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Deleted scenes from the Going Deep episode starring adult actress Kimber James. WATCH MORE OF KIMBER'S INTERVIEW: Original Version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFqV-ptvLmI Twitter Quesions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdOL0cZm3d0 Scene Readings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJfZgR7Y_ZA Kimber's Links: http://twitter.com/tskimberjames http://www.myspace.com/tskimberjames Directed/Edited By: Layne Pavoggi http://www.youtube.com/popum42 Edited By: Jon Na http://www.youtube.com/Jonnafilms ******* Watch My Vlogs: http://www.youtube.com/kassemgtwo Add me on BLIPPY cause it's new: http://www.blippy.com/kassemg FIND ME ONLINE: http://twitter.com/kassemg http://apps.facebook.com/kassemg http://www.dailybooth.com/kassemg http://www.myspace.com/kassemg http://thekassemg.com SEND ME LETTERS: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404
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Text Comments (2694)
イサxaker01 (1 month ago)
love her
Orkapipo Orkalino (2 months ago)
She is cute damn
Erica Ricketts (3 months ago)
Love you Kimber,,,got you're poster next to my bed on my room wall
auto Tuner (5 months ago)
one of the coolest guests hes had
Lobato Lobato (7 months ago)
Hairul Mat Awi (8 months ago)
Fucking milf @ cougar.. Yummy
Jamal Hope-Williams (10 months ago)
Why’s her voice so deep shemale
skar516 (11 months ago)
I’d fuck
J A (1 year ago)
I don't think she went all the way yet 8 years later
Angie Black (1 year ago)
That voice
Darmo (1 year ago)
im dead at 3:23 hahaha
Mauro Luiz (1 year ago)
Ela e muito tesao
Mark John (2 years ago)
fucking howling. this was so damn funny
Tru Comment (2 years ago)
I would fuck Kimber James
Slimp (2 years ago)
The doctors that perform such a procedure must be all female doctors. Slitting a penis in half? What the fu-
joujou alger (2 years ago)
I love bisexual <3<3<3
Azathoth (2 years ago)
Really bizarre
Zac Uther (2 years ago)
fucking legend!
Uitumen Bold (2 years ago)
"i wanna be mom and a wife..." feeeeelssss hit me like a train
Pope Gains (3 months ago)
SJW Pussy
Devrias St. (5 months ago)
The Batman Guy because she’s a trans woman, I assumed she wanted to know what it felt like to actually have a child of her own. (Via child birth) and she can’t.
The Batman Guy (5 months ago)
+Devrias St. Why
Devrias St. (1 year ago)
Me too. I feel so much empathy for her when she said that shit.
Sohela Rassouli (3 years ago)
oh shit. i mean... they have to suffer a lot... i mean .... oh i love my pussy  but i hope everything goes right on her /him surgery
jamie hardy (3 years ago)
Not me he ( im not calling him she ) did do a completetransition ?n fuck the world is bexoming scarrier
dante love (3 years ago)
Who else has masturbated to "her" videos and didn't know "she" is a tranny?
Amatsu Kami (3 years ago)
I feel bad for the doctor doing those types of procedures.
CUISINE KING l (5 months ago)
marco polo you can’t unsee that stuff
Potatoes (2 years ago)
+JoshLikeCrazy playing with nerves is extremely stressful even for a pro
JoshLikeCrazy (3 years ago)
+Inept Society They're trained professionals
Joe Keys (3 years ago)
I feel bad for your grammar
Amatsu Kami (3 years ago)
+marco polo Not worth it in my opinion. How do they sleep at night with those images in their heads. 
YoungLuc (3 years ago)
Who heard that guy cough in the back 😂
Ariel Witch (3 years ago)
Again, she's so cute. And to add pretty cool
boourself (10 months ago)
Angie Wicc, you are cute
counterman42 (4 years ago)
jjammmees (4 years ago)
+counterman42 I hate Volkswagens.
Jaem Maddog (4 years ago)
I jerked off to her last night..please lord forgive me!
Christian L (1 year ago)
lol u are obviously denying it
ComaProductions (3 years ago)
+Jaem Madayag LOL
Adopted Aiden (3 years ago)
+Jaem Madayag nah I was as limp as bizkit im here because this dude is funny I knew she was a man the second I saw her before she even talked, she had manly features and it was a porn video so I kinda of figured I don't want nor would I ever watch the category, I don't even watch anal in General why would I want to see someone fuck a fake pussy? I could do that myself with a flesh light.
Jaem Maddog (3 years ago)
+Adopted Aiden you must be here for the same reason dont worry the lord will forgive us bro.
Adopted Aiden (3 years ago)
Half gay
atcred3 (4 years ago)
look at her upper lip!!!!...aaaaahhhha ha ha ha a !!!!
