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Vote - The Best rock'n roll style

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They all sound good, but they also look Fabulous! Vote here the best rock'n roll outfit! And please tell why you vote whoever you vote. And remember...we are not talking about music but look! Candidates: ZZ Top, Nitro, Elton John, Leningrad cowboys, Twisted sister, David Bowie, Stryper, Queen (Freddi Mercury), Kiss and Lordi.
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Kody Nathman (9 years ago)
JET BLUEICE (9 years ago)
#1 Stryper, #2 Queen, #3 K.I.S.S. #4 David Bowie, #5 all the rest.
ChiefJay (9 years ago)
David Bowie and Stryper
latterlort (10 years ago)
everything thrash plz.
Chuck Morgan (11 years ago)
Stryper, Kiss, Twisted Sister, ZZ Top
CoffeeDrinker71 (11 years ago)
glammetalwarrior (11 years ago)
Well.. I'd have to say that KISS, Twisted Sister, Stryper, Queen.. Bowie is certainly worth to mention.. In that order, I guess.. Nitro also roxx, of course. Lordi is nice. The rest of them doesn't do it for me, I'd say. :P
stryperken (11 years ago)
Stryper!! Without a doubt. KISS comes in a close second.

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