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China's Water Crisis | China Uncensored

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Lately there's been a lot of talk about Chinese air pollution; smog so thick, you can barely see the streets of Beijing. But what you might not know is that China is facing a major water crisis. Rivers are drying up and there's not enough water to go around. And what little water there is has been so polluted by chemical and industrial run off, it's undrinkable. And if the Three Gorges Dam didn't cause enough trouble, the next great public work sure will. It's called The South-North Diversion Project, and will link up the Yellow River with the Yangtze River, hopefully funneling water from the south to the water starved North. All it takes is drilling through the Himalayas. http://e.ntd.tv/NTDtelevision Subscribe for more China Uncensored: http://www.youtube.com/ntdchinauncensored Make sure to share with your friends! ______________________________ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChinaUncensored Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ChinaUncensored Google+: https://plus.google.com/+NTDChinaUncensored/ ______________________________ MOBILE LINKS:
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Text Comments (962)
e-series 102:xi (7 days ago)
Old video but the topic is as relevant as before. CU really should follow up with an update on the matter, if able. I don't even live in China yet feel concerned about their water pollution. If the problem isn't resolved soon the social unrest in China could lead to some serious local (consequently global) conflict.
flukeman022 (9 days ago)
They changed the one child policy to two children so yeah it will get worse
Stephen Gonzalez MBA (1 month ago)
They will most likely steal the water from another country.
Johnny Pham (2 months ago)
Ksikkihkini (2 months ago)
China is buying and stealing water anywhere they can get it!
gab reyes (2 months ago)
what is that thing called on the man at 0:44 ?
Chris H36 (2 months ago)
And yet we in the West are supposed to adjust our lifestyle because muh climate change.... FUNNY HOW THAT WORKS
T mawlot (3 months ago)
no prpoblem china can make plastic water
J.J. W. (3 months ago)
This is what happens when a country ignore Mother Nature...
Shuyao Tan (3 months ago)
Don worry about China. Chinese ppl won die from water crisis unless all the ice in Tibet melts off.
A.J. Deutsch (3 months ago)
If things keep going how they are. China probably won't pass US till 2050 economically wise. And by then China will probably have used all their resources and have started ww3. Jk bout the war stuff, but it's possible. China inflates there GDP growth. Its actually estimated around 2% lower that China says it is.
O g (3 months ago)
David Hynes (3 months ago)
How come they got all that water in the 3 gorges dam and cannot build a big purifying plant.
S Campbell (4 months ago)
Bill Gates praised their system 🤔
carol Martin (4 months ago)
Bodies in motion, brains disengaged. Glen M
C. Elliott (4 months ago)
What about the diversion of the headwaters of the Mekong?
The last Petrol bender (4 months ago)
It has been for years without update, andit's never gonna be one. 'cause this info was quite biased and properganda -pron and subjectIve. just like most of other video in this channel. 3 gouges dam is just doing fine by producing clean energy in a mega scale, fixing annual yangtsi river catastrophe once n for all by regulate water level, and no earthquake was madecause of this structure. tourist information, you don't need to bring waterfilter, fresh drinking water is available in multiple source and easy to find. although tap water should be boiled before drinking.
Kaiser Emile (4 months ago)
That thumbnail is an awful sight! =(
Tronghung Dao (4 months ago)
This is how China covert war work against Chinese people
noah (5 months ago)
That's what happens when your a communist.
Paul Rice (5 months ago)
Don’t care 🤷‍♀️
Boogs (5 months ago)
China should take over South America as it has lots of drinking water there that and Canada
Crispin Dannug (5 months ago)
What a socialist wasteland awaits the great unwashed of China's population! Of course, the leaders can always run to the nations where the "debt trap" has already re-shaped the new migration of Chinese expats. Escape or perish!
zapfanzapfan (5 months ago)
So, top travel tip, bring water filter...
phillip 9347 (5 months ago)
That's why there tryna blow us up
Steve K (5 months ago)
Just a Ride 2 (5 months ago)
I thought Asians were supposed to be really smart
John Martinez (5 months ago)
Wars of the near future will not be about ideology but rather over water, more specifically drinkable water. China has mortgage their future for the present and now with dwindling water resources and higher wages Western companies are pulling out and leaving behind a toxic waste dump. China with it's huge population, mostly young single males will resort to war with it's neighbors in an attempt to acquire more water and keep it's restless young population of males occupied instead of protesting at home.
Delicious DeBlair (5 months ago)
Revert back to the once beautiful pre-industrial revolution, pre-communist ways of living and live off of organic foods, destroy all factories and just become a natural country with beauty, peace and harmony... [and then I friggin WOKE UP (sad eyes)] /( -_-)\ Looks like its gunna take a LITERAL miracle to fix this mess.
Erona Calloway (6 months ago)
The country of China can’t support anymore people. Too many Ticks on that dog.
Eagles Landin (6 months ago)
A liter of water will cost more than a liter gasoline soon... For the Americans - 4 quarts of water will cost more than a gallon of gasoline soon.