MrStifleras (4 years ago)
i love the fact that when she tells how the dick becomes a vagina you can hear someone coughing in the background
1jomojo (4 years ago)
OMG you can pay people so they transfer your Penis into a vagina D: the humanity gone to shit ..... pls god its time fpr a flood
youngatnaruto (3 years ago)
+Madara Uchiha I guess he lives in the bronze age he never heard of a surgeon
Wassup Boi (3 years ago)
+Madara Uchiha It's funny because you don't know for sure he doesn't exist as well haha jokes on you!
Madara Uchiha (4 years ago)
Too bad he's not real
Lion Emoji (4 years ago)
Are you stupid?
wenzo lin (4 years ago)
I was eating when she talked about inverted penises.
Lad, The One And Only (5 months ago)
My condolences.
Kotarian (4 years ago)
i saw you in transformers
doozie doodle (2 months ago)
He really puts the trans in transformers
Plastic fox
The Batman Guy (5 months ago)
+Shamouri Minko kassem
Shamouri Minko (1 year ago)
Kotarian who?
bosnianstar572 (4 years ago)
Kassems face is making me fucking bawl tears
Dillon Coto (4 years ago)
When she was talking about the dick slicing part, my very own started to hurt as if I could feel the pain...
Alan Spivey (4 years ago)
I have the biggest case of confused dick
MrStifleras (4 years ago)
me too
Dillon Isham (5 years ago)
He kissed him
The Batman Guy (5 months ago)
+Amy biological devolution
6NA6TAS6 147 xll (6 months ago)
Only someone who needs to fuck off would comment something that long cuz nobody gives a fuck
6NA6TAS6 147 xll (6 months ago)
iTz Carnage (2 years ago)
Dillon Isham well heshe is hot enough to pass for female soooooo gotta keep that imagination open
Algeni Zorrilla (5 years ago)
Definitively not a mam. A real men will never submit his penis to something like that. 
This is America (5 years ago)
Kaseem man u r the best I'm dieng if laughter LMFAO
Derbert M'Chingstape (5 years ago)
her vag looks pretty good considering its man made
Trevor Smith (5 years ago)
NO. Sex change operations hurt to think about! Its fine if you want to go through with it, but don't describe that shit to me. Ain't nobody gonna fillet and invert my member! Parts of this video almost made me pity Mrs. James, but then I remembered that this is her choice + she probably makes mad bank.
Jmurder209 (5 years ago)
I Don't Like This, But I Kind've Feel Sorry For Her/Him When He Says Mean Ass Shit To Her/Him.
Austin Wilder (3 years ago)
+Azazel Takimoto is a weeaboo lmao
Azazel Takimoto (4 years ago)
+Hollow Why do you even care abut what my opinion is on this matter?
Hollow (4 years ago)
+Azazel Takimoto Accept the facts. Bye.
Azazel Takimoto (4 years ago)
+Hollow If it identifies as female I will recognize it as female. It is not my place to tell someone what they can and cannot be.
Hossen (5 years ago)
you can tell just by the voice that its a fucking shemale if i was in Kassim g's situation, i would of knocked the shit out of that son of a bitch.
GypsyLeah (2 years ago)
But why? You think punching Kimber is gonna make her change her ways?
Luke Nero (4 years ago)
+HiroHASS BRO Would have*
Calvin Wallace (4 years ago)
haha watch out guys, we got a badass over here!
Chocolate Milk (4 years ago)
it was probably scripted, duh. its supposed to funny.
Tesla Death Ray (5 years ago)
tumblr SJW's must hate kassem for this
barood khan (5 months ago)
+Tiago Himura hahahaha i just wanted to tell you that i laughed.
Tiago Himura (5 months ago)
4 years ago ... 4 years
fernando arroyo (5 years ago)
That's hottttttttt
Keith Deel (4 months ago)
You like dick?
Bolt892 (5 years ago)
"She" looks so plastic god damn
JoshLikeCrazy (3 years ago)
cuz without shed look like a man
Dan Osanu (5 years ago)
do u still get boners loooooooooooooooool i almost died
Bil Jack (5 years ago)
this was quite funny
nyyanks9428 (5 years ago)
How can you pick a career as a dick slitter? God i want to puke.
amanda claireon (2 years ago)
money talks
nyyanks9428 (4 years ago)
+HorusHeresy1982 this is not meant as a rage against porn. I was questioning why would anyone want to filet a penis as a career field. relax -_-
Paul Hensley (4 years ago)
I know, right?  pretty gross.  I can answer your question tho:  plastic surgeons in california can make as much as $20,000 an hour.  I'm not a doctor and I don't know anything about that procedure but for that price.... yeah, I'd do it. 
