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Online Dating Guide For Women (How to Land a Quality Man Online)

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http://www.CoachNorth.com - Online Dating Guide For Women Hey ladies, it’s your favourite dating coach here… of course as you guys know my name is Amy North, and dating advice videos like this one are what I do, so let’s dive straight into today’s topic, which is…. Drum roll please…. Online dating. Yes, online dating is what this video is all about. More specifically, I’m going to talk about how to find great guys on internet dating sites like Match.com, eHarmony, etc. Now, I can hear some of you ladies groaning already, so let me address you skeptics out there watching this right now… there really are awesome guys on dating websites. Lots of them. The key is to weed out all the weirdos and fake profiles, and hone in on the ones that are actually worth your time. Even if you’ve tried online dating in the past and it was a complete disaster, I encourage you to give it another try…. Except this time, employ all the tips and suggestions I’m about to talk about in this video. Before I get into some of those little-know tips, let’s first quickly review the advantages of online dating: 1.) You can find and meet way more guys. Offline, you can meet guys at the bar, through mutual friends, at work, or through a random encounter at the grocery store, the gym, etc. But what if your Mr Perfect lives on the other side of town, doesn’t ever visit your gym or your favourite pub, and doesn’t have any friends in common? By going online, you’re able to access a whole lot more guys that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to meet or interact with. *** More from Amy North: *** How to Get A Man: http://www.coachnorth.com Love Learnings: http://www.lovelearnings.com Google+: https://plus.google.com/116823069948654495789 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amy.north.798
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Lawrence Smith (6 hours ago)
Umm... This is so backwards .... :(
Kristy Bates (2 days ago)
Very helpful !!
Tysser AbdAlaziz (1 day ago)
Kristy Bates hello
Laurel Brookes (6 days ago)
You seem like a sensible woman. That is why I am very surprised that you encourage women to post a few photos with good-looking men. Every other coach I listen to says never to do that.
mysixthsense (7 days ago)
Have you tried Meet And Eat App.Com ? Liked the new concept of dining partner rather than the old style hook ups only.
Never Never (10 days ago)
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Josa Mocoy (14 days ago)
Look for my for ever hope I found from this video 😊😊😋
Tysser AbdAlaziz (1 day ago)
Josa Mocoy hello
Dog of Dogs (24 days ago)
Dog of Dogs (24 days ago)
Dog of Dogs (24 days ago)
CHeEEEeeeEEe (1 month ago)
r u related to peter north?
Great video with some good tips! I’ve previously dated online and I agree that it’s better to choose a paid website and taking time to work on your profile 👍🏽
Black Beauty (1 month ago)
Thanks Amy for this video. I am a single girl and I was slowly giving up on dating. After many "wanna fuck" 😥 texts it seems like it's not all bad!!! Also, because of where I am from many websites are not set up to work in my country so it makes online dating a little hard and frustrating. I'll give it another try. I am just a girl looking to meet a guy.
Julie Lazaroff (1 month ago)
I know how to spot great guys that are not fake. My problem is that they do not reply to me.
Charles Gerety (1 month ago)
What a bitch. Self absorbed and priced herself way outta range.
DivinE (1 month ago)
Jack Harper (2 months ago)
Online dating is a place where women that are like 6s think that they’re 10s. It’s full of a bunch of fatties and women with baggage.
🎩 (2 months ago)
can i get a great girl?
Alan M (2 months ago)
Women are not actually attracted to men. There is a vague idea of what a man is physically, and some are better than others aesthetically speaking, but the purely physical appearance of a man is almost inconsequential unless he is horribly ugly or outrageously attractive. Women are attracted to status, money, how much a man smiles and laughs, how many friends and resources a man has, how full a man's life is--how many "cool," "exciting" and prestigious things he is doing or connected to. They are interested in how other people view him--how many people want to be around him, how other people interact with him and whether their interactions convey that he is special and amazing. They want him to be extremely outgoing and aggressive, they want him to demonstrate his status over other people by dominating them in various non-violent ways. A woman's attraction to a man is a function of her jealousy at the thought of another woman having that man. She doesn't care who he actually is or EXACTLY what he looks like physically, she only cares about the VALUE of the life he has constructed around himself. A woman basically is a greedy materialistic prostitute. Although that sounds vulgar, it's true. She trades her physical self to buy into the success a man has created for himself.
Laura Z (16 days ago)
Alan M You’re welcome and good luck
Alan M (16 days ago)
Or simply be content with where I'm at in life. Thank you for your kind words as they were though. :) +Laura Z
Laura Z (16 days ago)
Alan M It’s too bad that you are throwing in the towel. I recommend a therapist that can help you with your social issues.
Alan M (16 days ago)
Rejection is fine. Rejection after nearly 30 years? Kind of becoming pointless now. No big deal. I'm content with being single. Just wanted to try something new relationship-wise. No one is interested. +Laura Z
Laura Z (16 days ago)
Alan M Find another introvert then. Look for a like minded person. And learn how to handle rejection. Just because you approach a woman doesn’t mean that she is required to like you. Move on. You are gathering experience.
