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Fashion Magazine Cover Photoshoot

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Fashion Magazine Cover Photoshoot
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Mark Giles (10 days ago)
Mmm. Things don't always happen in the most glamorous places. I liked the garidge/ Gar raj shots best. The dress looked good. The bar stool was perfect. The background I thought was awesome. A real story of the person. The poses were nice too. Magazine cover? Mmm. Maybe. The right mag. DIY or something. Thanks. It's given me a few ideas.
Lito Aranda (2 months ago)
I like the C style to most, because it gives contrast, it fills the image with personality and the busy background gets blended with the dark, which makes Emma pop beautifully with her skin tone and amazing eyes. Great Job Mark.
Ahmad Sadeghian (2 months ago)
All shots are great but in this case I think I prefer the 2nd one...and really thank you for sharing these videos
Antho M (2 months ago)
where can I find the full version of the instrumental guitars song of the end? thanks!
Alex Bent (2 months ago)
5:17 no way omg those legs!!! beautiful
JAZZ MAN (3 months ago)
You are a very beautiful young woman. Loving the music too.
Gary (3 months ago)
While I liked many of the shots that you took, 10:28, 10:29, and 10:30 are very similar to the style of shot on the cover of the magazine Emma was using as an example. My favorite is 10:28! Emma nailed it in that photo in my opinion!
Dizzy Buizzy (3 months ago)
Doug Smith (3 months ago)
Nice concept. It is interesting that Mark was switching to portrait orientation. I used to shoot all of my portraits in portrait and gradually shifted to shooting 65% of the time landscape. In your first set I was kind of surprised when in your inspiration photo the model had her arms down and Emma talked about having them up. In the first set I really liked the second photo, which appears to have been your favorite as well. Second set the the third photo was my favorite. I really liked the use of the jacket and the chair. For me the socks were not quite right ;-). LOVED the last set. Just looking at the yellow table, toolbox and the like I knew this one would come out. Hard to pick a favorite from that set. I will say that Emma did not pull off the hard edgy look of the inspirational photo, but I loved the soft, somewhat sultry feel she had in her photos.
charles mallo (3 months ago)
Cover photos (or any other magazine photo) aren't by default taken in "portrait mode".  They could have been taken in "landscape mode" so the photo editor has room to play around with the photo. On the other hand "portrait mode" is called just that for a reason. ;-)
jedailprod (4 months ago)
She is so sexchey!
Encore 4K (4 months ago)
whats wrong with ur voice? do u do it on purpose?
Michael Janavel (4 months ago)
The B shot in the chair.
ATOMIKDOG23 (4 months ago)
Liked it
Graham Gall (4 months ago)
B shots against window were my favourites. Any would be fine. I personally found garage shots too busy. Emma stunning as always❣️
dr. trung (4 months ago)
Love Emma very much! 😁
CJS (4 months ago)
Wow, some amazing work by you both. Going away from the mold and trying a new style of photography is a good learning step. I think the photographs work really well though my favourite is B for the soft lighting and reflective pose they all work well. Personally most of my work is in 'portrait' format and is generally an unconscious decision rather than a considered way of shooting.
Doug Estes (4 months ago)
Yes they are magazine worthy. I really liked shot B. However, they are all very great. Mark did a great job and Emma is fabulous. So sweet and gorgeous. Best regards and God bless you all.
Doug Estes (4 months ago)
I'm in love with Emma.
jason jeorge (4 months ago)
nice. i love this girl
Steve Maloney (4 months ago)
I've been watching this channel off and of for a couple of years and have never seen the mysterious "Mark" who cares if he even exists, which I believe doesn't. You girls just keep o n shooting.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Thanks Steve! :))
dan amis (4 months ago)
she is the most beautiful and attractive innocent looking lady on earth. jav-- a fashion photographer
Bayuwega Madyasta (4 months ago)
1 thing that disappoints me a lil bit: the outfits on 2nd and 3rd shot. they aren't that close to the cover mags, hence it was quite hard, i think, to imitate the pose. but i love the 1st shot with the white shirt! love it!
gator 13 (4 months ago)
I personally find it impossible to choose a favorite.