Pixelated Paradox (5 years ago)
... sounds like a lot of fun. lolol
juliensaccount1 (5 years ago)
tubby hahahhahahahaha
Samuel Ward (5 years ago)
I watched this and never forget it was a man how dumb am I and typed her in uporn and scared 4 life
piwitron (1 year ago)
Samuel Ward she's got a pussy now
EMINEM (4 years ago)
Lmaoo hahahah
Nin13666 (5 years ago)
Favorite actress is Kim Kardashian? She's definitely as dumb as a woman is.
Deus Vult, Infidel (1 year ago)
Well, if I hear it right she does say "She's not really an actress, but Kim Kardashian"
oh ok! (5 years ago)
Well, I'm sure it was a joke because Kim is a REALITY tv star.
Bap Gia (5 years ago)
Marquis TL (5 years ago)
Literally at 1:45. DONE!
Andrew Tate (5 years ago)
I had to pause the video to laugh when he said "yeah you should, tubby" LOOL
Atri Cotes (5 years ago)
You are gay and you're luvin it like a kid and a McDonalds Happy Meal.
Kelsang115 (5 years ago)
They split the penis in half...
Equal Flux (5 years ago)
My lifes a mess.
Dylan Nong (5 years ago)
oh my god if only he werent a tranny...
piwitron (1 year ago)
Dylan Nong she
Awais A. (5 years ago)
kassem g did not look like he wanted to be doing that, man i felt that, dude kissed a man that is now a woman. i thought there was something wrong with that voice.
Awais A. (5 years ago)
that was so funny idon't know what i am either, oh my days hilarious.
chocochip1 (5 years ago)
This nigga has some pretty ass eyes.....can't do xtc 'round this dude
KILLER (5 years ago)
"OK!" "We get it!" "You're Bi, welcome to Earth."
Tristan Blaze (5 years ago)
Still jacking it to her fine tranny ass!!
Tristan Blaze (5 years ago)
Glory to Arstotzka! Greatest country! Kimber James was born in Arstotzka!!
jeff reynolds (5 years ago)
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! That sounds like a lot of fun he says!!!!!
ali shahan (5 years ago)
"Yea you should tubby"
KTAC12 (5 years ago)
milf? more like a fucking Dilf.
jjammmees (5 years ago)
Sheridan Mella (5 years ago)
Glory to Arstotzka.
Niall Murphy (5 years ago)
they should have got zack galifanackis forthis
Froos Aljar (5 years ago)
Sexy milf
BayCollins77 (5 years ago)
kimber is funny as fuck hahahhahah
Retro Rundown (5 years ago)
The Internet is filled with fucking weridos
Phil Jones (5 years ago)
Drink much?
Historical Videos (5 years ago)
gberg che (5 years ago)
hahahahah "you should TUBBY"
ZGutta519 (5 years ago)
you like chicks with dicks.... sorry to tell you, but your wrong.. and your chi chi..
Rich (5 years ago)
wtf pple...... guys on here getting it hard!!!
Historical Videos (5 years ago)
You just proclaimed you're gay.
Erik S. (5 years ago)
He looks like Ray William Johnson.
Fleece Johnson (5 years ago)
he is naked in the thumbnail. kassem def fucked him
EZ Mode (5 years ago)
Wait did he/she said a squirtle skin? When the fk did pokemon get involved in tranny work? AWADAFUQ?!
cabagnale (5 years ago)
Tristan Blaze (5 years ago)
You check again right?
Firaro (5 years ago)
when he/she/whatever said it doesnt know what it is the correct answer is "pansexual" that is all for todays lesson class
vmm100 (4 months ago)
nah the lesson is to respect her gender identity and refer to her as her because she is a human and not "it"
bellaNova Curacao (5 years ago)
Almost died when he said his penis would get split in half
Pleiodes (5 years ago)
i think i have to puke
Tristan Blaze (5 years ago)
Disgusting? Try suck able fucktard!!
Pleiodes (5 years ago)
because the fact that she/he has a penis is digusting...
Tristan Blaze (5 years ago)
Why the hell would I do that?!?!?!
Malika Lim (5 years ago)
I'm a little confused, is she a MtF?
Pleiodes (5 years ago)
just imagine she has a vagina...
klyde amadeo (5 years ago)
He's a male for christ sake!
TheRealBoyardee (5 years ago)
I can't believe how hot she is. And I can't believe how much I want to not fuck her. I love her.
FAILURE (5 years ago)
Search Mia Isabella...
FAILURE (5 years ago)
Soo get the fuck out
tbag jonas (5 years ago)
kissing a man-turned-woman makes you simply gay.
weston little (5 years ago)
victor gura (6 years ago)
was she born a boy or a girl???

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