James P (2 months ago)
women dont need dating tips. as a guy i never get messaged back. id say 98% women just want attention and no interest whatsoever in meeting up (her thoughts: your a serial killer creep, thank 3rd wave feminism b.s) many express no interest in sex (lame troll) assume men have sex all the time (lol im 25 yr old virgin though and not ugly) bunch of shit if you are a guy... you're just a body with a dick apparently with no capacity to do anything else (Homer Simpson) Womens dating advice.. three words that tell a joke, of very low quality
Saturn (2 months ago)
I have been dating this guy online for 1 month...and he lives really far away from me, and I’m sad because I’m not sure if we ever meet in real life....
Lee Orsay (28 days ago)
Saturn,I'm a single man
Lee Orsay (28 days ago)
Saturn,please be careful in life because so many summer online.
Saturn (1 month ago)
Amy North yes I did. But he told me that a lot is going on for him, there.
Amy North (1 month ago)
Hi Saturn! Have you talked about meeting in real life?
Mr. Temesgen (3 months ago)
how can i pay online datings?
Amy North (2 months ago)
Hi Mr. Temesgen! You can search online for dating apps. Good luck! :)
Snake Bitten (3 months ago)
"Shabby balding troll" it used to be that men were the ones that very superficial when it came to looks, but now women have become that way due to online dating.
Snake Bitten (3 months ago)
I highly advise that men avoid online dating. It's a place for women to live out their romantic fantasies, just as pornhub is a place for men to live out their sexual fantasies.
Carol Cohen (3 months ago)
When is ok to give out a phone number . I find most guys straight away want your number . I feel uncomfortable giving my number , I prefer if we met and if we liked each , exchange numbers then
nkj (3 months ago)
I usually say 1-4 weeks, women give out there numbers to quickly and when they do they find that these guys they were talking to online turn out to be jerks now that they got their number and starting sending them pictures of their private parts and asking them for pictures of their private parts. By making them wait, you can see if they like you are not, and monitor the effort they put into getting to know you more.
lulu brondo (3 months ago)
Hello Miss Amy I'm from the Philippines and i meet a guy who is impostor so I was scared from using dating site now many guys adding me but I refused. Can you recommend me a good dating sites which. Man are really true and not scammers
nkj (3 months ago)
There is no site like that, I guess the best is Match or EH, but then again there is no perfect website.
msontopoftheworld (3 months ago)
Thank you for the tips you shared; I've used several dating sites, from seeking partners to casual sex - but I never really get what I'm looking for at the time! Lol Anyway, one of my twitter followers DM'd me, and I'm so shaken by it, because he's the kind of guy I ALWAYS go for (physically), in the right age group, single parent like me & a vegetarian too! The only down-side so far, is that he lives in another country! I'm so flattered by the attention from him, but part of me feels like it's too good to be true - guys like him don't usually pick me; so why now? Another thing is, I recently met a guy at a singles event and we've been on a couple of dates and are taking things slow, which I'm pleased with. What should I do?? What would you do if someone like idris elba or ryan reynolds hit on you?? That's exactly how I feel. Lol
apope06 (4 months ago)
Every woman has the SAME EXACT profile with the same phrases, interests, and pictures. They sell a lifestyle with the expectation of a high fidelity life. Men now days are on to the game. we just shit test. And the bail early friend call is sooo obvious. Men know this. Why cant women just be honest? I meet for a drink and see how things go. She is coaching women to lie and manipulate for free coffee drinks.
Jack Harper (2 months ago)
Online dating is a place for women that are 6s that think that they’re 10s. That’s why I stay away from it.
nkj (3 months ago)
Mostly every profile I read has been the same stuff pretty much, here is the typical profile " I love to travel and cook and I love to live life to the fullest" or " I am all woman, so I need all man" or " I am a god fearing woman, looking for a god fearing man" and do not get me started on all the misspelled words and half naked pictures I see of women online.
Chris W (5 months ago)
Nerkish sent me
Clap4TheMoment (5 months ago)
As a guy without heaps of experience i find it intimating to see men who aren’t family in a girls picks. Because it makes me think that they’ve had alot more experience than me and i wont be able to match it. I guess that just my own internal confidence issue... maybe im the few in this case.
nkj (3 months ago)
This is something you need to work on yourself, i have been here before, but also understand a female should not be comparing you to her ex, if she is doing this leave her alone. Sex and a relationships are not a competition, do not let them tear you down like this, because if the roles were reverse she would not like it at all.
AdultsSwim1 (6 months ago)
As a man, I found these tips to be fantastic and I really wish more women would watch this. One more tip for women, don't use Snapchat filter pictures please! 😂 Also, if you have little to no profile I am not going to message you. Give me something to work with otherwise, expect to be the one having to reach out to me. Do you also offer tips for men? The experience of online dating has been leaving me a quite jaded and frustrated. I have had success finding dates but given the fact that I am a man the sad truth is I really cannot afford to be picky like women can, hence the jaded side. It really is no surprise that my dates haven't worked out long term when my pool is so limited, hence the frustrated side. At this point I am ready to give up on it but maybe you can help genuine men like myself stand out?
