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School Of Love Date Coaching Q&A With Dating Expert Laura Henderson

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http://SchoolOfLoveSystem.com - Online Dating Expert, Laura Henderson, was actually a business attorney before she met her husband through Match.com, left her law firm , and started her own successful dating consulting company. Since then she's written a best-selling book, How To Meet Your Match Online: The Last Dating, Love, Or Marriage Guide You'll Ever Need, and heard wedding bells for her first several clients. In this video, Laura shares how she decided to leave her legal practice, and got started with her consulting business. She also talks about what kind of person will (and who will not) benefit from her online dating consultations. For those who like to DIY, she also describes her new program, The School Of Love Systme (http://SchoolOfLoveSystem.com, which is a video home-0study guide for women who want to improve their dating skills and find lasting love faster, without the heartache. This course puts you in the driver's seat: quickly screening and interviewing men to find the right prospects to invest time in and explore long-term possibilities with (like getting married). For more information on individual, one-on-one dating consultations and coaching, please visit: http://MeetYourMatchOnline.com **** See Laura Henderson, Dating Expert, In Action - Matchmaking In The News: https://youtu.be/k3siLMpLErs *** Great Feedback On Laura's Best Seller: How To Meet Your Match Online: https://youtu.be/9Sqn75gTbJI Buy It Here On Amazon.com: http://YourLifeYourLove.com/YTbook *** The School Of Love System - An Online Dating Home Study Program - Like Having A Per4sonal Consultant In Your Home Or Office. http://SchoolofLoveSystem.com To Schedule A Free Consultation In-Person In The Seattle Area, or Over The Phone, Visit: http://MeetYourMatchOnline.com - Or Call 1-888-It-Amazes (or 1-888-482-6293) *** If you are age 30 or above, visit http://yourlifeyourlove.com/about-us/ to get Laura's Top 5 Online Dating Tips. http://YourLIfeYourLove.com
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