Pavel Koller (4 months ago)
Hi this Last one was realy like from mag.
Les Fisher (4 months ago)
The first session was the best it had a nice clean uncluttered background, should of lost the socks in the second session. Emma's beauty is beyond compare! Great stuff.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks Les! :)
Chris JΛZ (4 months ago)
My favorite shot is B for the cosy atmosphere it creates
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Chris! Many thanks :)
Nicholas Anderson (4 months ago)
Wow. She is Beautiful. Lovely Legs. Cute feet. Great poses. WOW! Such a stunning Beauty.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Thanks Nick! :)
Durst (4 months ago)
Emma Emma Emma! OMGosh you two are spoiling us! (Thanks Mark!) I can't get enough of Em! Those "wriggly eyes"! ;-) Yes, I especially liked the ones where you were sitting in the chair (what guy doesn't like implied n*des - right? LOL). But seriously. I also liked the part where you were on the stool in the garage (or is it garage or garage?? LOL) where you were kind of biting your knee. I love that kind of real stuff that just comes out because it's you Em! It's a bit of the "real" you, and your quirky cute personality. You are so lovely and those eyes continue to slay me (or is that sleigh) ;-) I love the white t-shirt and blue pants - that's classic. And I love the bumps in the shirt ;-) in America it seems that it's almost not allowed, but you are so cute n' modelriffic that you could get away with it. :-D More of Emma! More! Now I'm off to flickr...
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks - great comment! :)
misreb1 (4 months ago)
Great photos. You should absolutely use the portrait orientation more often Mark. You nailed it! I like Emma's gaze. So gripping!
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks! :)
MichiganWildcat (4 months ago)
Believe I like the 3rd set, has a bit of softness with the model and her clothing contrasted with the harsh chaos of the garage
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks! :)
Craig Roethler (4 months ago)
Last garage magazine cover is my fave. I also like the shot in the leather chair...2shots before the mag cover mock-up ( which was good) but Emma’s skin is so beautiful against to brown coat, and the light in the shot I’m speaking of captured this well.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Craig, Many thanks! :)
Paul Fish (4 months ago)
I think you’re great in all but for me C A B nice tool box .
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Thanks Paul! :)
Raofin (4 months ago)
Those cover model looks so basic compare with Emma!
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Bradley C Price (4 months ago)
Emma is simply stunning she continues to blow me away with her modeling skills, I think everyone will agree with me when I say every photographer needs an Emma ❤, Mark I love the 1st set of photos with the white shirt the best you good sir have inspired me to give natural light shoots a go! I primarily do studio work but I want to shift away from that. Thank you
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Bradley!Great to hear you might be doing some natural light shots soon! :)
面条拉面 (4 months ago)
Wriggly, Brits are funny. :)
Osprey6m (4 months ago)
C is worthy. Emma, her outfit and the background construct a harmonious cover. The image would make colour grading to fit a theme would be relatively straight forward. I feel Emma glows within the frame to render the background natural.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks! :)
Dennis Canuto (4 months ago)
Beautiful, Emma!
Marvin Shaw (4 months ago)
Awsome shots, great ideas, I really like #3, you stand out from the background just enough to show case you without blurring totally out. Great photos...