Hot Coco Chat (19 days ago)
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nkj (3 months ago)
It amazes me how women put next to nothing on their profiles. Women think most guys do not read their profile which is not true, most do. Just because he does not say anything about it in the first message does not mean he did not read your profile. Your dates not working it because of the options women have in Online Dating, they know they can get ride of you if there is no spark on the first date (which is silly and stupid) because they have x amount of men line up to take your place. You should start talking and dating multiple women for you won't feel like you.
Amy North (6 months ago)
Thanks for watching my video and sharing useful tips, AdultsSwim1! 👍 I appreciate it! 💜 Since I work mostly with women, I suggest you reach out to my friend, relationship coach Brad Browning, for some helpful tips in online dating for men. You can check out his channel or visit his website at https://www.bradbrowning.com. Hope this helps! :)
Brianna Michelle (7 months ago)
I’m online dating someone rn 😂
Lee Orsay (2 months ago)
Brianna Michelle, I'm a single man, looking for a single woman to marry💍 in life
Amy North (7 months ago)
Thanks for watching, Brianna! :) I hope you find some helpful tips in this video. How's online dating going so far?
Maddy Dallon (8 months ago)
Hello Amy, I just join an online dating site. This wonderful guy started to message me and we have been messaging each other for a week and half. So far he sounds very affectionate, but he is very sexual sometimes, he is asking for nudes a few times as while. Is this normal or does this sound like someone that just wants sex? We talk about the basics. I am concern maybe we are going to fast, since we never meet yet.
Amy North (7 months ago)
Hi Maddy! You actually have a valid concern and I agree you're going way too fast. Don't send him intimate pictures especially since you've known him for only a couple of weeks. To be honest, I think he only wants sex from you and so I suggest you dump him ASAP. If he's only interested to talk about sex, always wants your nude pictures then he's not the guy who would commit to you. Don't waste your time on him and move on.
Eduardo Alvarez (9 months ago)
Hey well I'm not sure if this applies to all guys but most get scared away if they see you with other guys on your profile. It dosent really show that you are desired by other man. what we see is ohh snap that's here boyfriend her body she is already taken. Are we redundantly move on tell the next person missing out on the opportunity of talking to you and finding out more.
nkj (3 months ago)
I agree, but they should tell you who they are and keep them as just friends.
nkj (3 months ago)
I do not get scared away by this, I wish they would just say who the guys are, without this it makes you very cautious about sending them something and makes you feel like they are playing games with you.
AdultsSwim1 (6 months ago)
Personally I find this "rule" for men and women do be a bit ridiculous. OK Tinder, probably not... But more serious dating sites I could care less. Men are allowed to have women as friends and women are allowed to have men as friends. All those pics show me is they are capable of having friends of the opposite sex.
Amy North (9 months ago)
Thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts about the topic, Eduardo! :)
khadijatul kobra (10 months ago)
greate vedio
umar syed (5 months ago)
khadijatul kobra can i get your contact number
Amy North (10 months ago)
Thanks for watching, khadijatul! :) I hope you find my video helpful! Don't forget to subscribe and watch more great videos! ;-)
mercy mwango (11 months ago)
hello Amy, please give tips on long distance online relationship,what to do so that he does not get bored before you meet...
Amy North (10 months ago)
Thanks for dropping by, mercy! :) Have a look at this video for tips on how to make your LDR last: https://youtu.be/SLwgEcayy-s I hope you find this helpful! ;-)
Sharmila Ghatak (11 months ago)
I want to talk to you about my relationship. Please reply
Amy North (10 months ago)
Hi sharmila! You can find my contact details on http://www.CoachNorth.com.
Kareena Fahim (11 months ago)
What about if the guy doesn't want send his picture or he sound sucpcious On the phone
ben-rabeh MH7 (2 months ago)
Hi carena i am looking for a serious relationship if u want we can write on facebook or whatsaap
Kareena Fahim (5 months ago)
Amy North thank you ! I broke it off
Amy North (11 months ago)
I think you know the answer to your question, Kareena. If his actions are questionable, or you feel he's not being entirely honest with you, then it's only wise to discontinue your communication with this online guy. How long have you been communicating?
Jamilah F. Pryce (1 year ago)
Hey, I'm a 24 year old African-American woman who is only into Asian guys (mainly when I was in relationships with Black guys and White guys those were disasters, and they were abusive too.) I have a couple of online dating accounts and my biggest issues so far are: 1. The Asian guys that seem like they'd be compatible are either not in the same State as me or even the same Country as me either.~__~ 2. I just feel like I can't win, I message guys that seem like they'd be a good match (without being aggressively flirtatious) and they either ignore or reject me 3. The guys that do approach me online that I think are handsome talk to me for a little while then before I know it, they fade away/ignore me 4. Because of all this I feel foolish and not only have trust issues but a fear of getting my hopes up/getting rejected I feel confused, how long should I talk to a guy before I ask if/when he wants to meet me? And also what do I do if he only wants me to travel to see him and doesn't want to do that for me?
nkj (3 months ago)
First of all, I'm sorry that white and black men abused you in the past. I have been abused by black women a lot, but this has not stop me from talking to them, well it did for awhile when I was your age 24 (I'm 37 now). But I realized in early 30's how wrong I was. Now there is nothing wrong with pursuing a guy, this is 2018, but there is a thing about over pursing a guy. You cannot catch someone that does not want to get caught. There is a since of equality and you should demand it in a relationship, there and guys and women disappear all the time online. It is sad and can get you down, but you have to move on. Guys are getting tired of doing all the chasing, especially when you reach my age, like I said, I'm not going to chase a woman that does not want to be pursued or caught. It is a big waste of time and huge manipulative game.
