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3 "Bad Boy" Mindsets That Make Girls Want You | Alpha Male Inner Game That Gets You The Girl

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Here's your special link to the Pimp Your Lingo 2.0 Verbal Foreplay Program: http://bit.ly/verbalforeplay Attracting women starts in the mind. And that's where it often goes wrong, especially for so many of us who have been socialised well and who care about what other people think. Ever been frustrated that a "line" didn't work? That for some reason a girl wasn't reacting well to you? That a girl wasn't getting that you were interested in her? Ever felt "friendzoned"? Then this Triangle of Bad Boy Mindsets is the ultimate tool to overcome that, without special lines, weird routines or other tricks. It's simply about embodying the mindsets in your interactions with girls and turn yourself into an "alpha male" in her eyes. To learn more about conversation attraction just go here: http://bit.ly/verbalforeplay -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Approaching Women | Ways To Start Conversations With Women In Public Places" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld1UjcEwP1s Programs by Stephan Erdman: Learn how to meet women and get their numbers in your every day life with Stephan Erdman's ultimate natural approach book: http://bit.ly/AAWBook Learn how to attract and seduce women in conversation without routines or scripts: http://www.authenticgame.com/p/pimp-your-lingo-cb Double Your Confidence in 6 Weeks from the inside out: https://www.authenticgame.com/p/double-your-confidence-challenge-trial Learn how to use "confidence conditioning" to rediscover your self confidence, self esteem and man power with the ultimate collection of confidence methods: http://57ultimateconfidencemethods.com/choose-your-option Stay in touch on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/stephanerdmanauthenticgame Instagram: #stephanerdman -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (73)
Ansil P. Hinson (9 days ago)
Hell yeah, I'm 66 years old and it still works for me. But, I gotta tell you, you either have it, or you don't. You don't automatically become an alpha all of a sudden out of nowhere. I've never seen that happen in my life.
Christine Plymouth (12 days ago)
To drive women away, cover all your furniture with plastic wrap.....
sprescav (13 days ago)
Well done! with a 8min video you destroyed everyone in the dating coach industry!
Ricardo Almeida (16 days ago)
"My name is Georgio..."
T Shitta (17 days ago)
You are the definition of a dating coach with “skin in the game” I’ve been watching you since I was a kid.
Milo Champ (17 days ago)
First mindset - Abundance inside you-Able to handle rejection passes shit tests as you are not emotional with this mindset , Mindset 2 - Man to woman showing interest(so you won;t be friend zoned) and Mindset 3- Creating scarcity in her mind with the vibe you put out.
silverkingukable (17 days ago)
Dexter lol!
change bad boy to alpha males....
Adeel Hashmi (18 days ago)
Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. Thanks sir
welshhibby (19 days ago)
Yea cept when I tell them I did 9 years in prison for manslaughter they get all weird
Yohannes Negga (18 days ago)
Then don't tell them
mayo2001 (21 days ago)
What I have always on my mind watching motivation videos like this. If you change yourself according to everything they suggest. Is that still you? Don't you just become another soulless copycat of some macho man?
JL (23 days ago)
meowtrox1234 (27 days ago)
Hast du deutschen canal?
PB621 (23 days ago)
Typisch deutscher Akzent und Satzstellung. Im Englischen drückt man Dinge anders aus.
Surfcityriot (29 days ago)
The Arnold Schwarzenegger of dating... LOL..!!!
Ahmad Hashimi (13 days ago)
TheRealPrimeOne (25 days ago)
Hey,baby.....get in my choppah!!!!
Alex Eisenberg (30 days ago)
Sehr gut
Rami J (30 days ago)
I often have a killer mindset. For some reason instead of being intrigued or interested girls fear and avoid me. But jokes aside I'm so bad with girls that one actually wasn't sure if I actually was a nazi or not, even though we hang out a lot. She told me this one night drunk (obviously). At least she thinks about me and wants to get know me. Sucks that my communication skills are so trash
Румен Бонев (1 month ago)
You want me!!!
Румен Бонев (1 month ago)
I am intrigued by you!
Румен Бонев (1 month ago)
I've got nothing to prove!
Hey man, appreciate you reinforcing the messages for yourself.. could you do it without giving the main points of the video away next time? 😉
Blair MacEwan Crosbie (1 month ago)
Hi Stephan, i have watched a lot of similar videos on YT but i have to say yours are by far the most REAL. relevant and GENUINE. I don't know how you learnt all this stuff but thank you for sharing it. Cheers, Blair.
