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Adult Performers Answer Questions You've Always Had

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Text Comments (5822)
MANO (1 hour ago)
God I’m scared to have a daughter
Not my Realname (3 hours ago)
“Adult performers” Just fuckin call them pornstars like a normal person
Owl Lm (4 hours ago)
They are actually nice
Rick Grimes (7 hours ago)
Cuentos de la Cripta (8 hours ago)
It does.
AMAURIS PENA MATOS (8 hours ago)
LOL i know jason luv he always on bbc LOL, im not gay btw
Marvin Gotthardt (8 hours ago)
Thanks. you helped me overcome my insecuritys
Ivan Maina (9 hours ago)
"D R O P Y O U R D I C K "
Vladimir Putin (14 hours ago)
They should invite Manuel next time
Widdle Burd (16 hours ago)
J o n a t h a n (16 hours ago)
jason luv i seen in blacked.
NASER KK (18 hours ago)
This people are going to hell boiy
Stefan Aurora (23 hours ago)
They're actually cute :) He's like: 'You can't fake science !' . Well, he's right :)
TRUMP GRIFFIN (1 day ago)
Is it bad that I recognise the guy in the thumbnail
J Ritchie (1 day ago)
I’ve seen one of these on a porno before
rammyrust (1 day ago)
😻KITTY💋 (1 day ago)
It’s not about the size of the boat, it’s about the motion of the ocean😂😂😂 Two minutes into the video: why the hell am I watching this🤔
Douglas MacArthur (1 day ago)
Donald Lockett (1 day ago)
That guy (1 day ago)
Too scared to ask? You can't walk up to most whores and ask.
deez nuts (1 day ago)
I am a sexual artist 😂😂
slycooper459 (1 day ago)
Wait is Hips Don’t Lie about sex
Fredrik Galfi (1 day ago)
Jason is fkin fun as hell damn
varego Gothi (1 day ago)
Frankly, porn stars should be teaching about sex.
George NoX (1 day ago)
its not about size, its how you use it, or so i have heard somewhere :P
GPX SAGE (1 day ago)
best research is practical
Anym (1 day ago)
Performer, producer, and director. Jesus woman you can literally make your own solo film with all credits 😂
theguy (1 day ago)
I actually hate Manuel's porns...he's like an animal..too aggressive
Carlos Daniels (1 day ago)
I thought ok boy was Slim 400. Hahaha
Stuffs .00 (1 day ago)
Just want to know what song they used in Reily reid's porn.
Ted TC (1 day ago)
Alc Shot (1 day ago)
Oh come on! Stop whining in the comments. You think sex workers are bad yet I'm sure you watch porn. I think the majority of people who watch youtube are nine year olds so wth are you doing watching this video?
Pyragon_ (1 day ago)
manu c'est une pepite ce mec j'ai toujours su c'etait le meilleur !
Furkan Diechioco (1 day ago)
Its too biiig
Lord VENUS (1 day ago)
This world so fucked up
OCNY METAL (1 day ago)
Luck Rockhold does porn now???
Como (2 days ago)
Wait what (2 days ago)
*Me actin like I’ve never seen any of them before*
Ben Miller (2 days ago)
Cailyn Wolfe (2 days ago)
Porn stars are regular people just like everyone else. Everyone has sex. I don’t judge pornstars y’all make your money and have fun doing it. Not everyone’s parents will be accepting of this type of career but that doesn’t make it okay to call them gross. They seem to look happy :)
ObscureMemes (2 days ago)
How do you guys ruin porn
Thomas Buxton (2 days ago)
Tori black is so bloody stunning. So sexy articulate and alluring
Moon Man (2 days ago)
His ego is bigger than his dick
Waco Paco (2 days ago)
Bruh I got a pop up that said “watch on tv”and my hand wasn’t even on the screen and I got spooked
john duran (2 days ago)
Sex work is not work
Jdjd Nnndkd (2 days ago)
Yomka Hassan (2 days ago)
The best penis size is average.When women look at your penis they should be impressed,but never scared!
Yomka Hassan (1 day ago)
+Alex O'Neill I am 17-18 and i am happy :D
Alex O'Neill (2 days ago)
18 cm its perfect size, big, but all girls can take it
Mr Velaskov (2 days ago)
Im not straight any more
aeon lincoln (2 days ago)
2:02 I believe him. He's got a HUMONGOUS package.
Rose McGarry (2 days ago)
Why are all the girls wearing the same bra? Did they choose to or did Buzzfeed make them?
Brandon Linares (2 days ago)
I only recognized Angela White and Tori Black.