Jamilah F. Pryce (1 year ago)
Amy North Yeah, I do agree, but another reason why I asked should I see if he feels like meeting me is because its no secret that the dating world has changed as far as guys being less assertive and women more assertive as far as making the first move, and I actually seen a guy online that said of you (the women) think that men should ask them out in this day and age then they're crazy and that they should be more assertive that made me officially confused.😟 have you ever heard something like that before?
Amy North (1 year ago)
Hey Jamilah! If a guy is really interested in you and is ready to commit to a serious relationship, then he'll be the one to suggest that you should meet. He should also make an effort to travel to see you. Remember, you should be the one pursued and not the other way around.
Chloe Taylor (1 year ago)
Hi am I able to ask u a question privately?
Amy North (1 year ago)
Hi Chloe! You can find my contact details on http://www.CoachNorth.com/.
Tara Bee (1 year ago)
I'm trying out online dating, met 2 guys so far. The first one was egotistical and was checking out other women in front of me like it was nothing...suffice to say i blocked his number. The second one seemed fantastic first time we met and it went well but wasn't investing. I suspect he was talking to other women but wanted to keep me drawn as insurance. Basically...the guys that seem 'normal' have a lot of baggage and commitment issues. Not sure if online dating is the answer..
ben-rabeh MH7 (2 months ago)
Hi i am a man looking for serious relationship . I am 22 from morocco 😉
nkj (3 months ago)
Well the issue with commitment is that guys have been let down before, Amy has a video on here about the different types of men and it sounds to me like you could have been dating a player or a broken man. Talking to multiple women and guys are actually fine, if you want a guy to commit to you after one date or two, then you are putting to much pressure on him. Guys need time to evaluate their feelings.
Amy North (1 year ago)
Hi Tara! There are other places to meet men besides online. Have a look at this video: https://youtu.be/gS_MrndPD4Q I hope you find this helpful! ;-)
NAO KAMAU (1 year ago)
Hi Amy I love watching your videos, I have been dating this guy from the US for the last seven months, am in Doha, he had promised to meet this December but he is no longer interested, we had loved each other but not anymore, is there any hope, we have not yet met though
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching my videos, NAO! :) There could only be one reason why he's not interested anymore and that's he found someone else. It's not easy to rekindle a long distance online relationship. I think, for now, you should try to forget about him and move on. Perhaps you're just not destined to be together and someone better is meant for you.
Melissa Stewart (1 year ago)
I have been talking to this guy online or via text and now je is pull away what should i do?
Amy North (1 year ago)
Hi Melissa! Have a look at this video: https://youtu.be/Q8JkdM_6XRE You may find this helpful! ;-)
Reckless Savage (1 year ago)
I get alot of messages but the guys seem to be only interested in me because they find me attractive and just want sex. They don't take the time to get to know my personality. Im tempted to put a picture of me without being dressed up so maybe I would attract someone that are more down to earth. I did meet my ex and dated him for a while so I know it works but damn times seem to have changed now. Its really annoying to weed through the crappy messages, its like guys don't even try to message something meaningful and its all about sex. I would never pay for a dating site though because the same people that are on the paid ones are on the free sites. Ive only been online dating for 2 weeks so I guess it takes time. Its definitely a good way to help get over a break up. Im recently single so just getting back into dating after a few years of not having to worry about dating.
nkj (3 months ago)
Well paid website usually lead to less jerks, but a lot of less attention from men and women find this hard to accept. Free websites are great for attention and dates, but it very hard to find good men and women on there, but believe me they are on there. They just do not like Brad Pitt or a model.
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for dropping by, Pixie! 😊 Don't worry, you'll meet the right guy for you soon enough! ;-)
Artopotamus (1 year ago)
Ive been online dating for years now, and I've had some success finding substantial relationships in the past. But lately I've gone on one good date after another and the guys I meet are nice, quality people, but they aren't asking me on second dates. There must be something going wrong in the post-date communication phase. Should I just never text him after a date, and wait for him to initiate?
nkj (3 months ago)
Well you could have said or did something that scared them away, talking about politics, religion, too much ex talk or coming on too strong and talking about stuff like kids, marriage and other stuff like that will make a guy run the other way. You enjoyed the dates, but that does not mean they did. Did you show interest in them? or did you just talk about yourself and make it about you the whole time? This a big turn off for guys. Also these guys could have been just players looking to date women with no real commitment or attachment to it. Evaluate what you did and try to learn from it.
