 26 years old and looking for a man. I'm SERIOUS!!
GABRIEL IGWE (12 days ago)
Contact me +2347014887449
William Kigongo (25 days ago)
Can you please be my Queen if possible watsp me on +971588066825
michael (1 month ago)
you forgot POF its totally free.
linkguy30 (7 days ago)
Flooded with fake accounts
Trevor Phillips (22 days ago)
Pof full of fake profiles
Lena Valenzuela (1 month ago)
yeah full of losers on pof
sum anah (1 month ago)
I want to find a serious but very difficult one
Ram Rajya (1 month ago)
776792810 what's aap me
sum anah (1 month ago)
My fb sum manah
fb 0672009543 (1 month ago)
Hi im serious plz give me your fb
Bella Nilsson (1 month ago)
www.dateinasian.com. it's better for me
Sohail Khan (1 month ago)
Bella Nilsson (1 month ago)
Dateinasia is better for me.. It's free everything..
Sohail Khan (1 month ago)
[email protected] ) massage me
Dali Idriss (1 month ago)
Hello I am mohamed from algeria iam 28 years old iam looking for marriage girl from any country i have doctorate in religion studying
can you review https://www.uberfaces.com ? we launched 2 days ago
User263.mobile 263 (2 months ago)
Hope people her are good
David Knowlton (2 months ago)
I for one do not understand how on line dating works.I have tried several christian dating sites but have never been successful.in most cases i end up with spam and scam messages which is very annoying.I have heard of stories of people who got partners and went on and got married but for my case it has failed.I do not know why?
Amanda Page (1 month ago)
David Knowlton hello I’m from Philippines
holy howler (2 months ago)
they are all bullshit. EVERY single dating website is a scam with fake profiles and NEVER for free! And even on the enormously impossible case that it is, it is only available for mobile phones and facebooks. Well FUCK YOU, not all of us have facebook and mobile apps!
Sabilah Dewi (2 months ago)
Meet grl Singles https://tinyurl.com/yc4dbfmu #datinghk #asiandating #FreedatingSex #freedatingusa
محمود فضل (2 months ago)
I'm searching for dating and marriage Please help me
Terje Rypdale (2 months ago)
MATCH.Com is a rip off site. You can’t possibly not now that. How can we trust what you saying!? Scam
Ladybloo G. (2 months ago)
This dating site is sick a lot of psycho
Mostapha Ouallou (2 months ago)
i wish find my love
grace smith (2 months ago)
have been scammed always i need a better man not a guy i need a man........message me you email and we can start from there
Eminem k (12 days ago)
grace smith @ hello Grace, what kind of a man do you love,name the qualities
William Kigongo (25 days ago)
Can you please be my Queen if possible my email is Kigongo [email protected]
ÇŔŮŻ FÀMĔ (28 days ago)
mustapha chikhe (29 days ago)
hi dear simple man can we know each other please connect me [email protected]
Hicham elidrissi (29 days ago)
Antonio Thompson (2 months ago)
come here http://watchmycam.club   to join my live :)
Ria Mae Amorado (2 months ago)
Hi new here i hope well be fine
Hicham elidrissi (29 days ago)
hi ria can we contact?
Mohsin Liso (2 months ago)
I wish find m'y love
aandgdesigngroup (2 months ago)
MATCH is the worst!
Jeanette Silhouette (2 months ago)
Plenty of Fish is free BUT you must remember, you get what you pay for. If you are truly serious about long term, it's not the one imho. Now I just need to know what site to try from here. But I'm certainly will to pay for one at this point. Kind of wish this clip was more helpful. Oh well....will continue searching. Best wishes to all.
محمود فضل (2 months ago)
Why u r so cute😚😚 Can we be friends Whatsapp. +201012088181
Richard Johnson (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot for the compliment, hope you enjoy the rest of your day ma'am.
Jeanette Silhouette (2 months ago)
Thank you Richard....you seem very nice yourself :)
Richard Johnson (2 months ago)
Hello Jean. You really don't need to pay for various sites ma'am. You can just search for nice men in your area and start up a friendly conversation and see where it leads from there. Even if you don't end up liking anyone, chances are that they'll have nice friends.
juned kureshi (2 months ago)
http://dmsaffiliates.com/click.php?camp=3456&pubid=328& This is very good dating site FREE! just join and ENJOY FREE! http://dmsaffiliates.com/click.php?camp=3456&pubid=328& This is very good dating site FREE! just join and ENJOY FREE! http://dmsaffiliates.com/click.php?camp=3456&pubid=328& This is very good dating site FREE! just join and ENJOY FREE! http://dmsaffiliates.com/click.php?camp=3456&pubid=328& This is very good dating site FREE! just join and ENJOY FREE! http://dmsaffiliates.com/click.php?camp=3456&pubid=328& This is very good dating site FREE! just join and ENJOY FREE!
Varina (2 months ago)
e harmony isn't good.
محمود فضل (2 months ago)
Why u r so cute 😚😚 R u single I'm searching dating for marriage +201012088181 Whatsapp
Varina (2 months ago)
It is, thank you :)
Ahmed zaki osman (2 months ago)
+Varina if that is your pic then you are gorgeous.
