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ninja Scroll - Jubei VS Blind samurai

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Ninja scroll - 1993 movie Jubei VS Blind samurai, FIGHTING IN BAMBOO forest and awesome animation. cool fight
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Text Comments (82)
john doe (1 day ago)
What the shit did this scene have to do with the rest of the movie?
Logan Outlaw (20 days ago)
hes blind how the fuck would he know where the light is.
Vön Miller (21 days ago)
He died wondering how Jubei was able to bock and strike at the same time.
Ben Geiger (22 days ago)
Kinda wished that this fight lasted a little longer. The blind swordsman always seemed he would of been a better good guy than a bad guy.
DAKINGPIN1999 (26 days ago)
Best manga ever
Carlos Galindo (1 month ago)
He should have sharpened his senses in remembering his surroundings more and he would have sensed the sword impaled in the bamboo
RN Gesus (2 months ago)
The girl is always in the way smh
Johnlindsey289 (2 months ago)
One of my fave moments in anime
Pac1fic0 (2 months ago)
Kyon Y (2 months ago)
is he blind?
Broly (2 months ago)
Uptra instinct samurai.
DENOEHONER (3 months ago)
I love this FUCKEN movie
Yoyo Ball (3 months ago)
Jubei is such a boss!
That Guy (3 months ago)
What kind of enemy is going to give you advice to defeat him? What kind of jackass wouldnt know how to defeat him? Like hello make noise and he'll chase you. I'm sorry but neither these two would survive a true enemy who is just smart asf.
Outlaw 2 (1 month ago)
His advice was something that he knew Jubei couldnt follow. He told him not to make a sound. Well, thats impossible because although Jubei is a ninja, the blind swordsman has spent his entire life in the dark, honing his hearing to supernatural human levels. Once he took Jubeis sight away, the advantage was clearly in favor of the blind swordsman, since hearing was already in his favor, he just made it more convincing taking Jubeis sight. Jubei got lucky, pure and simple.
That Guy (2 months ago)
+Bumbleness Supreme Brady I dont and it looks like you dont have any common sense
Bumbleness Supreme Brady (2 months ago)
Do you have sort of mental disorder? Your comment has nothing to do with the fight.
GOD Broly (3 months ago)
plot twist hes related to byakuya from bleach
moviedude22 (3 months ago)
Such a strong Asian character, his voice is so western, so Americanized. What a pity
jurisprudens (2 months ago)
You want the voice actor to dub him in a stereotypical Asian accent? "I'r take zat charrendg! Zis one is mine!", right? ;)
Liyen 23 (3 months ago)
Mariochukysoyyo Cabrera (4 months ago)
Emil LaCour (4 months ago)
Stupid weeaboo nxggers keep coming to the English version even though there is a Japanese version
HK Kim (4 months ago)
어떻게 된겨?
ill76 Mao (4 months ago)
“I have longed to challenge you.....” You don’t get no Doper than that💯
Kavi Jackson (4 months ago)
If anyone wants to diss this dub I'll dance at your funeral drunk asf!!!😐
wes ley (5 months ago)
"hiyaah" Omfg
Kwaj (5 months ago)
Once again, English dubbing reduces an epic anime fight scene to depressing cheesiness.
Emil LaCour (4 months ago)
Kwaj nobody forced him to watch the enlish dub version. There is a JAP version but he chose to come to this version to bitch and moan about it
Sherbet_Bomb (6 months ago)
The blind guy had some high level knife play. If Kagero didn't intervene, he would have diced Jubei's ass
LulzMania1 (2 months ago)
well yeah, his last moment was probably him trying to figure out how Jubei blocked a Kendo style Slash Downward attack whilst he pierced him in the chest simultaneaously, it should be impossible but because of the Kunai's blade stuck in the bamboo it was luck
Anass Barada (6 months ago)
Guys why don't you upload the whole film instead of random parts
Cate D (6 months ago)
This is one of my favorite scenes from one of the best anime films ever made. From what I have seen in the comments I am glad I am deaf and so can't hear the shitty dub haha.
Taylor Durette (7 months ago)
10 reasons why your sight is a weakness! Click to find out
Sirius (7 months ago)
This shit is on another level.
james hunt (7 months ago)
rip mujuro
코리아닌자 (9 months ago)
일본의 무사도는 좋아한다.
Noyze (10 months ago)
"The Wasp in the hive are trying to escape the water, how they desperately sting his body. Mushizo has lost!" - Utsutsu Mujuro
Pedro Sepulveda (2 months ago)
Wrong negro, fool!
Allan Lomas (1 year ago)
This move is just too fucking good.
Chinmay Adangale (2 years ago)
He is the scariest villian in the movie lol
shishiperalta (2 years ago)
I love how the blind ninja can blind you with his sword by reflecting the sunlight... i mean how does he knows when he is actually reflecting sun light... in a certain way it's awesome...