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for dropping by, Artopotamus! You first need to figure out what you’re doing to cause them to pull away… often it’s because you’re showing too much interest or offering too little value in your messages and guys are not feeling the connection. This is actually a topic I cover extensively in my Devotion System program, so you might consider picking up a copy (or at least watching the full video on my website): www.CoachNorth.com
Julie Floyd (1 year ago)
I've been on POF for more then two months now. A few guys I've talked to are military. I met one, but he told me he likes me but he never tries to push into us trying anything. I'm turned down due to my size. Is there a way to make him see or others to see that size doesn't matter? Is the a way to spark him into speaking to me more?
Gracy Jones (25 days ago)
+DrJive770 I am so happy things turned for you. Women learn that a good man is a treasure far more than just looks. I am 43 and found men do not get less shallow. Men are driven by attraction, so I have accepted it.
DrJive770 (26 days ago)
Gracy Jones that’s great. I wish you the best. And both men and women become less shallow as they age. I had a hard time dating until I was 29 and had a decent career. I was never big and strong and athletic and popular when I was younger so girls always turned me down. Then into my thirties everything turned around and someone like me was in high demand and I had my pick. So don’t get discouraged people get better as they venture through adulthood.
Gracy Jones (26 days ago)
+DrJive770 I know. Hence why I switched to a qhole foods plant based diet and started exercising. Men want a woman they are attracted to and other men are attracted to. A beautiful woman to a man is a status symbol. She will boost his social standing and ego. I wish it mattered more about her heart and how she trests people. But wishing doesnt change reality. I dont care about what a man does for his career. What I care about is if he enjoys his work, works hard, lives within his means, and can keep a roof over his head and feed himself. I care about his character, how he treats people, and his attitude. Hiw big his house is, what he drives, and what kind of watch he wears is of no concern. But I am odd.
DrJive770 (26 days ago)
But darling, your size DOES matter. A woman who cannot manage her weight is as equally unattractive as a man who cannot manage his career/job. And it reflects a personality of low will power, low self esteem, and bad decision making. I’m not trying to be unkind just honest. All your lady friends will tell you that men are the problem and you’ll find one eventually who “sees you for you” but they are just trying to be nice to you and not hurt your feelings. A man who is looking for a long term relationship wants to do so with a healthy, thin woman.
Lee Orsay (28 days ago)
Gracy Jones,I'm a single man, looking for a good relationship in life in life.
Annette Owen (1 year ago)
I'm on few dating sites, I am a strong independent woman, I have great self confidence. But it seems all I am attracting are weak men, no jobs, wanting someone to take care of them, Momma's boys....... And not attracting what I really am wanting to find. Can you address these type of issues. What am I doing wrong? I wish you could read over my profile, so you'd be able to give me and others tips on this to let us know what to change. Something! Thank you for reading.
Lee Orsay (2 months ago)
Annette Owen 👋
nkj (3 months ago)
That is fine, but it is very important to illustrate this in writing. I agree about people not being able to grow up, the last girl I was with for 2.5 years had this issue, she was spoiled and use to everyone doing stuff for her (she is 31 years old). So she missed puberty and the whole growing up phase of her life. I think the issue is that a lot of people are growing up with silver spoons in their mouth and once they hit the real world they do not care that much, because they know they parents and family will bail them out. It is said but true.
Cheap Cooking Channel (3 months ago)
nelsonkingjr1 i think she means ones that have no direction in their lives. They want a ' relationship' but not an adult one with no growth or expectation on their part. A man child basically. Idk what the lady equate is called. But it seems that people in general are afraid to be adults and work on themselves or move forward in life in general it seems. They dont apply direction in their lives and they want a realtionship but not actually build anything. Is it so hard for people to actually BE an adult these days? It seems like people are running away from that yet wonder why they can't connect with anyone or are unhappy.
nkj (3 months ago)
I agree, but the O.P. made me roll my eyes with that garbage she said about weak man.
nkj (3 months ago)
What is a weak guy? If are saying they are weak because they love their mother or for not having a job but are in college (if they are doing something in their life, working or in school, what is the issue?) If this is how you approach guys then the problem is you, its shows you love to put men down that are not on your level and guys despise this even if they are successful or not. They hate when women put them down others for this. It shows them that you are the type of person that will belittle someone when things do not go your way.
Valerie Love (1 year ago)
i have meet someone on line and we both have exchanged #. we have texted an called on the phone for a week. he asked me what i was doing on the weekend and said visiting my aunt who lives in the same town as him. he replyed was thats cool. he just got back to work as he was off for 6 months and has to move and takes care of his horses, he says he doesnt know from day to day what he is doing. we have been only been comunicating on the site for a week. who should ask to meet first first. i have hinted and so has he but no one has come right out to ask.
c m (1 year ago)
Valerie Love lol
Valerie Love (1 year ago)
he also just got back to work and looking for another place to live and has a farm and horses to take care of.
