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css div box hover effect using html and css | Exp- 1 | css div box container | web zone

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code:- http://bit.ly/2v1qIxE This video about , How to add hover effects in css div box using css flexbox and css3 hover elements .. div box zoom on hover..
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Abdur Rohim (13 days ago)
hay! thanks for creating such type of videos, this video are so much helpful for and i personally a big fan of you. You will be glad to know that i create a web page bye watching css effect. Here is my design . I am professional #webdesigner, here i am convert #PSD_to_HTML. You can hire me at fiverr. https://bit.ly/2NMSgDV
Hype Glitcher (26 days ago)
It doesn't work!
Tony k (1 month ago)
how come all of you aren't talking?
ANUJ kumar (1 month ago)
Sir aap log ish code ko kisha app par run karvate hii
vanessa mercado (3 months ago)
thank you sir!!
suraj Suru (6 months ago)
Nce video
iTechGaming (6 months ago)
Thanks a lot ! :D Can you explain why does putting transition: .75s; in .box makes it smooth when you hover away please ?
studay life (8 months ago)
Sir menu list me hover background nahi lag raha pls help me
Matt Watters (9 months ago)
Is this supposed to be a silent video?
Sanjeev Baghel (11 months ago)
Which software are used to makeing coding
Web Zone (11 months ago)
Sublime text 3
SL Express (1 year ago)
Learn with Cartoon (1 year ago)
completely useful, please make more videos like this

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