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Materialize Css - responsive image gallery

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code :- http://bit.ly/2K5lhEE In this video tutorial we are gonna make a image / photo gallery using materialize css framework (html ,css , jquery /javascript ). materialize css responsive material image modal box zoom on click
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Dias Doktyrbek (1 month ago)
How to add like X button or > button?
Ping Pong (4 months ago)
Excellent. Been looking for a responsive click-to-zoom for hours! How would you include a textbox in the small or large image?
Toppo N (7 months ago)
. Jason (9 months ago)
I followed this video exactly and when I click my images nothing happens...
LaTasha Coates (8 months ago)
@. Jason Ah ok. Glad you got it figured out!! :-)
. Jason (8 months ago)
@LaTasha Coates there was a problem with the .css file, changing to a updated version fixed it.
LaTasha Coates (8 months ago)
I know I'm late, but you have to wrap your image with an <a href> tag and link it to whatever page you like. For example: <div class="col s12 m6 l4> <a href="/about"> <img src="images/a.jpg" class="responsive-img card materialbox"> </a> </div> Hope this helps!
Pawan Phougat (1 year ago)
Bhai ye image ka link de do first wali ka
Web Zone (1 year ago)
link in description ..

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