Valerie Love (1 year ago)
he called and arranged to meet but it was too late and said I had to work.(on the phone ) I told him I would have liked to have more notice. I said I was free after 6 during the week.(in a text) then he said oh sorry my life is so unperdictable right now, I accept my life as it is !!!!!. ( in a text) then he texted back your welcome. I have not heard from hime since. it has been 3 days. we communicated fairly often during the week through text or phone what do I do now
Amy North (1 year ago)
It won't hurt if you make the first move, Valerie. If you really like him, then go for it and ask him to meet-up! :)
Gary Chynne (1 year ago)
thanks for the advice.
Amy North (1 year ago)
You're welcome, Gary! :)
Kurline Speaks (1 year ago)
I asked for tips in my last video then found this, awesome!!
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching, Kurline! :) Please don't forget to subscribe for more helpful tips!
Charly Bright (1 year ago)
everytime I meet a man on a dating site... they all seem to be scammers!!! WHY... is there something I say, don't say, that have these scammers attached themselves to me... HELP
Lee Orsay (1 month ago)
PATTI MILTON, hi beautiful, I'm a single man 36 years, I'm looking for a single woman to marry
Lee Orsay (1 month ago)
Charly Bright, hi beautiful, I'm a single man, 36, looking for a single lady's to marry, email me , [email protected] or +231776225530
PATTI MILTON (5 months ago)
Charly Bright, I was on Match.com last year too and there were 3 scammers who were trying to ask money from me! Oh my! Do I really look rich?! Anyway, I got rid of them immediately! I am no dummy and not scared of them at all! I even told them - I will meet them at indoor firing range! No, I don't own a gun anymore and I have never pointed a gun to anyone in my life! My late husband taught me to handle weapons when he was in Federal government. At present, I found my BF at a different site (did not cost me anything) and we are falling in love! Good luck with your search!
Andrew Hensley (7 months ago)
My two cents, I'm an honest man who loves God and want to find friends in hopes of finding my soul mate. I use dating sites, like she said good men are out there but they are hard to find.
Sharon C (1 year ago)
Amy. I keep getting stood up for dates. how do I turn this around and stop being stood up?
Byaombe Wilondja (10 months ago)
Sharon C : oh! my..! cool photo. are you single?
contact me
Mexico First (1 year ago)
Sharon C Mexican /Latino men love white women. Time for media to represent Mexican men and white women interracial relationship.
Amy North (1 year ago)
Hi Sharon! You first need to figure out what you’re doing to cause them to pull away. Often it’s because you’re showing too much interest or offering too little value in your messages and guys are not feeling the connection. This is actually a topic I cover extensively in my Devotion System program, so you might consider picking up a copy (or at least watching the full video on my website): www.CoachNorth.com
Hannah Seward (2 years ago)
Hi Amy. Loving your great videos - thank you! I have a question? What info shouldn't you give at the start of chatting online? I've been contacted by 4 men after 1 day of joining a "Consciously aware, eco, green" site. All 4 were very quick to ask if I like to get naked and how I like to be touched etc. Not in a sleezy way but I was surprised how quick they asked! Are we best to withhold "partner's privilege" information or be open about liking to camp naked and be lightly tickled?!
Hannah Seward (1 year ago)
+Amy North Thank you :) My reasoning was if you wouldn't ask it on the first 3 dates you don't ask it online. There's getting to know a girl and there's blatant sex talk! Seriously put off. Next!
Amy North (1 year ago)
Hi Hannah, hold off on giving information that is too personal at the start. You don't even know yet if YOU'RE interested in these men.
Aisha Nint (2 years ago)
please can you make a video of...how to make along distance relationship strong.
Byaombe Wilondja (10 months ago)
Aisha Nint : oh! my ! beautiful photo,your profile photo. can you send me phone numbers?
Amy North (2 years ago)
I'll be sure to work on that topic, Aisha! :) Don't forget to subscribe to keep you updated!
Lazy Inu (2 years ago)
Hi, Amy. ive been to online dating sites, and what i wrote about myself on my bio is that Im a boyish woman just to let them know about it and hoping that may be someone likes a boyish woman like me.. im not feminine. But whenever someone messaged me, like 'hey sexy," i never believed it. bcoz i know myself very well. and i dont even want to fix or change myself like wearing make up nor fashionable girly outfits just to look like more feminine.. what should i do about it.?
Lazy Inu (2 years ago)
Amy North thanks Amy. :)
Amy North (2 years ago)
You're right, Lazy Inu. You don't have to change yourself and be something that you're not just so someone will like you. As long as you are confident and you feel good about yourself, then the right man for you will come at the right time. :)
angel dmata (2 years ago)
Hi Amy. I met someone online last September. I am from the Philippines and he is from the Netherlands. He's planning to show up on April 2017 and that would be 7 months of talking to be exact. Do you think it will still work?
Mexico First (1 year ago)
angel dmata Mexican /Latino men love white women. Time for media to represent Mexican men and white women interracial relationship.
angel dmata (2 years ago)
Not yet, Amy. He hasn't said the 'L' word yet. But, I think the feeling is mutual.
Amy North (2 years ago)
Hey angel! As long as you are communicating constantly then it should work. Are you in a relationship with this guy?