Fancy McPants (6 months ago)
duane navarre (6 months ago)
An few ideas to help with water issues. Hydroponics and Aquaculture can be done in a greenhouse and then use about 15 - 20 times less water. Atmospheric water condensers are sold now, but use quite a bit of power. Using something like the Einstein fridge and ammonia can use solar thermal to heat oil, can use windpower to heat oil, can use seebeck effect devices to generate power from compost. Heat drives the Einsteain fridge and are used in RV fridges using propane. A methane digester capturing methane off compost and sewage works for this as well. The effect is seen when air conditioners drip water, same for refrigerators drip pans.
Antonio Gates (7 months ago)
I took a shower in chengdu and my skin started to peel off.I got sick from eating food there..I ended up in the hospital
lchpdmq (7 months ago)
Been 4 years, anything happened?
lchpdmq (7 months ago)
Been 4 years, anything happened?
Dort Kommen Die Clowns (7 months ago)
People in modern China use tons of water when they have a shower/wash.
Isaac Buchanan (7 months ago)
If there are seven pigs well there are seven pigs, Yeah I know it is a shame that triton took over honda. Did you know that real man use three pedals.
Abcd abcd (7 months ago)
China will capture Siberia
Jerry Durant III (8 months ago)
World war 3 will be china stealing water 💩💦💣🇨🇳
Brooks Anderson (8 months ago)
Israel has gone from a water str to a net exporter of water to its Arab neighbors! Read the book Let There be Water by Seth M. Siegal.
David Hynes (8 months ago)
If you go to China be careful to watch what you eat because they use recycle gutter oil.
The last Petrol bender (4 months ago)
not economical sustainable solution for a food industry, not likely to happen
David Hynes (8 months ago)
Thank god i live in Beautiful Canada.
Lorenzo Potrich (8 months ago)
China is a cesspool
Rasscal (8 months ago)
any updates on this topic? how's the situation now compared to 2014?
peace brother (8 months ago)
China should stop hacking foreign countries military hardware and start hacking foreign countries water solutions for their citizens right for clean , fresh drinkable water ... it wont be long when the good Chinese citizens start dropping dead from infections and cancer ...
diamond Tran (9 months ago)
Now we know the secret weapon that could be used to defeat China is clean water... seriously.
Al Bundy (9 months ago)
Russia have so much non salty fresh water they can route like gas lines to China . This Chanel seem to be antiChinese Propaganda chanel found by soros I assume .
Joseph Marton (9 months ago)
china owns canada, canada has plenty of water.....china will just take all the water in british columbia ...easy solution.
John Johnson (9 months ago)
China has no oil and now it will have no water. They keep getting oil from South America and the Middle East. Who would give them drinkable water? Nestle? Coca Cola? 😂😂😂 China is so fucked, they don't even know it.... hoping Twain takes over.... 👍🏼
liquid snake (9 months ago)
They keep destroying the air.
Remco F. Gerritsen (9 months ago)
There are just way to much people...Maybe a water shortage is good so, there will be less people...
pease05 (9 months ago)
Hope it wipes there FILTH STAIN OUT !
ltmikepowell (9 months ago)
Water crisis? China has already converted their U.S. t-bills into nationwide water treatment and supply system years ago, and they did it in BILLIONS at least. Looks like "China Uncensored" has officially became a channel for CUCKS, CUNTS and SCHMUCKS. And better still, I continue to see more of them come in here. Man, nice place for TURKEY SHOOTING.
7headed1 (9 months ago)
When you have 1.4 billion people and money is everyone's first priority, you end up with... China
mabatommy (9 months ago)
Let china drink their own polluted water, they made the mess let them drink their own shit.
Sanjeev Yadav (9 months ago)
Democracy is the requirement.
90sdance Moves (9 months ago)
Love this channel!
Leighton Julye (9 months ago)
turn these weapons into pruninghooks: or else
AstronomyToday (9 months ago)
Lol wow old episode.
Todd T (9 months ago)
I thought these people were supposed to be smart???
My Lord and Saviour (10 months ago)
Save water drink alcohol
OoieGooie (10 months ago)
Been 4 years. Update please. :D
fred (10 months ago)
China is preparing for water wars. They will divert too much from INdia, Pakistan, and SE Asia.
Eddie Black (10 months ago)
Water is essential for most all of life, probably the most valuable thing on earth. 🌎
big spoon (10 months ago)
Wake up America. We have so many natural resources. Don't let the Trump era ruin our natural edge.
Edvard Eierud (10 months ago)
god darn it, where shall I now get my cheap "made in China" products. D:
M Hu (10 months ago)
When they built their hundreds of 1300 megawatt units they put on the cheaper inefficient electrostatic precipitators and that’s why they can breath ,,,to fix their air problems all China has to do is build bigger better electrostatic precipitators,,,,that it that’s all ,,stop building islands and fix their boilers, By the way they use B&W units that come down all the time because of poor steel quality in their tubes and shitty quality control,,,,they are evil for putting their people in that smoke it will kill millions from cancer from inhaling those fly ash particulates and gasses.
