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Parameters for Archiving in an Oracle database - Backup&Reco Video 7

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In this video you will learn about the various parameters available to configure archiving of redo log files in an Oracle Database. Our Upcoming Online Course Schedule is available in the url below https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qKpKf32Zn_SSvbeDblv2UCjvtHIS1ad2_VXHh2m08yY/edit#gid=0 Reach us at [email protected]
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Text Comments (7)
Racer b (9 months ago)
Hi sir good morning, Small request, please make a video on Rac startup sequence.
Ramkumar Swaminathan (9 months ago)
Yes that's in queue.. week come out soon
Rajasekhar Bellapu (9 months ago)
You're very cool and simple in explanation
Ramkumar Swaminathan (9 months ago)
Thanks... Enjoy learning
Racer b (9 months ago)
Hi sir, client gave me a dump file with out any information of schema. How to find the schema of that dump file.?
Racer b (9 months ago)
Thank you sir
Ramkumar Swaminathan (9 months ago)
In impdp there is an option SQLFILE Which can be used to write the ddl of the contents in the dump file into the sqlfile you specify..

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