Varina (2 months ago)
No.. I'm very selective and I live in Canada
Varina (2 months ago)
They are, these websites are just a business to keep you registered as long as possible. The free ones like pof have a lot of weirdos and people that aren't necessarily there for a relationship... but I rather pof for free then a service like e harmony. I'm considering Tinder lol.. have you tried it?
bestbuy & sell (2 months ago)
This video is nice for getting online dating....Get More: http://ow.ly/tcmG3
Luz Villanueva (2 months ago)
I'm Mexican and Love white guy's
محمود فضل (2 months ago)
Really. We can start dating. Whatsapp +201012088181
albau qqfhd (2 months ago)
i am single i am sad
محمود فضل (2 months ago)
R u girl We can start dating and marriage Whatsapp is +201012088181
Luz Villanueva (2 months ago)
albau qqfhd 😘
brahim ouirghane (2 months ago)
I am 22 years old looking for a girl. I am serious
Rahma Dahir (1 month ago)
Text me on whtsup 19 Muslim Somali from Kenya +254753891705
AlwaysTurtling (3 months ago)
Just to save ppl time none of the websites he showed are free AT ALL!
يزن احميدي (3 months ago)
I am 25 years old I am looking about a lovely women
Rahma Dahir (1 month ago)
Text me on whtsup 19 from Kenya+254753891705
Dianna Saltz (3 months ago)
BS...I wIll never online date! I will never again date!1
Robert Lamb (9 days ago)
Online dating? Blame it on the internet! But I've never done any online dating inquiries. I'd rather meet face-to-face. I'm old school!
Evance Rwea (16 days ago)
Dianna talk to me hete👉 [email protected] Will talk more.
David Ortiz (17 days ago)
Dianna Saltz you right i will never online date...... Wanna go on a date ?.
Ashebir Goshu (19 days ago)
Good decision. As another option do you want to find me at my address. If you want well come
ahnaf rahman (3 months ago)
Can you give some contents for that
Living The dream (3 months ago)
Watch my video
tina maria (3 months ago)
babe , wana some fun tonight?? https://freedatingworldwideoncam.blogspot.com free join no cc
Babalwa ntsimango (3 months ago)
HI GUYS im bianca from capetown looking for gud guy even if its old for me its fine im 32yrs old
GABRIEL IGWE (12 days ago)
OK am 30 can we +2347014887449
Babalwa ntsimango (16 days ago)
+Dwayne Burrell whatsup me 0710348158
Ashebir Goshu (16 days ago)
I am 28years old. But my dream is woman above 50 years old . you are under But if you can act as above 50 years old, welcome. No matter the number only i need old women life style
Juniel Alob (1 month ago)
Bhevz Mobantan (3 months ago)
In online dating all from Pakistan and India....jejeje
Cecilia Baidoo (3 months ago)
Am ghanaian and i have so much love to give,just waiting for the right GUY . INTERSESTED? ?
Hicham elidrissi (29 days ago)
take my whtsp contact me +212681468018
Ram Rajya (29 days ago)
+Hicham elidrissi hey hicham
Hicham elidrissi (29 days ago)
i a men RAM!!
Ram Rajya (29 days ago)
+Hicham elidrissi massage me my contact is given whtsaap dm me
Ram Rajya (29 days ago)
+Hicham elidrissi yess
Subira Abubakar (3 months ago)
what's the 5th one called..I need to know the name..."free what??
Subira Abubakar (3 months ago)
+Karuna Mar I'm fine
Karuna Mar (3 months ago)
Subira Abubakar hi hello how are you
Skint Katz (3 months ago)
NATAS 23 (3 months ago)
l2ave (4 months ago)
Why are we paying for these? No sense. "To keep those creepy guys away" wow.... . . .Best excuse? I used POF since 2006, I mean I met plenty of women... nothing worked out, but still had a good time? -.-
Pamela Lin (4 months ago)
im asian then wht date site is good .can all of u recommended?
Karuna Mar (3 months ago)
Pamela Lin hey write to me: [email protected]
gaS mi (4 months ago)
I am 24 years old looking for a girl. I am serious
Hicham elidrissi (29 days ago)
Vegas Douglas (1 month ago)
Am looking for a serious relationship...Chat me on hangout if you are in
Dawn Heistand (4 months ago)
Good video and thanks 4 the N 4 mation
Ashebir Goshu (19 days ago)
+Elizabeth Lovewell good
Ashebir Goshu (19 days ago)
k meg (4 months ago)
Never go on them again. A lot of men just wanting sex no relationship with you. Married men, men with girlfriends, ugly men, weird men. No thanks!
Olivia mimi (4 months ago)
Dear friend I hope you are good. I have a very popular dating site, where there are about 80% of girls. There are always plenty of people who are active here. If you like it you can register on this site. Thank you Click here to register. http://universalspecialoffer.win/usa/
saprissa9 (4 months ago)
Why the F can't I get a match you guys. God damn am I really that F ugly? Sorry for my attitude, I been on dating apps for 2 years and NOTHING!!!!!
Sanja Stanic (4 months ago)
There are many components to best live chat rooms . One place I found that succeeds in merging these is the Chatter cam crusher (check it out on google) without a doubt the most useful guide that I've seen. Check out the unbelievable information .
محمود فضل (2 months ago)
U r so cute. R u single for dating relataionship marriage
sumswag production (3 months ago)
+923316719138 My whatsapp Cum on babe waiting 4 u
Mootaz B.N (3 months ago)
witch site
POF ....is a nice dating site too
DLordThaKiiiNG (1 month ago)
+Justin Rodriguez They not taken if they on POF looking for dick.
Justin Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Variety BidCenter pof sucks I been looking for women and there taken
Rhea Cordero (4 months ago)
is it a scamm or not
Olivia mimi (4 months ago)
Dear friend I hope you are good. I have a very popular dating site, where there are about 80% of girls. There are always plenty of people who are active here. If you like it you can register on this site. Thank you Click here to register. http://universalspecialoffer.win/usa/
Sky-view (4 months ago)
It’s called Tinder and not Tender!
Anonymous Maximus (5 months ago)

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