Kyu Urameshi (2 days ago)
🤔 pause 3:20 what just happened there 🤦🏾‍♂️
Boqoreh (3 days ago)
White dude: cocaine eyes
Brianna Kathleen (3 days ago)
"You can have little.. or you can have mine" *casually clicks off to look this guy up...*
(3 days ago)
so they're normal people LIES
Ariel Jones (3 days ago)
Keisha Iz Awesome (3 days ago)
Sexual artist 😂😂😂😂
ClashWith Andy (3 days ago)
“Some girls tell me it’s too big” 😂
Maze Akaikami (3 days ago)
The answer on the thumbnail question is yes, to an extent size matters. You don't need to be carrying around some monster that freaks out swimmers, but if you've got something that could get it on with a cheerio I assure you it's not in your favor. Being too big is bad, being too small is also bad. Any woman telling you otherwise is lying to spare your pride. Fun fact, average erect length is around 5-6 inches in North America.
Rejaul Bari (3 days ago)
Size doesn't matter 😎
Sans Shroom (3 days ago)
I’m 9 and I’m on my momeys I pone and this video is very funny because they taked about pee pees 😂😂😂
Caleb Walker (3 days ago)
they say adult permormer and sexual artist. its pornstar.
Dank Memes (3 days ago)
I know these people
This is all be, primarily because they never have to worry about a small dick.
Supreme Leader (3 days ago)
Eric Dayts (4 days ago)
Literally at 3:45 all I could say is "Weird flex, but okay."
B.P. Music (4 days ago)
I remeber tori black getting fucked in the boxing gym 😂😂
Borjack (4 days ago)
Any Tips to increase penis size?
Haxord 2 (4 days ago)
“My problem is, trying to defecate and my dick falling in the water” 😂😂😂😂
hizi ezer (4 days ago)
all these girls rocking with em vixen bras
MrPcanfly (4 days ago)
I legit think that porn stars have a mental deficiency.
Arman Ananikyan (4 days ago)
txhypnotist (4 days ago)
Informative fun.
Rachid Pardo (4 days ago)
Ive seen al their movies
Goddess Girl (4 days ago)
Pornstars are disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. I hope these people get burned at a stake for their sinful deeds. What are they doing to their lives? They treat this as if it’s an art and that it should be admired, and that it’s just a normal job. Say what u want
S S (4 days ago)
Tori Black is one of my favorite stars. She is pretty intelligent and sexy. I love sexy women that are intelligent. There is more to life than having sex. Although it is up there in the list, it's just as fun, if not more sometimes, to hang out, having fun doing other things to.
jatin duggal (4 days ago)
I’m only here for tori
Skeleton (5 days ago)
omg she is library girl. i remember that in the news! lol
Naimad (5 days ago)
I thought this was uploaded today (15 Jan 2019) and was like "woah, 8mill views in a couple of hours" Then I realized this is from a year ago lmao, now this makes sense
Ricky Williams (5 days ago)
Size will always matter. These women are saying exactly that when they say they don't like a size that's too big. Show that they do have a preference. Women/men will always have a limit on too big or too small.
Bili Warren (5 days ago)
So... Many... CUCKS...
Jahmar Thomas (5 days ago)
So happy I was delivered from porn. Reality and natural is so much better than fantasy
The Anonymous SWAG (5 days ago)
THX thus really helped me in a time of need!!! u gayz r da best
asia simone (5 days ago)
*searches that manuel guy*
caglar togan (5 days ago)
i am going to watch Manuel Ferrara
FLeX JONSiN (5 days ago)
Why is Boonk in my recommendations?
leland 257 (5 days ago)
say your age in the comments
Doomguy Demonic demon (5 days ago)
Me and my friend watch the black guys videos he's got the BBC?
Khan (5 days ago)
Seriously I see a size does matter was tittle os a video I think dude wiil be talking about fighting sport
Callum Jones (5 days ago)
Love me some Jason Luv!
slam1- :] (5 days ago)
"My problem is like actually going to defecate and my dick falling in the water" XDDD
Vitor Leone (5 days ago)
In a record size matters, beyond that what matters is your power, your hunger, coordination, rhythm, anyway, your talent as a whole.
Dead Walk (5 days ago)
Is 4" enough?
ThExGoOdX (6 days ago)
you can have a little one or ~, you can have mine
Doni Anthony (6 days ago)
You can tell the two dudes are a lil gay
Chris Hansen (6 days ago)
Jason luv aka the hentai artist, let’s be real here
Favour Rege (6 days ago)
I liked this video so much that I clicked like. I even liked it so much that I clicked like again when I realised it was buzzfeed.
Amy Rivera (6 days ago)
You’re dicking me down so goooddd. 😂😂. Love that girl.
NATIVE SUN (4 days ago)
Sexy I'll dick you down so goooddd with my 10inch thick BBC.
LoticFNA •ଓ• (6 days ago)
Tori Black is so F*cking HOT
igor4246 (6 days ago)
So many STDs in this vid

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