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San Francisco Giants HOF announcers John Miller and Duane Kuiper doin it...!!!

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San Francisco Giants Hall of Fame Broadcaster John Miller and HOF to be Broadcaster Duane Kuiper at Hohokam park calling the action during Spring Training 2013. Two of Major League Baseballs best announcers doing their thing!!
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Ernesto Esquivel (2 years ago)
What seat did u get to see them
Steven Rissotto (4 years ago)
Who are they talking about... With the Red Sox
OldSkool Munar (5 years ago)
this is pretty awesome, as you dont see thier faces while they are announcing. very cool vid.
orderofmelchizedek1 (6 years ago)
Yes, he was teamed with former major league second baseman Joe Morgan for years. He was also the voice of the Baltimore Orioles for 14 years and began his career with the Oakland A's.
mustangdrew (6 years ago)
Wasn't miller on espn for the Sunday night games???

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