Piano Dabbler (2 years ago)
Do you think women get fewer messages on dating websites as they get older? Any tips for women dating in their thirties?
Mexico First (1 year ago)
Piano Dabbler Mexican /Latino men love white women. Time for media to represent Mexican men and white women interracial relationship.
Amy North (2 years ago)
Hey Piano Dabbler! You can find dates not only on dating websites but also outside. Try to go out and meet new people/friends. 😊
lslmadi (2 years ago)
what do u think about tinder?
Amy North (2 years ago)
Tinder is okay Islmadi, but you can't really judge someone by just looking at their profile pictures. I'm afraid, this is what most users on Tinder do.
san2maria (2 years ago)
thank you, Amy. i'm on Match and on POF and have had no success. hoping to change this by incorporating some of your tips.
nkj (3 months ago)
What are you saying on there? Did you have any luck yet?
nkj (3 months ago)
What are you saying on your profile? Most of you have standards as high as Mount Everest.
Trina Johnson (1 year ago)
san2maria ive tried match and pof no luck at all
Trina Johnson (1 year ago)
hi any luck?
Kakai Hellen (2 years ago)
thanks dear
Amy North (2 years ago)
Anytime Kakai! Feel free to share my videos ;-)
actressandwriter (2 years ago)
I always run out of things to talk about, even when im really into them. If i manage to get past the first 4 messages, i end up being the awkward person with nothing to say on the date
Der Spukmeister (5 months ago)
Use the phone and text merely to set up the specifics of the date: meeting place and time (and always somewhere public where you feel safe). After that, it's a matter of who you are and what you like. As a man, we are told to take control and set definite plans and only use the phone to secure those plans. Works pretty good, that way you aren't left with nothing to say on a date. I loathe small talk, but many people will judge you for it. It's not the end of the world, you just have to make up for it in other ways. Verbal communication is great, but I find myself usually to be the shy one on the date, so here's what I do: let her choose the initial environment and later when the ice is broken, then choose a change in venue to something more favorable to me but still in walking distance. She doesn't feel unsafe because we haven't gone far, and I feel more free to open up and speak freer, usually because I try to switch to a less crowded or loud place, I personally am not used to yelling. This also serves a double purpose, she thinks you're spontaneous and trying to gradually make the date grow more intimate. This makes them want to talk to you more as well as the change in location they take as interest. For ladies: I see no reason as to why this wouldn't work as well for you either as long as you keep it in reason like I was talking about. A man will keep you close to your car and walk places with you because he wants you to feel safe and that the location you chose wasn't the issue (which it probably wasn't). Here's where it might be a little different: Don't drag him across town. He'll think he's your chauffeur, or worse if he's old fashioned - your meal ticket, rather than your date. All you have to do is think of 3 interesting topics to get it started at location 1, switch locations and use the experience to start a new line of conversation. Then you can press him a little, after all you talked at the last place! Be playful and nice about it though. Trust me it works for someone like me who's a little more introverted. People WANT to talk to you! You just need to help them sometimes. If you're like me, you want to gently nudge them into a conversation with you. For a girl who's interested in you, she'll respond well, most who want to leave will take the venue change as an out. At that point, save money and move on. I for one, want most of the world to STFU. Most of it is just meaningless noise anyhow. So I simply perform better in smaller, more intimate venues. I get a better feel for others when I can hear them and not have a wanker standing elbow to elbow with me trying to order a Miller Lite at the bar. A conversation was beautiful and revealing when we as people had things to say physically. Now there is only noise. Everyone broadcasts their every intention through a buffer (ie. online) as if they had a megaphone: A Self Inflicted Life on Blast. To just have a brief moment to silently smile at someone else, then mouth the words "You wanna get out of here?" Engaging in a real discourse away from the noise and distraction. Pretty romantic, at least from this guy's point of view.. Sorry for being long winded. I'm a fan of the written (typed) word lol
Eduardo Alvarez (9 months ago)
actressandwriter open ended questions also your great to find out more about him. Tell me about the thing that make you happy bring make your life complete or what's something that you can never live without that why you find out more about him and his interest just be careful man most men love talking about them self and can lose them self in this topics
Guinea pig reviews (2 years ago)
actressandwriter I FEEL U GIRL.
tabitha munduru (2 years ago)
tabitha munduru (2 years ago)
Omg why am I finding out about u so late.... Am literally glued to yo vids.... Amazing info .... My favorite thing on you tube don't even Knw how I stumbled on you. But am glad I did. Thanks for the advice. Great info ..... Every woman must subscribe to i
In Chinosai (7 months ago)
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Kay Dee Ase (1 year ago)
hope you like...!
Amy North (2 years ago)
Thanks tabitah munduru! Glad to hear you find my videos helpful. I hope you can use it next time, so you can find the love of your life very soon! Good luck!
Rawan shahin (2 years ago)
pleaseeeeeeeeeee talk about long distance relationship !!!!!!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee how to keep the spark going, sexual life, EVERYTHING ! I SUBSCRIBED <3
Steve T (10 months ago)
+Rawan shahin Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about "how to find love" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Denrooklyn Wedlock Enhancer - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my brother in law got excellent results with it.