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Marvin! Many thanks :)
INTJ Photo (4 months ago)
First, a disclaimer: I am terrible at shooting people. Consequently I stick to Things. So, my congratulations to Mark for being so adept at working with people. Looking at the third set I see shapes and color contrasts in the things behind Emma. How about having Emma sit on something lower and move her over to her right so as to fill the space behind her with rectangles of blue, white, red and yellow? Then move in for a tighter shot, head-and-shoulders, or three-quarters. Then use a larger aperture to soften the rectangles behind her so that the shot is about Emma. The magazine cover that inspired this shot has the background softened by using a larger aperture, which separates the model from the background. We don't need to know what those rectangles actually are, which would add an element of abstraction and mystery to the shot. The third set, as shot, could be an advert for a jumble sale. The rolled up rug, the bicycle, the plastic wrapped mattress and the litter below the yellow rectangle are all fighting for attention. My eye keeps dancing around Emma trying to find a center of focus and a reason for all those things being part of the composition...
Jeffery Barnett (4 months ago)
Having watched the video again, I am interested why you switched from the 6D and 85mm to the 550D and 50mm ( essentially 80mm )? It's wonderful to show the followers that the T2i is still capable of taking beautiful photos, but I am not sure you gained anything in the trade off... maybe some compression? And I have to believe the 6D would have given you far superior images. Again, just curious and always picking people's brains. :)
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Jeffery, We in fact had a problem with the 85mm lens on the 6D and had to swap to the 550D -- the intention was to stick with the 6D :)
Jeffery Barnett (4 months ago)
I preferred 3, 1 and 2 in their respective sets with photo 3 in the first set being my overall favorite. The other sets were good, but for the style you were inspired by, I think that photo 3 in the first series came across much more like a fashion shot. The pensive, expressionless face , the pose and the makeup in that photo could have easily been done at a clothing fashion shoot and for a magazine cover photo, Emma's eyes draw you into the photo. Well done guys, another interesting photo session in the books. :)
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks Jeffery :)
Robert Futrell (4 months ago)
This is a great idea for a photo project! Turning my camera vertical is always an after thought when I'm shooting. Great video and thank you!
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Robert! Many thanks :)
Rodney Law (4 months ago)
Thanks Mark & Emma for this video, it gives me a project to work on instead of just shooting. For mine I like the second image. Great work.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Rodney! Great to hear that you might give it a go :)
Peter Gunn (4 months ago)
You guys have really grown into a great style together. Nice work.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks Peter! :)
jeremyvids (4 months ago)
First and second shots are fantastic, great idea for a video and I'd never really realised that you rarely take portrait format shots. I think - not that it matters very much - the portrait aspect can work better on Instagram, simply because it makes the most of the vertical screen. But yes, some great images and always a joy to hear Emma's thoughts on photography, life, and garage contents.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Jeremy! Many thanks :)
Stuart Burden (4 months ago)
This is apparently the favourite one for me.. well done Mark.. B nice old leather chair.. fur coat, nothing much else.. incredible shots. I have a Nikon D3300 camera with Tamron medium zoom lens, Metz Mecablitz flashgun.. Lowepro bag. Tripod next.. Manfrotto Befree I think. Regards Stuart Burden
Stuart Burden (4 months ago)
+Weekly Imogen Thats all right sweetie! Stuart x
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Stuart! Many thanks :)
Bigfarmer8 (4 months ago)
C as a series, second shot of B is definitely my favorite because of colours and light on Emma's neck. Mark might want to dump larger and more expensive camera's as I always like the shot taken with the 550D (better in your hands?)
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks!! :)
WENDELL SMITH (4 months ago)
The first set. Love the wooden background and white shirt. Nipples as make for a great shot. Is that inappropriate??? Great concept. I shoot vertical most of the time, it’s not how we see so it forces the focus. Thanks for the content.
James Pittman (4 months ago)
The photographs in the chair where the best. I hope we'll see more of Emma real soon.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Thanks James! :)
hawg427 (4 months ago)
I used to collect shots from the old Vogue magazine back in the day.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi, it really helps my photography :)
Goldmangun (4 months ago)
Massive thumbs up - great work!
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks! :)
Piotr Walczak (4 months ago)
My favourite is "C". Emma, You are the best !
