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Adult Empire Exclusive Interview with Kendra Sunderland

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You may know her as Oregon’s infamous “Library Girl” (the coed who was busted for webcamming in a university library), but she’s turned that singular moment of notoriety into budding porn superstardom! In this new video interview, Kendra Sunderland discusses video games, her passion for animal rights, her reflections on the library escapade, and more. CONNECT WITH US: Twitter: https://twitter.com/adultempire Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adultempire.official
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Text Comments (29)
Shark Diaz (3 days ago)
Beauty defines HER
Mohd Adil (3 days ago)
Kendra has a sexy figure and enjoy watching videos of Kendra
اتمنى ان تخلون ترجمه للفديو
Lee Dan (20 days ago)
My favorite of all time kendra youc are really amazing and my always great to me
Ronaille Min (20 days ago)
Lovely and beautiful.
Vishal the Mech (23 days ago)
Look like she is tired
killbillvol69 (23 days ago)
Bartender in the background is cute! (And of course, Kendra is super hot too)
Strange Boy (24 days ago)
Disgraceful mudshark
john dillinger (25 days ago)
a vegan porn chick that loves the mandingo. hilarious.
frenk kokot (25 days ago)
I give you warm creampie.Where do you live baby?
D (26 days ago)
Pink hair color doesn't suit her at all.
na estam art21 pb (26 days ago)
Cute fellow
GeorgenotSmith2 (26 days ago)
Lovely young woman; I suspect that she'll need to be very convincing to get back into a college. You don't show her t-shirt; I'd love to know what it said & where we can get one.
She is really cute
Enzo J (26 days ago)
How many times does she say “like”? I tried to count them but I gave up.
David O'Rourke (26 days ago)
sexy bitch
Bhagat J K (26 days ago)
I love this doll 😍😘😘
vishal kumar (26 days ago)
I love porn industry
علووو ش (26 days ago)
Paul Blake (26 days ago)
0:47 no you have three lovely cats 0:56. Thank you
clasher 47 (26 days ago)
1.13 uhhhh cute 😍😍😘
DRAGONSTON z (26 days ago)
Arabic translation please
Aliف Ali (26 days ago)
Very beautiful and sexy
Scotty Scotty (26 days ago)
Kendra is such beautiful young Whore!
Luis Avalos (26 days ago)

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