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92-year-old doctor shares her secrets to a long and happy life

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Dr. Melissa Freeman is still practicing medicine at 92 and not stopping anytime soon.
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Mochab001 (2 days ago)
I Adore Dr. Freeman...... I Don't like Robin....
Mochab001 (2 days ago)
Yola K. U.S.A (2 days ago)
WOW!! What a beautiful soul❤ Love this doctor 👍God Bless You☉
lovingmariah Gordon (2 days ago)
God bless her heart
Kawan Mehta (3 days ago)
Secret?? Strength given by God!!
Yolanda Green (3 days ago)
Love her.
romeo Marks (3 days ago)
Amazing what a beautiful video may god long long life doctor ❤️
adam ander (4 days ago)
she is pretty awesome . she deserves to retire tho she is very old , then again she loves what she does and its most likely what she lives for
Roberto Jacques (4 days ago)
The devil dislikes this beautiful video
Roberto Jacques (4 days ago)
She still going to work . I need to get my ass to work because I can’t be lazy .
FAITHM100 (5 days ago)
I want know what she uses on her skin!
Thewassajja (5 days ago)
Respect this old woman still want to work and you see this younger people don’t want to work but to get free money or to get easy money
cherishdeb (5 days ago)
Beautiful, sweet old lady with a gentle beautiful spirit
future advocate (5 days ago)
one day I want to be a doctor but in nursing route. oh God help me
C Jasz (6 days ago)
Cool lady!
Ebony Mckinney (7 days ago)
She looks great💛💛
Amelia Redman (7 days ago)
So inspiring, she's wonderful and a true role model <3
Dominique Jenkins (7 days ago)
My shero
Jason Winters (7 days ago)
Smoke a little weed, drink a little scotch, suck a lot of dick, avoid sugar,salt,flour....live forever.
Stephanie Davis (7 days ago)
Congratulations and thank God for wonderful woman and one of her parents
Peace be to you all! This is AMAZING and so inspiring!
Misty Henderson (8 days ago)
You have to move on.
David Krausell (9 days ago)
God bless this women!
Laura Deen (6 days ago)
Yolanda Johnson (9 days ago)
yeah right!!!!! she looks no more than 72
B DOW (9 days ago)
Such a blessing!!!
tiredgirl50 (9 days ago)
Life Simply (10 days ago)
God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sweet and beautiful
eaglechick22 (10 days ago)
Charla Amen (11 days ago)
She's beautiful
mary ann carrlton (11 days ago)
Pure inspiration.
patricia wilson (11 days ago)
Planetanitaac (12 days ago)
This is what I call good journalism
eureka312 (12 days ago)
Amazing woman. Hope she continues to be recognised for her good work ⭐️🌹
valencia sherique (12 days ago)
She doesn't look or sound 92! It's apparent in her walk though. Such an inspiration!!! All glory to the Most High!
T Fleming (12 days ago)
No glasses, beautiful skin, well spoken at 92... WOW God's grace is amazing.
VeeZie NhamoRuhwande (12 days ago)
Liz Vega (12 days ago)
What an inspiration ❤️
Jemima Fenteng - Twum (13 days ago)
None "was born a slave " point of correction. ' He was made a slave'
Robert Samuel (13 days ago)
I’m wondering what 254 people could have possibly found in this inspiring video to dislike?!?!
Jacqueline Ramphal (13 days ago)
Not a wrinkle! You go doctor!💃🏾💥💥💥💥
Jacklynn Jackson (13 days ago)
Multiple generations on the same property is what to get back to. Worked for EVERY ppls. Safety in numbers.
Lovely Maureena (13 days ago)
Wow so blessed
Jahda Lennie (13 days ago)
92 years is only by the GRACE of God. God bless her
Tim Logan (13 days ago)
Amazing! She sounds like shes thirty years younger!
Pamela Talbert (14 days ago)
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MM R (14 days ago)
Sum times I feel invisible at 44. Good for the Harlem Dr.
Delena Fernil (14 days ago)
Wow! I’m 58 years old praying that I can get around that well!!
Jude Dimatteo (14 days ago)
she is just beautiful
Tina Hampton (14 days ago)
Anybody can achieve what this woman achieved, but you can’t be afraid, and you got to want to live to be a hundred, and twenty. Thing is so many people give up. Same thing with education people give up before they achieve their goal, and she is right God will show you His goodness, and mercy. God is good.
nadege king (12 days ago)
,Wowwwwwww this is fascinating . She’s active ,very normal mentally, beautiful, smart, list goes on GOD bless her .
Dezeri Smith (14 days ago)
Essence magazine needs to honor this woman, she's a trailblazer for the elderly that you can still keep it moving baby.
A Jones (14 days ago)
Jane Laflin (14 days ago)
God bless you
D Al (14 days ago)
Awsome Lady!!! May God bless her many more years...