Yeah somebody messed up and now we can hear/feel them
deumevet (2 months ago)
idk but i believe blind people can feel the sun beams
Steve Rogers (3 months ago)
+ shishiperalta Equally puzzling is how there is that much sunlight inside of a dense bamboo forest. Direct sunlight should have been blocked out by all the trees.
ill76 Mao (4 months ago)
shishiperalta nanomachines Sunn
Copydot (5 months ago)
Dude is so good he can hear the fucking sun
Pro hac Vice (2 years ago)
This dub completely changes the mood of the fight. Jubei is apprehensive all throughout the fight, yet with the dub he's Steven Seagal or someone like that.
Max (2 months ago)
hilarious comment
Kavi Jackson (4 months ago)
McEgge (2 years ago)
Yeah, I think the original japanese voices are better
♤ ( ashizo) ♤ (3 years ago)
ha ha ha( judei )sv( Mujuro Utsutsu ) samurai
Nemanja Radovanovic (3 years ago)
The blind one is not a samurai, he is ninja too. And yes he is strong, but the point is that he had a weak spot which took him down. To exploit one's weak spot, one can defeat even demons. That is the way of ninja. ;)
TallicaMan1986 (9 months ago)
Nemanja Radovanovic Demons is and was always a metaphor. Shogun Assassin has the Shogun inflicted with demons and mental problems. In Ninja Scroll they were called demons because of their awesome ability in the niche. Jubei is just smart in the battlefield.
floppy dopolous (3 years ago)
The blind samurai is my favourite villian from this awesome movie. "You lured me in here because I am blind is that your plan?" Badass.
Ro Tyler (4 years ago)
Keep in mind, the blind Samurai is much older and most likely more experienced than Jubei. All throughout the match, Jubei was on the backfoot (1:56). Could have gone either way. 
Ro Tyler (4 months ago)
Well said.
TallicaMan1986 (9 months ago)
Jubei is shown to be clever as fuck, the only reason why he survived this whole ordeal. Sure, he got saved by that still placed sword, but it was HIM who wanted to use it. It produced No sound and maintaining orientation blind is sorta hard even with his Sun feeling feels he couldn't see if the sword was in the tree or not and where exactly it was. Jubei used sight to an advantage with the help of an ally before that he was losing.
Ro Tyler (3 years ago)
+LKVideos Perhaps. Jubei wasn't out of the fight yet. I personally think 2 vs 1 would be awkward as your team mate would get in the way.
LKVideos (3 years ago)
+Ro Tyler Jubei would have been dead if it wasn't for Kagero's sword deflecting the blind samurai's killing blow.
jiiiigsaw (5 years ago)
Correct translation Blind man: If you wanna kill me you must not make any sound at all. Jubei: Thats impossible ! but maby i can take that in my advantage... ( the sound of the bushes falling, making noise witch he hopes to use as an advantage.
Diamondbacc1 (6 months ago)
jiiiigsaw Thanks
jiiiigsaw (5 years ago)
The translating is totally wrong, the japaneese original version he says somthing completly different trhough out this scene, english makes it sound so dumb and bad !!
Pedro Sepulveda (2 months ago)
Well fook u 2
zeroxXxguilty (5 years ago)
@SlasherQ8 Its called strategy. Jubei clearly used that as a shield and took advantage. He used his enemies weakness of not being able to see. He deserved the win
zeroxXxguilty (5 years ago)
@yusufonepiece Please. Define gay? If u even know what it means
zeroxXxguilty (5 years ago)
@Daniel Parra Theres no such thing as "if it werent" in fighting. Its just a fucking excuse. Everything goes in a battle
Daniel Parra (5 years ago)
This one was one of the strongest demons if it wasn't for the sword on the bamboo tree, Jubei would be dead.
gutyzao (6 years ago)
is Utsutsu Mujuro
sakib khan (8 months ago)
Utsuto Muzoro
Misteltein (10 years ago)
Usutso Mujuro is the best!!! and the movie is very cool.
Velshin (10 years ago)
Jubei was lucky the blind samurai is way stronger than him, if it wasn't for kagero knife stuck in the tree Jubei would be dead.
deumevet (17 days ago)
well in fact the only guy jubei beat was genma, and maybe the shadow ninja the rest he needed the help of kagero or other demons or water etc...
yushimitsu (4 months ago)
Yes,the blind samurai is my favourite villain and jubei was way lucky.
ill76 Mao (4 months ago)
Velshin It can’t be...💯
HA! the eh=nding was funny and cool
Seprinth (10 years ago)
i have dial up, so it would take way too long. sorry. if i ever get DSL though ill try too :D

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