Mohammad Ashraf Safi (2 years ago)
Аre you making these mistаkes with your man? https://twitter.com/385c9d4a1ae33a7b8/status/804693412402241537 ОOOOnline Dаting Guide For Women How to Lаnd а Quality Мan Online
Rawan shahin (2 years ago)
awesome <3
Brendah Busulwa (2 years ago)
hi Amy.I met a guy online but he always tells me that am always busy chatting with more men I got online like him.he thinks if I accepted him.I will accept more.advise me what to do
Brendah Busulwa (2 years ago)
I have and would love to meet him.but thats my problem at hand right now.he cant trust me.how long can this be going on
Amy North (2 years ago)
Hi Brendah, One of the challenges of online dating is for the other end to fully trust you. This can often be resolved by taking things to the next level. Do you have plans of meeting him?
bbutterfly36 (2 years ago)
In the GTA I suggest Tinder over POF!
Reckless Savage (1 year ago)
Tinder is used as a hook up site. You are just wasting time on Tinder..Men do not take women on tinder seriously.. I heard that coming out of a mans mouth.
bbutterfly36 (2 years ago)
+Amy North I know exactlyyyyy what you mean! I initially felt so weird and shallow using tinder but I remember reading an article that said something along the lines of tinder being similar to real life, in the sense that we do tend to make judgements based on attraction first and conversation later when we meet someone at a bar etc. However, that's why I feel like if you don't use tinder with an open mind and being extra picky personality-wise before meeting them...then Tinder won't necessarily work. In my opinion anyways :p. It worked for me after I separated from my husband when I just wanted to put myself out there. Women I talk to in the GTA who are in the late 20's and 30's find that POF tends to attract only certain type of men, which may work for some. But again this is all based on personal experiences and not proper research haha. Thanks for this post Amy!
Amy North (2 years ago)
Hi Bbutterfly36. Tinder is okay; however, it can sometimes be superficial as you judge someone based off of their profile pictures unlike in other dating sites where you'll know more about them through their profile info. Just my two cents :-)
The Freak (2 years ago)
what to do if he's in Mexico and I'm in Romania ?
Amy North (2 years ago)
Hey The Freak! I will be covering this on my next video, so stay tuned!
Ceren Ergenekon (2 years ago)
Hi Amy! I love your channel Please keep posting your videos! You are amazing!
gino enad (10 days ago)
Ceren Ergenekon add me on fb. Blake Gin
gino enad (10 days ago)
Ceren Ergenekon add me on fb. Blake Gin
Mexico First (1 year ago)
Ceren Ergenekon Mexican /Latino men love white women. Time for media to represent Mexican men and white women interracial relationship.
Amy North (2 years ago)
Thanks Ceren! I surely will!
M Huynh (2 years ago)
Can you do a video for online dating via distant? Like starting out distant and continuing distant
M Huynh (2 years ago)
i'm already subscribed haha
Amy North (2 years ago)
Hi M, you mean long distance relationships? Yep, that's already on my list. Don't forget to subscribe so you'll know once it's out.
Mary Pauline Tamondong (2 years ago)
Hi Amy! I met a guy in online dating site one month from now. We talked daily and we meet once a week. I couldn't tell if he likes me. During our dates we always just talk and there are no sweet things happening. But our last date, he messaged me with kind of a joke that "we had fun last night but why didn't I kiss him" so asked him because I am not sure with his message. And he replied "it was a joke but he added that he wasn't sure if I like him that's why he never kisses me". I am very confused with him. I can't really tell if he likes me or not or maybe I am in friendzone. On my part, I like him but I am waiting that he will say that he likes me too. I really want to work this relation with him. What should I do so that we will move in this situation of shyness? should I do first the move? or Should I wait him to do the move?
Pritesh Karmalkar (10 days ago)
+Kelly sinclair kelly dear 9673443033 my number
Kelly sinclair (2 years ago)
Mary Pauline Tamondong a
Amy North (2 years ago)
Hi Mary, I think it will become spontaneous once he finds out. Just make sure that you give him subtle hints that you like him. You might wanna check my other videos to know how.
Katty Aw (2 years ago)
Is talking to a guy for one month before meeting considered too long? I've also skyped with him several times and we really enjoy skyping with each other.
Amy North (2 years ago)
Hi Kat, That's just enough. I'm pretty sure there are still tons of things you can talk about. When are you meeting your guy?
Secure Connection (2 years ago)
Hi Amy! Would a following one-liner "Looking for companion, best friend, and a lover to share life with" make a good Match profile? Would guys see this woman as relationship or just friends-with-benefits material? Thank you for the answer!
Mae cherkaoui (1 year ago)
Amy North How to deal with a man that you met online and you like and been dating for over 3 months, like each other, and discussed to be exclusive but he is still active on line
Amy North (2 years ago)
Hi Natasha, That seems okay to me. What's good with your description is that it's simple, although it's a bit cliche, (don't you think?). There certainly are ways on how to make it more unique. You can do this!

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