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Thanks Piotr! :)
John Krill (4 months ago)
This is one of the best videos you've done. Like Mark I don't like portrait mode but for magazine covers I guess you have no choice. The best of the three, and all three are very well done, is 'C'. I especially like the way all the stuff in the garage frames Emma. The front bike wheel is perfect. It works really well framing her head in a hallo. The matrace and the table work well also. Of course with Emma you could pose her in front of a garbage truck and it would be a winner.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks John - great comment! :)
Colin Francis (4 months ago)
Emma has quickly become my favorite. Her look, her voice...captivating. Why did God give women such wiles over us men? It’s almost unfair...
agus riadi (28 days ago)
i think so
EverydayPatriot (4 months ago)
I'd buy any magazine if Emma was the cover model.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Radu Brezeanu (4 months ago)
I'm stunned to hear Mark never took portret oriented photos before. :P I've seen some stunning portrets come out of his hands over time. As for those three... well... I'd say pretty good tryes. They were all difficult shots and I think he did well. I favor the 3rd one as far as the photography goes. But Emma... I feel like you deserve a good spanking for this session. Are you in love, girl? First shot felt like a body painting shot... good for certain magazines but unlikely your aim. Second shot... kiddo the emotions were supposed to be conveyed with subtlety and you threw them at the camera like a tidal wave that takes the breath away. Last shot... it was meant to be raw power. I admit you almost delivered there, but you still sneaked an erotic undertone in it. I know you are a very beautiful girl, but this time it feels that your beauty controlled you rather than the other way around, as it should be.
Luis Tunon, Jr. (4 months ago)
Lady you've come along a very long way. Being simple and natural and inocente and teenagee like is your style. Don't loose it !
Miraja Design (4 months ago)
Emma, you are suuuuuuuper lovely! I really like this idea to create magazine cover worthy shots. I might have to try this with a model here in Colorado. Bigups Mark for this inspiration.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Miraja, Great to hear that you might give it a go :)
Stephen Reed (4 months ago)
I want a subscription to Wriggly Magazine.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Stephen! We would love to give it a go :)
Rick Andrews (4 months ago)
I liked all the photos but I would have to say A is my favorite, as for the other two I would say C and then B. I think that all our cover worthy shots and Marc should continue to do some photo shoots using the portrait format. As always Emma, you did a beautiful job modeling. You always have such great poses and your facial expressions really enhance the quality of the final shot. Thanks everyone for your work in these videos!
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Rick! Many thanks :)
Wilhelm W (4 months ago)
Great use of shadows and natural light.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks! :)
MusicJunky3 (4 months ago)
I definitely would go for the third shot because of the lighting into Her Highness' ultra mesmerizing eyes (probably because of a combo of lighting situations) but sadly the busy background detracts from the sultry gaze. Now all I have to do is wait for The One Who Started It All and a visit from Caitlin and I'm good for another week.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks! :)
Christopher Barber (4 months ago)
I liked the explanation of what Mark and Emma set out to do and the explanation of the constraints the magazine cover format places on the model. Would prefer not to have the minutes showing Emma posing, would prefer more photos and Mark and Emma's thoughts about what works and what doesn't.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Christopher, good feedback - thanks! :)
THIS is Chuck Stanley (4 months ago)
Garage Set
Ed Rymes (4 months ago)
Emma, Emma, Emma, always a delight to see. I am most captivated by your shots where you look into the camera. Your eyes capture the viewer's attention and holds it. As far as favourite shots go it is a tough decision. The tee-shirt set is simple but grabs the viewer with the eye contact. The second set was more aloof but I didn't see my fav pose (over the shoulder @ 7:52) being used. The final garage set was fine as well although the bright bicycle forks that seemed to protrude from Emma's head was distracting. Just a thing to keep in mind is when shooting a potential cover always leave ample space for Banners and other stuff in your submission. The art director can always crop in to fill in the composition but cannot add blank space to a tight crop.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Ed, Great points - many thanks! :)
safeharbor7 (4 months ago)
You are a natural beauty Emma... You're photographs are always magazine worthy . Big thumbs up...