Thanks man I Appreciate it
Rainer Zufall (1 month ago)
One time I showed a girl my collection of rats I suffocated in yars. First she told me, how deep she is into sociopaths, but then she left and never called me again. What I'm doing wrong?
Harry Lagman (1 month ago)
Maybe ask her if she likes them sautéed with chili sauce?
prafullit medi (1 month ago)
What should I be like and behave like in front of a girl in whom me and other guys in the same friend group are interested in? Do you have a video for that?
Donald Duck (17 days ago)
The world's full of woman you can attract. Maybe when in the group you just play it cool, be yourself and let the chips fall, never expect anything when engaging with woman. A woman will let you know if she's interested by her eyes and body language. Always be a gentleman even if the girl is not interested, because that's who you are a gentleman First
nicedog1 (2 months ago)
I’ve always had that mindset. I didn’t think it was bad boy.
Kill Slug (2 months ago)
If you want to attract a woman then the best way is to offer her something that she wants. Women are actually not very attracted to alpha males because they demand as much from the woman as the woman demands of them and women absolutely hate that. She wants a man she can control and beta males are ideal targets for that. Nothing more ideal to a woman then an attractive beta male who will bend over backwards for her. She will favor that over amazing sex any day.
Lazarusz (10 days ago)
+Kill Slug You sound like Severin from Venus in furs.
Kill Slug (23 days ago)
+PB621 Yeah. sure.
PB621 (23 days ago)
Kill Slug the beta will pay for the child she got from the alpha
Abigayle B. (4 months ago)
Don't mind me. Just a female passing through.... And you know what? I actually like these! I can totally see how this would be effective. Although, these don't really say bad boy to me. They're the mindsets of mature and secure men. And I'd pick them over a bad boy any day! Besides, if bad boys were good for us, we wouldn't call them "bad" boys... Just a thought!😅 Anyway, great advice! Keep up the good work, Stephan! ❤️
Natacus Maximus (11 days ago)
Who does what's good for them even 70% of the time😎
Offended Gender (15 days ago)
+Yohannes Negga Bad boy
Yohannes Negga (18 days ago)
You are a women so everything you say is illogical so why bother commenting
Bruce Zhou (4 months ago)
We have so many Germans here!
Fred Werdmölder (4 months ago)
Super gemacht, Stephan! SEHR hilfreich!👍🏻😊
Christopher Simonot (4 months ago)
Handsome , fellow of Nordics. The London guide please, once I have paid for 2.0 of course? Thank you
John Smith (4 months ago)
They want me! I can tell by the way they breath.
Olaolu Olajugbe (30 days ago)
Gaurav Kohli (4 months ago)
Why he is looking and sounding so frail ?
Gaurav Kohli (4 months ago)
We care for you Stephen always. Love from India
lol..no worries man. I am still alive.but thanks for your concern! 😏
Copper Penny (4 months ago)
Gold.. GOLD, and Platinum! Thank you German Social Engineer :O) !!
thanks I appreciate it! 😏
Ayoub MZ (4 months ago)
Great Video Stephan! Keep up the good work! Bad boy traits: 1. Bad Boys Don’t Pretend 2. Bad Boys Have Authentic Confidence 3. Bad Boys Have Attractive Body Language 4. Bad Boys Aren’t Afraid of Rejection 5. Bad Boys Don’t Need Approval 6. Bad Boys Think For Themselves 7. Bad Boys Value Themselves 8. Unphased – Bad Boys Don’t Care 9. Bad Boys Are Unpredictable 10. Rebel – Bad Boys Bend and Break the Rules
Stork Legs (11 days ago)
Bad boys have too many fugly tats and spend a lot of time in prison.
Donald Duck (17 days ago)
The key is to have these traits but be a gentleman. When talking to woman never expect anything
vic twenty (18 days ago)
yur confusing bad boyz with chads chavs low lifes idiots you have the term bad boy all wrong EXAMPLE: my brother is mid 40s looks 20s sells weed for 25 years never arrsted never found out has hidden cash and a nice car holds himself well and acts like a BAD ASS BAD AS BAD BOY BEING CLINT EASTWOOD THE HERO IN THE WESTERNS NOT THE Bad men he kills THERES A DIFFERENCE FOOL
Karan Kaul (19 days ago)
They are also sociopaths who needs validation from every one. They have this insecurity.
alen romanesen (2 months ago)
Freeursoul Park (4 months ago)
Lolz 3rd one is amazing. I couldn't help but burst a smile when I heard 3rd one. Very refreshing and it makes sense thx.