Kuro Usagi (10 months ago)
Brawndo! It’s got electrolytes!
Russ G (10 months ago)
What? The Four Gorges Dam didn't 'cure' this problem? China's ridiculously bloated population is about 1.4 Billion and it's going to rocket past two billion. Massive industrialization consumes lots of water. The land mass simply cannot support that population. I'm 65 so I won't be around to see the inevitable population crash, but if you're in your 20's you'll see it. And, forget about 'humanitarian aid' - nothing will stop hundreds of millions from dying.
Russ G (10 months ago)
OK, it's "Three Gorges" not "Four" Gorges. They're STILL screwed!
Trams Am (10 months ago)
China is evil. Get all Chinese citizens out of America.
546 cowboy (10 months ago)
As the world population grows larger and larger, fresh water is the most pressing need. Ok I could go off on a tangent now about why Muslims have chosen to or sent there by Obama, Michigan and Minnesota. Consider this my warning America. They are right in the middle of the five Great Lakes full of fresh water, As I recall that is 20% of the world supply. I have explained this many times and if you look you may find what the plan is as I see it. Make your own conclusions!
Jun Cab2 (10 months ago)
oohhh yeah . that's why evil DRAGON will exploiting the resources of other NATION sooner THE ASEANcSEA will be polluTING BY THE EVIL DRAGON WITH NUCLEAR WASTE IN THE MANMADE ISLAND...
Music (10 months ago)
American socialists keep saying we'll do it better, this time.
lock n load (10 months ago)
Japan had no oil of their own so they went to war to take it from oil producing nations by force. China is running out of potable(drinkable) water so they..............!! (you fill in the blanks)
4ern ic8it (10 months ago)
China's greed has caught up with them
Kevin Lane (10 months ago)
Did anyone besides me imagine a connection between this and the Water Wars from Mad Max from Fury Road?
2:20 NOOOOOOOOO! that's my trucker bomb!
John Hix (10 months ago)
Very interesting! Now I know why Coca Cola knew it was a good move to open up in China. Disguise the filthy water with Cokee syrup!
David Tong (11 months ago)
As always the answer is to make complainers disappear.
Phil Heaton (11 months ago)
It couldn't happen to a nicer country, but it is. Almost all countries have water shortages, including the good old USA. This will probably translate to food insecurity first, coupled with the droughts that are becoming more frequent and longer lasting. If we don't do something about food production, soon, we will be (insert bad word of your own choosing).
Arnold Davis (11 months ago)
They polluted it
waderz nutz (11 months ago)
Huh and I have the great lakes all around me. Bummer China.
Craig Dillon (11 months ago)
China is in serious trouble. Both the debt and water crises seem unsolvable. I dont see China solving them.
Mark Wilcons (11 months ago)
Ok, you have to drink water from China or Mexico. Which do you choose?
144Donn (11 months ago)
It boggles my mind why the country so famous for wisdom, so dearly lacks it.
Robert (11 months ago)
Be nice to have an update on this. Left a 👍
Bo Ro43 (11 months ago)
have another baby
SMAKS EM SILLIFIED (11 months ago)
Regan Orr (11 months ago)
Communism does NOT work ! Desalinization would cost less than $80 Billion canal, w/out all the digging! California needs cheap desalinization!
Voranart Sirisubsoontorn (11 months ago)
How can this become. I thought china has lots and lots of rivers?
Jon Laughlin (11 months ago)
It's no wonder China needs the resources of other lands and parts of the earth. There may be more to America's trade war with China with it being keeping China's hands off America's resources. The rest of the world may follow suit.
Eldritch Beast (11 months ago)
Communism doesn't work? Who'dve thunk it!
Praggy Pops Q&A (1 year ago)
China is a disguised by *progress.* They have no excuse. Technology is not like 100 years ago. Coal ash everywhere in the US. What about Norway?. They seem to be as close to social paradise as possible.
Moriyah Yahoudi (1 year ago)
Oh well. I'm not surprised.
avelino bernardo (1 year ago)
good for nazi china
Seac O’Comain (1 year ago)
As they used to joke in the Soviet Union, if the Sahara ever became communist, there would be a shortage of sand
Laqueese Dashawn (1 year ago)
China is the big baddie of the planet; The empire, the sith, the first order
ToiYeuYAHWEH (1 year ago)
Do not drink chinese water or chinese Kool-Aid!!! LOL
WhoULukingAt? (1 year ago)
mother nature had food, water, shelter etc. Enough to sustain every single species for hundreds of millions of years, Yet we human change the way how mother nature works and act as if they are the top of the food chain. Nature is always a step ahead of humans but if we are careful we can slowly evolve the way how nature can sustain for us and for others in a safer way

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