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks! :)
David Ellis (4 months ago)
Always awesome to be a cover star. Back in the 80's The Smiths picked cover 🌟 for their singles. Imogen prime to be a cover 🌟 Beautiful work. 👍 music as well. 😎
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks - love b/w The Smiths covers :)
David Ellis (4 months ago)
To myself sorry Emma. But Imogen could be a cover 🌟 as well. 🍻
Edward Iglesias (4 months ago)
I really liked the second shot with the leather chair. It definitely conveyed a sense of story and wistfulness. Also the lighting was really good.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Edward! Many thanks :)
Don Jones (4 months ago)
The white T shirt . Arms over the head frame her very well. Emma is very cute. What about a 200 mm lens to make the back ground softer. Nice shot. Emma in the chair with the brown coat Nice. Instead of a blue sock. Brown to match. Her hair around her neck. Great work Mark.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Don! Nice feedback - many thanks :)
Mithandir Majare (4 months ago)
Usually I don't like this kind of comment, but damn, Emma is just stunning. Looks like she feels more natural and confident with each video. Beautiful and lovely. Awesome work Mark, as always.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks!! :)
Rollinger Marc (4 months ago)
you're crazy beautiful, i am falling in love....
Jim's videos (4 months ago)
Good morning to you both! Trying new things is almost always a good idea and I enjoy seeing the results. I think first of all that Emma looks stunning, in these and her other videos too; picking a favourite here is a challenge! The second one and the other shots in that setting I like particularly; they have that certain I don't know what that Emma seems to bring to a shoot. The first setting I like for the simplicity and the third I see as an opportunity; the four basic colours and shapes could be brought together and further into the light for use as a backdrop. Thank you both for the time and trouble you put into this!
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Jim! Many thanks :)
Robert Smedley (4 months ago)
Love them. Wish I could EMMAlate them all
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
nice one Robert!! :)
spellegrino411 (4 months ago)
hello where can we see the final photos? (Flickr ou ...) Thanks for the video
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
'unexpectedtales' :)
Rajasekaran S (4 months ago)
Thank you.will try.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
great to hear it! :)
typxxilps (4 months ago)
Take 3 - more subtile, nothing too fancy. Just you feeling good - with your stuff around and nothing else someone has dressed up for with whatever that person liked. That's why it doesn't feel like an abondened place, more than a place you are just starting to put everything at its new place. 1 + 2 are too much cliche, too obvious, no secret like this garage or shed set where someone who did not know the making of might think "she had helped someone to move out / around and enjoys a coffee break - with no coffee at all.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks! :)
Mart (4 months ago)
Nice to see a shake up on how you take pictures, and the beautiful Emma
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks :)
R K (4 months ago)
iiiiii,so cute!
Andy Dodson (4 months ago)
Really I think I could have picked from any of the sets, but overall I'd have to say it goes to "Wriggly Magazine" of course ! (available at all good newsagents). Emma has such great eyes with a serene gaze. She just keeps getting better and better. Yes yes.. nice camerawork Mark, but really it's the Emma show !
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Andy! Many thanks. We would love to make Wriggly Magazine happen!! :)
Shawn Vine (4 months ago)
Interesting concept. I liked all three, but the fist set was my favorite. Thanks.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Thanks Shawn! :)
UCreations (4 months ago)
In the second setting, I would have tried to bring in the wooden door/panel on the left into the shot (as part of the background) and put a diffuser outside the window to make the light a bit softer. The first setting looks really sexy, maybe a bit too much. The third setting is the best. Emma's poses work the best in those shots.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks! :)
Michael Fuller (4 months ago)
I like the third. 12:30 has Ralph Lauren all over it. Great work Emma! As Prince sang, “you’ve got the look”.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
:)) ....that was also my pick
Paul Batstone (4 months ago)
Liked the first shot, nice colour matching of the trousers, the grey background and your eyes, not sure it was deliberate, knowing Mark it was :-)
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks Paul! :)
Stefan J (4 months ago)
Only the third set would work as a cover as there is not enough empty space, for text, in the first two sets.