CreativePickup com (4 months ago)
Great video
Mark Handberg (4 months ago)
Actually those tips were very helpful. I've kind of struggled to find the right balance in terms of my mindset. For a long time I've been placing too many women on a pedestal and thought many of them were on an unreachable level for me. Then after watching a ton of youtube videos from different dating coaches I became aware that I was being too much of a beta male in many ways. I've then worked a lot on finding and expressing my inner alpha in a natural way (also in my everyday life), but at the same time I noticed that I may have become a bit too arrogant in my attitude when I'm going out because I look at women like "I don't care about you" That was my attempt to say "I don't care about what you think of me". On one hand that technique actually has worked in terms of attracting women, but at the same time, you still have to be friendly and somewhat interested when the a conversation has started, which I might not seem like due to my natural low energy. So in my case I want to work on being slightly more open, relaxed and interested when I'm talking to girls. Thanks a lot for this video stephan and keep up the great work.
Abigayle B. (4 months ago)
That's awesome, Mark! And you're right. It does all start with that inner game. I bet the girls will be lining up for you in no time! 😉 I hope things work out for you. Good luck!
Mark Handberg (4 months ago)
Thanks for your words and for sharing your own thoughts and experience. The conversation in my experiene will not non authentic when the guy does not think he is worth enough and tries too hard to impress her. I personally might not be the funniest guy in the world, but I dont want to try had to say something funny, because it wont come out in a natural way. Your story about the awkward guy makes total sence. I can imagine that he was very real and authentic without trying to impress you. Like you and Stephan said, curiosity will make a good impression. That's already given me results and since last weekend, I've been dating a sweet girl. Bot sure what that will lead to, but I'm definately motivated to keep working on my seduction skills and "inner game".
Abigayle B. (4 months ago)
First off, kudos to you for stepping up! I think it's awesome that your taking the steps necessary to build yourself up as a person. Also, I think that if you master the mindsets in this video, it'll make all the difference. Speaking from experience, I can honestly say that putting a woman on a pedestal will kill attraction. As a woman, I want an equal partner. And how can a guy possibly be on my level if he's always looking up to me? He needs to know his own worth. He needs excude that he has plenty to offer. If you believe you have plenty to bring to the table, we will probably buy into it too! As Stephan said, if you combine that attitude and confidence with a genuine curiosity about the woman you're interested in, you're set. I personally don't waste any time on guys who spend their time talking about how awesome they are, without any regards for me. If you approach women with genuine curiosity, the majority of them will be pretty receptive. It doesn't matter if you are a smooth talker, the life of the party or more toned down. A while ago I had a really random and fun conversation about Roman emperors with THE most awkward guy I've ever met. And yet he was the only guy I had a conversation with that day. Not because he was smooth or handsome, but because he bothered to come up and actually cared about my opinions. Even though I wasn't attracted to him at all, I don't think I'll ever forget meeting him. He certainly made a great impression. I don't think it takes a lot to impress most women. But it does take a certain mindset to catch a woman's attention. And it sounds like you are well on your way. Keep going and you'll get to where you want to be! 😊
The Rambler (4 months ago)
I know allot of bad boys. Most of them are divorced 3 times with a bunch of kids paying alimony that's basically half their salaries. Forget about women and just go your own way guys, and be you. Trust me, you won't regret it. In fact you'll be laughing when you're making 6 figures while the "bad boys" are busy pushing strollers XD.
the place (4 months ago)
And coming through the back door to help your lady out, then maybe sell your properties and become rich too.. lol
John Smith (4 months ago)
Ahmad Niazi (4 months ago)
Are you pairing your walls? Or is that how your living room looks at all times?? Lol. Great content!
Dope video ?????? Absolutely loved it brother ?? From a friendly dating coach. Peace.
Imran Haider (4 months ago)
Please keep making these videos .....Belive me your, your views will sky rocket soon. In sha Allah...
Santiago CarpioP (4 months ago)
First comment. Great videos Stephan! Alpha mindset!

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