Kamala Williams (15 days ago)
She is a clone of her grandfather ...wow and she doesn’t look or sound like no 90 yr old. She is having problems moving though
I learned nothing from this broadcast...
maui swift (16 days ago)
Wow! How inspirational!
MAR (17 days ago)
Que linda la Dra 🌈
Ella Daloussi (17 days ago)
Respect for this amazing woman!! God protect her grace and love for life❤❤❤
Rebecca Alston (17 days ago)
Wow! What an inspiration she is!!! I have no excuses not to continue on and thrive!
DORENE WALLACE (17 days ago)
God to be the glory he is worthy to be praise blessings on you or dear sister continue to spire your gift your inspiration your beauty motivation love everything such a beautiful gift keep on Shining cuz you are a shining radiant star in the eyes of God amen
Jane Voris (18 days ago)
What a lovely lady. I would love to meet her.
Me & You (18 days ago)
Khalidah Kamal (18 days ago)
THANKS FOR THIS!!!! To say she is accomplished and successful is an understatement. I need to step up my game now.
16 Trolls (18 days ago)
I admire her, she’s incredibly sharp for her age
Gracie M (18 days ago)
Clear example of Blacks don't Crack :) Amazing lady
E H (18 days ago)
What a beautiful woman! You are blessed indeed.
Karen Califano (19 days ago)
She looks great and I admire her, however, regardless of race, remember those who have money have access to better health care, can afford to live comfortably in large, expensive cities like NY, and those who are highly educated also live longer as well. There are some who are not well off who live to 100 or more, however, in a place like NYC, most of the elderly who have a good quality of life are wealthy.
Lin Nash (19 days ago)
wow...like they say black don't crack awww bless her
Gareth Lindsay (19 days ago)
An inspiring and compassionate humanitarian. Thank-you for remembering people who make a difference and are good citizens. Bravo!
Mecca Morgan (20 days ago)
Very inspiring... I guess no stress from a man also had something to do with it too.
Rosa Antonetti (20 days ago)
She's amazing
Mani Symone (20 days ago)
God bless us likewise or to Your liking🙏🏾
CHILL AF (20 days ago)
Hope she doesn't get mugged on the subway
No limits Tracoz (20 days ago)
These days people find anything to hate mostly positive image wow what a world!!!!!!!
Juan Martinez (20 days ago)
Ella abraza el transporte publico, muy emocionante..
Juan Martinez (20 days ago)
Tranquilo...de estatura pequeña..
Juan Martinez (20 days ago)
Ella es cristiana..mientras tenga fuerza tiene k seguir moviendose
Juan Martinez (20 days ago)
Renuncio Señor y me libero de toda depresion, animosidad, no guardo animosidad, aversion, enojo, ira, odio. Enemistad, antipatia,
Odette Lunsford (20 days ago)
What a Trooper! I ache&hurt but wow! What a blessing4her testimony of life!☺🙏
Jessica Lee (20 days ago)
92? Her skin looks amazing!
Erika Wegner (21 days ago)
htothejay (21 days ago)
Amazing woman
Shea Shea (22 days ago)
Very touching interview. She has a beautiful spirit.
Lulu M (22 days ago)
Wow! She’s the spitting image of her grandfather. What a lovely lady and very accomplished but humble with it. Now that’s beauty and love 😊
Granville Walker Jr (22 days ago)
When you're talking about this lady, the word "amazing" is an understatement. May He continue to heap blessings upon you, Dr. Freeman!
Anita ' S (23 days ago)
She's an inspiration...what a great attitude!
Zelda Modise (23 days ago)
Beautiful ❤❤❤
AD C (23 days ago)
Wow! So few women became doctors during the time she was in medical school. And still in practice at 92! Dr.Freeman is awesome.
Green Souldier (24 days ago)
Real America , Real American love u grandma
She truly Blessed! I pray she have more years to continue helping others. Take care Peace And Love!
Jesus Christ (25 days ago)
Some people I their 60's look way older. LIFESTYLE!
Laverne Webb (25 days ago)
Dr Freeman is beautiful and honestly if I had to guess, I would think that she was in her late 60s . Her voice doesn't sound like what I imagine a 90 year old would sound like.
Tru Artist (26 days ago)
Dang, she’s beautiful!!!!
Janae Carter (26 days ago)
Wow! She looks good for 92!!!
STEMSWIM (26 days ago)
The death of an elderly person is comparable to burning down a huge library
Anelisa Nakani (26 days ago)
She looks so good 🙌🙌 her skin is amazing ❤❤🔥🔥🙌
BARBIE Doll (27 days ago)
Wonderful grandma amazing lady
The Joyful Cook (27 days ago)
Omg. She's so beautiful. God's endless blessing ma'am😍😍
Mariam Abassi (27 days ago)
Wow she looks buitiful for 92 years old

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