fusionaut23 (4 months ago)
Always something new and fresh on WeeklyImogen. All of the shots were good. My favorite ones were in B and C. I like Emma's long hair, slim neck, slender shoulders, back, white teeth and her blue eyes. Nice legs as well. I can see why everyone likes Emma. Cute munching in the beginning. :) Good video!
fusionaut23 (4 months ago)
You are so welcome! Emma is lovely and Mark is an artist. I can't wait till the return of the one, the only, Imogen. It is like the best cliff hanger ever having her out of the picture, no pun intended. I am hoping that things are happening behind the scenes that no one knows about, or Imogen is letting her hair grow out or prepping in other ways. Regardless I hope that she returns one day beyond being a host. Perhaps when she is done with University she will get in front of the camera again and her & Mark will part the Red Sea! :)
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
:)) many thanks!
Velokitty (4 months ago)
💖 *Emma* 💖
Gary S (4 months ago)
Header and side bar text space always make space for this.
Balakumar seenivasan (4 months ago)
I love you
John Reynolds (4 months ago)
Emma is posing beautifully as always. Nice pictures Marc. I liked first set most. The third set's background was too much, but the poses were nice. The second set lighting didn't feel connected, the photo set felt distant.
John Reynolds (4 months ago)
Many people do and many things in nature are not extremely organized, but I am old military and organization is just my way. Have a great weekend
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks for the feedback John. My fav is the last one - do love a messy background :)
Bhai Basheerian (4 months ago)
Where is the Emma tapes.
Doug Brett-Matthewson (4 months ago)
it's a drop-leaf table, hun... just FYI :) but I think I like 'desk with wings' better.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Rajasekaran S (4 months ago)
Dear , fantastic photoshoot.I have a doubt,Is it possible to take snaps like you did, in Nikon D5100?
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi! absolutely you can :)
choochoochooseyou (4 months ago)
Oh, the cuteness.
Vaun's Photography (4 months ago)
I definitely like C more than the others. It would work for a Popular Mechanics cover in my opinion. With the toolbox on the desk and the bike in the background it seems appropriate for that type of cover.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Popular Mechanics - like it :)
Juan Rubio (4 months ago)
I've got to say, the first shoot with the white t-shirt against the faded wood backdrop was my favorite. The third shot in that series was lovely, Emma has this quiet intensity in her gaze thats absolutely gripping and the overall simplicity of the first shoot is wonderful. It reminds me of the vintage/retro style shoots done by photographers working for Levi's or American Eagle. Great job Mark and Emma, I'd love to see more portrait format shoots, you guys nailed it!
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi Juan, Very kind comment - thank you :)
Thomas Bowan (4 months ago)
Emma, Emma. You have become quite a model. "B" is my favorite because you truly look the most comfortable with that style of shots. There all awesome guy's...
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks Thomas! :)
Lofote (4 months ago)
I love Emma, and again some beautiful shots did, but it is not one of his best. The third setting did not work at all in my opinion, it is much too crowded with stuff, and not in a good way as the inspiration photo you used, because on that one her head is completely in the free sky while in that garage Emma was having things around her everywhere. Also the light in the 2nd setting has none of these patterns like the template, you would have needed some curtains with patterns.
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback! Out of interest which of the actual 'Times' covers did you like the best?
Dark L (4 months ago)
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Many thanks! :)
GilbertTV (4 months ago)
I have a massive pile of YOU magazine.... i use that as my inspiration... Fab images of Emma
GilbertTV (4 months ago)
... me too..Im a landscape shooter mainly aswell
Weekly Imogen (4 months ago)
Hi! Many thanks :) .....I need to now start turning my camera more

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